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Kabuki is really interesting. iamtheponz - I only attended them at the National theater, but there you would get them both translated in English or explained in Japanese.

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They're are literally two times more men than women offing themselves, but the author has the nerve to write that women are hit harder... Men's lives matter too, ya know? Although acknowledging this isn't very fashionable recently.

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Posted in: There will be no sacred cows. So if a business is not our strength, or if a business is not in an industry of growth, or if we cannot solve the problem of carbon neutral, then I think we are going to have to ask ourselves some really tough questions. See in context

I'd be really careful if I were him. Even if he does nothing illegal himself, he'll still end up arrested and in huge troubles, as soon as he tries shaking up those leech companies "subsidiaries", led by semi-yakuza. No sacred cows? Jean-Marc is the most unholly cow himself.

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China constantly shoots itself in the foot, then blames others for its own stupidity. Trying to control the market, then complain when your victims find alternate solutions? Yeah, very smart.

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Generator speaking, pythons are peaceful and quite easy to keep, as long as they're well fed. I did have the chance to handle a few in the past, it very rare that they create issues. But yeah, you can't just let them escape and get hungry, especially when they're at "child eating" sizes (over 3 meters).

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Wakarimasen, Marxism wasn't understood it applied anywhere in its spirit. The peasants forming the initial communist leadership (remember, they removed entire generations of intellectuals) weren't educated enough to read (nevermind understand, even less apply) Marx's ideas.

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Everybody should study (or at least get informed) about Marx. He was one of the greatest thinkers out there, and it's a pity communists everywhere bastardised his ideas for their own greed and profit

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Wanna bet that she'll get a suspended prison sentence and will not lose her parenting rights over the poor baby?

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why I never understood why it is so easy to buy alcohol here and that nobody checks ID’s.

Gaijinland: This is not a nanny state. People are given the freedom and understand that with the freedom comes responsibility. Your attitude stinks of passing that responsibility to someone else.

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He even was give the luxury of a warning shot and still chose to attack the officers.. extremely selfish suicide by cop. A knife is just as dangerous as a handgun at small distances, and police officers worldwide are trained to shoot to disable an attacker on the spot in such situations. Knee shots are extremely risky, and the obvious target is the big chest area

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Zichi - yeah, the Honda Cub is an extraordinary machine, with genius design.

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Jumping bail in Japan is NOT a crime! so why are these 2 gentleman are being prosecuted?

I'm amazed - did you even read the part where they placed Gosn in a music box and transported him that way outside of Japan? If you did, do you REALLY think that would not be illegal? It is punishable with up to three years in prison - it states that much in the article.

Gosn jumping bail has nothing to do with the two "gentlemen".

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... Might be my experience only, therefore biased, but I don't think periods are seen as a tabu in Japan. I've had work colleagues and female friends plainly announcing and discussing in front of men they're on their period, for example, without too big of a concern for our delicate ears :).

What's a real tabu in Japan though is the poverty - and that can put a child on her period in traumatic situations. I don't see why hygiene products aren't or shouldn't be offered for free. I put them in the same category as the soap and toilet paper, available in most public toilets for example.

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P. Smith - my bad - indeed they were already there.. Oh well... reading news before morning coffee never led to anything good ;) .

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I think returning to Shout Korea would make it for an even more impressive protest. How about that?

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...didn't matter - as this picture was taken in Germany? :)

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You do know Kenya is near the anarchic state of Somalia with all its internal civil wars, don't you?

Well, kind of.. I understand he is training next to an airport, and presumably his country used to operate the planes - hence the display. Wishing him good luck, nevertheless - it's going to be fun, even in these special conditions.!

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Nice - but I'm actually more interested in that magnificent Mig21 displayed there in the background...

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He went to discuss behind closed doors the strategy for discharging the Fukushima heavy water..

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You guys know this is the expression of a mental condition she is having, right? Still, I experienced one of her "infinity rooms" - it's an amazing sight and experience, obvious product of a genius mind

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Nobody cares?!

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Desert Tortiose - you're fully right, of course. The water Japan plans releasing is already treated, and the biggest pollutant would be tritium. The amount is insignificant, compared with what is already present in the ocean naturally.

Still, for most people is far easier to understand and believe in conspiracy theories, as opposed to scientific theories and explanations. In order to understand the science behind, one must be intelligent and willing to learn. Something most people aren't.

"Shout" Korea and communist china leaders understand this and see it as a very good chance of grabbing some political credit. Still, the air and water radioactivity levels are 2-3 times higher in both countries when compared with Japan, as a result of them polluting it with coal based thermal plants. More, china is the biggest polluter in Japan, as measured clearly with air quality sensors.

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China, by using coals for most of its energy generation is releasing far more radioactivity in the atmosphere than Japan did in the water. That air does pollute Japan since decades now.

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Apple would do anything in their power to avoid being compared with Android. Hate it or not, Google are much fairer towards both users and developers than Apple ever was or will be.

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Nice article, but those pictures are obviously taken with an optical telescope, not a radio one.

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Since almost three years in using a Motorola g6 plus. It's an extraordinarily good value for money phone, really recommendable over a Samsung, for example.

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I practice another martial art, 4 dan at it for what it's worth. The same as judo, karate has obviously stopped being a budo or martial art and started to become a sport. The main difference is: in a sport you do everything allowed by the rules (sometimes even by pushing the said rules) to beat your opponent. In a martial art, you do everything in your power to improve yourself. If your art implies practicing with a partner, they are not opponents as such, but actually become a mirror of yourself, through them you can better evaluate yourself and your standing.

So yeah - in karate you are supposed to know how to protect yourself from a shinai (bamboo sword), but you are not supposed to get beaten and verbally abused to improve yourself. It's even more miserable the bullying happened in efforts to bring home medals.

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It wouldn't have even mattered that much that it ORIGINATED in China, if the utterly incompetent bu arrogant communist leadership there would have listened to their doctors and warned the whole world about it earlier. They tried to covering it up for long enough to explode into what we currently see. That is a "bulletable" offense, if you know what I mean, and caused solely because the communist regime there lives on a layer lies and deception... Basically like every other communist regime around the world.

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"Be aware that you are a small group of people who have been given the opportunity to study."

Extraordinarily good statement worthy of an Uni president - sometimes we tend to forged to be grateful for the chances/privileges we had in our life. Yes, for each and every student out there there are probably a few longing to but unable to do the same thing..

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