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Posted in: IOC says negative public opinion no threat to Tokyo Olympics See in context

Of course our opinion is no threat to this heist.

From the Day Abe chose to use the victims of 3/11 as emotional blackmail to land this poisoned chalice, it's been humiliatingly clear that the public's only role has been to put our hands in our pockets and come up with the cash to pay the IOC cartel for as long as it takes.

When a burglar robs a house, he doesn't care about the opinion of the homeowner.

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Posted in: Do you think the extended state of emergency in parts of Japan will work for or against the Tokyo Olympics? See in context

My train was absolutely ram-packed this morning as it is every day. The SoE will have no effect on the Olympics, just as it has had no effect on the virus, or people's commuting habits.

It doesn't do anything except put bar-owners and restaurants out of business.

The only thing that can affect the Olymics is a cancellation. And whether or not that happens, we will be paying for the fiasco for the rest of our lives.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 925 new coronavirus cases; record 578 in Aichi See in context

Up from 609 last Tuesday.

This is only going to go one way - unless we just stop testing altogether.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,032 new coronavirus cases; 875 in Osaka See in context

The link above shows yesterday's data of more than 1000 cases out of fewer than 10,000 tests.

Let's heartful Olympic!

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Posted in: People weary over latest extension of COVID emergency in Japan See in context

Im weary of these facile SoEs doing nothing at all except put restaurant staff out of work.

30 million people still commute into and out of Tokyo daily because their companies refuse to accept this is not business as usual.

The only difference is that 30 million people now commute home hungry.

Lock this sh!t down!

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Posted in: Suga says Japan aiming for 1 mil COVID-19 vaccine shots daily See in context

The Japanese government aims to ramp up its COVID-19 vaccine rollout to 1 million shots administered per day, roughly triple the current pace, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga said Friday.

OK, Mr Suga - show your working. Exactly when did we achieve 333,000 shots per day?

I had to see the doctor last week (not Coronavirus - yet - no thanks to you, Mr. Suga) and he told me that, even though he is a) over 65 and b) a front-line medical worker in a busy hospital, he has not even been offered any form of vaccination.

Looks like Mr. Suga is getting his figures from the Ministry of Truth.

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Posted in: Gov't extends state of emergency through May 31, adding Aichi, Fukuoka prefectures See in context

The government had hoped a "short and powerful" state of emergency would contain a fourth wave.

Translation: The government hoped the calendar (brief reuctionin commuting cause by GW) + "the virus only transmits after 8pm unless you're LDP elite in a steak bar, in which case fuggeddaboudit" = strategy.

The trains will remain packed and offices will remain unventilated until the packed train home.

This is not a State of Emergency. It's a magical incantation. Disparate Virosum.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 907 new coronavirus cases; 1,005 in Osaka See in context

Does anyone have a record of what the figures were this time last year, during the first failed attempt to control the virus? I'm pretty sure they weren't this bad...

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Posted in: Gov't extends state of emergency through May 31, adding Aichi, Fukuoka prefectures See in context

Karaoke joints are asked to stop serving alcohol?

But you can still lock yourself in a sealed room for hours on end with a bunch of screeching mates (and a couple of bags full of booze you picked up at the conbini on your way in)?

Still, as long as you've got to jam yourself on a train with thousands of strangers every morning and night, why not have a sing-song?

Will this coven of incompetents ever realise that the main vector of the virus is not enjoying yourself?

For me, I've had enough. Give me the virus already and let me check out in peace. It's the waiting I can't handle.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 907 new coronavirus cases; 1,005 in Osaka See in context

And these figures are from 3 days ago - when the great Suga SoE had stopped the mvement of people so well by having a set of National Holidays on the calendar.

We'd better start getting some proper teeth to this SoE soon - oh, and let this be the final nail in the coffin of the farcical, cursed Olympic heist.

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic petition tops 200,000 signatures in just 2 days See in context

Signed and shared.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 591 new coronavirus cases; 747 in Osaka See in context

Olympic torch volunteers on Twitter a couple of days ago:

I think that's proof positive that the Olympics are happening in an entirely different reality to the rest of Japan.

Cancel this boondoggle.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor says mutant strains of COVID-19 becoming dominant See in context

Maybe we should do something serious like stopping the people crowding onto commuter trains who could work from home just as well all last year from doing so.

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Posted in: Action star Steven Seagal gives samurai sword to Venezuela's Maduro See in context

Crikey - looks like Seagal is following the Marlon Brando body maintenance regime.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 591 new coronavirus cases; 747 in Osaka See in context

I can't imagine why the S0E isnt having a stronger effect.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 591 new coronavirus cases; 747 in Osaka See in context

Still no mention of how many tests were carried out - we won't hear that until the link at the bottom of the article gets updated from yesterday's stats.

By the by - yesterday's tests were fewer than 3,000.

Gee I wonder why the new infection numbers are falling?

