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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 chief says gender equality efforts as important as virus containment See in context

Hashimoto said the organizing committee had set up a gender equality promotion team and reiterated a goal to boost the proportion of women on its board to 40%.

60% men does not "equal" 40% women.

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Posted in: Japan to start vaccinations for elderly on April 12 See in context

Vaccinations of the elderly will start on a small scale to work out any distribution and technical issues before ramping up nationwide from April 26

Yeah, the delay by "technical issues" means how earlier this week the government literally "found" an extra ONE MILLION health care workers they need to vaccinate (which they somehow misplaced?)

Seriously, its too ridiculous to make up. See here:

"Vaccines for older people delayed as Japan finds 1 million more health workers"


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Posted in: Concerns mount over trace app for potential foreign Olympic fans See in context

Its not yet named, but is nick-named 神アプリ("God App"), and costs about 20 times the COCOA App which is the COVID contact tracing app for the general public of Japan (it cost 400 mil yen)

For info in Japanese you need to search オリンピック・パラリンピック観客等向けアプリ (tentative name).

When the IT General Strategy Office was questioned on the ridiculous cost by a reporter and the total waste it would be if there were no foreign fans allowed, the answer was "I can't answer because the person in charge is absent."

Of note, its being developed for use by 1.2 million people (800,000 fans and 400,000 athletes/staff), which would be even more ridiculous if that many people actually were let in.

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Posted in: There will be demand for travel during the spring school holidays in March, so we should think of doing a Go To campaign to properly support the tourism industry then. See in context

If there is high demand, then there is no need for a discount campaign.

This mindless leader has no idea he contradicts himself.

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Posted in: Singapore virus-secure hotel looks to lure business travelers See in context

Upon arrival at the airport, guests will be "bubble wrapped"....

.... where the visiting executives are separated from those they are meeting by glass panels and communicate via intercom to cut transmission risks.

Or instead of being "bubble wrapped" you can:

-stay home.

-download Zoom (in case you haven't yet),

-have essentially the same experience for free.

-save several days of travel and quarantine.

-avoid risk of getting or giving COVID during your journey.

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Posted in: How a 22-year-old woman helped bring down Mori See in context

Better article title:

"How a Sexist Brought Down Himself "

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Posted in: Seiko Hashimoto takes over as Tokyo Olympic president See in context

Hashimoto is not without her critics. A Japanese magazine in 2014 ran photographs of her kissing figure skater Daisuke Takahashi at a party during the Sochi Olympics, suggesting it was sexual harassment, or power harassment.

Curious how well this would pass the smell test in the era of #MeToo.

And let's not forget why the position of Tokyo Olympic Committee President was vacant........

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Posted in: Peach Aviation starts sales of Simple Peach Plus fares See in context

an optional 2,000 yen surcharge to the Simple Peach fare that permits ticket-holders to change flights without any change fees.

So instead of a change "fee" all you need to do is pay a change "surcharge".

Seems pretty Simple.

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Posted in: Japan begins vaccination drive, but why so late? See in context

Another unmentioned reason for the delay to the general population is because of how the vaccine distribution will be handled by the local municipal governments.

Obviously, these local governments need to know how many people and who specifically lives in their defined area in order to arrange the correct amount of vaccine and to contact people for vaccination.

However, in late-March to early-April a broad swath of the population tends to re-locate at this time due to school, starting jobs, changing jobs, re-locating for job, or retirement.

Therefore, its the unspoken policy for vaccination to let people re-settle before starting what will already be a logistical headache on its own.

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Posted in: Japan growth slows in Q4 as economy shrinks 4.8% over year See in context

And yet this morning the Nikkei stock market hit a new high of over 30,000 for the first time in 30 years.

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Posted in: Gov't reveals the five prefectures with highest divorce rates See in context

While COVID-19 has caused a dip in the number of divorces filed in Japan last year, overall divorce rates have been rising.

Stats are never what they seem.

The divorce rate in Japan peaked in 2002 at about 2.3 divorces per 1000 people. Its been declining ever since, with last year being about 1.7 per 1000. The same goes with the total number of divorce filings. COVID-19 did not "cause a dip"... its been falling steadily for nearly two decades.

But this is probably due to fewer marriages taking place each year. The annual number of marriages has also been declining steadily since about 2002.

But to get the shocking stats in the article (like Kochi's 46%) whats being measured is how many divorces in a given year (here its 2018) for the totality of all married people who may have gotten married in 1985, and this being compared to the number of new marriages for that particular year.

So no, 46% of new marriages in Kochi don't end in divorce, as implied.

See the marriage stats here


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Posted in: 390 Tokyo Olympic volunteers quit after Mori's sexist remarks See in context

the organizing committee's call center received around 350 phone calls and 4,200 emails in a five-day span following the comments

For anyone here, looking to comment negatively towards Mori, it would be much better to instead direct your time and attention to emailing (or calling) the organizing committee so as to more effectively utilize your comment.

Their the Tokyo committee contact page is here:


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Posted in: JAL offers service to cover COVID-19 expenses by travelers infected overseas See in context

From photo caption:

...shows a sign promoting an insurance product recently introduced by Japan Airlines Co...

From article:

...the service, which is strictly not an insurance policy...

Anyone know the difference here between a "product" and a "policy"?

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Posted in: Senior lawmaker to quit Diet post over hostess bar visit during state of emergency See in context

...although the three scandal-tainted politicians will all remain as lawmakers.

That says it all.

