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Posted in: Japanese soccer star Kumi Yokoyama comes out as transgender man See in context

F2M trans athletes IMO would have a heck of a time playing/ competing with men. I doubt they would even qualify. M2F trans athletes on the other hand are totally at an unfair advantage competing in female sports. Oh the PC world we live in.

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Posted in: Man held for alleged defamation over obscene video of female athlete See in context

Yeah this is different than the story a few weeks ago where the guy posted publicly available images of female athletes In a sexual context. This guy is absolutely guilty because he secretly took the video and posted on a porn site. Pervert. And stupid at that.

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Posted in: Alcohol allowed but no condom distribution in Tokyo Olympic village See in context

So alcohol + no condoms = good idea? So they pretend to care about about curbing the spread of Covid but not STD’s? Since STD’s aren’t airborne, who cares right? After a few too many, sexually frustrated kids are gonna do it with or without protection. That’s a fact.

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Posted in: Drink up, drink fast, drink alone? Tokyo to ease alcohol curbs See in context

I’m confused. All the places I’ve had lunch at already serve alcohol

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Posted in: Friends are saying 'I do' – but might not understand the legal risks of their platonic marriages See in context

If you’re desperate enough to marry someone or, at least be committed, gay or straight, what’s the point if it’s only platonic? Half the fun of being married is being with, ideally, your best friend for life and the other half of the fun is the non platonic stuff hehe. But most of my married Japanese friends are basically in sexless marriages anyway so who am I to judge?

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Posted in: American father and son plead guilty to helping Ghosn flee Japan See in context

That’s probably the smartest move these dumb dumbs have made so far. In Japan you need to play by their rules: play dumb, say sorry, act contrite and lower your head and possibly cry. I guarantee they will get a lesser sentence just for that.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for sexually molesting high school girl See in context

Maybe they shouldn’t allow children to become police officers?

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Posted in: Gov't considering quasi-state of emergency in Tokyo during Olympics See in context

The prime minister will convene a task force? The Japanese are the worst at making decisions! No offense. My late father was a business man and he always said he would never do business with the Japanese again because they can never make a decision and, if they do, they will act all nice and come to a mutual agreement and then do a 180 once they leave and throw you under the bus. Sounds about right. They have now thrown Tokyo under the bus because of their indecisiveness.

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Posted in: Ozeki Asanoyama gets 1-year ban for breaking coronavirus rules See in context

Maybe he will live longer now. Sumo wrestlers are the fattest, unhealthy athletes in world and most die early because of heart issues and blood clots. He has a better chance of dying from morbid obesity than covid.

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Posted in: 2 children found dead, mother wounded in Gunma home See in context

So sick and twisted. Why would anyone do that to a child, let alone their own children???

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Posted in: Carey Mulligan to star in feature film on Harvey Weinstein scandal See in context

Weinstein was/ is a sleaze bag. But how many influential female Hollywood producers have taken advantage of young male talent trying to break into the industry? We don’t know because if it happens to a male, nobody cares.

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Posted in: Q&A: Ellen Burstyn on her acting life, and not retiring See in context

Park side view of Central Park and a waterside view of Connecticut… expensive real estate.

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Posted in: France's Macron slapped in the face while greeting crowd See in context

Whatever political/ ideological spectrum you’re on, it’s never a good idea to slap a sitting President on their face. Idiotic.

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Posted in: Akihabara observes 13th anniversary of deadly stabbing rampage See in context

I was in Akihabara that morning. Ironically, as an American, I don’t support the death penalty. Death is too quick and easy. Let him rot and suffer. The lost pensions of all the people he killed will more than cover the cost of a lifetime of incarceration.

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

If foreign media needs to be tracked by gps, isn’t that a sign that the Olympics shouldn’t be held, period?

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Posted in: Woman arrested over fatal stabbing of boyfriend See in context

I’ve had a least 3 Japanese women who have charged at me with a kitchen knife. One was older, one was younger, and one was the same age as me. Moral of the story: if you’re involved with a Japanese woman, don’t ignore their texts and get home before midnight.

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Posted in: Communication the game changer for Tokyo Olympics: ex-IOC marketing chief See in context

I’ve never cared about the Olympics, always thought it was a big waste of time an money. And boring on top of that. I would never pay money to see any streaming services for it either. And on top of that, Japanese media only reports about Japanese athletes and you have to go to BBC or CNN to get a clear picture.

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Posted in: China criticizes Western brands' toys, clothes as unsafe See in context

So China deems that western products, which are mostly made in China, unsafe? Lol.

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Posted in: Kappa Sushi rents out conveyor belt for diners to use at home See in context

Why??? The only way I could see myself using this service would be to entertain my kids for like a birthday party or something.

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Posted in: Hikaru Utada’s haunting new music video for 'Pink Blood' released See in context

Have to agree with @ Samit Basu. Even Japan’s ONE OK ROCK is big in the States. Their English is excellent but by no means native like Utada’s. It is really strange she was never able to break into the American market.

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Posted in: 23-year-old police officer arrested on suspicion of stealing luxury watches See in context

At least wait until after dark. Moron.

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Posted in: Transgender weightlifter Hubbard's presence in Tokyo unfair: rival See in context

I’m all for trans inclusion but this really is totally unfair.

Reminds me of that South Park episode where this trans woman with a beard competes in a strong woman competition and crushes the competition. And then the tv commentators were like: “yes apparently she started identifying as a woman last week.” Lol.

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Posted in: Defiant Ghosn pins hopes on French probes to clear his name See in context

Let it go. He’s a tycoon who made the Japanese prosecutors look like idiots. He did nothing worse than his American counterparts did. And he made a heck less than his American counterparts.

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Posted in: 3 dead after Japanese fishing boat collides with Russian ship See in context

Sad but it doesn’t seem like Anyone was to blame. At least the Russians retrieved the bodies and returned them. Mother Nature is unforgiving.

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Posted in: Study finds Asians largely 'invisible' in Hollywood's top films See in context

That Netflix show, Wu Assassins, is mostly Asian. Lead role is played by Iko Uwais, the Indonesian martial arts star. And Fresh off the boat is all Asian and pretty funny. Why is everyone so sensitive. Birds of a feather flock together. It’s human nature

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker says being LGBT goes against preservation of species See in context

Real understanding!

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Posted in: Dutch court orders Ghosn to repay 5 mil euros in salary as Nissan-Mitsubishi case backfires See in context

For a guy who spent over 20 years in Japan, he was completely oblivious of Japanese customs and culture. If you want to save your butt, tell Japanese prosecutors what they only need to hear and make a deal. That’s what Saikawa did. Don’t f with Japanese prosecutors, they will destroy your life.

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Posted in: Dutch court orders Ghosn to repay 5 mil euros in salary as Nissan-Mitsubishi case backfires See in context

I initially felt sorry for this guy. But he’s just a coward and let Gregg Kelly take the fall.

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Posted in: Global-Dining restaurant operator defies Tokyo government’s early closure request See in context

Good for them! There is no point in making restaurants close early. If they really want to stop the spread of the virus, they should shut all train services. I’m entirely sure the packed trains are a bigger spreader of the virus than restaurants

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Posted in: Man ordered to pay damages for tweeting insults over late 'Terrace House' star See in context

The guy sounds like a really pathetic piece of you know what. But his online postings, as insensitive and ugly as they may have been, they were just words. Isn’t free speech a thing in democratic Japan? This Hana Kimura had some serious mental issues to kill herself over online banter. I mean god, if that were the case then Justin Bieber would have killed himself a million times over for all the stuff people have posted about him over the years.

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