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Posted in: Fly me to the moon: Billionaire Maezawa seeks 8 passengers for lunar trip See in context

Talk about attention seeker.

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Posted in: 2 American men wanted for aiding Ghosn's escape arrive in Japan See in context

will not be indicted immediately but will likely face charges after an investigation is concluded.

Held without charge. Why did the US allow this?

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Posted in: 2 Americans who helped in Ghosn's escape to be turned over to Japan See in context

@Peeping_Tom: Ghostn hasn't been convicted of a crime yet. The charge of allowing a criminal to escape isn't valid. These guys didn't break any laws in Japan.

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Posted in: Scammers take advantage of COVID fears to commit vaccine fraud See in context

Your friendly Yakuza at work.

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Posted in: 2 Americans who helped in Ghosn's escape to be turned over to Japan See in context

What crime did they commit?

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Posted in: About 1,000 Olympics volunteers have quit this month: organizers See in context

Make them first in line for the vacine I'm sure you will get loads of helpers.

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Posted in: Nuclear reactor suspensions produce inexperienced plant workers See in context

Reads like propaganda.

You mean to tell me you don't have training simulators?

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Posted in: Suga inspects coronavirus vaccination program at Tokyo hospital See in context

His security detail doesn't seem to like the photographer

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Posted in: Mom's notebook filled with messages of love from 14-year-old daughter who passed away See in context

Damn it, crying reading that.

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Posted in: Hyogo gov't worker leaves water running for a month; forced to pay half ¥6 mil bill See in context

Hung out to dry, did he do it on purpose? No, simple mistake that the government made since the employee works for them.

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Posted in: Ex-head of McDonald's, Apple units in Japan arrested over domestic violence See in context

My bet is this is swept under the rug after some bowing. Ridiculous

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Posted in: With Olympics at stake, Mori seen as too influential to push aside See in context

Sorry... it's okay to be rude and sexist if money is at stake? Japan should have higher standards.

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Posted in: Out in the cold: How Japan's electricity grid came close to blackouts See in context

Also sounds like a self made problem so that power companies have an excuse to turn on nuclear power.

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Posted in: Out in the cold: How Japan's electricity grid came close to blackouts See in context

The true reason is money, Osaka and Tokyo systems are not compatible which means the power companies have their own zones and no one else can sell it those areas. Ever wonder why TEPCO is the only power option in Tokyo?

Make them work together and open the markets to more competition and these problems will go away.

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Posted in: JAL offers service to cover COVID-19 expenses by travelers infected overseas See in context

Is anyone else totally disgusted by this?

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Posted in: Nonregular workers at big firms left out of virus-related benefits See in context

Name and shame the companies!

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Posted in: Japan's Olympic sponsors shelve ads as mood sours over Games See in context

Funny that NHK does a survey and concludes 60% of business want the games, Kyodo do one 80% of people don't want it.

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Posted in: Apple's Tim Cook criticizes social media practices, intensifying Facebook conflict See in context

Call their bluff Facebook, make your own phone

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Posted in: U.S. judge allows extradition of 2 men accused of aiding Ghosn escape from Japan See in context

they can’t be extradited because they say what they are accused of isn’t a crime under Japan law.

They didn't break any Japanese laws I don't understand how they can be extradited?

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Posted in: 60% of Japanese firms support Olympics this summer, poll shows See in context

100 carefully selected companies... Polls can be made to say anything

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Posted in: Tokyo apartment prices rise to near bubble-era high in 2020 See in context

Reaching prices 30 years ago? Not a sign of the economy but inflation, the cost of materials increases and the fact there are massive shortages of builders. The price of land has NOT increased just the cost of the buildings.... with a falling birth rate, no plans for increated immigration it's super massive bubble.

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Posted in: Tokyo seeks 10,000 medical staff for Olympics See in context

Where you magically going to find these people? There is a massive documented doctor and nurse shortage in Japan.

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Posted in: Florida offers to host Olympics if Tokyo backs out: state official See in context

If they move it to the US they woild have to cancel, no one would turn up.

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Posted in: Japan to hold 1st competitive cybersecurity talent search See in context

Japan is so far behind it's not funny... they think scam emails awareness and making sure anti virus is updated is the only thing you need to do... Old farts running the show don't want to be shown up for younger people..

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Posted in: 80% of prefectures unsure of securing doctors for vaccinations: poll See in context

The” air bubble”in an injection needle is dangerous incase of an intravenous injection as the bubble can reach the heart or brain and cause a heart attack or stroke.

Ask your doctor next time if this is true before posting story lines of movies and quoting the internet.

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Posted in: Behind those dancing robots, scientists had to bust a move See in context

SoftBank shouldn't have sold their shares

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Posted in: 80% of prefectures unsure of securing doctors for vaccinations: poll See in context

Revise the law that allows non doctors to inject and nurses could do it like the rest of the world

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Posted in: Fukuoka town erects 7-meter gorilla scarecrow as symbol of strength against COVID-19 See in context

Pretty cool but should have put a mask on it

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Posted in: Ghosn hid scale of Nissan salary, fearing dismissal from Renault, Tokyo court told See in context

Nada has immunity his statement doesn't make sense. Why would the French government fire him?

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Posted in: FamilyMart introduces sauced buns to turn their popular fried chicken into burgers See in context

oooooooo baby!

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