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Posted in: We set a policy targeting only employees who failed to comply with our request to thoroughly abide by our measures against the virus and ended up heightening the risk of infections. See in context

Found the article


The following day, an additional notification stated that paid leave would not be paid if absences from work due to COVID-19 or self-isolation at home after running fevers or displaying other symptoms were found to have resulted from not complying with the university’s request to take thorough precautions against the virus or from “clearly inappropriate behavior.”

So they want symptomatic people to come to work ?

How are they to inquire and ascertain about how the person got the symptom/covid-19 ?

Can we have the exhaustive list of the behavior which should be displayed or not displayed ?

For now we just have this :

to strictly follow anti-coronavirus measures, such as wearing goggles and other protective gear while at work. It also called on staff to take meals alone.

Just to make sure the meal refereed to are only the one taken during working shift and they are providing enough alone space to make sure everyone can actually eat alone.

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Posted in: I wonder how many companies can survive the coronavirus pandemic without compensation. There should be no difference in payouts to companies that have lost sales, regardless of the type of business. See in context

Should store try to presale discount vouchers like 2000yens worth of shopping for 1500 yens and/or try to offer special new experience like store reservation vouchers : like for 10000yens vouchers you can reserve the shop for you and 1 or 2 friends&co up to one hour ? Also they could be offering service of stylist&co for people wanting to change their image. They can also try to work with beauty salon/hairdresser, shoes stores, ... on that end.

Also not selling stuff on display which will be to try/look over/... and having someone ostensibly disinfecting them and people hand, them when someone choose to buy, they get given a new item from the storage (they can obviously unpack and check and if there is defect get a new one).

Try to find something which make you more attractive than Internet and give people a feeling of safety.

Unfortunately, getting help from government seems like a pipe dream.

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Posted in: S Korean sex slave survivor wants U.N. court judgment See in context

So their demands :

“The survivors aren’t asking for money from the Japanese government, but instead want an apology and acknowledgment of responsibility over the past action and to provide proper history education (for its public),”

just match that :


22. Satisfaction should include, where applicable, any or all of the following:

(a) Effective measures aimed at the cessation of continuing violations;

(b) Verification of the facts and full and public disclosure of the truth to the extent that such disclosure does not cause further harm or threaten the safety and interests of the victim, the victim’s relatives, witnesses, or persons who have intervened to assist the victim or prevent the occurrence of further violations;

(c) The search for the whereabouts of the disappeared, for the identities of the children abducted, and for the bodies of those killed, and assistance in the recovery, identification and reburial of the bodies in accordance with the expressed or presumed wish of the victims, or the cultural practices of the families and communities;

(d) An official declaration or a judicial decision restoring the dignity, the reputation and the rights of the victim and of persons closely connected with the victim;

(e) Public apology, including acknowledgement of the facts and acceptance of responsibility;

(f) Judicial and administrative sanctions against persons liable for the violations;

(g) Commemorations and tributes to the victims;

(h) Inclusion of an accurate account of the violations that occurred in international human rights law and international humanitarian law training and in educational material at all levels.

But everyone here is just talking about money.

Can't just Japan actively looks at its history to find, publicly name, sanction and charge the people responsible for the sexual slavery implantation rules and had it as part of history curriculum ?

In the mean time instead of complaining each time a memorial is built, can't they take part in founding of some and have official attend them even give proper speech about the importance of remind ourselves of our wrong to never let them happen again ?

For the present and future, can't they join international effort against sex crimes during wartime ? And also fight against sexual slavery ? And women rights ?

Stuff around these lines should be more efficient in improving the situation with the former IJA sex slaves that complaining non stop when a statue is put on display on whatever places.

