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Posted in: Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo ask gov't to lift state of emergency early See in context

So what does this so called "state of emergency" actually involve? I have been able to visit my doctor, dentist, pharmacy, supermarket, combini, restaurant, bakery, car shop, gas station...... no problem at all.

I even went to the city office this week, absolutely full of people.

The only places I found to be closed are the community centres, so if I want a book from the library, I'm out of luck. State of emergency my backside..

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Posted in: Ex-bank employee arrested for stealing ¥52 mil; blames it on stress See in context

¥52 picked up randomly when leaving a bar, stress. 52 million over some years? :-)

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Posted in: Fewer people to get Pfizer vaccine in Japan due to syringe shortage See in context

Can these clowns get anything right? Not exactly a new problem to deal with..

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Posted in: Biden says decision on Tokyo Olympics has to be based on science See in context

What about those who lost their lives.....

what about all those who lost their careers because of Covid?

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Posted in: Mori scolded by wife, daughter after saying women talk too much at meetings See in context

This is still news? He was useless when I first heard of him, why is he still anywhere near authority?

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Posted in: Japan gets details on 2 million offshore accounts to combat tax evasion See in context

And here is the reason names will not be published :-)

Hope they will publish some names.

We could see some surprises. I am sure some famous politicians are part of it

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Posted in: After outcry, EU reverses plan to restrict vaccine exports through Irish border See in context

The EU in a nutshell, unelected bullies. All downhill from here as others realise just what it has become.

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Posted in: AstraZeneca to produce 90 million COVID-19 vaccine shots in Japan See in context

The controversies are with the EU handling of the problem. They prevented individual countries from ordering their own and even now still haven't approved the AZ vaccine. The delay is entirely of EU making

gakinotsukaiJan. 28  08:15 pm JST

A lot of controversies in Europe with contracts signed with AstraZeneca.

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Posted in: Japan likely to hit COVID-19 herd immunity in Oct: researcher See in context

So people will be immune before getting a jab, wonderful

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Posted in: Universal basic income proposal by Suga adviser may be hard sell in Japan See in context

Yes that guy, the one who probably pays more tax in a year than most people earn.

The guy down the street with the Ferrari and million dollar house gets it too?

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Posted in: 9-year-old boy pushing baby stroller hit and killed by car at intersection See in context

He should have been more careful, and not excusing him in any way, but drivers and pedestrians having a green light at the same time is a recipe for disaster. I did see one crossing in my 'hood which doesn't have that. When the green man lights up ALL traffic is stopped, much better.

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Posted in: Driver arrested for attempted murder after man clings to hood of his car See in context

Yes why do we assume one thing when we can assume something else....

Why do we assume he was a thug or suicidal?

For all we know he might have been the younger guy's mentor and hit hard times himself, too.

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Posted in: Japan to raise medical fees for some aged 75 or older See in context

You do realise that most people wouldn't work, thus pay no tax, thus the government wouldn't be able to afford your crackpot scheme? Barking mad

baroque1888Dec. 15  07:15 am JST

The Japanese Government should provide an Unconditional Universal Basic Income of at least 3,245,550.00 yen (equivalent of $30,000 United States Dollars) to all of its citizens.

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Posted in: Japan to suspend Go To Travel campaign for whole country from Dec 28-Jan 11 See in context

Don't have to go to the in-laws then, winner!!!!!

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Posted in: China looks forward on anniversary of 1937 Nanjing massacre See in context

They are remembering, just as many other countries do and should. It isn't a celebration. And yes, the Chinese people deserve to be taught more about their own history, but, another day hopefully.

Why would you commemorate the anniversary of a ‘massacre’, that happened nearly 100 years ago !?

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Posted in: Black panther injures zookeeper in Kagoshima See in context

Exactly, best not kept in zoos

P. SmithToday  06:59 am JST

Unfortunate. Large cats are amazing animals best kept at a distance.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 570 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,524 See in context

And no one has flu, strange that

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Posted in: Gov't to exclude Sapporo, Osaka from Go To travel campaign for 3 weeks See in context

The new "Don't Go To" campaign, couldn't make it up....

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Posted in: Kyoto man arrested for opening packs of 'Demon Slayer' key chains until finding one he wanted See in context

Man? At what age do people grow out of kids things here?

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Posted in: Face mask distributer imprisoned in sex shop by yakuza for 11 hours See in context

Can think of worse places to be locked up in.

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Posted in: UNESCO to list Japan architectural techniques as intangible heritage See in context

Just put JAPAN on the list and spare everyone this annual "ohhhh, look what we achieved" nonsense.

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Posted in: Princess Mako expresses strong resolve to get married See in context

It's the 21st century, just do it, stuff the family

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Posted in: Two men rob bar operator of ¥4.2 mil at his apartment See in context

two men, whom he didn’t know

Yeah, right

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Posted in: Lebanon decides not to charge Ghosn over Israel trip See in context

Which law would that be? The one that persecutes foreigners while the J management walk free.... that one?

He has total disregard for the law.

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Posted in: Health officials find 164 dogs crammed into tiny house See in context

I said very little, compared to my home country. Too many stupid people here pay extortionate amounts of money for pets because "kawaii".

Thank you for the link, I hope people will take note

There is animal welfare, especially locally and at grassroots levels. If you are opposed to euthanizing animals, and wish to help these and other animals, please donate towards their care at

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Posted in: Tokyo taxi drivers allowed to refuse passengers not wearing masks See in context

I personally know a taxi driver who had the virus, so yes I agree with this

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Posted in: Health officials find 164 dogs crammed into tiny house See in context

Glad they were rescued, but they will be dead in days. There is very little animal welfare here.

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Posted in: Ambitious but controversial: Japan's new hydrogen project See in context

Because it's everywhere. Once an efficient method of extracting it from water for example, it's far better than using batteries for cars.

After double reading the article, still can't get it.

Why hydrogen?

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Posted in: 2-hour virus test to be available at Narita airport See in context

And a negative result would cost a flight ticket too. I'll stay put

40,000 yen for a test?! i'm desperate for an international getaway, but that seriously puts a crimp on my travel plans. i'll wait until the price goes down.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers show security and COVID-19 countermeasures See in context

I'll keep well clear of Tokyo if the games go ahead. Expensive I know, but wait until '22

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