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Posted in: Japan's android pets ease virus isolation See in context

TrevorPeaceToday  09:28 am JST

"Japan's android pets ease virus isolation"?

Only to the mindless, the insecure, and the fearful.

The Corona virus has caused many people around the world to feel insecure and fearful and not without good reason.

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Posted in: How much money do you need for a studio apartment in downtown Tokyo? See in context

gokai_wo_manekuToday  09:42 am JST

What is the size of the rooms they are talking about here?

The final paragraph will tell you -

As for floor space, Suumo’s survey covered apartments with between 10 and 40 square meters, ..........

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Posted in: 3 children found dead in Kyushu; father attempts suicide See in context

wtfjapan?Today  08:43 am JST

Fostering in Japan doesnt exist, so those children will have to go to institutions for such children.

Fostering does exist in Japan but it's not easy. See -



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Posted in: Tokyo high schools ask students to certify hair color not altered: NHK See in context

snowymountainhellToday  08:00 am JST

“...Not artificially altered” - How? a DNA test?

“...provide a certificate” - By whom? A geneticist? Their ‘hair stylist’.

What kind of ‘certificate’ and “Who’s hanko?” will do? - A doctor and a nurse cross-checking body hair?

What’s the cost for all this and, who pays?

Article says:

Of 177 high schools run by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, 79 ask for these certificates signed by parents .........

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Posted in: Nikkei plunges over 1,200 points to below 29,000; biggest drop in 4 years See in context

Brian WhewayToday  04:30 pm JST

......................... not so long ago the exchange rate was only 130 yen to the UK pound now its 149.

I remember the good old days of 250 Yen to the UK Pound and I was getting paid in Sterling at the time.

How about this:


All-time records: Max: 1014.000 on 01/01/1963 - Min: 116.853 on 19/09/2011.

Last 5 years: Max: 195.843 on 18/06/2015 - Min: 124.78 on 26/09/2016.

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Posted in: Man killed after leaping from platform into oncoming train in Kobe See in context

ZorotoToday  04:39 pm JST

I am a bit confused by why this is news. This happens multiple times a day all over Japan.

Really? Where can I read about this happening multiple times per day?

BurakuminDesToday  04:25 pm JST

I feel for the train driver and commuters waiting on the platform - and for the family of this man.

We all do.

They may well end up being held financially responsible by commuters angry at missing meetings and losing work. It happen in Japan.

Any documented cases of this?

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Posted in: Paul McCartney memoir due out in November See in context

cracaphatToday  11:30 am JST

It'll be his chance to assert than he was the one bigger than Jesus not John Lennon.

Lennon did not say that he was bigger than Jesus, he said "........We're more popular than Jesus.........."

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Posted in: New Zealand's virus success unleashes runaway housing prices See in context

ToraToday  07:36 pm JST

WTH are you taking about, JT?

Did you not notice this?

© Copyright 2021 The Associated Press.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 chief says gender equality efforts as important as virus containment See in context

Hashimoto said the organizing committee had set up a gender equality promotion team and reiterated a goal to boost the proportion of women on its board to 40%.

"Even with limited time until the Games, we will work hard so people can look back and say this is a big turning point for Japan," Hashimoto told reporters in reference to the new equality team.

Mori san would never have wasted time and money on this.

The proportion of men and women on any board should be organic, they should be chosen according to their ability and qualifications not gender or anything else. If you are the best person for the job it doesn't matter if you are black, white, pink or purple; male, female, gay, straight or something in between.

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Posted in: Turkish pilots, official get 4-year jail over Ghosn escape See in context

Fighto!Today  07:50 am JST

You may not yet be aware, but Lebanon has no extradition treaty with Japan.

The fact that Lebanon has no extradition treaty with Japan was mentioned so many times after Ghosn escaped that it would be impossible for practically everyone not to know.