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Posted in: The government will consider lifting the state of emergency over the coronavirus after confirming that the strain on hospital bed capacity in areas under the emergency has eased substantially. See in context

They should wait not just until "the strain on hospital bed capacity in areas under the emergency has eased substantially" but until "the strain on hospital workers in areas under the emergency has eased substantially". They need a break. Obviously paid. And I am not talking about 1 or 2 mere day a week. Lets them sleep for 3 days, enjoy free time to at least as much and end up being bored then going to work at a normal pass. They know they are most likely to end up in the same rush again so make it so that it will be the later possible and that they can get a bit of a normal life in between.

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Posted in: Syringe shortage hampers Japan's COVID-19 vaccination roll-out See in context


As pointed by several before : Pfizer is messing with its customers. He changed the label when it found out in fact the amount the vaccine vial was carrying could in fact provide 6 vaccine doses instead of 5 if you have the right syringe and trained nurse to extract it. In the beginning the amount left was seen as normal waste, thus the vial were labeled as 5 doses. So now countries are facing of issue of syringe but also the issue of the ability to get the 6 doses without air bubbles and loss related to getting ride of these.

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Posted in: Saitama begins plans to regulate how to use escalators; prohibit walking up and down See in context

When are the rules to have accessible and safe staircases and enough elevator to accommodate all the people needing it being passed ?

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Posted in: Fewer people to get Pfizer vaccine in Japan due to syringe shortage See in context

I get the idea from the fact you kept removing UK from your list of countries not exporting but attacking Europe which is actually exporting even thought their own share is being cut : 80% in some UE countries for Moderna, Pfizzer aimed for 60%, I don't remenber perhaps 40% for Astra. And their export ban is clearly oriented toward the move of sending the european production to fullfill 100% of the order of UK perhaps also US, but no idea for this one. Regarding the border closure, UK was also planning to do it if their production was the one being transfered.

The problem is the companies which are trying to push the production shortage to some countries while fullfilling some other countries order. Europe want them to share the burden evenly and is actually supplying countries depending of their plants, as Japan example proove and investing to increase the production capacity in their territory which will also be supplied to other countries depending of their plants.

Regarding the question about Australian, as I one not Australian prime minister I have no idea at all. Please ask him.

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Astra is doing the same that Pfizzer. They are not able to make as much vaccine that promised thus try to redirect product to supply only part of their customer instead of trying to renegociate contract.

The issue involve Europe and UK. It is why there was the issue of shutting border in Ireland island, Europe do not believe that the reduction of its share is on part with the lack of production but that these companies plan to send part of their production in European plants to the UK so that they can meet the UK promised share as UK plants are not sufficient to do it by themselves.

Seems like other countries (at least the non producing ones) are not to be affected, perhaps only in the limit of the reducing production capability of the European plants (taking my previous example : 100 become 80 for everyone depending of the plant).

Quite possible something similar is going on with Moderna.

And you seem fine with the idea that the production from UK is not exported so why do you think it is a problem if the European ones is neither ? Personally, I consider the company should just share the burden evenly between all customers, not cutting for some to make sure other get their 100%.

Link for Astra


Regarding Moderna, seems like Moderna is prioritarising US and other place including Canada and Europe have to suck it up :


Same article about Europa ensuring they will continue to ship to Canada and we had an article here yesterday stating they were also shipping to Japan.

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Posted in: Fewer people to get Pfizer vaccine in Japan due to syringe shortage See in context


Perhaps one of the reason of your downvoting is your partiality. First you kept forgetting UK in your list of countries. Then you put all the blame on countries not the company.

What we know is that there are problem with production plant at least in Europe, thus a reduction of the vaccine production.

What we know is that Europe (other producing place too) for increasing production and is going to pay more to continue increase the production.

What we know is that Pfizzer cut vaccine supply to Europe by 60% because of the production problem and had no plan to redirect part of its outside production toward Europe to cover up the loss linked to the production shortage by its supplier european plant.

What we know is Europe getting really pissed and requesting Pfizzer to share fairly the impact of the reducted production capacity to all the countries to be supplied.

What it seems like is that Europe plan is the one going to supply Japan.