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Posted in: IOC, Tokyo Olympics to unveil rule book for beating pandemic See in context

Athletes and those traveling to Japan - coaches, judges, media, broadcasters, VIPS - are likely to face some self-quarantine period before they leave home. 

And they will also face quarantines and restrictions to return home.

Just today the EU announced that travelers from Japan will be removed from their "white list" of allowable countries to enter due to the continued prevalence of the virus in Japan.

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Posted in: Tokyo seeks 10,000 medical staff for Olympics See in context

What is not mentioned is that all 10,000 medical staff were expected to provide their services voluntarily FOR FREE. Yeah, that was the budget cost for them for last summer's cancelled games.

However, being that they are a bit overworked and stretched thin, the gov is planning a type of payment this time around, but it probably wan't mentioned because it hasn't yet been decided... or budgeted for.

So expect the Olympic bill only to increase.

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Posted in: Go To Travel push linked to surge in COVID-19 infections: study See in context

its a no brainer that this government campaign would increase the spread of CCP virus.

Hey @OxycodinToday, your statement is more appropriate if you remove the word "campaign".

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Posted in: Go To Travel push linked to surge in COVID-19 infections: study See in context

About 20% of the almost 4,000 COVID-19 cases included in the study during the May to August period were travel-related.

GoTo Travel didn't start until the final week of July.

Imagine if the study period was from Aug to Nov?

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Posted in: Don't shout, don't cheer: Olympic fans face coronavirus curbs See in context


beat me to it.

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Posted in: Kono denies reports of mass vaccine roll-out for general public in May See in context

The daily Yomiuri said the government was aiming to inoculate most of the population by July, ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics scheduled to start July 23.

Perhaps this will be an article posted here later today/tomorow, but the mayor of Osaka just announced today:

"It will be impossible to finish vaccinations in Japan by summer... therefore the Olympics should be postponed to 2024."

Additionally, I've seen that other national assembly members have also been stating in the past couple dasys that there should be a negotiation to postpone the Olympics to 2024 (ore even 2028).

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Posted in: 3 more COVID-19 cases linked to Australian Open arrivals See in context

Take heed Japan.

This is a single sport, with charter flights, featuring players from hardly 2 dozen countries, rigorous testing, a strict 2 week quarantine, and no foreign audience coming in... and yet the virus is geting through.

Might as well cancel the Olympics now and save whatever yen you still can.

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Posted in: Japanese workspace service proposes 'new workstyle' linking telework & all-you-can-drink wine See in context

Suggesting its OK to commute into Shinjuku, fill an enclosed space, drink all day, and just be sure to go home drunk by 8pm.

Seems like a great idea for fighting the spread of the virus while doing some "work".

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Posted in: In Tokyo, some drink on despite gov't request for bars to close at 8 p.m. See in context

Authorities have worried about the potential spread of infection at bars and restaurants.

As other mentioned, 8pm is a ridiculous line in the sand which means nothing.

Just today, lower on the RikiWeb website, is a full length promotional "article" for a restaurant/bar in Shinjuku offering their place as a "telework space with all-you-ca-drink wine".

But... but... its OK to have people ride in on the train to fill a restaurant and drink all day (and maybe do some work), as long as you leave by 8pm.


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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,001 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,133 See in context

Based on serious cases it seems Osaka is suffering more than Tokyo.


The death rate in Osaka is about 2%. Hyogo too.

The death rate in Tokyo is a little less than 1%.

Actually, as of yesterday Osaka has as many total deaths as Tokyo, even though Tokyo has more than twice the total number of cases as Osaka.

Every other prefecture (with a sizable case total) averages about 1 - 1.5%, except in Hokkaido, where the death rate is about 3.5%. Ouch.

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Posted in: Japan to bar entry of foreign athletes during state of emergency See in context

Why? Because of double standards?

No, because Japan does not deny entry to its own citizens...

...just like every other country on earth.

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Posted in: 6 types of English conversation students and how to handle them See in context

I quit teaching English after the first week when the boss questioned my abilities.

I am legally certified unlike most Eikaiwa people.

Sorry to hear you spent the effort to study, practice, develop you abilities, and ultimately get "certiied"... and then just quit after only trying this career you chose in just a week.

Hopefully you found a better profession where you didn't need to waste so much time.

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Posted in: Rolling with the changes: Bridgestone America's CEO on leadership now See in context

In the US it's Bridgestone-Firestone and the tires are manufactured globally.

Bridgestone owns Firestone.

Back in the 1980s Firestone was on the verge of collapse, so they got bought out.

"Bridgestone-Firestone" is not a partnership, Firestone is a subsidiary.

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Posted in: Japan to halt entry of all nonresident foreign nationals See in context

Because this is their country, not ours!

As a PR myself, I also know I still have citizenship (and full rights and representation) in my home country. This is what citizenship gets.

So if I want to live with a guarentee of those rights and representation, I know that I should either go back to my country, or become a Japanese citizen.

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Posted in: Rolling with the changes: Bridgestone America's CEO on leadership now See in context

Few Americans know that Bridgestone is actually a Japanese company, and the name is simply a translated reversal of the founder's name Ishibashi 石橋 "stone bridge".

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Posted in: Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo prefectures to request state of emergency See in context

Just 5 days ago Osaka Gov Hirofumi Yoshimura specifically stated he would NOT seek a State of Emergency since he felt that Osaka was managing the virus fine.

It took him only 4 days to completely flip-flop, as if things suddenly got worse.

Such a pathetic "leader".



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