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Posted in: After criticism over Mexico trip, Cruz flies back to frozen Texas See in context

What are his family's priorities when they say they want to take a vacation during a pandemic? Wouldn't they have to self-isolate at their destination and when they come back?

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Posted in: Wanted: New K-Pop band, American style See in context

Didn't the whole American boy group fad disappear by early 2000s? There hasn't been a boy group in America since the time of Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, 98 Degrees, etc.

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Posted in: Bitcoin pulls back from brink of $50,000 See in context

Bitcoins are finite. Only 21 million will ever be produced. Will they continue to hold value once they're all mined out by around 2140?

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Posted in: A Tesla for a bitcoin: Musk drives up cryptocurrency price with $1.5 bil purchase See in context

Accepting payment in bitcoin is very different from pricing in bitcoin.

Why not set the price of a Tesla 3 to 1 BTC?

Probably because Musk knows the whole thing can collapse in a heartbeat and become worthless.

The fact that Tesla continues to set the price in USD shows that he actually doesn't trust the value of BTC, in fact he seems to like Dogecoin more.

Why would he price it in BTC when the price of BTC fluctuates based on people buying and selling it? Listing in USD and getting charged the equivalent amount of BTC makes more sense than paying a flat BTC cost because BTC does not have intrinsic value backed by precious metals like normal currencies.

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Posted in: China justifies coast guard's entry into Japan's territorial waters See in context

Japan should blow out of the water any Chinese vessels illegally in Japanese territory and see how they like it.

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Posted in: In Iran standoff, Biden says U.S. won't unilaterally lift sanctions See in context

I wounder if he will loosen his grip, or sanctions on Cuba? or will this be another firm NO? does there still need to be heavy sanctions on Cuba?

Possibly since that's what Obama did.

But as far as Iran is concerned, Biden is right to call them out and tell them to resume compliance before lifting sanctions. Biden has no reason to lift sanctions first.

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Posted in: Nonregular workers at big firms left out of virus-related benefits See in context

Shocking. Who would have guessed nonregular workers would get shafted like this. I can't believe it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 393 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,792 See in context

Incredibly good. Means not many people have the symptoms.

This ignores the fact that people without symptoms can still spread the disease.

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Posted in: Facebook shuts popular stock trading group amid GameStop frenzy See in context

Can't stop. Won't stop. Gamestop.

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Posted in: Police shoot knife-wielding man outside Yokohama apartment See in context

Only 1 shot as opposed to firing all 5-6 rounds and most missing the mark? Color me shocked.

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Posted in: Tokyo revises contact tracing strategy, narrowing it to higher-risk cases See in context

So the strategy is to test even less... which will undoubtedly cause infections to increase because asymptomatic people will be spreading it because they aren't tested because they're testing less... repeat loop.

But in 2 months they might do random testing to see how widespread infections are, so there's that at least.

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Posted in: Japan to start random PCR testing to ascertain extent of infections See in context

What's that saying...something about closing the barn door after the horse has bolted?

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Posted in: Man arrested for buying cup meant for ¥100 coffee but pouring ¥200 latte into it See in context

I think calling the police for this was an overreaction.

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Posted in: Dave Chappelle tests positive for COVID-19; shows canceled See in context

Wouldn't call the amphitheater a comedy club when it's an amphitheater.

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Posted in: TV audience for Biden inauguration tops Trump's viewership four years earlier See in context

Don't tell Trump.

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Posted in: Trump supporters rally in Tokyo See in context

Hardline? Maybe they forgot about what he did for ZTE only to kind of change his stance with Huawei.

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Posted in: Japan protests China's repeated intrusions into waters near Senkakus See in context

Increase patrols in the water and board any boats that come into the territory. China isn't going to listen otherwise.

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Posted in: Comparison between Capitol siege, BLM protests denounced See in context

Why weren't tear gas and rubber bullets deployed in the capitol when it was being stormed? Often times peaceful protests escalated because police used force.

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Posted in: Comparison between Capitol siege, BLM protests denounced See in context

Trump "has held over 600 rallies in the last four years. None of them included assaulting police, destroying businesses or burning down cities,” Greene said.

Blue Lives Matter...until they don't, apparently.

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Posted in: Comparison between Capitol siege, BLM protests denounced See in context

Why didn't the capitol police use more force against the people storming the building? Isn't police use of force what started BLM?

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Posted in: Comparison between Capitol siege, BLM protests denounced See in context

Less than a day spent storming the capitol resulted in 5 deaths.

Weeks of protest and "rioting" over the summer resulted in how many deaths?

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Posted in: Xi asks Starbucks to help promote U.S.-China cooperation See in context

So Xi is trying to hold Starbucks at gunpoint. Help US-China relations or face boycott in China.

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Posted in: Twitter chief says Trump ban admits 'dangerous' precedent See in context

Japantoday's ToS allows moderators to remove or edit posts by users and/or ban users if they violate the ToS. Are you saying they shouldn't be allowed to do this? How is this different from Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

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Posted in: Parler CEO says social media app, favored by Trump supporters, may not return See in context

I take it you’re attempting to refer to Kyle Rittenhouse from Illinois (not Indiana) who was confronted, chased and then attacked by 3 rioters, who he shot, clearly seen on cell phone camera footage taken by onlookers ?

Would you happen to know why he was there with a loaded weapon when he could have chosen to stay home?

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Posted in: Suga announces new measures to stem virus surge, including penalties, review of medical system See in context

The majority of cases in my prefecture are people above 50, which should be the at-risk group, but the majority of them recover. It seems like most of the deaths are people with pre-existing conditions.

Elderly man with pre-existing condition died in Tokyo because he wasn't hospitalized.

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Posted in: Twitter chief says Trump ban admits 'dangerous' precedent See in context

Maybe read the ToS first?

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Posted in: Twitter chief says Trump ban admits 'dangerous' precedent See in context

If Trump makes his own platform, I hope he calls it Trumpet.

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Posted in: Travel body calls vaccine requirement by airlines discriminatory See in context

The airlines are right to guard against liability.

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Posted in: Twitter suspends 70,000 accounts linked to pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy See in context

Maybe these people should return to their roots and soapbox on street corners to anyone willing to listen.

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Posted in: South Korean court orders Japan to compensate 12 former sex slaves See in context

Does the court have the ability to tell another country not under their jurisdiction to do something?

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