Do you really think the problem is Europe or more like Pfizzer not being fair (and potentially countries provided by other plan refusing to share the burden) ?

Let make a simple example (just illustrating there is obviously non equality in reality) :

A company got 3 supply plants which can produce 1000 units of something. These 3000 units are to be shared by 30 customers equally thus 100 by customers. And they go with each plant providing 10 customers.

Now imagine, one of the plant fall under and only produce 800 units. Should all the 30 customers be impacted ? or only the unlucky 10 which got assigned to the plant suffering production trouble ?

And if the problem were to occur in several plant would it be fair if the company was to kept the 100 units for some but cut it only for others ?

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Posted in: Global vaccine trust rising, but France, Japan, others skeptical See in context

So in your analogy the vaccine and the virus are the same 8/. That is not as there was only one dish to start with. People are not having a choice between taking the vaccine as soon as proposed or catching covid. They have the choice in between taking the vaccine or facing the risk of catching covid for as long as they do not take the vaccine.

No matter what you think people are perfectly able to do risk assessment by themselves and take decision by themselves. If they are not sure they are perfectly able to reach to get accurate information. I get from your statement that you believe people are not able to do such.

I dare to remember you we are talking about knowledge acquisition by experience as perfectly rational way and carefulness as heritable trait. Thus being careful about a spoon is perfectly rational if that is an unknow object. For snake, let's just buwaaaa ! at people being irrational for fearing them, it is not like some can kill you by biting you, right.

I wonder why you have so much trouble understanding what is a fake pro-vaxxer and how to recognize them, and I never mentioned antagonizing true antivaxxer but indecise people (I kept changing the way I call them to reflect the high variability among them) or provaxxer.

Frankly speaking if you really do not understand why antagonizing people is bad, I have no idea where make you start with. Try going for management and the effect of blame for start then kept going : https://www.forbes.com/sites/annashields/2020/09/09/from-blame-to-empathy-lessons-for-leaders-to-diffuse-conflict/?sh=2b0bf302f5af . For the easiness of understanding : by blaming people for being unsure about covid-19 vaccine, they will tend to hide their insecurity instead of having them be addressed by someone reliable from the health/medical field. And that is only one of the aspect. There is also the phenomena of polarization, reactance and so on. Research about farm troll is interesting too as much as marketing strategies.

We are talking about Japan here

We are not : it is the world section and the article is : "Global vaccine trust rising, but France, Japan, others skeptical" thus about worldwide situation regarding vaccine trust.

And educating people is about giving people information, including information about how to get information and help them develop critical thinking to deal with these. Telling people : "Listen to me. If not, you are stupid or the like. Period." is not educating.


For any people having questions, please refeer to specialists in health/medical field you trust. If you do not know where to start with, I posted several links which are widely trusted. If you have any question, feel free to refer to any recognized specialists in health/medicine you trust. They will gladly help you navigate these information. Here is not the right place.

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Posted in: Criticism keeps swirling over Tokyo Olympic chief's sexist comments See in context


he's got five minutes coz he talks to much

You meant seconds ?


it's a good chance to use this opportunity to change a few things in Japan when it comes to treatment of women

By letting it slide when someone do sexist comments ? Moreover when it ""violate the [...] spirit" (Yamashita) of the organization&co your are supposed to work for ?


With an emphasis on taking action, the aim of the [IOC Gender Equality Review] Project is to provide a solutions-based approach to achieving gender equality on and off the field of play, sooner, rather than later. by making "sure their [women's] speaking time is restricted somewhat." according to Mori.

demanding him to resign constantly is not a good way of doing it

What do you propose ?

Firing him ? Salary cut ? Suspension without pay ? Demoting ? Public (as the issue is public) letter of reprimand ? ...

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Posted in: Global vaccine trust rising, but France, Japan, others skeptical See in context

The analogy was simple to make it easier to understand but apparently not enough.

Puwaaaaah ! I was the one making the analogy and you are the one unable to understand it even with further explanation.

