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Every single time I see this it sickens me. I seriously hope someday, some way the CCP gets a reckoning that will lay them low and reflect on their greed for power and control.

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The democratic process in action.

Iran doesn't have a true democracy. Remember the Khamenei is still the unelected "supreme leader" over the "president" selected from a pool of candidates that a council of religious fundamentalists determine if they should be allowed to be a candidate in the first place.

Like the DPRK allowing an "election" where there is only ONE candidate. Or Russia's Kremlin controlled "democracy".

Iranians are never going to win until state funded corruption ends starting at the top.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy says carrier group operating in South China Sea See in context

Such a ship would be an easy target for a Chinese hypersonic missile

followed by...

War, what is it good for, right?

Mixed narratives are quite the tool for certain people hell bent on trying to disrupt common sense perspectives. Pro-Putin's Russia right?

Contrary to popular belief of that amazing song, the reality is that war is only good for one thing, to defend and protect the freedom and basic human rights of each other. China's CCP does not "fight" to protect the freedoms and human rights of it's people. it only fights for power, control, and oppression of others. It's their sticking point and why the US and allies will continue to enforce international laws in internationally designated waters.

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Posted in: Moscow offers free cars to spur people to get COVID vaccine See in context

Depends on how much people feel they can trust their own government. Too much corruption from the higher ups and cronies leads to lack of credibility and trust to the citizens of Russia.

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Posted in: Congress to probe 'rogue' actions of Trump's Justice Department See in context

As I said before, "As an American, I demand justice."

I'm waiting until all is said and done before I feel that this country is back on track... Truth, Justice, and the American way I hope.

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Posted in: China cautions G7 that 'small' groups don't rule the world See in context

CCP is a small group. I swear if they had even a raindrop of self reflection on their own actions they'd see how bass ackwards they are in thinking they have any credible criticism that doesn't reflect on themselves.

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Posted in: Police raids in Europe target worldwide organized crime See in context

@Goodlucktoyou... prostitution is legal (and regulated) in multiple European countries including Germany. Only leaves drugs, other illicit human trafficking (underage exploitation I gather), cybercrime, fraud, and extortion.

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Posted in: Russia hits 9 Canadian officials with sanctions See in context

By the way. The US went UP to rank 25 in 2020 compared to a much better of rank 16 in 2015~16... I wonder what could have possibly caused such a drastic change. Russia index changed a lot too during the past few years. (note to mods: if you could merge my past few comments into one it would be much appreciated.)

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Posted in: Russia hits 9 Canadian officials with sanctions See in context

Amazing how the best democracies are the ones with the lowest corruption index. New Zealand and Denmark.

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Posted in: Russia hits 9 Canadian officials with sanctions See in context

Don't think anyone is naive enough to believe that there isn't any corruption going on at all. But at least we have a higher chance to expose and actually deal with it a lot easier than certain countries with high government corruption and very little to no way to deal with or expose it.

For example this wonderful example of an independent corruption perception index shows the US at rank 25 in 2020, UK and Canada at Rank 11, Germany at rank 9.

Russia at rank 129. China at rank 78.... wow... beaten by China... that must hurt.


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Posted in: U.S. seizes $2.3 mil in Bitcoin paid to Colonial Pipeline hackers See in context

Weren’t certain posters here pillorying Biden as being weak because those posters assumed he was not having any action taken against these hackers?

The same ones that believed (or intentionally push the false narrative) that somehow Biden's administration paid the Colonial Pipeline ransom all by their lonesome.

Good to see our federal cyber security team back in function after a certain previous POTUS tried to neuter their ability to function in hopes they could "win" another term by hook or by crook.

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Give us an example of such a country (and yes, the US or its proxies in Europe don't fit in here)

You know exactly that the US, Canada, EU nations, and UK have a very well functioning democratic governments. I know exactly how democracy in my country and many of my countries allies works. It is not 100% perfect, but at least we all have the chance to strive to be better every step of the way.

Besides, you're attempt at trying to deflect from your own history of pro Putin's Russia propaganda shows exactly what kind of perspective you'd like to promote here. True democracies have leaders, who guide and support their country for the good of their people by the will and choice of the people who vote them into leadership positions. This is without use of manipulation, oppression, and deceit that those who claim to be "leaders" only desire to RULE and not LEAD.

