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Posted in: 100 kgs of cherries stolen from trees in Yamagata See in context

Has a dragnet of all the local cake shops been cast? Good place to start.

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Posted in: Ugandan Olympic team member tests positive for coronavirus upon arrival in Japan See in context

Weee! Didn't see that coming now did we.

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Posted in: Why are Olympics going on despite public opposition, medical warnings? See in context

I don't understand why they don't put them off until next year.

Me neither. The Birmingham Commonwealth Games could be combined with the Olympics instead and held there.

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Posted in: Why are Olympics going on despite public opposition, medical warnings? See in context

Why are Olympics going on despite public opposition, medical warnings?


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Posted in: You can now rent 'fat people' in Japan See in context

Fat Japanese, for re-inforcing those stereotypes about them. Pathetic.

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Posted in: Message for Olympic visitors See in context

I've got a better slogan, "Don't bother!"

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Posted in: SoftBank-backed food delivery firm DoorDash enters Japan See in context

The last thing we need here is more idiots on bikes.

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Posted in: Nikon to end camera body production in Japan by end of year See in context

Won't be buying Nikon then.

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Posted in: 'You're so cool,' mayor tells Australian softball Olympians See in context

They are Australian, A warm day in a Australian summer is 30c to 40c. a hot day 40c + Tokyo weather will not be a problem.

Unless they all come from north of the tropic of Capricorn, it's the humidity not the temperature that's the problem.

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Posted in: Skateboarding toward Tokyo See in context

Many parks in Tokyo have good skateboard areas.

Many areas of public and private property now have skateboard scratch marks now too.

Hope the event faceplants.

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Posted in: Japan considers sending coronavirus vaccines to Vietnam: report See in context

On the same day they binned 7000 doses which could have gone to good use here. Get your own house in order first for gawd sake.

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Posted in: Japanese companies opening vaccination sites amid slow national rollout See in context

The inept Government have thrown their hands up as it’s just to difficult to organize using their friends

I suspect this was the plan all along.

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Posted in: Japan donates more than 1 million AstraZeneca doses to Taiwan See in context

How about getting your own house in order first?

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Posted in: Japan's vaccine push ahead of Olympics looks to be too late See in context

That's the realization sinking in as Japan scrambles to catch up on a frustratingly slow vaccination drive less than two months before the Summer Olympics, delayed by a year because of the coronavirus pandemic, are scheduled to start.

Pure drivel. We've been saying this here for months. The 'realization' sunk in when vaccines arrived and were dumped into cold storage, instead of being used.

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Posted in: ANA offers weddings on plane grounded by prolonged pandemic See in context

why would anyone want to spend any time on a plane when they dont have to?

Correct. Some of the classiest wedding photos I've seen while out and about are the newly wedded couple on an old tramcar, or and old train sometimes with a steam loco with fire in the belly. Boeing Economy class for a wedding? I repeat - tacky.

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Posted in: ANA offers weddings on plane grounded by prolonged pandemic See in context

How tacky.

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Posted in: Suga dodges questions on whether Olympics can be held under state of emergency See in context

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga sidestepped questions Friday onf whether the Tokyo Olympics can be held under a state of emergency, saying only that the government will "carry on with preparations while listening to a range of opinions."

What a spineless pissant.

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Posted in: Major Japanese newspaper Asahi calls for Olympic cancelation See in context

With more clout than JT, they might actually take notice now. If the other Jimin mouthpieces join the choir, it's toast. My fingers are crossed.

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Posted in: Gov't considers new cash handout for needy households See in context

How about focusing on the vaccinations for more people so we can get back to normal again?

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Posted in: Foreign students in Japan job hunt online amid pandemic See in context

Sorry, but job fairs are a complete waste of time. The unscrupulous recruiters will sign you up on their mailing lists, databases and deliver nothing.

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Posted in: SoftBank CEO again slams Olympics See in context

"Currently more than 80% of people want the Olympics to be postponed or canceled. Who and on what authority is it being forced through?"

My enemy's enemy is my friend. You won't see any of the paid up sponsors saying this. SoftBank however is a repugnant organisation.

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Posted in: Networks rely on reboots, franchises amid streaming's rise See in context

The risk assessment doesn't allow studios to be creative. Too much money is at stake if it flops.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach to visit Japan on July 12, 11 days before Olympics begin See in context

The Coronalympics. Where there's two events, face saving and the 100m vaccination hurdles. J gov and IOC disqualified from both.

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Posted in: Has Shinjuku’s Robot Restaurant closed permanently? See in context

Who cares!

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Posted in: Organizers unveil Tokyo Paralympic symbol to mark 100 days to go See in context

111 days until it's all over.

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Posted in: Takamatsu man arrested for car-bombing person whose parking method he disapproved of See in context

It’s unclear what exactly it was about the victim’s parking style that offended Mizobuchi so much.

A gutless little man who bottles out instead of talking directly about the problem. Sadly there are plenty more gutless idiots like this here. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

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Posted in: Japanese student writes to Arnold Schwarzenegger for English class; gets reply See in context

Arnie would be a better German teacher

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Posted in: ANA inviting passengers to participate in IATA Travel Pass trial See in context

The post arrival flow step should clearly outline the expectations of destination country. Otherwise a step in the right direction.

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Posted in: China tells Bach it hopes Tokyo Olympics will be held despite pandemic See in context

The kiss of death.

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Posted in: Japan to put 3 more prefectures under state of emergency See in context

Out of control.

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