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Posted in: Japan to vaccinate Olympic athletes: reports See in context

Cancel this trainwreck olympics, and start getting more vaccines into the arms of the healthcare workers. Athletes are the least important.

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Posted in: Toyota's annual net profit jumps 10.3%; further growth forecast See in context

Biggest carmaker in the world, amazing and groundbreaking cars. I drive one.

But much of this profit is on the back of dealings with Communist China. Toyota (and other big corporations) should NOT be doing business - manufacturing and sales - in the PRC. Divest NOW before its too late.

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Posted in: Publisher slams gov't handling of virus in 3 newspaper ads See in context

The tiny amount of people who still want the Olympics has become a handful. Its over - only the brainless (and the corrupt like Coe and Bach) believe otherwise.

Time to announce the total cancellation, and begin to deal with the disaster.

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Posted in: Hamilton wins Spanish Grand Prix See in context

So, anyone & everyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion is a ‘hater’ ?

No. But the (many) people who disrespect Lewis because of the color of his skin (of course the cowards will never admit it - they will say he is "arrogant"/"talks in a funny accent"/shouldnt speak up against racism...etc) ARE haters. And scum.

The very idea of having a proud black man being the GOAT of F1 rocks their racist, hateful world.

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Posted in: Government advisor sparks anger with tweet laughing off calls for Olympic cancelation See in context

This economics "professor" is a corrupt disgrace. All he cares about is money and kickbacks, he has his snout permanently in the taxpayer trough, with no regard for lives or safety.

I hope this "professor" is fired and never works again.

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Posted in: Hamilton wins Spanish Grand Prix See in context

All this talk about goats and no one mentioned Takuma Sato? In sheer speed and overtaking capabilities he was fantastic. A few more years at BAR and he could have been a future world champion.

Sorry. The Japanese GOAT is Kobayashi Kamui. 144 points in his career, vs 44 for Sato. Its no contest! Kobayashi was a real fast driver and should have been Japans first ever winner.

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Posted in: Hamilton wins Spanish Grand Prix See in context

Well done Lewis! He is definitely the GOAT of F1. The numbers simply dont lie. 2 more victories, and he will have 100 wins. He's already achieved more than Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Vettel...the lot.

Haters will keep hating, but no one will ever equal Lewis' achievements.

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Posted in: Two different Olympic scenes: Inside and outside the National Stadium See in context

Cite? Google isn’t turning up anything that confirms your assertion.

Gatlin - 2 time convicted drug cheat. Should have been banned for life.

I'm not doing the search for you. Google is your friend.

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Posted in: Two different Olympic scenes: Inside and outside the National Stadium See in context

I wish he cared even 1% about the safety of the Japanese public, as he spends on his knees during the National Anthem.

Yep. And Gatlin is a dirty drug cheat. Fact.

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Posted in: Olympic Stadium holds track and field test event, minus fans See in context

Despicable selfish fools and drug cheats in the case of Gatlin.

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Posted in: Two different Olympic scenes: Inside and outside the National Stadium See in context

Coe is nothing but a corrupt, money-chasing politician. Crooked for decades.

"But the vast majority of athletes I speak to are just wanting to get into the games

Despicable. Like crooked Coe, they are selfish. Its all about them. The VAST MAJORITY of people do not want this disgusting event that will take away resources from the fight against this disaster that should be ramped up.

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Posted in: Chinese rocket segment disintegrates over Indian Ocean See in context

Thats Communist technology right there, folks.

China has to be stopped with this aggressive behavior before its too late. Boycott China!

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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

Madness. Coates, Bach and Coe are all corrupt. They are politicians simply in this scam for the money. They couldnt care less that the world is in the middle of a once in a hundred year pandemic that is getting WORSE by the day.

Cancel this rubbish, pathetic Olympics. Anyone who supports it is as deranged as these three politicians.

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Posted in: People weary over latest extension of COVID emergency in Japan See in context

The restrictions aren’t necessary. Open it up and let everyone get back to normal 

People in places like the US were saying that a year ago. Look at what happened.

Its NOT all about you.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic head says Bach visit to Japan now unlikely See in context

Stay away Bach.

Cancel the Olympics outright.

Go home now Lord Coe.

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Posted in: Packed trains, drinking: Japanese impatient over anti-virus measures See in context

And I don't blame them. It's been over a year later and how much longer do they expect people to disrupt their lives? 

Not being able to have alcohol while singing, or a with your dinner, counts as "disruption"? Get real. Buy a half dozen cans and drink at home, save money and reduce your risk. Shops are open, supplies are fine, transport is running.

People who moan about these tiny (grossly inadequate) measures would never, ever be able to cope with an actual disaster.