Putin has been in power since I was YOUNG. 20+ YEARS him and the current corrupt Kremlin cronies have MANIPULATED, OPPRESSED, and use DECEIT to maintain power and control over their country and it's people for their own greed and corruption. So please feel free to explain away such things, and we'll gladly call out your BS.

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he was actually convicted of serious fraud. And he jumped bail. And he is a Neo-Nazi. Incited violence and rioting.

but hey, let’s hate Russia.

Oh sure, let's ignore the Kremlin korruption and power monger Putin and trust their propaganda completely. By the way, your consistent CCP cheering kind of drowns out any concern you claim to have for poor Russia.

The sooner Russia (and China while we're at it) has a fully functioning democratic system (not a sham controlled by a select few...) with the ability to have more than one choice of political party to look out for them.

They keep arresting and releasing this guy like it will make them look like they're not manipulating Russian citizens ability to "vote" like a real democracy by leaving closely controlled political "opponents" around in spite of the fact they've either killed off or stifled any political opposition parties to run against the ruling class.

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Posted in: Taiwan says China is spreading fake news during COVID spike See in context

It's pretty obvious that the CCP is doing this on a global scale. There are quite a few "commenters" even here that actively engage in such propaganda tactics hoping some of their mis-truths will stick.

Too bad the ROC lost the war to the CCP. Taiwan's current democratic government was hard fought over Taiwan's history and didn't come suddenly.

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Posted in: GOP not budging on infrastructure offer in Biden talks See in context

Here we go again. GOP playbook: Obstruct, prevent, deny as much as possible when the other team is in majority power. Then try to blame the political opposition for not getting anything of value done, and take credit for whatever did get done (even though we try to make it difficult).

This party is so dead to me.

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At least he would fight for his country, can’t fault him for that.

He doesn't fight for his country. He fights not to protect, but to RULE. If he truly "fought" for his country, the estimated billions he and actions he has taken from past to present would have been used to improve every Russian' life and provide prosperity for all.... instead of oligarch cronies.

Corruption is not the path to a good future for any country.

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Posted in: Japanese author of famed 'Berserk' manga dies See in context

GDI!!!!! I KNEW this was gonna happen... I was hoping this series would finish before he died on us and I'm pretty sure it hasn't finished.

Berserk was very good and interesting in it's early days, the character dynamics and relationships between Guts, Griffith and the Band of the Hawk.

Early on the series had dramatic dark fantasy elements that I'm pretty sure inspired RR Martin's GoT/Song of Ice and fire series. Betrayal, plots, religious fanatacism, "reality" being overlapped by rather malevolent mythical dimensions and beings. This series definitely has it's moments and development of characters.

I'm sad to see him go... but also discouraged that the series has not finished before his passing.

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Posted in: Gov't pledges to fix embarrassing vaccine booking system flaw See in context

Japan's department of health really should have planned all of this out. They had a strategy to get the vaccines stocked, but that is still stuck in red tape since they don't have any guidelines for emergency situations like pandemics. They still did not get a strategy to dispense the vaccines on a massive scale once they received it.

I know Japan needs expert help from other countries that have more effective and active government strategies on these types of situations, but how long do they plan on not listening in the first place? Such complacency on their part...

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Posted in: EU beefs up powers to curb China's rise as trade deal prospects cool See in context

It's shouldn't be considered curbing "China's" rise to power, it should be more like curbing "The CCP's" rise to what they perceive as "power"

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Posted in: U.S. Space Command tracks Chinese rocket for uncontrolled re-entry from orbit See in context

I hope it falls on the Great Hall of the People.

Oh, pray for whatever cosmic justice the universe may have that this would happen. Let's see the CCP try to worm their way out of that!

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Posted in: U.S. says fate of nuclear pact up to Iran as talks resume See in context

As long as the Khamenei and his cronies wallow in whatever money Iran can earn for the country, the Iran nuclear deal should be dealt with a heavy hand, and not give them "their" money (read ill gotten gains) that will NEVER go towards the good of the Iranian people.

