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Posted in: GOP purges Cheney for 'unity,' but Trump bent on retribution See in context

@GdTokyo, giving out money doesn't solve problems. It merely give people more insentive to not work while the whole industry in crumbling down. Everyone is waiting for the next check. And fraud is happening constantly. Also this cause them to keep printing more money which is intensifying the inflation. The after-effects are gonna be bad. I have some contacts in US of some friends who had their own business there. They hate how the democrats are running things because they are shielding the antifa while causing many business owners to fear for a uncertain future. And conservatives all around US now are being silent and are suffering from attacks. You can't even express your own views anymore in public without being attack. My friends told me many of the good police men are leaving the force because they are sick of being mistreated by the democrats and are fearing for their lives for doing their job.

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Posted in: GOP purges Cheney for 'unity,' but Trump bent on retribution See in context

To be fair, Biden did not improve a single bit of the US people lives now that he is in office. Instead it just has gotten worse in my opinion.

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Posted in: Japan to bar entry of foreigners from India, Nepal, Pakistan See in context

Is already too late i think. Brazil has 1.5mill japanese people. The virus probably already entered weeks ago in Japan when they visited.

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He is a fool. The viewers are just getting amusement out of it. He will soon found out that nobody actually really cares what will happen to him after this. He just ruin himself for more views. He will soon found out where prison is not a place you want to spend just to get a few minutes of fame. Good luck ever finding a job in the future.

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Posted in: Deaths at home in Osaka Prefecture surge amid COVID wave See in context

I think is ignorant of people to keep thinking that the government can actually hide or even want to hide these kind of numbers and exclude them from the official count. Is because you can't never do something like this in japan. Because unlike other authoritarian states, japan still has laws that make investigation on these death very easily. Allowing the press to easily found out. And even if they try to hide it, they will only get burn in the end because the families can sue the government. Is not like other nations where the government can just shut up lawyers, journalist or any human right activist and jail them. If they could actually do that, Japan would not have so many scandals being reveal by the press everyday. Is because Japan is so transparent that we constantly get every bit of news about the situation on the news no matter how grim it sound. We would not have such a site here where they daily report about how people protest agains the olympics or report how slow the vaccine is going. I do not know about you, but freedom of speech and press has never been suppress here in Japan unlike most neighboring nations. Japan has always allow activists to demonstrates and reporters to report at will no matter how bad it is.

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Posted in: Two different Olympic scenes: Inside and outside the National Stadium See in context

How many people i see in the pic? Only a pitiful handful. And most were police and reporters.

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Posted in: Bomb kills at least 55 at girls' school in Afghan capital See in context

What kind of twisted beings would target a girl school which represent the future for the next generation? If God exist, he had long given up on the human race who constantly seek out conflicts in his name. If humans were truly created by a higher power, then we were probably the most disappointed and flawed beings out of all creations.

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The only positive thing about the country horrible broken system is that even if every culprit use the 'i don't remember thing' card in Japan, the police won't care if you really have real amnesia or not. When they want a confession out of you and they know it is you, then you can lie all you want, it isn't gonna help. These police has all the time in the world to slowly break and get the confession out of you. Lawyers might teach criminals to say nothing and or use the i don't remember trick, but if the police of japan intend to go after you, no amount of tricks can prevent it. There is a upside why we have a 99% conviction rate.

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Posted in: Japanese NBA player Hachimura, brother targeted with racial slurs See in context

Ah twitter. The platform where millions of users made from countless different countries and races around the world hurl insults at each other while pretending to be someone else there. It isn't even strange for sport stars to experience this. You get a lot of pretenders acting as fans to go in and throw insult or threat at you. The best these famous people can do is just ignore it and why even bother having it open for public. Just keep it private. Most of these social media platforms of these famous people are just where people go to fight each other for all kind of different reasons. This is why i don't follow them. All they do is follow the world trends and then tweets about it and act like they also a part of it.

We live now in a era where everything you say or do might somehow offend someone from somewhere. You cannot even enjoy entertainment anymore without someone getting into your face and try to teach you some moral lesson about the world. I miss the old times.

