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Posted in: UK Labour leader reshuffles team after poor local election results See in context

Humble apologies, Keir Starmer, honest typo

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Posted in: UK Labour leader reshuffles team after poor local election results See in context

Far simpler for Stammer to step down. This has all the hallmarks of shuffling the deck chairs.

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Posted in: If you have been working remotely since the pandemic began, what kind of work style would you prefer after (if) the pandemic has been eliminated? See in context

Faced, without the restrictions of a pandemic, around thirty percent of the eligible workforce opted for a flexible patterned scheduled home working environment.

This pandemic has put paid to that.

Face to face isolation from colleagues, the chit-chat, gossip, the work space banter, all taken for granted, has brought added and essential mental health issues for HR.

95% of the staff want to return to a office environment.

I don't blame them I frankly have had enough too.

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Posted in: As pandemic ebbs, an old fear is new again: mass shootings See in context

“I haven't been living in fear with COVID because I'm able to make educated decisions to keep myself safe,” says Smith, 21, who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. “But there’s no way I can make an educated decision about what to do to avoid a mass shooting. I've been at home for a year and I'm not as practiced at coping with that fear as I used to be.”

When an individual, before leaving home, has to way up the potential risk avoidance of a mass shooting, I believe it is time to at least consider reflectively how this crazy scenario has developed.

It is the why? Before the necessity to take action.

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Posted in: Vaccine deserts: Some countries have no COVID-19 jabs at all See in context

At the small hospital where Dr. Oumaima Djarma works in Chad's capital, there are no debates over which coronavirus vaccine is the best.

There are simply no vaccines at all.

And yet vaccine developers Pfizer and BioNTech are donating vaccine support to stage the 2020 Olympics.

Misguided, obscene, scandalous on every conceivable level.

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Posted in: Labour's Sadiq Khan re-elected London mayor See in context

Keir Starmer, foolishly, without careful consideration, threw Angela Rayner head first under a convoy of juggernauts.

Keir Starmer deputy leader!

What a plonker!

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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

International Olympic Committee Vice President John Coates, believes whole heartedly in his own conceited self-importance.

Coates inadvertent foolish outburst could have set the stage for a total drains up  reform of the structure and continued hosting of future, at least morally of the entire Olympic Games ethos.

The IOC/John Coates over inflated ego, opinion, displays a mislead ignorance of the fact, ultimately staring a nation in the face.

Coates is in effect advocating contractual obligation over the lives of the most venerable in Japan society!!

For a few dollars more

Lee van Coates better beware, Clint Eastwood is on your case, don't believe for one moment the people of japan will not, for one moment turn this whole sorrow saga into a noodle eastern.

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Posted in: Labour's Sadiq Khan re-elected London mayor See in context

Mickelicious, have to take voter dissatisfaction into consideration on low turnouts,

Certainly planet itsonlyrocknroll, humble opinion, thinks it could.

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Posted in: Scottish nationalists vow independence vote after election win See in context

Mickelicious, I believe reunification and the costs involved will be the deal breaker both north and south of the boarder.

As much as the costs of Scottish independence, could ultimately become the deciding factor in the outcome of indyref2.   

Poll shows Irish support unification but don’t want to pay for it

Now, an outrageous assumption, had Scotland gained independence in 2014, and subsequently joined the European Union, would the UK current vaccine program be mirrored in an independent Scotland wedded to a EU that is currently unable to coherently roll out any semblance of a clear policy to protect its citizens?

Well, welcome to planet Sturgeon.

I suspect in the quiet confides of a voting booth the people of Scottish will think twice.

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Posted in: Scottish nationalists vow independence vote after election win See in context

albaleo, I agree states, regions countries and governments can work together for common interests. Settlements, arrangement, accords and resolutions.

However politically the buck must stop at Holyrood, with the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon.

zichi, you aren't running round the garden, saltire face paint, wailing "They may take away our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!".

The neighbors wont thank you for it.

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Posted in: Scottish nationalists vow independence vote after election win See in context

Governments my be display upfront and total transparency to the economic costs of independence.

In all cases the political argument was won decades ago.

The fiscal position of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Will the people of Irish Republic be willing to take on the full fiscal/monetary costs at £5,118 per head?

The south would, without doubt, welcome there northern neighbors with open arms, however as long as they don't have to foot the eyewatering bill.

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Posted in: Scottish nationalists vow independence vote after election win See in context

I am vehemently opposed to political unions, whether it be the European Union or the United Kingdom. These so-called unions fly in the face of a people’s right to democratic self-determination.

