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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics: It's really about well-connected people burning up mountains of money See in context

Ah yes a DIRTY, FITHY, DISGUSTING & VULGAR business.......ya dont say!

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Posted in: Olympic chiefs propose Brisbane as host of 2032 Summer Games See in context

BNE kawaiso!

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Posted in: Swimming Australia urges Groves to provide details after 'perverts' complaint See in context

Clearly more info is needed in order to assess this one out

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Posted in: Nationwide bookings eyed for mass vaccination sites in Tokyo, Osaka See in context

This is WAY beyond CRIMINAL, making ANYONE, let alone the elderly travel country wide for a frigging NEEDLE.......

Get the damned vaccines distributed to LOCAL CLINICS you stupid IDIOTS!!!!

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Posted in: China defends cultural links with Japan amid online nationalist fury See in context

H'mmm...interesting, seems like the rulers of china are starting to feel the squeeze!

They have the populace they FEAR & now the rest of the world seems like if MIGHT finally be ready to start telling china to get stuffed on more issues(decades overdue!) so maybe sensing FEAR there as well..................WELL GOOD ABOUT TIME!!!

I have said for the last 30yrs china will either EXPLOUD or IMPLODE or perhaps BOTH!!!

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Posted in: Japan leans toward holding Olympics with domestic spectators: report See in context

Clearly the govt hasnt learned from their MULTIPLE mistakes with people travelling on holidays & Go To things, now they want a covid spike from the games the charts

This is ALL so so WRONG!

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 board talks about vaccines, but not a word on further delay See in context

"There will be cases, but having one case or a couple of cases doesn't mean that it was a failure," Tara Kirk Sell, a professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, told Reuters on Tuesday.

Tara, surely you know that people have already got sick & some died from covid for the olympics here in Japan over the last year while the govt here messed with shutdowns, pseudo SOEs etc & mixed with GO TO crap & people travelling on holidays while the govt tried to lie to the world that Japan was ""ok""

So Tara YES people have died, a guy just jumped in front of a train many DEAD are ok with you, we sincerely want to know!

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Posted in: Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS See in context

I am calling it!!

Tatemae BS!!

This is just for appearances, even if they do track it will be minimal & they wont do anything

I would LOVE to be proved WRONG on this however!!!

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Posted in: Musk, Bezos, other billionaires avoid U.S. income taxes: report See in context

Bottom line is the rich just have TOO MANY options over the little guy that this is way way WAY beyond unfair, plus the rich benefit HUGELY from EVERYTHING the little guy's taxes pay for, like infrastructure for one!

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Posted in: Japan Olympic official dies after jumping in front of train See in context

.....sad........i imagine most working for the games are feeling stress for sure. I work in logistics & imo the games should have been cancelled, I have already been to various warehouses that I would have rather avoided & will soon be having to go to the cursed village & many other venues, its scary. I have colleagues from 3 countries coming they have no clue what its like here, but they have all been jabbed......yeah this crap IS STRESSFUL!

RIP Moriya san........wish you could have just stepped down......sad.............

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Posted in: From 'batsu' to 'maru': Japan’s shift in attitude toward untying the knot See in context

Sadly happy marriages are RARE & getting rarer, I dont expect them to get better over time for the vast majority

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Posted in: 'Belittling human lives'- how pandemic pushed Olympic volunteer to quit See in context

Folks the reality is these games have ALREADY caused pain & death for people. All of the govts stupid starts & stops of all these half a$$ed SOE's has already gotten people sick & dead, dont get me started on the idiotic GO TO camPAINS they have unleashed & the insanity looks to continue & the games may actually happen.......


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Posted in: Yokohama begins inoculations at mass vaccination center See in context

Damn this is depressing, these ""supposed"" mass vaccination sites are just PATHETIC!!!

There are millions of clinics & pharmacies, pet clinics etc etc & yet the govt seems to be unaware of these just mind boggling!!

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Posted in: The program not only helps the old owners, who were struggling to utilize the properties and pay taxes, but also for the town by reducing the number of abandoned buildings that could collapse or otherwise pose risks in the future. See in context

Bottom line is Japan has totally SCREWED this up country wide BIG TIME when it comes to empty houses.

The rules\laws ENCOURAGE people to let things ROT rather than take care of their properties its stupid beyond belief yet here we are sadly.

In reality most of these empty places are so negative in value that only fools would take them on. Its so bad that they should PAY people to take them on & forget about anything owed from the past, but alas that will likely never happen so the ROT literally continues unabated!

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Posted in: Organizers deny sponsors asking for postponement of Olympics See in context

Would love to see locals protest in the streets to block olympic traffic, that would cause a lot of problems for these CURSED games!

