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Posted in: Israel, Hamas trade deadly fire as confrontation escalates See in context

And yet the US government (especially the State Dept.) is full of Israeli-America "dual-citizens" and attempts to posture as an honest and independent peace broker in the region.

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Posted in: Anger in France after 'civil war' warning over Macron's 'concessions' to Islamism See in context

It appears the active-duty military is very much inclined to back up the retired generals who warned the French globalists about the civil war their pro-immigration, pro-Muslim policies are creating:

The nations rise. Time is running out again. Now you know why the politicians are so desperate to keep their lockdowns in place and prevent the wars that are rapidly approaching. It won't take much of a spark to kick things off in any of over a dozen nations.

People tend to forget that the French military has been very active throughout Africa for decades. They're relatively small, but highly professional, well-equipped, and they're not a joke. And they are very, very unhappy about the invasion of Paris by the African/Arab migrations. I've never been to South Africa, but the most apartheid-looking thing I've ever seen was in Paris, where a pair of French gendarmes carrying machine guns watched over dozens of Africans sprawling on the grass in Jardin Nelson Mandela. If you didn't know better, you'd have thought they were prison guards.

When - not if - the generals begin to act, they will be greeted with rapturous support. Particularly by the young French men, who hate the situation far more than the liberal Generation Xers of JT can understand. All the "We Are the World" rhetoric, as well as the concept of intrinsic white noblesse oblige are completely foreign Anglo-American Boomerspeak to them.

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Posted in: Australia begins vaccinating Olympic athletes See in context

Don't come, we don't want you.

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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

Screw him, his feckless government, and the stinking corrupt IOC full of gravy-train riders like Coe and Coates.

I hope every athlete knows that if they take part in this, their defense against future charges of aiding and abetting an event that led to thousands of deaths and untold suffering for the sake of vested corporate interests will be on a par with those Nazi camp guards who used to claim "I was just following orders".

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Go Scotland! I'm with you guys in your battle for independence and freedom, my Scotch-Irish ancestors helped kick the English out of America in 1776 and I'll lend a hand too if you need it.

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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

ZorotoToday 11:48 am JST

How are you doing this? I am sure many are interested.

It's really just a mass coordinated Twitter campaign. Let the athletes know how immoral this all this and how they will be willing accessories to it if they come.

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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

A CanadianToday 11:52 am JST

Also, I've written to Trudeau and Tricia Smith ( and others. I'm proud that Canada was among the first to pull out of the Olympics last year and I hope my country does the same this year. As a resident of Tokyo, I don't want the citizens of my adopted country put at risk for money.

That's a start, but don't leave it that: go right for the Achilles Heel in all this, the athletes themselves. Most of them have Twitter accounts where you can make your feelings (respectfully) known. If enough people do this, many of the athletes will not want to go.

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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

Okay, It's time to start putting pressure on the athletes themselves to cancel this. Let them know that we will not only NOT be cheering for them or watching them, but that also history will hold them accountable for playing their part in forcing this unwanted event on millions of unwilling people and spreading death and disease for corporate interests.

I'm already part of a campaign to put pressure on US athletes to boycott this, suggest other posters do the same with their respecitve countries' athletes.

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Posted in: Asian American health workers fight virus and racist attacks See in context

This is happening more and more now. This video is sickening:

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Posted in: Pfizer and BioNTech to donate vaccines for Olympic athletes See in context

Personal boycotts of the Olympics please! Don't consume any media about them at all, don't talk about them, don't purchase any merch and live as though they don't exist.

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic petition tops 200,000 signatures in just 2 days See in context

Yep, just signed it.

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Posted in: India reports record 412,262 new COVID-19 cases See in context

wanderlustToday 03:21 pm JST

He's been busy building a new parliament building, to replace and hide the elegant circular Parliament House designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, the British architect.

Anglophobia alive and well in India. Well, that's just cutting your nose to spite your face, and throwing the baby our with the bath water. Well done!

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Posted in: More young Japanese look to Marx as pandemic, climate crisis magnify economic inequalities See in context

Actually, if ever a people were suited by national temperament to live in a Marxist system, it's the Japanese:

Mind-numbing acceptance of conformity and not wanting to "stand out"

Slavish devotion to inter-personal hierarchies

Everything decided by committees and sub-committees

Love of massive public works projects

Micro-management of workers

Micro-management of children

Acceptance of sub-standard housing as the norm, both in terms of materials and space

Desirability of price-fixing and rigging of contract bids to avoid "surprises"

Love of manipulating statistics to please superiors

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Posted in: Myanmar's military seizing young men to crush uprising See in context

Before they raid a certain area, they turn off the power and disable all communications, then they seize their targets. Guess who taught them this 21st century M.O. and gave them the equipment to do it?

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Posted in: Britain, Japan agree to strengthen trade and security partnership See in context

That's a beautiful building behind them and a nice bit of lawn. Japan can only dream of having such spaces.