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Posted in: Ishikawa town builds giant squid with COVID relief funds See in context

This is the biggest problem. Central goverment give money out hoping it might help many businesses in times of need and hope that each city do their part but all these governors of each city and town do whatever they want with the cash once it end up in their hands. And then they go back crying again to ask for more fund. Is the same thing happening around the world. The US especially is gonna be in a world of pain if they keep printing more money to fund these so called cash stimulation.

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Posted in: Clothes in Japan help emit 95 mil tons of CO2 a year, mostly overseas See in context

@wayan Ubud, is too costly for normal companies to be willing to do it. First usable clothes has to be sorted, checked and then shipped. Then you have to get a agreement from the government there to be willing to accept them and then you would need a proper network to distribute the whole thing. Not to mention Japan has many different seasonal clothing which might not suit the climate there. Worse case what you get is just corrupted officials there who will just resell the clothing for some extra cash.

From transport to manpower, everything is just more costly. When stores cannot sell their wares,they would just have the dispose company get rid of it. Is cheaper for many store owners. And burning clothing generated power too and there is a whole industry relying on it. Is not easy as you think.

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I don't even get why the US is even bothering with them anymore when their own country is having such huge internal problems and can't even secure their own borders. Biden should just let South Korea solve their own problem and withdraw the troops already. US wasted too much time,money and effort on South Korea when the government there never actually truly tried to fix things and just hope the US act as a bugger. I think they instead are playing both sides and taking advantage of both. Moon had been trying for years to tap into the north korea delicious resources.

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Is all nice and all, but people are clearly blinded by this so called positive news. You all know that US still has around 6million active covid cases right? And the average daily infection rate is still in the 30k-40k. I am only convince that their efforts are paying off once those infection numbers drop to double digits.

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Posted in: Over half say Japan needs to amend Constitution for virus response See in context

Enforcing it like South Korea does seems to be a good idea. Citizens are abusing their rights anyway. If they can't keep their promise to self quarantine then is time for harsher measures.

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Posted in: Japan to send respirators, oxygen concentrators to India See in context

For those who doesn't know, sending that amount is already considered a lot. Even the UK, France and US can only send around that amount too.

Currently India death toll everyday is in the thousand because they are lacking oxygen. It's normal to send aid to deal with such a huge crisis that every country has to send aid to deal with the crisis and prevent another more deadly mutation from happening. Japan might be lacking manpower but we haven't reach the stage yet where people are dying due to lack of oxygen yet.

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Posted in: Man, teenage girl found dead in hotel room in suspected joint suicide See in context

@Mr Kipling: Probably 2 "wanna be deads" who met online, went ahead with their wishes.

This is why i don't approve when people strive for complete online freedom. It need to be regulated and under proper observation. The internet has become a breeding ground for predators and vulnerable people. Social media platforms really need to do more for the public.

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Posted in: Young widow arrested for killing Japanese 'Don Juan' in 2018 See in context

Well, at least he had lived his life to it's fullest. I did like how hard working he is to accomplish his dream and also willing to donate everything to the city after his death. This is a man who had lived his own way of life with no regrets. After his longtime dog companion is gone, there is probably no much more to look forward too except dying in the hands of a beautiful woman.

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Posted in: English soccer clubs to stage social media boycott in racism protest See in context

But the organizers of this latest blackout said they nonetheless felt compelled to take a stand.

Football or any kind of sport are entertainment and should not take any stand in these things. It isn't their place to choose a side. They should keep politics or any form of activism out of this. Basically what they are doing right now is blackmailing social media companies using their so called boycott as if 3 days would change anything. Is just a PR stunt.

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Posted in: Man arrested for defrauding his 35 girlfriends See in context

Well, he didn't actually cheated that much out of them except maybe ask for some b-day gifts. At least he didn't try to scam them like taking all their life savings. Maybe some feelings were hurt but that depends on just how well their dates went. I mean if the women were that draw to him to even think of marriage, at least the memories he gave them weren't that bad right? Considered the money lost then as them just treating a guy to diner. But he did overdo it by dating 35 of them. Considering that what he did wasn't exactly illegal, i think he would probably settle it with a proper apology.

