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Well, just over 70, maybe 74 would be thinkable, but no country should have leader 78 or over. That would be just insane.

Some people are just terrible at any age.

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Who is the publisher? Kind of weird reporting it without naming the source of the ad.

they did.

The full-page ad by magazine publisher Takarajimasha was a rare rebuke of the country's pandemic response by a private company. The Tokyo-based company said in a news release it was necessary to raise an alarm over the public's frustration with virus restrictions and the slow pace of vaccinations.

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@Antiquesaving - I’m not at all surprised. With the age of the people in charge, and the amount of bureaucracy that is a must for everything here, there was no way this was gonna be easy.

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I have a number of friends who are over 65, that actually received their paperwork to "apply" for the shot, but since there is no vaccine available to administer the shots, all they can do is apply and wait.

Yeah my wife’s parents tried for the first round but weren’t able to get a spot. Was no method for applying for a second round though. Just email queries. And all municipalities seem to have completely different ways to do it. The whole thing is a complete mess.

I know two people in Japan who have received the vaccine, one being my wife and the other a client. That’s it. The other day an article said Suga hoped to increase the numbers to a million a day, around 3 times the current rate. Where are these 300,000 or so people a day? That doesn’t actually seem that bad a rate, not good either, but where are they?

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The big red coronavirus smack bang in the middle of the light page totally resembles the Japanese flag. I imagine a few people won’t be able to forget this one.

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and there are reports that people are finding it difficult to book shots.

Errr… no kidding… but only difficult for those that have actually been given the opportunity to do so. Has anyone here?

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Usually I'm an avid Olympics fan, but the Olympics are as much about showing off the host nation as they are for the athletes. Spectator-less, these Olympics are going to be the most dour in history. It will not be a success for anybody except the IOC lining their pockets, as others have already said. Nothing good will come of this. And the IOC position on holding the 2022 games in Beijing has totally put me off the Olympics. I never really cared much for the politics of it before, but it's disgusting what is going on with these guys.

 Sorry for him, but that was a very good experience (for organizers)."

And is he being taken care of... who is responsible for that? I'm sure the IOC are wiping their hands of this and will be when (there is no "if") there are problems as a result of going ahead as planned with the games. Continuing with this is moronic at best.

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I know it’s a harmless hobby but I always imagine a horde of zombies….


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“Permanent” now means “at least 10 years”?

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Plenty of puppets taking part in these Olympics, that’s for sure.

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Then they’ll be staying in the box at least until I can give them to my niece and nephew.

Also, that second category... the up to 15 km/h one... it’s not easy finding a scooter that will only travel under that. The Segway scooters are double that.

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Thanks for the response Antiquesaving. I actually bought the drift skates for a bargain from Amazon a while back but haven't used them because they were intended as a gift. Haven't been able to gift them to who they were intended for because haven't been able to get home due to the ongoing situation of meh that we are in. Japanese law doesn't allow me to use them anywhere but a private driveway basically... this law revision could change that... hopefully.

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For those who have mentioned above that the Segway has been discontinued... isn't that just one model? Or are the other models in the Segway line being discontinued also?

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Posted in: Tokyo, Osaka consider asking gov't to issue another state of emergency See in context

Another weak state of emergency will just prolong the pain and inconvenience for everybody. The measures should have been much stronger from the beginning. Get the vaccines done.

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Are they trying to make for a lack of shootings last year or something?

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Posted in: Why do you think so many Japanese people (and foreigners, too) continue to go out and about in Japan's major cities despite the surge in coronavirus cases? See in context

There are those that need to go and there are those that don’t. For those that don’t need to, it’s mostly because they are tired of mixed messages and complete inaction by the authorities. Why should they suffer the prolonged inconvenience just to keep the illusion that the Olympics is going to be a good thing?

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The duration of a mass shooting always depents on the arrival of a second gun.

It happening in the first place depends on the first gun.

Very sad for the families. but the shooter wouldn't have got very far had others been armed.

Wouldn't have got very far had he not been armed.

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“I want to fly to the universe” looks a bit like “Oh man! This water is so cold!!”

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The bar and restaurant owners are the ones who are keeping the virus alive and well. 

Yep. The perpetuation of everything that is happening in Japan regarding the pandemic is all in order to protect their businesses. Unless there are some real serious measures it’s just going to continue to affect all these places negatively.

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On Thursday, Koike called for the residents to avoid nonessential trips, social distancing and other basic measures.

I don't think this sentence says what it should be saying. Why on earth would she call for residents to avoid social distancing and other basic measures?

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Yeah for domestic use it’s too much.

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Posted in: UK eyes testing COVID-19 passports at mass gatherings See in context

That’s fine. The bigger question is will you let us fall behind unmolested?

Those opposed are the ones creating the issue. If a vaccine passport is required to go to a specific place, sure, don’t go and there won’t be an issue.

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What do they mean "begins"?? They've had a year plus now to get on this and they're only starting now??

Terumo can only be blamed for the slow start of one month really. Japanese bureaucracy is responsible for the rest. But a year plus? When were the vaccines first authorized and when were the issues with syringes first noted? No more than 5 months ago was it?

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“There is substantial uncertainty about the benefit of providing AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines to adults under 55 given the potential risks,”

let’s be clear before this goes further. This does NOT mean they’ve stopped using it because it’s dangerous.

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Posted in: AstraZeneca to publish full U.S. trial results after rebuke over 'outdated' data See in context

You only get one chance at gaining people’s trust when it comes to experimental vaccines

Unless those people are anti-vaxxers. Then you don’t get any chance, experimental or otherwise.

People here didn't believe and downvoting me when i told that it got terrible side effects which i was told by my far relatives in London. It's dangerous to even healthy ones.

There seems to be some confusion about this article. It is not about increased numbers of side effects being covered up. It is about older data being reported to show more efficacy than what up to date information shows. No offense intended but the article doesn’t vindicate you in any way.

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52% of the population.

11% of a hundred + 41% of a different hundred is 52 out of 200.

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The Japanese public has also opposed fans from abroad. Several surveys have shown that up to 80% oppose holding the Olympics, and a similar percentage opposed fans from overseas attending.

Using the public opinion for one thing and then disregarding it for another. If I were Japanese I’d be trying to hold them to account more.

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Otherwise, where would the Black Lives Matter movement come from?” he said, citing racial injustice and the killing of African Americans.

Wait, what? He just legitimized BLM? Not that it needed it, but to hear it from Putin? That must feel like a total stab in the back to the previous administration.

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Posted in: How worried should we be about reports of blood clots and AstraZeneca's vaccine? See in context

What is really not funny is those conspiracy theorists like you who without evidence, claim that COVID is not very serious and that the vaccine causes death.

and when ultimately, any death that is confirmed to be caused by a vaccine is a result of COVID too. No COVID pandemic, no vaccine would have been needed.

They won’t like this though.

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I’m amazed by the boats/yachts.

Yeah the AC75s are quite incredible. Certainly not like a traditional boat. Very space-age

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