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Posted in: G7 back steps to deter tax dodging by multinational firms See in context

This is an idea that is about 20yrs late but NEEDS to happen, far far too many corporations have been having their cake & EATING too for TOO LONG now!

Simply put they MUST pay a FAIR share of taxes in the markets they do business & NOT be allowed to pawn it off on local tax payers worldwide!!!

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Posted in: Olympic swimming champ Chalmers admits COVID-hit Tokyo a 'bit scary' See in context

I got news for ya Chalmers, its very risky especially for us RESIDENTS of Japan!!

Nice of you to admit that there will no doubt be cases of covid found but how about some concern for the people of the host country huh!!!!

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Posted in: Organizers deny sponsors asking for postponement of Olympics See in context

All this shows is that even the smaller local sponsors are just as GREEDY & SLIMY as IOC & TOCOG!!

They ONLY want to salvage some of the lousy investments........

NONE OF THEM care about the PEOPLE & RESIDENTS of Japan!!!

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Posted in: Japan births hit new record low in 2020 See in context

As I have been saying for 3decades & counting just saying a population decline is GOOD is often actually totally WRONG!!! It is HOW a population declines, see above the excellent post by Kokegawa who nails it!

As I always say LOOK at Japans population pyramid, the base is narrowing & QUICKLY, that doesnt mean just a decline but also heading head long towards ZERO POPULATION!!!

And as Kokegawa importantly points out even if the birthrate in Japan increases greatly the population WILL CONTINUE to DECREASE.

HOW a population is decreasing is IMPORTANT!

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Posted in: Platformers are sucking up user data, and analyzing and processing it in various ways we don't know about to turn it into products. Every move we make can be tracked 24/7 and the data analyzed. Eventually, our emotions and desires will be controlled based on this data, and our behavior changed. See in context

I disagree, while sure its people putting the tech to use the TECH is still vacuuming our data & tracking our every moves.

Clearly tech IS messing with peoples minds, feel sorry for young people it is screwing them up in so so many ways & that will only increase & bring all the old & new stresses with it. Tech has seriously messed up how men & women interact, pure insanity & getting worse over time.

The tech doesnt have to be good or accurate to cause problems & issues for society, just sayin!

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Posted in: 10,000 Tokyo Olympic volunteers have now pulled out: organizers See in context

"Field Cast" volunteers, who were recruited by the organizing committee from over 200,000 applications, were expected to take various roles, such as serving as guides at venues and helping out at the athletes' village.

See above, helping at the Village....WTF, how on earth are they going to have even a slight chance of a bubble.....clearly it has already BURST!!!

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Posted in: Some people, opposed to the Tokyo Olympics, are directing their frustration at athletes for not speaking out against the Games, one example being swimming star Rikako Ikee. What do you expect the athletes to do? See in context

At first I said IOC & TOCOG are responsible, then as we got closer CLEARLY both participating countries & athletes ........ARE RESPONSIBLE PERIOD!!!

People have already died while they J-govt has bungled things since the start of covid ""trying"" to make it ""look like"" Japan could safely hold the games, clearly they CANT

And more will get sick & DIE over the next few months that should NOT have.

And yeah on top of that is the severe economic damage to so so many in Japan & all around the world, lets not forget these olympics are likely causing sickness & death in many other countries also!

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Posted in: Please take Tokyo Olympics condoms back to your home country and use them there, organizers say See in context

Give them away as people get on their planes OUT of here!

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Posted in: Athletes should travel to Tokyo with full confidence: Bach See in context


would love to see any response you get,......if the IOC has the GUYS to respond to you!

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Posted in: Other athletes support Osaka's decision to skip press conferences at French Open See in context

Sorry Osaka you are just plain WRONG on this one & by a very large margin. Just sayin!

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Posted in: Kelly gets support from ex-boss Ghosn See in context

Free Kelly, his trial is a total SHAM!! & a SHAME!

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Posted in: Ready to roll See in context

Just think for a moment, these vehicles WILL be spreading covid throughout Tokyo & surrounding areas....scary stuff!!!

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Posted in: Jolie says judge in Pitt divorce won't let children testify See in context

Family courts in the west are already MASSIVELY anti-male but that doesnt appear to be enough for Jolie, figures.

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Posted in: Athletes taking wait-and-see approach to Olympics See in context

The Covid Games MUST be STOPPED!!!!!

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Posted in: Over 50% of nurses at COVID hospital wards in Japan have considered quitting See in context

NO wonder those on the front lines in Japan must be under tremendous strain we simply cannot imagine!

We owe them all a LOT!

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