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Japanese people have told me they are reluctant to live in a house in a quiet (and thus dark) location due to the danger of intrusions by dangerous people.

It doesn't matter where you live if you don't lock your doors (and windows).

Some people actually brag about not locking their doors, as if it's something to be proud of, as opposed to something stupid they should be embarrassed to admit.

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Posted in: Gov't extends state of emergency through May 31, adding Aichi, Fukuoka prefectures See in context

More chamce of winning the lottery than getting a a shot here.

Not necessarily. The appointment system opened up in my city yesterday for certain groups, who had received pre-authorization letters. My wife was able to easily login, and make appointments for both shots. The 1st one is next weekend, and the 2nd is 3 weeks later.

Like many things in Japan, it was ridiculously slow to start. (Like unforgivably slow in this case.) But, once implemented, it appears to be running okay. Now, I'm waiting to see how long it takes for my demographic group to move up on the list.

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Posted in: Britain, Japan agree to strengthen trade and security partnership See in context

Sure, China, Russia, whatever. But, what I really hope this means is more BBC programs on NHK.

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Posted in: 19-year-old drunk driver arrested after passenger dies in crash See in context

yes, minor was also the victim. This blows my mind. So if you are dead there is no need for privacy. If not for person who passed away then definitely for the family left behind.

Yup. It's bass ackwards.

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Posted in: 19-year-old drunk driver arrested after passenger dies in crash See in context

Name the victim but not the perp...

Because this grown 19-year-old man is considered a "minor".

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching passerby who asked him to wear mask See in context


Individual freedom is very important. The fact that I have state that shows just how far we've fallen as a society...

The fact that people still think that individual freedom is more important than society as a whole shows how little we've grown as a society. (No need for an ellipsis. Not sure why there's one in the comment above.)

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Posted in: Nurses say they are needed elsewhere, not at Tokyo Olympics See in context


One more thing, you must think we are living in North Korea! Everyone has to do what "Dear Leader Jr. " wants!

I think you need to change the batteries in your sarcasm detector.

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Posted in: How to live like you're earning ¥10 million a year on an income of ¥3 million See in context

I am afraid that "fiscal stimulus" (fiat creation out of thin air) will cause inflation.

You will earn 10M yen, and feel as if you had 3M yen.

That's the same bullpoop the master class has been peddling to the masses for decades, if not centuries. It's nonsense, just like trickle-down economics. Yet, there are always plenty of gullible folks who believe it.

The best way to boost the economy is by getting more money into the hands of the poor and middle-class, who will spend it. That creates more demand, which creates more jobs, which creates more income, which creates more spending, which creates more demand, which....

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Posted in: Netflix joins virtual YouTuber boom in Japan See in context

Isn't the term "virtual YouTuber" a bit redundant?

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Posted in: Numbers can trip you up during pandemic: Here are 4 tips to help you figure out tricky stats See in context

In Japan, the most important number for government officials appears to be how many Summer Olympics are scheduled to happen this year.

That number is 1, which most medical experts agree is way too many.

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Posted in: Man shot by police officer dies in Nagoya hospital See in context

Sounds like a pretty straightforward instance of suicide-by-cop. Pretty selfish of the him to inflict that mental anguish on the cop, not unlike what is inflicted upon train drivers when people involve them in their suicides.

If people want to end their own lives, so be it. But, they shouldn't force other people to do the dirty work for them.

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Posted in: Bulgari collaborates with renowned architect Tadao Ando on limited edition Octo Finissimo watch See in context

I'll take two. But, I expect to get a multiple item discount of at least ¥1000.

On second thought, make that ¥2000, or no deal.

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Posted in: Olympic surfing venue refuses to cooperate with athlete testing See in context

They should probably just cancel the Olympics.

Has anybody suggested that?

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Posted in: Panties stolen from man in Nagoya by male/female team of thieves See in context

He clearly wrote “in American English.”

Yes. "Men's brief" in American English. Not "panty".

Pretty clearly, indeed.

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Posted in: Panties stolen from man in Nagoya by male/female team of thieves See in context

For those who's not Japanese, "panty" refers to men's brief in American English.

Thanks, @Samit Basu, but North American English is my native tongue, and if a man in the U.S. ever referred to the panties he was wearing, he’d be laughed out of the room and reminded of it for years to come.

Please check an American English dictionary like Merriam-Webster or American Heritage to confirm.