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Posted in: BAFTA suspends UK actor Clarke after groping and harassment allegations See in context

I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but now that famous black men such as Deshaun Watson and Noel Clarke have been credibly accused of being sexual predators by literally dozens of women, suddenly the SJWs who infest organizations like BAFTA are now worried about quaint concepts like due process, innocence until proven guilty, and the unfairness of trial by media:

Meanwhile, it was reported that Bafta spent two weeks deciding how best to respond to allegations against Clarke prior to presenting him with one of its highest honours, the Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema Award.

In a statement, Bafta claimed it had acted 'as quickly and supportively as we could, even though we had only received the most generic of claims and no actual first-hand information to investigate allegations which were potentially of a criminal nature'. 

The Guardian said senior figures within the film academy were worried about the potential reputational damage to the organisation over its handling of the claims against Clarke. 

Bafta chair Krishnendu Majumdar was reportedly aware there could be as many as 12 women making allegations against Clarke on the eve of the awards ceremony.

He sought to speak to anyone with first-hand experience of Clarke's alleged misconduct and told an industry figure he was 'trying to do something about' the situation as it could 'destroy' Bafta 'in the court of public opinion', the newspaper said.

Majumdar is said to have described the allegations as a 'desperately difficult situation for us' as Bafta 'cannot act as judge and jury'.

Let's face it, a white quarterback might survive a single accusation, but the media storm would be relentless, as evidenced by the coverage of the Peyton Manning and Ben Rothlisberger situations. He'd be suspended proactively by the NFL by the time the third accusation was made. And can anyone imagine a white actor who was accused of sexual harassment by twelve women being presented a major cinematic award?

For all their incessant crying about racism, the simple fact is that some people simply aren't held to the same behavioral standards as others.

I have no doubt the UK film academy was worried about reputational damage if they didn't give the 12x-accused (now 27x) sexual predator the award. The only thing they fear more than being called "racist" is being called "anti-semitic". But it's hard to see what the problem is. After all, if the Hellmouth didn't give awards to sexual predators, they couldn't give out awards.

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Posted in: Strong wind gusts damage 92 buildings in central Japan See in context

So many Japanese structures are Third World in appearance and design. A clean version of the Third World I'll grant you, but still not close to par with European housing.

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Posted in: Egos clash in Bezos-Musk space race See in context

Ai WonderToday 12:17 pm JST

Sickening to see the over rich playing out their egos in space. Branson, another white male rich beyond any decent morality, wants to spend billions sending other excessively rich folk into space.

What has their race got to do with it? If they were Chinese would that make it okay?

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Posted in: As U.S. vaccine demand falls, states look to new solutions See in context

Find a way to distribute vaccine through our water supply or through bottled water. It would save billions and speed up the administering process.

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Posted in: May Day protesters demand more job protections See in context

Walking around in a Stalin t-shirt ought to be as socially acceptable as walking around in a Hitler t-shirt.

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Posted in: Australia bans arrivals of its citizens from India; says offenders face jail, fines See in context

StarbucksToday 12:03 pm JST

Except if you are exceptional like a cricketer. What the hell were they doing going there in the first place. Sports are not an essential reason to travel.

Because pro sports and the money it generates are two of the highest values we have today.

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Posted in: Biden declares U.S. 'on the move again' in first speech to Congress See in context

Biden argued that the spending plans were needed to keep up with China, which his administration sees as a major strategic challenger.

"China and other countries are closing in fast," he said.

I have been tired of America's World Policeman stance since World War 2. The world does not need us to waste our time, treasure and youth on foreign wars. Protect our borders not those in the Mideast or Asia. Europe can protect themselves. All this warmongering by the neoclowns just feeds the Military. Just think what could be done for the America people if we weren't squandering our riches on other nations. Bring that military might to bear on our southern border.

Ahh, wouldn't that be grand?

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Posted in: Money row tied to Princess Mako's boyfriend may end in settlement See in context

He is a blackguard and a chancer, and his mother is a piece of work as well.

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Posted in: British warships, military aircraft to set sail for Asia next month See in context

with eight fast jets on board

Great descriptive writing there, well done.

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Posted in: U.S., Britain rush supplies to virus-stricken India See in context

They can afford a space program and nuclear weapons, but apparently not medical equipment. Once again it's the Anglo-Saxon nations that have to rescue them.

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Posted in: 'Nomadland' wins best picture at Oscars; Hopkins, McDormand take acting honors See in context

What's Glenn Close gotta do to win one of these darn things? The most woke Oscars ever, and she's still left as a bridesmaid, It's a travesty.

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Posted in: Japan to host first joint military drill with U.S., France in May See in context

As usual with America, it's a case of "How dare country X move its borders so close to our bases!"

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Posted in: High school kendo coach caught forcing students to pay birthday-tribute money See in context

Par for the course in hierarchy-obsessed Japan. The pyramid of stercus is all about trickle down: you take crap from your "superior" until it's your turn to give crap to your "inferior".

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Posted in: Bodies of 2 adults and 2 children found in parked car in Yokohama See in context

That's pretty dark, even by Japanese standards. RIP

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Posted in: Hitler Youth 1938 trip to Japan now largely forgotten See in context

I bet one of the exchanges was:

"Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer!"

"Hai, so desu ne. Tokorode, hashi tsukaemasuka?"

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