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Posted in: Fukushima locals criticize government for tone-deaf tritium mascot See in context

Good grief! Yet another childish cartoon mascot. Puke!

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Posted in: 'Please drink' treated Fukushima water, China asks Aso See in context

I’d pay to see that!

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Posted in: Japan has entered 4th wave of COVID-19 infections, says gov't panel chief See in context

4th wave? Looking at statistics it’s been one long wave with small fluctuations since December 2019.

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Posted in: Man robbed of ¥3 mil on Nagoya street See in context

Was the seller legit or was it a set up?

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Posted in: Fukushima plant water release to prolong seafood safety woes See in context

Fukushima plant water release to prolong seafood safety woes

Do you think so? Wow! Did it take a team of experts to come up with this blatantly obvious revelation?

They should be more concerned about what this release will do to their already strained international relations.

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Posted in: Mother given suspended sentence for burying baby’s body outside home See in context

The question remains, how did the child die?

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Posted in: Japan's neighbors react strongly to Fukushima water release decision See in context

Desert Tortoise - No. It would be released over a period of many years. There will be a quantity of tritium contaminated water generated at the site over the duration of its decommissioning so this will go on for decades

This is an absolute load of made up rubbish! The reason they are dumping it is because after decade they have no more space to store it. They have to dump it and dump it quickly to give them space to store more contaminated water that is growing every day. I have no doubt that within a few months all the water will be disposed of into the ocean. Then, they will do away with the storage tanks and just pump the water straight into the ocean unchecked.

A few facts that seem to be eluding many posts. Tritium can be and has been successfully removed from water. However, it is expensive and time consuming. It is easier for the J-Gov to lie and tell people it can’t be done so they can just dump it all into the ocean. The second and most alarming fact missing is the report last year stating that a lot of this water has not been properly filtered and contains many heavier and more dangerous isotopes. Just another thing the J-Gov is lying about.

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Posted in: Japan's neighbors react strongly to Fukushima water release decision See in context

some other countries with nuclear power plants, including South Korea, have released treated radioactive water from the plants into the environment

This may very well be so. However, only Japan intends to release tens of millions of tons into the ocean over a few weeks. ‘Two Wongs don’t make a White!”

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Posted in: Gov't decides to release water from Fukushima nuclear plant into sea in 2023 See in context

having determined it poses no safety concerns to humans or the environment

Where can the public find the results of the testing done to determine releasing millions of tons of radioactive water into the ocean poses no danger to humans or the environment. Has there been any field testing done? We’re international experts consulted? Sadly, this is a decision made behind closed doors by bureaucrats whose only interest is economics. Tritium can be removed from water and there are scores of square kilometers of unlivable land within Fukushima that this tainted water can be stored on. The world should not allow this release of millions of tons of radioactive water to happen.

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Posted in: Australia abandons COVID-19 vaccination targets after new advice on AstraZeneca shots See in context

With only a handful of active cases in Australia the vaccine rollout can easily be delayed.

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Posted in: Japanese hospital worker infected with coronavirus after 2 vaccine shots See in context

That’s the first of what I have no doubt will be many more. I’ve been saying all along that the vaccine is not the silver bullet Japan is banking on.

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Posted in: Man who refused to wear mask on plane arrested again after trouble in restaurant See in context

Why is he not in prison?

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Posted in: Arsonist at idol concert says he was imitating the Kyoto Animation attack See in context

So, will he be charged with attempted murder?

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Posted in: Chinese vaccines 'don’t have very high protection rates,' says official See in context

 the country's top disease control official says 

Does this disease control official have a name or was this just something written on the wall in a public toilet?

Moderator: Please read the story.

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Posted in: Large numbers of people out and about despite gov't antivirus pleas See in context

That’s what you get when you use pleas, urges and suggestions instead of enforced laws. The new case numbers in Tokyo will be back into quadruple figures and beyond within a few short weeks.

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Posted in: Police find 424 stolen items at suspected underwear thief’s home See in context

This is not a fetish. It is an illness!

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Posted in: Restaurant, bar owners worry about tighter COVID-19 steps See in context

The bar and restaurant owners are the ones who are keeping the virus alive and well. They should be worried about the government of the self proclaimed ‘rich country’ adequately subsidizing them to stay closed. If they do not stay closed they will be suffering economic ruin for years as the pandemic rolls on.

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Posted in: Gov't to release Fukushima nuclear plant water into sea despite fishermen's objection See in context

Waddo - In reality, there is actually no other choice

What reality is that? The false reality the lying Japanese government want us to believe? Or, is it the true reality whereby, tritium can be and has been successfully removed from water but the lying Japanese government are ignoring it and telling people it cannot be done. The reality where the lying Japanese government has been sitting on their hands for a decade watching this water build up. There are 100 square kilometers of land in Fukushima that can never be lived on again. There is no reason why this radioactive water cannot be shipped and stored there forever.