The dish is the vaccine.

If people do no take the vaccine they face the consequence of not taking the vaccine. If they take it later they will still have the vaccine.

exaggerated carefulness is inherited do not change the fact that is irrational

That is not exaggerate, that is normal. There is nothing irrational about acquiring knowledge from experience : I need food - I found something I do not know in enough quantity - I can get someone to eat it first - One die : I acquired knowledge do not eat it ; one do not die : I acquired knowledge eating it is ok. That is a perfectly rational way to acquire knowledge (thought not fair for the one dying). Other options exists if no one is available. Having a book stating it is safe is one.

So is being afraid from spoons, clocks, dead snakes or any of the other examples

Please give the rational about using it as analogy. I explained already why I used food. And in all fairness to people concerned as long as they do not know these object/being it is perfectly rational to be careful around them and to become careful even afraid if the knowledge through experience acquired deem these as dangerous.

That is only getting for free half of the tasks a responsible adult had to do.

I do not get it. Are you suggesting it is a problem that people do not care about antivax statement or just have no trouble no accessing these ? Are you suggesting that these people are not looking for informations by themselves ?

You get my hypothesis false : my hypothesis is that fake provaxer are more dangerous than true antivaxer. Provaxer are mostly able to give information and help indecisive people as they are not giving antivaxer ammunition neither are antagonizing hesitant people or provaxer. The one which are not able to do so and end up looking like fake provaxer should review their way as they are doing more worse than good.

I do not get why you bothered about the part for hesitant people. Are you hesitating ?

but there is no real effort being done to erase vaccine hesitancy or even to reduce the amount of antivaxxer misinformation that is being spread around

There are lot of resources available for people and work done to reduce misinformation. So to anybody which is hesitant : do not rely on here. Please check with acknowledged (no self-proclamed) health/medicine specialists you trust.

Some link which are widely considered reliable :






If you are not at ease with scientific studies, usually major media make explanation articles :


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like the restaurant having a sign saying that the people that don't eat the dish first will enter a lottery and the ones that win will have to eat the most disgusting item on the menu.

Sorry to disappoint you but vaccine are not going to turn bad because you do not take it as soon as served. They are not going to start being careless about production when some % of the population will be inoculated. Neither are they going to put on some corner waiting for you. Nor are they going to inoculate people with random vaccine instead. Stop spraying bull.

If A doesn't take A's dose it is going to be given to B and so on. When A will come A will be given another dose. We are not in a situation where the supply ability is higher than the demands, so no big deal. That is just risk sliding instead of having H having to wait for H vaccine thus taking risk of getting covid-19, we got A taking the risk and H being safe.

Everybody is able to do risk assessment. If they do not eat the dish now it will turn lukewarm, they will be hungry longer, they can risk inanition, ... as they know having someone else take it first is not guarantee they will like it, do not start having rash, ...

If you want call it irrational but most people call it heritable trait of carefulness selected through natural selection. How do you think humanity as a species was able to subsist and spread all over the world even thought lot of food&co could have killed it ? You should study biology that is an interesting field. You should also study history when you are at it to learn about royal taster&co. And have a go with linguistic and start wondering how language can teach you about the perception of medicine by population. It is something we drink ; same for vaccine, similar word are used to talk about stuff entering the body, it is quite interesting that it even apply to sexual interaction in some slang, but I guess for this one you will also have to have a go with psychology&co.

As already said lot of people should care less about antivax statement, moreover as several do not even see/hear any of those.

If I were to make a study, I will put as hypothesis than fake provaccine which go around discretely spraying bull and antagonizing everybody and anybody are far more effective in creating antivaccine movement as they corner people into choosing a camp and display theirs as a totalitarian one.

So for people indecisive, some link about the vaccine with are for now expected to come to Japan :



If you have question, feel free to refer to any health/medical facility you trust, some have already put information on their website, some have system to report stuff you think could be hoax, ...