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Posted in: Asian American health workers fight virus and racist attacks See in context

*numerous** recent attacks by Black people against Asians.*

Please cite at least two different sources to prove that the despicable incidents of racism listed here were by black men. If you cant, we all will agree you are making things up to suit your narrative. Again.

These cowardly racist attacks are almost always against women. The lowlife who commit these acts (in some cases serious assaults) should be jailed for a very long time.

It is right and just Hachimura and Naomi-chan and many others are calling these animals out.

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Posted in: Pfizer and BioNTech to donate vaccines for Olympic athletes See in context

ALL of these vaccines should be going into care homes and into the arms of the 70 plus population, as well as all medical staff. NOT young, fit athletes.

I cheer for the failure of every athlete who accepts the vaccine before those who desperately need it.

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic petition tops 200,000 signatures in just 2 days See in context

Good on them. Most Japanese feel the same, as seen by polling.

Cancel this rubbish now. Start focusing on quickly addressing this disaster which is becoming WORSE.

If the olympics actually go ahead, it will be mocked and laughed at forever at as the worst in history.

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Posted in: Japanese NBA player Hachimura, brother targeted with racial slurs See in context

Sickening. These racist cowards are probably 160cm/45kg, so tough behind their keyboard. They would NEVER have the guts to confront Hachimura in person.

Get the police involved and go after the scum!

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Posted in: Coe says Tokyo organizers delivered on COVID-19 protocols See in context

Dont listen to anything this snake-oil salesman and crook says. Its all about the money for Lord Coe.

Cancel the games and get this pandemic under control.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea at odds over wartime history, radioactive water See in context

Another day, another bout of anti-Japan hatred from South Korea.

SK would be best off focussing on the far greater and more dangerous radioactive products they release into the ocean themselves, than Japans very small and safe IAEA-supported release. But I guess there is no political advantage in that.

Japan and South Korea will never have any relationship at all until Seoul drops their pettiness, hatred and jealousy.

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Posted in: Japan faces longer state of emergency, casting doubt on Olympics See in context

"Tokyo 2021 will be celebration of humanity's resilience and global unity in overcoming COVID-19..."

Laughable nonsense.

Cancel this garbage outright, its over, except in the minds of total fools. Try and make some progress against this disaster that is getting WORSE worldwide by the day.

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Posted in: Japan's child population hits record low after 40 years of decline See in context

People always see Japans move to de-populate as a negative, when it really is a positive move. Less people = easy to get a seat on trains every time, probably near zero unemployment, far less strain on the environment, kids can enter any school they choose due to no competition, more hospital beds available, hotel rooms, the list is endless.

Places like Tokyo will be so much easier to navigate around with fewer people. Furthermore, prefectures like Akita are tipped to have almost no people in the next few decades - how blissful would it be to retire to somewhere like that with no one else around for miles!

Lets hope other nations will follow Japans lead and reduce the birthrate to help the planet.

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Posted in: Bill and Melinda Gates file for divorce after 27 years of marriage See in context

News is coming in that there was no "pre-nup". What a rookie mistake by Gates. Should have gone to a lawyer when married. He will lose half his empire.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist indicted in Myanmar on 'fake news' charge See in context

Horrible Myanmar. Release the innocent journalist immediately or no more huge development money and investment from Japan in future.

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Posted in: Ethereum breaks past $3,000 to quadruple in value in 2021 See in context

Seems a good, solid investment. Cryptocurrencies are definitely the way of the future, dont listen to the technophobes. People including me should try and get in ASAP before prices hit much higher.

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Posted in: G7 to consider mechanism to counter Russian 'propaganda' See in context

Btw, according to Wiki, Russia has a multi-party system, so your statement is not entirely correct.

@ Alex - Using that logic, Im certain you also believe North Korea is "democratic". If you look at Wilipedia, it says so in the name - Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Make no mistake - Russia is a totalitarian one-party dictatorship. That statement is correct. Any opposition is poisoned or goes "missing". It is an evil regime that hates freedom and despises democracy. Russia is no friend to any person or nation that has those values.

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Posted in: Man shot by police officer dies in Nagoya hospital See in context

A taser would have been non-lethal and just as effective at taking the perp down.

Actually, wrong. Tasers are not always effective against certain people, especially those who are psychotic, or on drugs. It would be nice if they they were, but life is not a Hollywood cop movie.

The only sure way to eliminate the threat of a crazed, deadly and charging criminal is a lead injection. Sad - yes - but thats reality.

I hope the police officers do not face any criticism.

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Posted in: Man shot by police officer dies in Nagoya hospital See in context

I am not a cop, but putting a man down by the knee, if only carrying a knife sounds much more sensible to me.

This is not a Hollywood movie where that happens, and lethal force is not needed. It is real life, shoot or be stabbed to death by a violent madman.

Good on the police officers, they took the right action 100%.

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