In the SNP case, Nicola Sturgeon wrenched form of separatist nationalism, a cynical methodology dodge at every turn taking responsibility for an appalling failure of leadership in government from health to policing, education to provision of elderly care homes.

Every opportunity to reform government, prompts Sturgeon to blame Westminster.   

This is why Johnson must bite the bullet, call Sturgeon/SNP out, ASAP, move and call a independence referendum to be held within 60 days.

Sturgeon poisonous political posturing must be halted.

The remaining member countries of the UK must be able to move on in the aftermath of a devastating pandemic.

The People of Scotland must be able to hold Sturgeon/SNP directly accountable for there actions.

To achieve this Scotland must be able to cut loose. And accept the consequences.

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Posted in: Labour's Sadiq Khan re-elected London mayor See in context

Shaun Bailey (conservative) an unknown quantity, politically, squeezed Sadiq Khan majority by 1.6%.

However, Khan was always, out of a particularly ghastly line up, going to hold on to office.

It is analyzing the numbers, (Khan democratically deserved win), within the mayoral election system, pulls one up.

The turn out, 2,531,357, 41.2% of the eligible vote, Khan 55.2% represents 1,397,309 voters.

58.8% of London population that received a voting card, abstained.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Khan tenure as Mayor.

On the other hand Andy Burnham was reelected mayor of Greater Manchester on 67% of the vote.

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Posted in: Suga says Japan aiming for 1 mil COVID-19 vaccine shots daily See in context

What prompted the Government of Japan to pluck a number as high as 1 million shots administered per day out of thin air?

Science fiction for sure.

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Posted in: Voters flock to Johnson's party as Labour loses bastion See in context

I have more time for Jeremy Corbyn, Keir Starmer , than that political fork tongue weasel Sadiq Khan.

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Posted in: Voters flock to Johnson's party as Labour loses bastion See in context

Momentum is a group of ideological zealots, Sadiq Khan London Mayor is a reflection on the a failure to tackle the devastating effect knife crime has on the capitol, spiraling out of control

A transport network in near to insolvency, every promise, pledge meaningless.

Sadiq Khan has spent and squanders hundreds of millions on ideological extremism, gesture politics and the poisonous derisive agenda of pursuing victimhood.

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Posted in: Voters flock to Johnson's party as Labour loses bastion See in context

Keir Starmer, is a relic of the Gordon Brown tenure, Director of Public Prosecutions.

Keir Starmer is a mere side show to the political dysfunctional malaise within the Labour party.  

The political corrosive deterioration is systemic as the Momentum fundamentalist group remains a pretense to having any connection to socialist principles, or justice within the party group.

To suggest that this whole sorry debacle is a reflection on Keir Starmer leadership is delusional.

Sadiq Khan London Mayor and his ilk, his failure to tackle violent crime, blaming the government for it, Is the underlining reason why labour is foundering at the ballot box.

Sadiq Khan is the very definition as to why the Labour party remain and will continue to be unelectable.

Sadiq Khan is the very definition of conflict and chaos personified.

Gesture politics without any foundation.

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Posted in: Voters flock to Johnson's party as Labour loses bastion See in context

Must be circumspect, cautious when by-elections bear untold pots of voter gold.

Keep in mind, the aphorism all that momentary glisters, politically, has a habit of misrepresentation at any future ballot box.

The Johnson Government has hoovered up the UKIP vote en-masse.

The Labour Party has become infested with a toxic form of metropolitan, London focused, identity politics.

An ideology embracing a cancel culture, wokery, typified by the relentless need to indoctrinate opinion through the pursuit of accusations of unconscious bias.

The self-righteous ostracism to tear down statues, and rewrite history.

Aided and abetted, by a celebrity Hollywood posturing showbiz cultural elite.

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic petition tops 200,000 signatures in just 2 days See in context

I humbly suggest careful and wise reflection.

If the Government of Japan was to unilaterally seek to cancel, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

The people of Japan, tax payers could, may I suggest be liable for incalculable, swinging costs, penalties, and fees.

Host City Contract 2020

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Posted in: Pfizer and BioNTech to donate vaccines for Olympic athletes See in context

There is no justification for Vaccine developers Pfizer and BioNTech to be donating vaccine support to stage the 2020 Olympics.

The decision is anomalous in consideration to the toll this pandemic has inflicted on the developing world.

And yet BioNTech, IOC, see fit to prioritize athletes and officials preparing for the Tokyo Olympics above developing countries that critical need for these vaccine is essential to protect the most venerable.