For the WHO :



And do not forget that for months now people have be inoculated with vaccine (including testing phase) and days after days more and more people got these, we are already in the millions and things are ok and problem when arising were fixed or in the process of it (for the japanese freezer).

And do not forget to do your best to stop the spread and protect yourself and other since, as of now, we do not have any idea who will get long covid which can put ones in serious trouble including inability to work for prolonged period of time ; we already know some people will die from it and we have to protect our medical system and the people working for it.

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Posted in: Global vaccine trust rising, but France, Japan, others skeptical See in context

In a way the difference is between the people that spread bad knowledge and the people that believe that bad knowledge.

That is quite a reduced view. Lot of "I want do wait" people do not give a crap about antivax statements.

It is more like, when you go eat some unknow food with your spouse and everyone is eating it and telling you it is good. Even thought you perfectly believe them you just have trouble taking the first step, sometimes needing your spouse to eat first. Then you will follow suit. Lot of people just need that, not being first. It is potentially why vaccine confidence is rising neither staying put nor decreasing.

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Posted in: Would you support airlines refusing to admit passengers unless they have proof of COVID-19 vaccination or immunity, as a condition for international travel? See in context

I think some people missread the question. We are not talking about countries requiring proof of vaccination but "airlines refusing to admit passengers unless they have proof of COVID-19 vaccination or immunity, as a condition for international travel" meaning regardless of countries situations and requirement. Thus should an airline be allowed to refuse boarding regardless of the country of departure and of arrival policy ?

If a person can not get immunized one way or another and both countries involved agree on the right of this person to access/leave the said countries, should an airline block this person from traveling just for not being able to get immunized even thought this person could agree to take all other prevention measures and sign a agreement of non liability for the company so that if this person were to be contaminated on board ones could not sue back the company. Moreover, if this person can provide proof than immunization is not possible.

I do not believe so.

And I dare to remember, as of now, kids are on the non-vaccination list for Moderna and Pfizer's vaccine as not enough data was collected yet.




Your understanding is right, they are waiting for further studies to determine it.

For information the first vaccine for smallpox date back to the end 1700'


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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic Games offers Playbook to assure athletes; includes rules for fans See in context

Wear a face mask at all times, except when eating and sleeping, unless people are outdoors and two meters apart.

Should we read that as they plan to put the shower outdoor and 2 meters apart ? Perhaps it is a way to money by selling ticket for spectator.

Gather enough masks for their entire stay and note "guidelines related to face mask branding." The Olympic Charter's Rule 40 limits unauthorized commercial activity.

What about you provide the sponsored mask then ? Not all countries and athletes got a bunch of money to spare to have sport compatible masks with no brand.

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Posted in: UK passes 100,000 coronavirus deaths as outbreak still rages See in context


if you look at the time of the picture, you will see that several are from before the start of restriction, on a time where mask were not so easy to found and during the subdue period around summer. This could explain the gap in reporting.

After, obviously every country got is share of freedumb lovers, some being, most likely, awarded a biggest amount of it than other, but do not know if there are studies about that.

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Posted in: Man arrested after wearing wig to enter women’s bathing facility See in context


This is a cisgender heterosexual man who wanted to peek at women in the bath, and thought he could wear a wig to disguise himself.

For me seems more like some incels or the like activists wanting infringe in improvement of trans rights. That is the kind of stuff they like to imagine doing perhaps one just decided to go for it.

Tips for why it doesn't look like a trans given earlier by other : wing and make up. They are kind of in the way if you genuinely want to wash yourself. And trans will not be so keen to go to a place where they would be seen as what they are not.

Not like the issue of trans and bathhouse are not one that should be addressed just that now there are too many people too interested in other people body, even without that regard, lets just be no-average looking in a average looking one to feel curiosity look on you from some.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs bills to penalize people who do not comply with antivirus measures See in context


Which must be one of the reason some people refuse hospitalization as they can cought up the cost of hospitalization/hotelization neither the one of getting a lawyer to go to court even with the prospect to getting it back sometimes later.