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Posted in: Tiger Woods seriously injured in California car crash See in context

On another note, this incident will be a hell of a marketing booster for Hyundai, from what I read this SUV Genesis saved the guy's life!

Depending on why the car left the road in the first place; yes it will if the fault lies with the driver but if the car was at fault then........................................

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested for calling police station 1,700 times over 8 days See in context

My wife once accidentally dialled 110 and then had to explain to the police that it was a mistake and she was very sorry. They questioned her at length to be sure she was OK. One minute later they called her back and she had to explain again it was a mistake and that she really was OK. She was complaining but I thought that they did the right thing and said so which meant that I somehow got the blame for the whole thing.

A bit like last night; we went out to eat at a local restaurant which we have used for years and the mama is the best source of local news. Anyway, after the meal during which we caught up with all the local gossip we decided to leave so I paid the bill and headed for the door followed by my wife who then decided she needed to go back and check something else with mama. This took ten minutes or so and on the way out I mentioned jokingly that Mori was right. She started speaking to me again this morning.

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Posted in: Australian MP who promoted pandemic conspiracies quits ruling party See in context

Kelly; now there's a famous (usually for the wrong reasons) old Australian name.

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Posted in: Japanese citizen injured in Paris acid attack See in context

blvtzpkFeb. 22  07:50 pm JST

bobToday  07:29 pm JST

I just can't comprehend what has happened to the once so charming people in the once dazzling City of Lights with fantastic cafés, helpful Gendarmes and bohemian artists plying their trade along the banks of the Seine in the spirit of Renoir, Raguenet and Jongkind. 

My first of many, many visits to Paris was over 60 years ago. It was dirty, full of dog faeces and unfriendly people then and has not improved. There are far nicer places to visit in France.

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Posted in: Why do mass shootings spawn conspiracy theories? See in context

Mass shootings and conspiracy theories have a long history. As far back as the mid-1990s, amid a spate of school shootings, Cutting Edge Ministries, a Christian fundamentalist website, found a supposed connection between the attacks and then-President Bill Clinton. The group’s website claimed that when lines were drawn between groups of school-shooting locations across the U.S., they crossed in Hope, Arkansas, Clinton’s hometown. The Cutting Edge Ministries concluded from this map that the “shootings were planned events, with the purpose of convincing enough Americans that guns are an evil that needs to be dealt with severely, thus allowing the federal government to achieve its Illuminist goal of seizing all weapons.”

Conservative personality Alex Jones recently failed to persuade the Texas Supreme Court to dismiss defamation and injury lawsuits against him by parents of children who were killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting. Jones has, for years, claimed that the Sandy Hook massacre didn’t happen, saying “the whole thing was fake,” and alleging it happened at the behest of gun-control groups and complicit media outlets.

Fine examples of all that is wrong in the USA today.

However, there seems to be some hope:

Explicit and clear evaluation of evidence and sources – in headlines and TV subtitles – have helped keep news consumers alert. And pop-up prompts from Twitter and Facebook encourage users to read articles before reposting. These steps can work, as shown by the substantial drop in misinformation on Twitter following former President Donald Trump’s removal from the platform.

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Posted in: Osaka back to No. 2 behind Barty; Medvedev No. 3; Karatsev jumps 72 spots See in context

Does any of this really matter? Whoever wins the match / tournament on the day is what matters.

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Posted in: COVID-19 death toll in U.S. tops 500,000 See in context

SlickdrifterToday  11:52 am JST

You must then blame the source.

China. Wet markets, accidental exposure. I used to think it was a man made bioweapon.

But no longer.

500.000 thousand souls lost. Many more in the world.

From day 1. I have said China needs to be held accountable for this.

The world should never, ever forget this.

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Posted in: Japan requests airlines stop using Boeing 777s with P&W4000 engines See in context

United Airlines is the only U.S. operator of the planes, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The other airlines using them are in Japan and South Korea, the U.S. agency said.