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Posted in: Tokyo governor says mutant strains of COVID-19 becoming dominant See in context

No Closed Spaces

No Crowded Places

No Commute then, right? Let's see some strong words to the Oyajis who demand we troop oto trains every morning and noght, please.

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Posted in: Facebook board upholds Trump ban, but not indefinitely See in context

The way Trumpaloompas cling so desperately to their defeated and humiliated bloated manchild baffles me.

In four years, he got impeached twice, blew up the debt he promised to erase, didn't build the wall he promised, pilfered money from the military to build the few shoddy miles he did manage, caused 500 thousand American deaths and lost the House, the Senate and the Presidency.

Trumpaloompas - "That's our guy!"

Beyond delusional.

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Posted in: If you have been working remotely since the pandemic began, what kind of work style would you prefer after (if) the pandemic has been eliminated? See in context

I'd prefer to work remotely but my boss has decided the best way to motivate us is to get us commuting on packed trains twice a day and sitting in an unventilated room full of chin-diapered oyajis snorting their sinuses every 90 seconds.

The results of his master plan can be seen in the figures....way, way, way, way down.

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Posted in: Ishikawa town builds giant squid with COVID relief funds See in context

In the meantime, Tokyo government probably will p!55 away 30M before lunchtime this morning, trying to find another way to pretend the Olympics are still viable.

You can't blame the provinces for trying to get a little slice of the grift money.

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Posted in: Gov't to decide on extension of state of emergency on Friday See in context

"The emergency declaration's impact had started to show as the number of people moving around has undoubtedly decreased,"

Nothing to do with it being Golden Week so commuter trains weren't packed to capacity then?

Also a daily test average of fewer than 3500 out of a 30 M population has to be factored in.

You can always rely on the LDP for expecting credit for the sun coming up in the morning. But when things go wrong, look somewhere else for accountability.

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Posted in: Japan faces longer state of emergency, casting doubt on Olympics See in context

Fewer than 3000 tests carried out in Tokyo.


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Posted in: Tokyo reports 708 new coronavirus cases; 847 in Osaka See in context

Does anyone have a record of what the numbers were this time last year, when it was decided things were too risky to hold the Olympics?

I'm pretty sure we weren't at the 700-a-day mark

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 879 new coronavirus cases; 1,057 in Osaka See in context

Let's not forget these are the numbers from Thursday - a national holiday.

It will be interesting to see how many tests led to this figure.

Still close to 40% higher than a week ago.

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Posted in: Up to 300 people per day breaking self-quarantine pledge in Japan See in context

I'm shocked - shocked - to learn that citizens are not complying with what they said they would do, after a year of watching LDP cronies flagrantly having group slap-up steak dinners, hostess club nights and all manner of other virus-ignoring junkets on our dime.

Why must taxpayers break the rules our overlords have taught us are optional?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,050 new coronavirus cases; record-high 1,262 in Osaka See in context

Marcelito - hear hear!

I guarantee that, regardless of what the (doctored) figures show, the commuter trains will be packed cheek by jowl again on Thursday after we drones have dutifully surrendered to the Fun Police for the second GW running.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't our figures much much worse than they were when the Five-Ring Circus was delayed last time?

So what's the issue? Stop pretending, cancel the Olympics and start vaccinating.

We will be paying for Abe's folly for the rest of our lives anyway - let's just cut out the biohazard nonsense and start the austerity generation. We all need to be healthy to keep grinding out our taxes to start paying this bill.

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Posted in: Gov't to aid virus-hit firms with ¥500 bil from reserve funds See in context

500 billion. If only the Olympic budget had remained what they promised us it was, we might have a little more money to spend on supporting the taxpayers of Japan whose money it is.

Remember? 8 billion was all we needed? And Fukushima is completely under control?

LDP is a feudal dynasty of lies.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics could be held without fans: Hashimoto See in context

Point A: "The only way that we can call the Games a success is if we completely protect the lives and health of athletes and the people of Japan."

Point B: "But there will be no quarantine required for athletes, and vaccines will not be mandatory."

Believe both things to be true, Citizen. The Party requires you to believe both things to be true. And if The Party requires you to believe 2+2 = 5, Winston, what then?

Welcome to 1984, JOC-style.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 698 new coronavirus cases; 1,043 in Osaka See in context

Happy Golden Week, Folks. Get ready for these figures to keep falling so we're all nice and safe to welcome Bach when he turns up for a nice five-star junket into Fantasy Land.

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Posted in: Gov't advisers warn Japan's birth rate falling at more rapid pace this year See in context

So long as the Japanese work culture is "you belong to the company and you go home when the boss leaves, unless he orders you to go drinking", Japan's population will continue to decline.

It's not rocket science. Parenting is exhausting anyway, even in a supportive environment.

You can't make babies if you're in a state of permanent exhaustion before you even start.

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