There was an article I saw that was trying to figure out the Khamenei's Setad "orginazation". It is how the so called supreme leader "holy man" is worth billions while Iran's general populace and society is poor and struggle with corruption from the top. Follow the money... it can't be said enough. Figure out Setad, and it's part of why sanctions need to be properly directed to cutting off the head of the snakes that run Iran.... (into the ground)

Exclusive: Reuters investigates business empire of Iran's supreme leader | Reuters 2013

US claims Khamenei controls wealth worth $200B | Daily Sabah

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Posted in: World leaders pledge climate cooperation despite other rifts See in context

Many countries have exported their manufacturing to China, India, Vietnam, Africa etc and now want them to reduce their carbon emissions, when it's the developed countries who are responsible for the dirt in the first place.

You seem to misunderstand how that works. It was not the developed countries governments that exported the dirty industrial manufacturing. It was the corporations. Because it was "too costly" and "too much hassle" to abide by their domestic environmental and economic regulations their governments imposed on the corporations they export manufacturing to countries that do not have or enforce those regulations.

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Posted in: China cautions Japan ahead of U.S.-Japan summit See in context

The CCP has no good reputation to stand on. Literally NONE. Let's name what good things that China under the CCP has accomplished that the rest of the world admires...

What countries has the CCP uplifted into better standing? Not even China has been uplifted to something better... Taiwan on the other hand...

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Posted in: U.N. in talks with China for unrestricted Xinjiang visit See in context

Wonder if Chinese officials can have unrestricted access to US immigration child prisons on the Mexican border?

Whataboutism is a known tactic used by certain untrust worthy political organizations in the world (CCP, GOP, etc). Distract, reflect, project, lie, and deny. Playing the same old tricks that many of us have seen before doesn't change the FACTS nor the TRUTH of reality. The CCP is being called out, and will continue to be called out until they learn to be truthful and honest. Y'know that is what makes a good "global power" is *honesty and integrity* which creates *credibility.* None of which the CCP has ever had...

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Posted in: China warns foreign companies not to engage in politics over Xinjiang See in context

Plus the CCP needs to be called to task before the WTO for exploiting their trade status.

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Posted in: China warns foreign companies not to engage in politics over Xinjiang See in context

None of us would be able to afford a change of clothes. Prices would escalate, we'll protest in the streets for cheaper clothing and goods

Not true, one of two things could happen. Companies could be called out for their greed mongering ways and outsourcing manufacturing/customer support while charging insanely high mark ups vs cost to manufacture. And the CCP's China isn't the only country where manufacturing can be done cheaply. For decades, many overseas companies have been sending business to China under the CCP for their bottom line and lack of worker support/environmental regulation etc. As long as the CCP is being fed by these fools, they've become the way they are now.

I think many of us are in agreement that without the CCP, and a more democratic/human rights supporting government, China would not be as it is now but better. The CCP is a party before country, society, dignity mentality. The CCP elite call the shots and desire unchecked control over everyone and everything if they could have the chance.

Time for the world to starve the CCP.

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Posted in: Miami Beach declares state of emergency over uncontrollable crowds See in context

Stupid people are stupid people no matter what the situation. Plus the ignorance and arrogance of youth never learn until it's too late. Regardless of one's political spectrum, the people that ignored the rules meant to protect themselves and others just to party always create unnecessary problems for everyone else.

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Posted in: U.S. denounces Russian 'disinformation' over COVID vaccines See in context

I trust old school Russia (before Putin) much more than the CCP. And I only trust Putin's Russia only slightly more than the CCP. At least Russia doesn't expect everyone to be stupid enough to believe lies. The CCP on the other hand...

Sadly there have been quite a few Americans that were gullible and easily manipulated into believing in the Russian state backed misinformation campaign that we have seen even certain posters on this site completely eat up without question.

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Posted in: Chinese foreign minister defends Hong Kong reform proposals as 'reasonable' See in context

China’s business is China’s business. Imagine if China criticized USA for its treatment of black people? Or immigrants?

As a black man living in the US, take a hard long look in the mirror yourself. At least here we can call out racism, and strive to be better. In the US I have a voice, and actually have protections from racism, prejudice, and bigotry. China under the CCP... nowhere near as capable of making steps towards improvement. How is the CCP treating Africans and African immigrants again?

There is a saying, "Before pointing fingers at others, know that there will be at least 2 other fingers pointing back at you..."

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Posted in: Top Chinese official outlines plan to ensure 'patriots' run Hong Kong See in context

Oh gawd... CCP boot licking "patriots" that aren't democratically elected by the free decisions of the people of HK. I hope the CCP goes down hard and miserably for the excrement they've pulled for decades.

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