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Posted in: Japanese love doll mistaken for drowned corpse; saved by emergency services anyway See in context

It was a good opportunity to do rescue practice. Not really a waste.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka won't be required to talk to press at Tokyo Olympics See in context

I thought that the Olympics was supposed to be for amateur's, not professional athletes.

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Posted in: Anti-Olympics protest See in context

I do kind of like the imagery.

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Posted in: Just how many seasons does Japan really have? See in context

How many seasons Japan has depends on where you are in Japan. There is a difference in seasons between Hokkaido and Okinawa.

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Posted in: Historic Asakusa shopping street in danger as Taito Ward calls for shop evictions See in context

@Tora That is what I was about to say! You beat me to it.

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Posted in: Biden urges G7 leaders to call out and compete with China See in context

Japan's relations with China were going fine (so many Chinese tourists in Shinjuku) until Trump became president. He lost confidence in the USA's ability to compete and blamed everything on China. Then made China the enemy. Japan has to avoid getting sucked up into this tragicomedy, and maintain good relations with China. The USA may not like it, but China is the next superpower. Also in the background, the USA is falling apart.

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Posted in: Suga refers to Taiwan as country, drawing fire from China See in context

I can't find it, but what was the word he used in Japanese? 国?

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Posted in: 3-story building collapses in India in heavy rain, killing 11 See in context

Sorry, I meant the heavy rains and flooding, not the collapse of a building.

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Posted in: 3-story building collapses in India in heavy rain, killing 11 See in context

Could that happen here in Tokyo?

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Posted in: U.S. eases 'Do Not Travel' advisory for Japan See in context

I wish they wouldn't do that.

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Posted in: Musk, Bezos, other billionaires avoid U.S. income taxes: report See in context

I thought that the superrich owned the system, so it will not change. Nice try though.

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Posted in: Mount Recyclemore See in context

It would have been more entertaining to see what they would have done with Trump.

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Posted in: Controversial art exhibition to open in Tokyo on June 25 See in context

The exhibition is in Shinjuku, but where in Shinjuku?

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Posted in: Sendoff for Somalia See in context

How is this "self-defense"?

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Posted in: U.S. gov't finds no evidence aerial sightings were alien spacecraft: New York Times See in context

Fake? Too bad. I was hoping to meet Mr. Spock.

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Posted in: Tokyo nightlife bustles despite state of emergency See in context

But everyone is masked, if not social distancing.

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Posted in: More than 10 million in Japan have received COVID-19 vaccinations so far See in context

I know that the vaccine rollout is really late. But at the same time, due to the discipline of the Japanese people, masks are worn and people socially distance, so our infection rate is a small fraction of other countries like the USA or Brazil or India, just to name a few.

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Posted in: Japan beats Myanmar 10-0 after protests on and off pitch See in context

Did any of the Myanmar team members want to stay in Japan (that is, not return to Myanmar)?

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Posted in: Court rules restrictions on transgender official's use of women's toilet legal See in context

My worry is that gender identity (male female) and sexual orientation (gay straight) are different. A guy can identify as a female and become a trans female, but still be straight. I'm not sure if I want that person in a woman's restroom.

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Posted in: Rights group urges Japan to update law on changing gender See in context

From many of the comments, I see that being trans is VERY difficult for "normal" straight people to understand.

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Posted in: Tokyo Games cancelation likely to cost Japan ¥1.81 tril: Nomura See in context

If the games are not cancelled, the cost will be many times that amount due to an extreme COVID cluster that the games will cause.

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Posted in: Premium melons go for ¥2.7 mil at auction See in context

This is just a publicity stunt. Lots of attention at a fraction of the cost of actual advertising.

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Posted in: U.S. warns its citizens against travel to Japan due to COVID surge See in context

The USA is talking about a "surge"? Our rates are a tiny fraction of the rates in the USA. They should be learning from us.

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Posted in: Graphic novel to tell Freddie Mercury's life story See in context

If this is in Freddie's own words, why is this called a "novel" and not an "autobiography"?

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Posted in: Protect the Nation from NHK Party becomes Protect the Nation from Old Parties Party See in context

His party was formed with the agenda to abolish the heavy-handed door-to-door fee collection system of Japan’s public broadcaster, NHK.

Are there still NHK fee collectors? I think this is all done by automatic bank transfers now. I haven't seen a collector in a decade at least.

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker says being LGBT goes against preservation of species See in context

So he is also by implication condemning any straight couples who do not have kids as "not productive". They should also stand up against this outdated guy.

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Posted in: Canceling the Olympics? Huge consequences and a financial quagmire See in context

But think of the financial consequences and the quagmire that will happen when Tokyo becomes the world's greatest COVID cluster because of the Olympics.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach to visit Japan on July 12, 11 days before Olympics begin See in context

Bach cancelled his trip to Tokyo next week because of the state of emergency. And yet he doesn't think that is a reason to cancel the Olympics?

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Posted in: Up in the air See in context

I like those Kabuki masks. Where can I get one?

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