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the IOC is doing its best to keep to a minimum the spread of infections, as well as the contact between the Japanese public (and the athletes). The IOC is responsible for that aspect.”

Present continuous.

Who wrote this nonsense?

Wasn't aware the athletes are already in Japan.

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@Gorramcowboy, how course they have to considered. Dentist don't work for the government. Who is to say many dentists are even willing to accept patient everyday to vaccine them? And is the government willing to pay them for everyday work? Also who would supervise them in case they steal or secretly sell the vaccine? Or worse is if they have enough qualify people to the vaccination. There are dozen of things to considered before they actually do such a thing. For example what happen if something goes wrong during the vaccination and who will be responsible etc? You are naive if you think these things can be immediately decided. For all we know the patient might even sue the dentist if something goes wrong.

The gov't is willing and has been handing out a cool 60,000JPY daily to hundred of thousands of restaurants

just to close at 8:00pm , the same gov't is willing and has been giving private hospital 17M yen for each serious Covid case that the admit.

Wow, dentist in Japan are petty thieves that steal and peddle vaccines.

Going by warped thinking the world would still be in the stone ages.

I guess you don't have a phone or computer because you are worried it will overheat

and blow up, you don't have a car because there might be brake failure, you don't use

electricity because you a worried it might cause fire, Should I go on.

Sorry, it is you who is grossly naive.

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Tokyo to ask the government for another State of Emergency in the new panic over the pandemic? How would it affect the imminent Olympics?

It is not going to affect the hosting of the olympics but rather boost it. It would probably last for a month

if started this month will be over by the end of May and in time for the precious Olympics and if past SOE

was any indication, what will likely happen is that tests will be further reduced and a daily progressive reduction in cases to below 200 or 100 will be announced and the SOE will be declared an astounding success and Tokyo seen both domestically and abroad as safe to host the olympics. The Masters Voice " the media" will remind us how sugoi Japan is doing what Brazil, England, France, Germany and many other countries couldn't do without vaccines but just urges.

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To get infected through contact and touch, you need the surface to have the virus on it. Or, it comes from coughing on it or touching it when having the virus on the hands. This is actually uncommon, and most infections go through air and aerosols. Many studies did show that.

How is it uncommon ? thought you would provide even one reason, you gave zilch.

If an infected person person coughs on their hands or touch their mouths and touch

a surface won't the virus be transfered to the surface and later if some one touches that

surface and happens to touch their mouth, eyes or happen to eat without washing their

hands don't you think chances are high the person will be infected.

With the strong aversion to testing here, I take everybody as a suspect carrier and try not

to touch what others have touched without disinfecting. You don't know about the chef that prepares

the food or the waiter or waitress that brings it to your table whether they have touched their mouth or coughed in their hands and touched the culinary with their hands if they are infected.

Take what the experts say and go about touching surfaces and things in public, don't be shocked when

you get infected.

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Posted in: 3 suspects who robbed elderly woman at home after one asked to use her toilet arrested See in context

However, the number of crimes in Japan has been declining year by year. 


If the records can be believed, Sorry I don't.

I guess you forgot that report of police in Osaka deliberately not counting a lot of

cases to paint a picture of the prefecture as having low crime rate.

With outright shredding of important gov't documents not considered a crime, one

would be naive to believe anything

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They told us there have been no proven cases of spread on the Shinkansen, just how there have only been a handful of cases caused by Go To Travel. /s

There are things that you don't need to be told even by an expert and need to think on your own.

I don't need an expert to tell me that infection is not possible in the plane , shinkansen or trains, I know it is not true because it is a virus and it survives for a even days on surfaces and you can contract it touching the surface and then your face.

They talk about social distancing yet the trains are packed like sardine they can't tell us the train is not safe because the J-inc foot soldiers have to go and work for the corporate daimyos, Imagine the repercussions

if it was widely revealed alot of infections took place in the trains, J-inc would come to a grinding halt.

if mask were the panacea they are touted to be then how come 4,000 or more people get infected, were they not wearing mask ? of course almost all of them wear mask. They talk of the virus being spread through the air and aerosols and the need to wear mask while eating when in reality most people get infected through contact and touch, and there are places one can get infected, elevator button, escalator handles, ATM machines, Supermarket shopping carts and baskets, Gas pumps, door knobs and handles and most places you can contract it from the very sanitizers that are meant to protect because you have to press with the hands to

dispense. If there is one thing I have learnt from this pandemic and the virus is that the experts are not any better knowledgewise about this virus than me.

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Shouldn't this have been done long ago? Has the gov't not learned anything? I am just an average joe and I have more common sense than those in charge...get ALL the "leaders" out of here and start fresh...with some young people in charge!