As pointed before by other, now these people will just be clearly reluctant to get tested. Considering people financially weaker tend to have job less forgiving for absenteeism that can create an explosive situation.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs bills to penalize people who do not comply with antivirus measures See in context

The new laws would allow authorities to punish and even imprison people for up to a year if they test positive but refuse hospitalization.

What is the problem with people refusing hospitalization ? Refusing isolation, I get it, but not hospitalization. Did they even bother asking people not wanting to be hospitalized why they did not want to ? If someone can not afford the cost financial, emotional, ... of being hospitalized or put in a hotel but is willing to comply with isolation as long as it is at home, they should just be fine with it.

They can just equip them with some home arrest device if they do not want to trust them, thought being in hospital/hotel did not stop some patient to go out (potentially because of loss of thinking ability related to the virus).

If not living alone, have the whole family be put on quarantine. They should already be as close contact and if someone in the house is at risk, they will probably have the whole housing backing the go to hospital/hotel.

Is it because if the management of these people at home fail, it is harder to put the responsibility on hospital staff be them in hospital or hotel ?

At least, I hope they are going to cover 100% of the cost of hospitalization/hotelization not go for there is 30% on you or whatever amount as special setting are involved.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,592 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,759 See in context

@ kusaisaru

Each day these articles end with something like "Forty-four coronavirus-related deaths were reported." I assuming that's nationwide, and not Tokyo, but the author never says.

They are national wide. They are reported after during the edit, the first publishing is only about Tokyo.

More national (or not) numbers here :


and here to have wide choice of language :


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Posted in: Japan's suicides jump 16% in COVID-19 2nd wave: study See in context

I think thinking of suicide as only a response to economic difficulties is being short sighted. It could be a reason for some but not for all. As pointed in the article, DV can also be a factor. Some commentator also pointed fragility which where not addressed. We could also consider the pressure on people which corner them. People were not just asked to protect themselves and their family (which can also be difficult as falling could have you take all the blame) but also the whole population, the whole medical system, the whole economic, ... Government should take its own burden which it was elected for and not throw it at people and then shame the people for not doing enough in one field or another.

If people try to control the pandemic in order to protect medical system and other people. Government complain about the burden on economic.

If the people try to save economic and other people job. Government complain about then going out and about. When you think about it, are the youngster really going out because they do not care or because they need to protect their job and friends job ?

The government should just accept that protecting economic, job, health, ... is its duty. It can not do it alone but what is the most logical choice as to what give to the population and to kept for them ? I believe the government should focus on job and economic and tell people/business to focus on controlling the spread : refrain going out, go for take out, limit the amount of customers to increase safety, telework, ... at least when the cases are on the rise&co ; we will protect the economic and job.

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Posted in: Suga announces new measures to stem virus surge, including penalties, review of medical system See in context


thousands of deaths

You seem to be getting more reasonable in your fancy number about Japanese cases and death. Lets continue this way. I never said thousands of death happened. You are the one claiming they did happen by faking being shocked people which never said that did said it. (I noticed I messed up the number for the 2 folds, sorry)

And I remember you that you said Japanese people were less prone to have severe form. Changed your mind ?

You understand there is a difference in between considering that cases and deaths could be/being unaccounted (them not being tested) and claim that Japan in not counting deaths in the thousands ?

From the start many here have been almost wishing that Japan would end up with cases and deaths like many western countries.

I am wondering if you are getting the ones really wishing for it. And the ones afraid of it. And all the variations possible.

So Western nations got it wrong and ? Everybody know that. They also know that lack of masks and situation quickly degenerating creating stay at home order and social distancing was also part of the blindness, not just plain arrogance. As already pointed government acknowledged their handling was poor and requested help from Asian countries. After, they did what they could to make their mistakes disappear as the need for new evidence. But I do not get what that have to do with the testing in Japan.