Just for clarity, other airlines, e.g. BA, flying the 777 use General Electric or Rolls Royce engines.

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of woman in alley See in context

girl_in_tokyoToday  08:59 am JST

He had a fight with a female co-worker, so decided to take out his anger on the entire female gender by raping a woman he didn't know.

Why have you elevated the charge from sexual assault to rape? Do you know of another news source?

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of woman in alley See in context

P. SmithToday  09:51 am JST

I would like to point out that we don’t know whether the suspect raped the victim because it isn’t explicitly stated in the article. That could be due to lack of information for the reporter or simply poor writing by the writer.

Or, it could be that the woman was sexually assaulted as per the article but not actually raped.

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Posted in: Kyoto slammed for manga telling people not to talk at restaurants See in context

Sven AsaiToday  06:07 pm JST

By the way, absolute silence and not speaking at the table during the meals was normal education standard when I was a child. When talking too much or in the wrong moment, moving around instead of silently sitting still or the worst, playing with something unrelated for instance a little toy or figure , there was strict punishment immediately and right at the table, a cut in pocket money or even a real physical slap into the face. Yes, even for not sitting vertically, playing with tablecloth or tableware etc. , sitting a little bit relaxed leaning over the table....lol So as for me, I don’t know what that talking and complaining is all about. I still feel imaginary punishment when hearing or trying myself that slurping of Japanese ramen. Yes, we had hard times, but also good times without such a virus lifestyle. Just everything or most things different from today. Maybe I would have been slaughtered, if there already were smartphones and I had that taken to the table and looked at it or even played, like everyone does today....lol

That explains a lot.

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Posted in: Britain to offer all adults a COVID-19 vaccine by end of July See in context

Here you are Mr Suga, you've been copying things from Britain for many years, now copy this please.

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Posted in: Time to wear a better mask, experts say See in context

KORE NANIToday  09:50 am JST

................ then we as a species have failed, because we elect IDIOTS who are governed by greedy mega corporations, and this is just the beginning.

The people of many countries don't have the ability to elect their governments.

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Burning BushToday  06:56 am JST

My full face motorcycle helmets blows all those masks out of the park.

20% of water droplets enter your body via the eyes and ears.

Pointless to wear a mask if those are uncovered.

Motorcycle helmet is the safest route.


Whilst wearing your helmet, when you breathe in, where does the air come from? How is it filtered?

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Posted in: Leader of political party that refuses to pay NHK ordered to pay NHK See in context

GoodlucktoyouToday  09:58 am JST

i watch foreign internet tv because the evening NHK news has two English translators that have the abilities of a 6 year old child.

Yes, a couple of the females are excruciatingly painful to listen to but the others are competent enough.

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Posted in: Japanese airman, U.S. instructor killed in training jet crash in U.S. See in context

When facts are few, experts are many.

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Posted in: Bitcoin hits $1 trillion market cap; surges to fresh all-time peak See in context

The world's most popular cryptocurrency jumped to an all-time high just below $55,772, posting a weekly jump of 13%. It has surged roughly 66% so far this month and was last up 6.8% at $55,079.

This is not going to end well.

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Posted in: Osaka beats Williams to reach Australian Open final See in context

timeonFeb. 18  05:13 pm JST

Harry, you do know that Osaka was the highest-earning female athlete of all time by annual income in 2020, right?

Yes, "in 2020 right" being the operative words and yes I did know that.

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Posted in: After criticism over Mexico trip, Cruz flies back to frozen Texas See in context

"U.S. Senator Ted Cruz flew -- for a family holiday jaunt to the Mexican resort city of Cancun"

"........  I flew down with them last night and am flying back this afternoon............ "

Some family holiday jaunt don't you think? Perhaps just a little bit of an hysteric overreaction?

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Posted in: How a 22-year-old woman helped bring down Mori See in context

I'm still wondering if a woman had made the same remarks about about men that Mori made about women, would the same hysteria have ensued?

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