The young are not any better they have been brought up not to think , question and air their own opinions

but to listen to the authorities, they have been taught that the authorities know better as the authorities are

smarter, are graduates of top schools all the while programs requiring intellect are run by comedian some without even a high school certificate. The public is kept dumb by design with a plethora of food programs on T.V.

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Lately, the media is really showcasing this ‘surge of humanity’ in Osaka (as depicted above) when we ALL know the numbers and activity are greater in Tokyo.

Done on purpose to distract the general public and the world that cases are low in Tokyo due to the the highly infectious variant wrecking havoc in Osaka not having spread in Tokyo thus making Tokyo safe for the Olympic when even a dumb person knows that genome testing in Tokyo as well as PCR tests have deliberately been below half of Osaka. There is no way on earth that the highly infectious variant is not prevalent in Tokyo as well

with thousands of people travelling between both cities daily. Even where there are strict lockdowns this virus still manages to spread, to think that it doesn't spread in Japan due to some unproven and assumptious reasons is nothing but naivety.

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"Taking a proactive approach is indispensable in responding" to the spike, Koike said, as the capital reported 543 new COVID-19 cases the same day, surpassing 500 for the sixth consecutive day, with only three months left before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics.

Proactive approach, my big toe. Koike san yo, what happened to the 65,000 tests a day you promised late last

year, Vaccine rollout is at snail pace, testing barely exceeds 7,000 a day, in reality it is on the decrease, contact tracing almost non existent yet this lady is talking with a straight face about proactive action when for over a year now she only postures and pretend she doing something when essentially doing nothing but display placards with Catch phrases seems to have run out of phrases of late. She is just a one trick pony or green snake on green grass. All her tatemae is just to further her political career. Unfortunately the Yoshimoto and Jonnies run media are just too dumb to hold this lady , the bureaucrats and politicians to task.

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The Tokyo metropolitan government on Sunday reported 543 new cases of the coronavirus, down 216 from Saturday.

The Koike magic show continues, unfortunately, the media and the greater majority of

the populace thanks to the mainstream media believe these daily numbers conjured by

Koike like a magician.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 759 coronavirus cases; 1,161 in Osaka See in context

Osaka 1161 cases according to another website.

I live in hyogo so things are not looking so good in Nishinomiya and Amagasaki.

The numbers without the number of tests don't tell the real story. Go figure out

Osaka is carrying out 17,000 test while Tokyo is doing 7,000. It is unbelievable

that even the media don't seem to think Testing is a factor.

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confirmed coronavirus cases jumped on Thursday by 29,426 to 3.073 million, the biggest increase since Jan. 8. The reported death toll rose by 293 to 79,381, data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) showed.

michigan US state...

Michigan reports 6,303 coronavirus cases,

You don't test you don't find, so simple yet very difficult for some to understand. Continue to feel good not testing and comparing numbers with other countries, it is not an olympic event that Japan will earn a medal. At the end Japan is reliant for vaccines on countries that Japan has been busy comparing for more than a year and feeling good. There is light at the end of tunnel for those countries whereas Japan can only pray vaccines will be the rescue.

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Posted in: Japan has entered 4th wave of COVID-19 infections, says gov't panel chief See in context

Thankfully, Japan ranks 143rd in the world for cases per million population and 132nd for deaths per million population. All the while keeping the country as open as possible.

Thankfully, Japan has don't well in suppressing the real numbers by limiting testing, as looking good and

the feel-good that we are unique and the cleanest and most obedient people on earth and have been able

to keep cases low just on urges from the government and no lockdowns as seen elsewhere that despite hard

lockdowns still had high cases.

You don't tests you don't find, even the stable genius could figure that out.

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"Sadly for Japan these Olympics have been a disaster from start to finish exacerbated by a failure of leadership"

and Covid had nothing to do with it right?.

And Covid exposed it.

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Posted in: 'Please drink' treated Fukushima water, China asks Aso See in context

Funny that China and Korea also dump waste water in the Ocean.

Yeah good logic, people commit murder so I can also commit murder.

Nationalism can really render brain cells dead.

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Tokyo numbers are being suppressed for the Olympics. There's no way that Osaka can have those numbers and Tokyo not. Beware, the Olympic disinformation and misinformation campaign have begun in earnest.


The funny and ridiculous thing with the quasi strong measures is that in Hyogo Pref, it is limited

to Kobe city, Amagasaki, Nishinomiya and Ashiya cities and adjacent cities like Takarazuka, Itami, Sanda

Akashi, Himeji etc with to-and-fro movement of thousand of people from these adjacent cities. It really beggars believe whether there are virus experts in this country.

It is extreme naivety to think the highly prevalent strain believed to be spreading in Osaka has not reached

Tokyo with thousands of people moving to and fro both cities. won't be surprised someone coming up with

the ridiculous reason that the virus doesn't like Shinkansen, I have heard several times from people who are

supposedly experts assert that nobody has ever been found to have been infected in the train.