Regarding the Japanese medical system, people in Japan are using it. If they are not pleased with it, they should be allowed to complain regardless of them being Westerner. Same goes the other way round Japanese using another nation medical system have the right to complain if they are not pleased. Look like you are against critics ? Thought I do not exactly get what that has to do with testing regime except if you consider the testing regime being 100% in the hand of 100% of the doctors.

As said before if your guts are telling you the testing is perfectly fine, good for you. Going for fancy number is not going to prove your argument. Neither trying to deflect it to a Western vs Asia (or Japan) thing.

We are in the middle of a worldwide pandemic on a website from people from all around the world and which have various life history. Just how many of the people you consider as Westerner are not and how many of the people you consider as Asian are not ? You have no way to know who you are talking about neither about what they are thinking and what are their aim. Welcome to the Internet.

I acknowledge this discussion is sterile.

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Posted in: Suga announces new measures to stem virus surge, including penalties, review of medical system See in context


I never said your were talking about genetics, I was talking about the recurrent reference you made, in that post too, about Japanese being better in term of health (should have put healthier, sorry). So you again say that you think Japanese have less underlying conditions and are healthier including elderly thus less prone to have severe cases thus die. So you should consider that in that case they should have lower deaths numbers thus deaths rate, to be logical with yourself.

that number would have to be in the tens of thousands

Again imagining some crazy fold that nobody mentioned here except you. How many fold is it this time 20, 50, 100 ? My example was 2 folds, you are the only one here imagining something like the previous 48 folds.

Why is it so hard for westerners [...]

Here you go again. Already explained to you that westerners were perfectly fine with Asian handling as they got advice from them, even give you a well know example. Same goes for random people (did you ever bother looking online about advice ? Guess which countries are used as references).

Stop trying to victimize Asian moreover in issue matching Asian stereotype (thought not all of it). You are aware that Japanese and some other Asian countrypeople got the worldwide reputation of being utterly clean, right ? So you are saying people have difficulty to admit that Asian are cleaner than them even though they have the stereotype that Asian people are cleaner than them (never watched Westerner movies/dramas ?) and that they can not accept mask as being effective in Asia as the same time that they use these since they are acknowledged as effective all over the world. Still do not get your logic.

Saying that the test numbers in Japan is too low and there are cases and deaths going undetected as nothing to do with that. You should stop focusing on that. Moreover as you have no idea from where people are from and have no way to ever know, you should just stop it. It does not serve your (non) argumentation in any way moreover as it kept getting longer and longer. Neither going for crazy number, you are the only one imagining.

So I will just consider you think number accurate out of guts feeling as your only argument is Westerners do not like Asians.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,502 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,587 See in context


At least second time bringing WHO in the debate, is not it ?

Is it this one that you are referring to ?


Could you provide your link to the new guidelines for providing tests in Japan so that we can compare. Thanks in advance. (for the the epidemiological one, I guess we agree that several part of Japan are covered)

Since regarding the implementation of Public health and social measures, one can wonder about following adjustment made.


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Posted in: Suga announces new measures to stem virus surge, including penalties, review of medical system See in context


According to you Japanese are better in various regard making them less prone to have serious cases thus deaths, so shouldn't they have a lower deaths rate ?

And if you go back to this statement, that still do not exclude possibility of part of cases and deaths go undetected as long as they are in the range of the deaths rate.

Going back to a 2 folds (gross number) for Kanto :

41000*2 =82000 ; deaths rate 2% = 1640 ; 1%= 820

Current deaths : 1487

So not so difficult to have undetected cases and deaths. Thus having more tests to find these undetected cases before they take part in an exponential growth could be seen as helpful. You know as they say : no exponential growth no strain in medical system no state of emergency (but no money for any business feeling the strain of the virus).