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Posted in: Cultural Affairs Commissioner criticizes Japanese music, angering many See in context

Let's be honest these days. Most music these days has no soul. It's all about looks.

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Posted in: India records world's biggest single-day rise in coronavirus cases See in context

If anyone saw what the india population actually did during their national holidays, you would be even a little surprise by these numbers. Countless people half naked in the river playing in the water and even drinking it. Countless people on the street without mask and hugging each other and painting their bodies with paint because of pagwa. They had fun like covid never existed.

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Posted in: Pfizer confirms fake vaccine shots on sale in Mexico, Poland See in context

Who pay $1000 for a shot? I am not even sure i want to take it when it's free.

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Posted in: Japan considers letting dentists administer COVID-19 vaccines See in context

@Gorramcowboy, how course they have to considered. Dentist don't work for the government. Who is to say many dentists are even willing to accept patient everyday to vaccine them? And is the government willing to pay them for everyday work? Also who would supervise them in case they steal or secretly sell the vaccine? Or worse is if they have enough qualify people to the vaccination. There are dozen of things to considered before they actually do such a thing. For example what happen if something goes wrong during the vaccination and who will be responsible etc? You are naive if you think these things can be immediately decided. For all we know the patient might even sue the dentist if something goes wrong.

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Japan will need millions of new workers to make the work and pay their taxes to keep the society afloat with millions of old people.

@zichi, no we don't. What we need is for our youth to take up responsibility and do the dirty work themselves. Most youth think some jobs are beneath them and which is why the labor section is in such dire need of more work force. Your so called millions of new workers are just cheap labors which big compnaies try to profit out of instead of hiring Japan own existing work force. I know many japanese people who either is freelancing or just without a job sitting at home doing nothing.

All society population eventually reach it's peak and from there would go down. Is the cycle of life. The process will repeat. What goes up must come down and will also go up again. We might suffer for some years but we have to learn to adapt and shoulder the responsibility of improving our nation ourselves. The process of continue national growth and development is a illusion. It will only worsen the situation. More profit for big companies means more pollution and worsening living space,because the government would have you think increasing more population is a good thing.

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Posted in: Opposition parties criticize Suga over results of summit with Biden See in context

Oppositions always has something to say. There is a reason why each perfecture has a governor and why there is health minister. What they expect Suga to do? Stay in Japan because his presence can somehow scare off the pandemic?

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Posted in: Actor Akira Shimizu’s son arrested for assaulting wife See in context

@P. Smith, it matter because the social media is gonna eat him alive. Celebrities scandals are a lot more juicy for people. If he was a nobody, then no one would care or bother to look at this news.

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Posted in: Lodging houses used as morgues create unease among residents See in context

Dead or alive, treat it with respect. I don't see the big problem. For dust you are and unto dust you shall return. People should not be disturb by looking at a corpse which is already wrapped in cloth.

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Posted in: 8 killed, several others wounded in shooting at Indianapolis Fedex facility See in context

Truthfully it isn't weird considering the pandemic had broken many people and push them toward the edge. Many are now at their limits. You mix poverty + guns and you have something very dangerous. Which is also why here in our country instead of mass shooting there are stabbings and suicides. At least here when they go on a rampage they can't get any guns to do it and instead you have crazies who try to use knives to attack koban police. Some even try to steal the gun of the police. We now live in desperate times.

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Posted in: Suez Canal chief: Vessel impounded amid financial dispute with Japanese owner See in context

Is kinda impossible to just push the bill to the owner considering the ship itself was operated by a taiwanese company. The ship was in good condition so even if there was a problem, you can only blame at the weather or human error. Doesn't the insurance suppose to handle this? Or are they so greedy that they really think they can extort 900million?

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Posted in: Arsonist at idol concert says he was imitating the Kyoto Animation attack See in context

Great deed of the manager to extinquish the fire. Hope he recover.

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