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Posted in: Tokyo reports 729 coronavirus cases; record-high 1,208 in Osaka See in context

Numbers will continue to climb until the vaccine is rolled out and as that is being done so slowly then better get used to these high numbers.

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Posted in: 23 health ministry employees party until midnight despite virus restrictions See in context

Until they start firing them they will continue to think they can get away with anything and we all know what will happen, they will bow and apologize and maybe take a salary cut for a month,

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Posted in: Suga thanks public for coping with virus restrictions; asks for continuing cooperation See in context

Suga said the government will expand testing and step up monitoring of new variants of the virus believed to be more contagious, while carrying out vaccinations safely and promptly.

Really, don't think anyone believes this.

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Posted in: Coe urges Tokyo not to rush decision on fans for Olympic events See in context

if they had started to vaccinate earlier in Japan then this wouldn't be an issue.

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Posted in: Japan considers COVID-19 vaccination certificates for those traveling overseas See in context

Japan has lagged behind other countries such as the United States and Britain in its vaccine rollout amid a supply shortage due to production delays at Pfizer's factory and the European Union's export controls.

This is not the only reason Japan has lagged and so easy to blame the Europeans.

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Posted in: Vaccinations for elderly to begin in populous areas in limited supply See in context

Time to vote out the LDP and put some smarter people in power as this news is embarassing for Japan.

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Posted in: China says it is exercising self-restraint against Japanese ships near Senkakus See in context

China the world's new bully !

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Posted in: Minister apologizes for bureaucrat's dinners with NTT executives See in context

If its against the law then time to finally prosecute someone and then maybe they would stop this corrupt practice.

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Posted in: COVID-19 inoculations in Japan off to snail pace start due to vaccine, syringe shortages See in context

Japan has always had barriers up to stop overseas drug companies from competing here and now this system is biting Japan in the arse as their hands are tied. Time for a change or at least be flexible during these difficult times.

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Posted in: Go To Travel campaign may partially resume after state of emergency lifted See in context

Isn't it better to start this after the majority of people have been vaccinated, but as this wont happen until much later in the year the big companies like Dentsu and JTB must be pressuring the government to restart GOTO travel early. Not smart at all.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 340 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,025 See in context

Good news

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Posted in: 13 ministry officials wined and dined by Suga's son See in context

At the very least they should be fired but we all know this wont happen.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 178 coronavirus cases; below 200 for 1st time since Nov 24 See in context

How can there be only 5200 tests done on a Friday, a normal workday?

Because to get tested you need to have certain symptons so less tests mean less people with symptoms.

Don't you people get tired of repeating the same things everyday.

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Posted in: Kono warns of slower pace of COVID vaccine shots for elderly after supply delay See in context

the Japanese government have failed its people and cost lives due to its slow rollout of a vaccine.

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Posted in: New Zealand-Australia row erupts over 'terrorist' dual national See in context

New Zealand should just do the same and take her passport away. If they don't want to then they need to be responsible for her.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 350 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,305 See in context

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 92, down five from Monday

These are the important numbers.

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Posted in: Governors urge gov't to quickly come up with vaccine rollout plans See in context

They have no plan hence the silence as they were too slow to order the correct vaccine and now more people will die and businesses go bankrupt because of the Japanese governments incompetence.

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Posted in: Chinese ships enter Japan's waters for 1st time under new coast guard law See in context

Japan should have built on those islands a long time ago when China wasn't so powerful.

Big mistake by them.

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Posted in: AstraZeneca files for Japan approval of COVID-19 vaccine See in context

Too slow to approve it and they should have started vaccinating already. Also they always talk about the numbers of vaccines they have agreed to buy but not when they will get them.

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Posted in: Japan to extend state of emergency until March 7 See in context

The Nikkei daily newspaper reported that gyms, cinemas and karaoke establishments could be added if new daily infections in Tokyo rise

So only Bars and restaurants are to blame for spreading the virus ??

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Posted in: EU vaccine curbs may delay Japan's inoculation drive See in context

Great the JP government just found someone to blame for their failure to secure the vaccine !

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Posted in: Kono says gov't will shoulder all costs associated with coronavirus vaccinations See in context

How about telling us the true number of the vaccines that Japan will be receiving and when and stop telling us stupid numbers that Japan has secured.

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Posted in: Tokyo seeks 10,000 medical staff for Olympics See in context

How many people could 10,000 medical staff manage to vaccinate if they all worked for 5 days ?

A really shocking idea by this government.

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Posted in: At least 15,000 virus patients waiting for hospitals, accommodations See in context

They had nearly a year to prepare for this and chose as usual to not do anything. Time to put some smarter and younger people in charge and retire the old guard.

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Posted in: Kono denies reports of mass vaccine roll-out for general public in May See in context

At least we are starting to learn the truth from Kono that they have no idea when they will start to roll out the vaccine. Shame on the Japanese government for being so slow as this will cost the economy dearly !! Time for a change of government I think.

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Posted in: Vaccines not prerequisite for Tokyo Olympics: Kato See in context

Them saying this means they know that the vaccines wont be ready for the Olympics so do us all a favor and cancel them now.

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Posted in: Kono to handle coordination of coronavirus vaccinations See in context

At least we know who to blame when they make a mess of rolling out the vaccine. Also this should have started already.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,592 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,759 See in context

Many complain that people cant get tested but I got my test last week in Shinjuku for only 2900 yen and got the results the next day. It was quick and easy and very busy and I dont think these private clinics get added to the official test numbers. Company is call EPARK and they also have a clinic is Shinbashi.

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Posted in: Ex-farm minister Yoshikawa indicted without arrest on bribery charge See in context

One law for the elite and another for the rest of us. They throw you in jail here for almost anything and hold you for 28 days but these guys already got preferential treatment and will only get a suspended sentence.

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Posted in: EU states warn of risks to vaccination credibility as Pfizer slows supplies See in context

I hope Japan is stockpiling its vaccine orders ready for a mass vaccination when they are finally approved. That would be the smart thing to do but unfortunately Japan is lacking strong leadership.

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