COVID-19: Vaccines for Developing Countries

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Posted in: New Zealand declines to call China's Uighur treatment genocide See in context

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

Article II

*In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: *

(a) Killing members of the group; 

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; 

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; 

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; 

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group. 

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Posted in: New Zealand declines to call China's Uighur treatment genocide See in context

Sid, really?

Let's take a closer look at that argument. With Beijing’s own words.

Yes, the Atrocities in Xinjiang Constitute a Genocide

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Posted in: New Zealand declines to call China's Uighur treatment genocide See in context

Humanity..sorry kicking the furniture.

Arden's attitude is so scheming, contrived, politically cynical.

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Posted in: New Zealand declines to call China's Uighur treatment genocide See in context

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's ruling Labour Party and Government are appeasing a ruthless dictatorship.

Ardern answer is to turn her back and pretend it is isn't happening, to fall back on a policy of political hand wringing.

The Government of China has committed heinous crimes against humility.

At least one million Uighurs and people from other mostly Muslim minorities have been held in camps in Xinjiang, according to rights groups, who accuse authorities of forcibly sterilizing women and imposing forced labour.

Pusillanimity and acquiescence are a pitiful combination.

Shameful cowardice.

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Posted in: Bill and Melinda Gates divorce could shake up philanthropy See in context

This marriage is irretrievably broken, we ask the court to dissolve our marriage and find that our martial community ended on the date stated in our separation contract.

To what extent The Gates marriage has been nothing more than a sham, is open to question, speculation.

The media will waste no time in making a number of assumptions.

The gossip mill is about to go into over-drive.      

Which bring into stark contrast and question, the charitable philanthropic reliance on these so called multi-billionaire do-gooders.

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Posted in: Japanese schoolgirl and karate teen subdue violent shoplifter See in context

Japan National Police Agency, no not tolerate have a go hero’s, in any form, for any reason.

The Uniform does the policing, the Courts uphold the law.

I once carried a mace aerosol self-defence spray in my hand bag, until my solicitor, out for a Friday night drink, clocked it in my hand bag, and through a wobbly.

She barked, straight to Jail, don’t pass go, don’t collect 200 quid, or words to that effect.

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Posted in: Britain, Japan agree to strengthen trade and security partnership See in context

Of all the minster in Johnson cabinet, Raab does not inspire confidence to get the job done.

Raab possesses a near callous disregard for employment rights and protection.

Raab’s regressive ideological bent does not stop at employment rights, Raab decries feminism as a form of bigotry.

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Posted in: Britain, Japan agree to strengthen trade and security partnership See in context

Britain, Japan agree to strengthen trade and security partnership.

There must/has to be a sound political and economic grounding/substance to the partnership.

The free trade agreement must sincerely be beneficial to both Countries.

In every sector. UK drop all tariffs on EVs and hybrids, allow Japan unfettered access to government procurement contracts, through a clear less convoluted tendering process.

This must be reciprocated in the areas the UK would benefit within the J market place.

Also free movement of peoples, employment exchange programs, lose the red tape.

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Posted in: Germany busts international child porn site used by 400,000 See in context

It is without doubt the TOR, browser technology is a methodology to counter against network surveillance.

However, TOR software development/communication tools, circumvention configuration has enable/allowed the most depraved sexual exploitation of children to flourish.

Examples have to be made, a determined global response to prevent these despicable appalling inhuman crimes against vulnerable children.   

Locking up and throwing away the key. 

And in the most extreme convictions, physical and well as chemically induced countermeasures to protect the present/potential future victims.

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Posted in: BAFTA suspends UK actor Clarke after groping and harassment allegations See in context

The accusations of vulgarity are repulsive, lewd behavior, inappropriate sexual intimidation, pestering, coercion under duress to accept/allow unwanted groping.

Reading above, my diction and tone, I have without any proof condemned Noel Clarke future career to the dustbin of history. In a single sentence

I am not for one moment condoning or suggesting Noel Clarke alleged transgressions are or should ever be deemed acceptable.

Guilt/Innocence has to be a matter for jurisprudence, and left for the auspiciousness of UK Justice System.

Not, the tabloid press.

Evidence has been openly published in the media.

Open to sensationalist interpretation.   

The original guardian exposé.

‘Sexual predator’: actor Noel Clarke accused of groping, harassment and bullying by 20 women

Met police receive report of sexual offence claims after allegations against Noel Clarke

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