Samit is correct. He was not saying that the word "panty" in English means men's briefs. He was saying that Japanese often refer to men's briefs as "panties".

My wife does it all the time, no matter how often I correct her.

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Posted in: Japan to open its first-ever esports gym in Tokyo, with options to pay for professional training See in context

That's hilarious!!!

Oh wait. It's actually a thing?

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Posted in: Man, teenage girl found dead in hotel room in suspected joint suicide See in context

I wonder what would drive a young girl to do this?

Maybe her parents' objection to her relationship with a 40-something year-old man?

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Posted in: 7 men sent to prosecutors for stealing 200 Toyota and Lexus vehicles worth ¥700 million See in context

Lexus are Toyotas, as Infiniti are Nissans...

Technically, perhaps. But, they are distinct brands, just like Audi and Bentley are to VW, or Mini and Rolls-Royce are to BMW.

Would you post the same "akchully" comment about Bentley and VW or Rolls-Royce and BMW?

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Posted in: Explosion occurs at cement factory in Saitama Prefecture See in context

It could have been a transformer that exploded. It's not uncommon at all.

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Posted in: Kyoto police investigating cream puff attack on Bentley See in context

Yeah. Someone put a rock inside the cream puff instead of just throwing a rock. Sure. Sounds totally plausible.

Much more plausible than some rich a-hole trying to avoid paying for a glass repair himself. Or maybe not.

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Posted in: Official of Mito prosecutors office arrested for filming up girl’s skirt See in context

has admitted to the charge of disturbing the public peace.

Seriously? Are there no laws specifically related to sexual misconduct towards a minor? Child pornography maybe?

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Posted in: Official of Mito prosecutors office arrested for filming up girl’s skirt See in context


Filming up means he took a video?

"Filming" does, yes. ("up" is the direction his camera was pointed in relation to the skirt.) Just like "taped the conversation" means "audio recorded", and "hung up the phone" means "disconnected the call".

These are all accepted terms, despite their technical inaccuracy, due to their common usage for decades. Odd you've never heard the term "filmed" before.

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Posted in: Australia pulls out of Olympic diving qualifying meet in Tokyo See in context

And so it begins.

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Posted in: Japan's vaccination rate lowest in G7: Here's why See in context

There are enough doses to have vaccinated over 1%. The problem is regulatory, systemic, and cultural. Health regulations prevent vaccinations from being given in a widespread fashion by non-doctors; Japan's health system is made up of a bazillion small, privately-owned, disconnected clinics and hospitals; and, the culture is one of moving unnecessarily slowly to change any of the above or make urgent decisions to increase capacity.

And, nobody in charge seems to realize any of that, or if they do, feel the need to change any of it.

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Posted in: South Carolina driver killed by exploding air bag inflator See in context

He should have seen the warning label: Takata

How would he have done this exactly?

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. plan to keep watch on Rakuten after Tencent investment See in context

Nah, Rakuten used to be great, much more presentable than the ugly Amazon interface, but it's all over now.

Are you using a totally different Rakuten than the one on the Internet? Because that one has the most horrific UI of any e-commerce site I have ever seen. It is, and always has been, painful to shop there. It even makes the Yahoo (Japan) Shopping site look good. And that is no easy accomplishment. Even AliExpress is easier to use and navigate. And, as ugly as Amazon may be, it is like a breath of fresh air compared to the cluttered, garish, confusing mess that is Rakuten.

Browsing through the Rakuten website is like wandering through the aisles of DonQ. It's noisy, disorganized, unsightly, and doesn't really contain that many bargains. At least with Rakuten, I don't worry about dying in a fire because I can't find the exit through the narrow mazes of randomly placed merchandise. So, it has that going for it.

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Posted in: Some foreign residents in Japan consider traveling to other countries for vaccines See in context

Is this a supply issue or logistics issue?

I guess you could say it's logistical, as J-gov regulations limit those who can administer the vaccine to only doctors. Such a limitation severely limits the speed at which the population can be vaccinated.

Also, it appears that the lists of who is eligible to receive the vaccine is run by the municipal governments. You need to receive an authorization letter first, then contact the office to make an appointment when your eligibility period comes up. It's ridiculous.

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Posted in: Japanese businessmen brighten makeup industry amid pandemic See in context

So, it's not just bad toupees and combovers anymore?

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Posted in: Japan expects to receive 50 mil additional doses of Pfizer vaccine See in context

They could double that number immediately by approving the Moderna vaccine.

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