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Posted in: Japan has entered 4th wave of COVID-19 infections, says gov't panel chief See in context

one word: vaccine

Why is Japan so behind the rest of the world?

Nope, Japan is ahead and has always been ahead of the world in declaring

a new wave.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 591 coronavirus cases; record-high 1,130 for Osaka See in context

As expected the Tokyo numbers have to be kept below 600.

Seems like the U.K variant that they say is prevalent in Osaka has not made it's way

to Tokyo so they say and won't until after the olympics. Looks like the virus decided not

to take the shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo hence the super slow pace making it to Tokyo.

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Posted in: Japan's neighbors react strongly to Fukushima water release decision See in context


I hope they realize they may soon be in big need of Japans military.

Didn't know Japan had a military. My bad, they have a military but they don't have an army.

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The vaccination rate in Japan lags far behind those of other countries such as Britain and the United States since Japan relies entirely on imports for its coronavirus vaccine supply.

Even if it was domestically produced it would still lag because here people don't use their discretion and follow strictly a manual, the vaccines were wasted because it wasn't stated in the manual that they could give it who hadn't an appointment.

The only country with a minister of vaccine yet the rollout is turtle pace, imagine the outcome if there was no minister. Maybe there is no minister of PCR test that is why testing hss been unbelievably low.

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The paper I linked to was published last month in Nature (Medecine), which just happens to be one of the best and most prestigious scientific journal out there.

Which paper did Obokata publish that her paper in ? If I am not mistaken wasn't it Nature.

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Posted in: Chinese vaccines 'don’t have very high protection rates,' says official See in context

Is the Influenza vaccine a NEW vaccine?

Is the Influenza Vaccine I take here in japan made in China?

The word "New" and "China" weren't in your post, go check what you wrote.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 421 coronavirus cases; 760 in Osaka See in context

Next week will probably be in the 1000s.

You are dead wrong, there is no way it will be allowed to reach 1000 with the Olympics

approaching. The number will hover below 600 and that can be achieved easily by keeping

the tests numbers low. Don't you find it strange that all of a sudden Osaka has decided to tests

more than Tokyo and taken the focus away from Tokyo that has an olympic to host.

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Posted in: 300 hotel rooms planned for Olympic athletes with minor or no COVID symptoms See in context

Under the COVID-19 guidelines called the "playbook" released by the organizers in February, athletes will be tested for the virus at least every four days.

Will the IOC be in charge of the testing like doping test, if it is the host country doing the test, it might end up

mired in controversy where a strong contender can be ruled out as positive and an independent

test later on after the event revealing it was a false positive and nothing can really be done as PCR test

are not 100% accurate. The PCR tests should be treated by the IOC with the same importance like doping test.

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Texas A&M Aggie

As my President and everyone's Leader of the Free World, Joe Biden, repeatedly says, get a vaccine into your body. It makes no difference where it comes from, just get the jab(s). 

Surprise, surprise, since when did Joe Biden become your president ?

Do you remember who wrote this ?

Nov. 8, 2020  11:15 am JSTPosted in: Biden calls for healing in appeal to Trump voters  See in context

Biden is not my President. Not now, not ever.

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Posted in: Chinese vaccines 'don’t have very high protection rates,' says official See in context

Even if it is 100% so far it is from china I won't allow it into my body,

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Posted in: Large numbers of people out and about despite gov't antivirus pleas See in context

You can't blame the people with the messages they are being given, but the situation in Osaka is as bad as it has ever been and most of the cases are a more infectious variant. If it made sense before to tell people to not leave Osaka, the same logic must apply now.

Thousand of people move between Osaka and Tokyo daily, there is no way the more infectious variant in Osaka won't spread to Tokyo, Genome test in Tokyo is extremely low compared to Kobe and Osaka hence the misconception that Osaka has a more infectious variant than Tokyo. Like with PCR tests, strangely Osaka is testing more than Tokyo hence another misconception that there are more infection in Osaka than Tokyo.

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I have never understood the purpose of the mainstream media announcing about percentage reduction or increase of people at major stations or city centers in major cities after the government issues a SOE or quasi SOE. It is like they are trying to convey the message that the measures will yield dividend if crowds reduce in those places all the while they deliberately don't mention the sardine-packed trains when there is no study anywhere that people cannot get infected in the train.

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Remember Folks! Japan has one the of the lowest deaths in the world! You are lucky to be living in Japan.

Remember folks ! Japan has one of the lowest Pre and Postmortem testing as well as one of the lowest vaccine rollout. How lucky we are living in here Japan.

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Posted in: Restaurant, bar owners worry about tighter COVID-19 steps See in context

The strange thing is that, though they won't admit it, most of the small restaurant owners are happy

closing at 8pm and getting the 60,000 yen handouts from the gov't. They have reduced their staff to the barest minimum and happy with pocketing money free money.

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