The Japanese government’s reality is just lies of convenience

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Posted in: 'Izakaya' bankruptcies hit record high See in context

More lies about economic recovery. The pandemic is not over yet and I fear the worst is yet to come for Japan with new cases increasing daily.

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Posted in: Gov't to release Fukushima nuclear plant water into sea despite fishermen's objection See in context

The treated water containing radioactive tritium, a byproduct of nuclear reactors, is said to pose little risk to human health because even if one drinks the water, so long as the tritium concentration is low, the amounts of tritium would not accumulate in the body and would soon be excreted.

It’s disappointing they conveniently omit the report from late last year stating that most of this water was not properly filtered and contains more deadly isotopes. The Japanese government is lying through their teeth about the safety of releasing this water.

They intend to release millions of tons of highly radioactive water, not a few bucket fulls. This has the potential to destroy the fisheries of the whole east coast of Japan. it’s no surprise the fishermen rejected the plan. It’s also no surprise the lying government disregarded their objection and will go ahead with it anyway.

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Posted in: COVID-19 patient in Japan receives world's first lung transplant from living donors See in context

Some good news and hope she makes a speedy recovery.

This should also be a wake up call for all those who believe COVID is just a flu. It is a very serious virus that destroys lungs and lives. People who disregard the seriousness of this virus by hanging out in pubs, not wearing masks and that idiot who spat on a shop clerk today are enemies of society and should be jailed like any other criminal.

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Posted in: Police report record number of cannabis offenders in 2020 See in context

said they were aware of the dangers of using cannabis

The biggest danger of using cannabis in Japan is being caught with it.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend expresses resolve to marry her See in context

Chase that gold! Marry the money!

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Posted in: Suga to designate Tokyo for stronger anti-virus steps as infections spike See in context

If a full SOE failed to stop the virus, how will a quasi SOE do any better?

Japan is going to be dithering around with mass-infections for years at this rate.

The olympics are only a few weeks away. The whole thing will turn into a shambles as soon as the first athlete contracts the virus from one of the complacent locals.

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Posted in: Japan considers prioritizing Olympic athletes for COVID-19 vaccination See in context

an official with knowledge of the matter said Wednesday.

Awesome tabloid reporting here folks. Perhaps it was me that called them and told them.

If this does go ahead, who will be responsible for any side effects that prevent the athletes from competing?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 555 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,449 See in context

No problem! It’s still less than Osaka. That’s the main thing. Ha! Ha!

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Posted in: Suga to meet fishing industry chief over nuclear waste water disposal See in context

The meeting will go like this:

Suga: Daijabu! Shinpai jenai! Mondai nai! - (It’s ok! Don’t worry! No problem!)

Fishermen: Uso! Balkka jiji! - (Lies! Stupid old man!)

Suga: Okane hoshi desuka? - (Do you want money?)

Fishermen - Ikura desuka? - (How much?)

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Posted in: Health minister urges Tokyo to remain vigilant as virus cases soar in Osaka See in context

thepersoniamnow - Australia is not a place I’d wanna be in. I have many friends there too and over the last year they have lost a lot! They had to stay in for months and months and many lost their jobs.

You have no idea what you are talking about. Australia does not need to inoculate kids because there are only a handful of community transmissions. Those that are recognized are quickly dealt with by isolation and lockdowns of the areas where the virus occurs.

How many people in Japan have lost their jobs and cannot return to work because the virus is still flaring up? How much are businesses losing every day for over a year because Japan will not take strong action against the virus? Living in a bubble of denial is blissful, until something bursts the bubble.

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Posted in: Health minister urges Tokyo to remain vigilant as virus cases soar in Osaka See in context

This is all very amusing to me as I sit back in Australia enjoying all my social freedoms after a couple of weeks of inconvenience. Japan will never beat this virus.

Please do not give that crap about population size. Australia has cities too you know. Cities that were locked down with curfews and business closures. Now, after all the strict conditions Australia’s economy is on the rebound. The same can’t be said for Japan. With all these ‘quazi’ restrictions and ‘urges’ from an incompetent government Japan be under the cloud of this virus for many years to come. The vaccine is not the silver bullet to end the virus. Only vigilance and sacrifice will stop this virus. It will not be stopped by complacency and apathy. TIJ!

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Posted in: Health minister urges Tokyo to remain vigilant as virus cases soar in Osaka See in context

Closing bars at 8pm will result in a reduction of new cases. However, they’ll bounce straight back as soon as the restrictions are lifted just as they have now. Pay people to close their bars and restaurants, close schools and wipe the virus out. The initial cost will be nothing compared to what it’s going to cost with this virus scenario dragging on for possibly years.

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