And why are going about fudging number ? And conspiracy ? Which conspiracy : the government is hiding the virus is spreading ? No, everyone see it. The government is hiding the low number of tests ? No, everyone see it. The government is hiding the fact that there are people dying from the virus without being recorded as cases before hand ? No, everyone see it. The government is hiding the fact that they do not practice autopsy for every deaths thus there potential related deaths going undetected and mortuary take measure just in case ? No, everyone see it. ... A conspiracy is not something everyone can see.

Are you making a competition of a pandemic ? I do not remember people in western countries having a problem with good management in Asia, they even had meeting with experts from there to help them tailor their response. I think it is even Aso which said people from foreign government called to ask advice and he replied mindo thus they must have called another Asian country government official to have useful information. Sorry to disappoint you but the racist bias is only in your imagination.

Again, you still go nowhere to the subject which opened your rant about testing number in Japan and potential undetected cases and deaths. If you think it is accurate and give clear picture, you are free to explain (but if possibly not by contracting yourself as pointed before) or just say it is guts feeling, they can right or wrong.

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You are still going mixing tests, cases and results of illness. You do not even clearly differentiate in between these as you talk about "low rate" of what ? Low rate of positive test result ? Low rate of fatalities by millions ? Low rate of cases by millions ? Low rates of tests by millions ?

I do not understand your logic. If you think it is easier for Japanese to not die from the virus, how can the fact that there is not the number of deaths expected with the fatalities by millions of another country not having these specific a proof that there is not several unknow cases or deaths around ? or that Japan is doing the right number of tests (which is even more far fetched).

US : 1,186 direct translation (*126) - Japan : 149436

Taiwan : 0.3 direct translation(*126) - Japan : 37.8

Do you get why the comparison seems totally illogical ?

If you consider that Kanto area has an average of 2 times more cases from the start, you most likely expect 2 times more death as the same rate will apply thus around 1%. Why would these additional cases follow the mortality rate of another country ?

So to have your 147000 deaths you will need 14.700.000 people being infected so around 48 fold more infected person all over Japan not even just in Kanto.

There is a difference in considering there are cases and deaths which goes unrecorded as covid ones and saying that it is by 48 times for the whole of Japan, which is what some, you included, seem to claiming other people do.

And to come back to the main subject : how is that any proof to determine that Japan is doing the right number of tests ? Should not it go reverse : Japanese are less keen to have strong symptom thus more keen to go around with the virus and spreading it farther thus increasing chance for it to reach people whose body will not be able to deal with it. This should bring to having more testing to quickly identify these people unwillingly spreading the virus and request them to isolate to stop the spread thought at home and instead of thermometer they should have quick testing kit at restaurant and so on.

And if you think the virus is just not spreading in Japan, why bring US/UK deaths number ? And even use it as an argument about the number of tests ?

If you want to compare the spreading in between countries you have to compare with countries which have similar practice which will range a pretty various range depending of the criteria and all over the world, I would suggest African ones for mask wearing and snowy European ones for not shoes wearing in private quarter.

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Why are you comparing Japan and the US/UK for fatalities ?

On which ground do you think the population of these countries are similar enough to except same results ? Food, weather, genetics, illness contact history ...

For testing as it is a matter of infrastructure and money, Japan as a first world country could easily be compared to these, as a expectation to have the same abilities pondering size. So I get why you make the link. But for effect on the illness on the population, I do not get the criteria which make them comparable and the criteria which have to be used to ponder the result. A instinctive relevant comparison will be with neighbor countries and countries having a high level of Japan descent, as you could more easily find similarities in weather, genetics, food, natural illness contact history, ...

So how is Japan doing comparing Hong-Kong, Taiwan, China, South Korea, ... ?

You also seems to be assuming there is no in between the number in Japan are accurate and Japan as the same number as US/UK. I do not remember much people claiming that moreover for the whole of Japan.

Also, you forgot to take in account the expected yearly deaths which did not happen and the unexpected ones which did happen to put the covid fatalities on top of.

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If you need some link about hospital situation and death at home thought not exact number in between home and elsewhere including accommodation facilities.


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