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Posted in: Harry and Meghan make final split with British royal family See in context

Good for them!

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Posted in: G-7 vows 'equitable' world vaccine access, but details scant See in context

Isn't there is an infighting within the European countries! And Japan has just received her first batch of vaccines!

Thats says all, they were stockpiling vaccines for their own using,their stockpiling were more than they needed!

The G7 was not just greedy but despicable!Politicalrizing the use of vaccines, sick if their deeds!

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Posted in: U.S. signals readiness to resume talks with Iran See in context

Is Iran stupid enough to believe USA after the deaths of Gen.Soleimani and their top nuclear scienctist? Maybe Mr.Biden's presidency might last only 4years and after him, the Republicans popped up someone even more hard line than Donald Trump, so there will be another "Torn The Deal" is going to happen in2024!

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., India, Australia call for return of democracy in Myanmar See in context

Don't take it seriously! "Ann Sun Suki" does not worth these four countries to take actions! The junta knows who is the boss backing them!

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Posted in: Putin indicates Russia will not negotiate territorial dispute with Japan See in context

Those four islands were never Japanese legally owned, they were under occupied!

Neither was Hokkaido!


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Posted in: S Korean sex slave survivor wants U.N. court judgment See in context

This is truly a heart breaking story! Dealing with a stubbornly hostile neighbour might take generations of struggles and tears! We hope a good luck on the Korean families who suffered under the Japanese! Keep that spirit of defiance, the Japan under rightist like Shinzo Abe were under that diplomatic pressure and they were embarrassing with sweats!

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Posted in: Concern over proposed Hong Kong law that could bar anyone from leaving See in context

The HangSeng index soars to record high of 30000points ever! Hong Konger's confidences of this city is also at all time high! If someone telling you the Chinese government 's shadow has a negative impact, this is definitely a myth!

But of course, for political criminal like Jimmy Lai, the "No Leaving" legal action is a very bad news for him attempting to run away!

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Posted in: China's 'zero corona' policy frustrates Japanese in Beijing See in context

Everyone is same, not just the Japanese! For the Chinese, such measure is very inconvenient but think about safety first!

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Posted in: Attacks on older Asians stoke fear in San Francisco Bay Area's Chinatowns See in context

Oakland is a part of the San Francisco Bay area! There is worst than S.F. Tenderloin area because the Oakland Police is very corrupted! Homicides,drugs,bulgury and robbery were daily business! The bandits got a good pretext to run their show is the scare of Covid19!

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Posted in: Attacks on older Asians stoke fear in San Francisco Bay Area's Chinatowns See in context

Thanks to Mike Pompeo and his rhetoric of using "China Virus", these attacks were part of his achievement of being secretary of state! He has been repeatedly using "China Virus" and he appealed other country to use,the most recently was he protested President.Biden's ban of using such phrase!

Mike Pompeo, the worst secretary of state ever!

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Posted in: Mori resigns over sexist remarks: Hashimoto being considered to replace him See in context

Throughout Mori-san's life,he is living under privileged and granted, he has no idea of what other thinks or what are the circumstances of the nation!

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Posted in: UK calls for reset with EU and 'refinement' of Brexit deal See in context

Why not return the Northern Ireland back to Ireland? Problem solved!

Britan took that part of land for 900 years, enough already!

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Posted in: Embassy tweets backing gender equality spread after Mori's remarks See in context

Why Mori-san is picked to be a promoter of the Tokyo Olympics ? He is too old for this job and he is notoriously reckless when he is PM of Japan!

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Posted in: North Korea developed nuclear, missile programs in 2020: U.N. report See in context

Donald Trump hates losers! He called WW1 fallen US soldiers were losers! He hates anyone bend down or compromising were losers, just like how he sees Obama/Biden!

Obviously the Kim dynasty in North Korea were not losers! That's why Trump has to meet K.J. three times and he

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Posted in: Two Christians publicly flogged in Indonesia for drinking, gambling See in context

Without the description,the photo made me thought it was a guillotine penalty with a hooded executioner!

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Posted in: Japanese submarine, Hong Kong ship collide off Shikoku See in context

Here is another Marco Polo Bridge incident lead to a third Sino Japanese war and here we go roll again! A submarine can be stalked by a cargo ship must be some special spying method!

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Posted in: Koike says Olympics facing 'major issue' after Mori's sexist remarks See in context

why Japan can't get some younger iconic people to do this job

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Posted in: Yoshiro Mori: Gaffe-prone Tokyo 2020 chief and former Japan PM See in context

This is a disaster of an event's promotion!

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Posted in: U.S. coronavirus deaths surpass 450,000 See in context

Trump's faults!

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Posted in: Human rights, COVID at issue 1 year before Beijing Winter Olympics See in context

Talk boycotts? Remember the 2008 Beijing Olympics was a great success!

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Posted in: No. of recorded crimes in Japan drops to lowest postwar level in 2020 See in context

Thieves were old too, these days the declining population in Japan lead to fewer thieves as well!

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Posted in: First-ever treaty to ban nuclear weapons enters into force See in context

Don't take it seriously! Some paranoid people jumped out again!

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Posted in: Aso says Biden's inauguration 'good' for world See in context

Why didn't Mr.Aso says this before and after 3rd Nov ?

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Posted in: Suga says Japan will not join U.N. treaty banning nuclear weapons See in context

The most anti nuclear weapon country against the treaty of banning nuclear weapons!

You have got this awesome moral standard!

No wonder why China, North Korea were laughings!

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Posted in: Activists urge Japan's participation in nuclear weapons ban treaty See in context

Around the world knows Japan's anti nuclear stance was not serious! Just a political posturing for domestic politics every August!

By the way, India,Pakistan and Israel were nuclear armed nation, these people better go there to convince the governments in that region their experiences, they were very likely to use that weapon!

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Posted in: U.S. capital locks down as security threats mount See in context

Very similar like the scenarios of Ukraine,Kiev in 2014 when a coup was underway taken rightists! Karma, is karma in return!

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Posted in: Obama-era veteran Kurt Campbell to lead Biden's Asia policy See in context

They were friends, right? Kurt,Biden,China!

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Posted in: Japan considers various options against S Korea 'comfort women' ruling See in context

Japan should solve their legal disputes in legal channel rather than kicking up a political storm to intimidate her neighbour!

Japan seems still living in imperialist-era with arrogance behaviour and without respect to a lawful ruling!

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Posted in: Man goes on trial for killing police officer, security guard in Toyama See in context

He could have been bullied in the SDF, this is a kind of shocking syndrome!

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Posted in: Republicans face growing corporate backlash after Capitol assault See in context

The GOP is having their karma of supporting Trump!

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