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Posted in: Decision could be made over foreign spectators for Tokyo Olympics by May, says Bach See in context

Best decision would be to cancel those until 2024 when all this so called "pandemic" will hopefully be over. Knowing how slow things are moving here with everything, including logistics, vaccinations, organisation's, etc, even 2024 it's not very realistic date.

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Posted in: 13 ministry officials wined and dined by Suga's son See in context

And the sheeplets and salary drones will continue to mindlessly vote for this LDP party and nothing will ever going to change... Excel Japan ranking and sinking lower and lower each year in all economy tops.

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Posted in: Girl wins suit against Osaka Prefecture over school telling her to dye hair black See in context

The whole process and court was a complete joke. The girl didn't win anything, if you read the article, except some pocket money. The winner was the "school" actually who receive no penalty what so ever, but even encouragement from the saw called judge (judges here are complete clowns btw)

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Posted in: Toyota president disappointed by Mori's comments See in context

Just pathetic PR for those companies taking advantages over this circus. Nothing to be seen here.

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Posted in: Gov't to review next week early lifting of state of emergency See in context

The thing is the lock down here doesn't work at all anyways. There are still bars and izakayas opened until mid of night, trains are still fully packed during the rush hours, social distanting non existing (to be fair, that cannot be implemented anyways). On top of that, testing for the virus is non existing, except for the people who are paying a lot of money for that; so all of the nrs the govmnt are giving us are all fake and useless. And yeah, good luck with the vaccine. We, the plebea, we are going to receive it probably next year. If you can manage to figure out all of the bereaucracy, have you hankou stamp all of my number, alien card, passport, tax payments and Familly registration, etc, papers, and send them by fax to the right address and time.

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Posted in: 50-year-old man arrested for swindling ¥10 mil from women in ‘sugar daddy' scam See in context

No sympathy at all for those kind of women. They are worst than prostitutes and escorts.

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Posted in: Mt Fuji railway project receives approval from Yamanashi officials See in context

Another retarded ideea, even worst than the 500m ropeway in Sakuraghicho, Yokohama. :)))))

Seriously, this is where our hard payed taxes are going too?? Cannot they do something better and more productive with the money??

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Posted in: Ex-bank employee arrested for stealing ¥52 mil; blames it on stress See in context

Funny excuse. But in the era of backtracking everything, did she really thought she wouldn't be caught eventually stealing??

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Posted in: As pandemic worsens, more medical workers bail out See in context

All of the Ministers in Japan, but not only, should be less than 60 years old, so they can come up with fresh ideas and energy in order to run this country. You need people in the Parlament capable of listen to all those Frontline workers/doctors/salary men and start doing some changes until is too late. All oyajis should retire or be forced to retire and instead of making laws, they should take care of their nephews or take care of their gardens. Not Japan's economy and people.

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Posted in: A walk in the park for Djokovic; Serena visits zoo after quarantine See in context

Good luck to all of them.

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Posted in: Suga apologizes after LDP execs visit hostess bars during state of emergency See in context

I bet those guys all of them have wives, kids... Typical Japanese; wives are just good for house maidens, taken care of children and to stay home and gossip. While "the man" is going every night to prostitutes, hostess, or any other fūzoku places.

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Posted in: Man arrested after refusing to wear mask on plane refuses to wear mask in custody See in context

Funny guy, but he doesn't know when to quit.

But why don't we see a non Yakuza, tattooed guy, doing the same level of stubberness on local onsen or gyms. Heck, I would even support that guy.

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Posted in: 14-year-old boy hit and killed by truck on street crossing See in context

Not sure how other cities are, but in Tokyo no driver will stop at pedestrian crossing. You always have to wait for everybody to pass. Even raising your hand, doesn't work always.

BTW, why do you have to raise your hand to cross the street on a designated place for you??

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Posted in: Why is Japan's medical care system breaking down? See in context

Amazing how money always takes precedence over people's life.

Japan is a 3rd world country regarding people's lifes and care, from this point of view.

Very shameful.

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Posted in: Tokyo District Court upholds ban on dual citizenship See in context

Rasism, narrow mindness and specially stupidity beyond all logic.

Why does a children have to choose only a country, a culture, a parent?? Why?!??

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Posted in: Dentsu looking to sell headquarters building for ¥300 bil See in context


Typo due to autocorrect on the phone.

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Posted in: Dentsu looking to sell headquarters building for ¥300 bil See in context


By far, The Worst company in Japan.

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Posted in: Heavy snow causes 130-vehicle pile-up on Tohoku Expressway; one dead, 17 injured See in context

By the look of it in the picture, the trucks seemed to have slide and hit other cars on different lanes, therefore creating a chain reaction.

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Posted in: 6 high school students arrested for beating up 15-year-old boy See in context

Bullying seems to be part of the culture here.

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Posted in: KDDI to offer cheapest large data mobile plan amid gov't pressure See in context

That's just a trick. In the end they will start piling up taxes and extra useless options until the price is doubled.

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Posted in: Bicyclist arrested for splashing woman with urine as he rode past her See in context

There are a lot of Japanese pr0n movies with those kind of weird fetish, either is urine, semen or both involved. Some people get off by watching those or worst, doing it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 389 more cases of coronavirus See in context

Yes because the Corona bites only after 10PM . :)))))))))

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy picks worst woman to randomly ask if she wants to make an adult video See in context

In other news, the water is wet.

Police should patrol Kabukicho or Roppongi also, the amount of harassment there is ridiculous.

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Posted in: Japan's top business lobby calls for 4-day workweek in virus fight See in context

I really hope this won't mean 10H/day minimum work in order to keep the minimum 40H/week system. Or let me guess. Salary reduction by 25%??

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Posted in: Closed schools raise teen pregnancy risks in Japan, hospital says See in context

This is what happens when the sexual education is ridiculed and never implemented in schools.

On the other hand, this is sad because most of them will have abortions instead of keeping the children, and this is also because of pressure from parents, and specially society who is the most judgemental in the world.

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Posted in: Elderly people could carry a card saying, 'If I fall ill and am taken to hospital, treat young people first.' See in context

Instead of debating who's life is more precious, why don't you as a government create more hospitals, more medical universities so the people would never ever be in the retarded position to even ask or consider that question.

Desgusting topic.

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Posted in: Foreign workers feel the pain of 'corona job cuts' in Japan See in context

What else is new? Nothing is going to change here for another 100 years. Rasism and Xenofobia sadly are deeply rooted in the DNA and also education of the locals...

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Posted in: Child care chaos looms if both parents fall ill with coronavirus See in context

Is there anyone still wondering why nobody wants to have children in this country??

Seriously and no sarcasm involved, the family concept has to be revised here...

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Posted in: One island in Okinawa bans guests from local restaurants See in context

So this is how liberty and small-medium business dies. With thunderous applause and support from people who seemed to enjoy having their life's distroyed because of a so called pandemic with a fatality rate of below 3%...

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Posted in: Abe orders review of seal-stamping custom See in context

No word on fax machines. Those will still be there on the next Pandemic of 2120.

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