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Trump's acquittal smells eerily similar to when O.J. Simpson was. I can guarantee that Trump will not get away from the numerous suits being brought forward against him. The Georgia lawsuit of extortion is one that seems to have real legs because there is insurmountable proof of his liability in that case. He will go to jail in the end for something, just like O.J.

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Posted in: Super Bowl No. 7 for Tom Brady as Buccaneers beat Chiefs 31-9 See in context

Credit for the win should go to DC Todd Bowles for creating a masterpiece of a plan. The Bucs got gashed by K.C. in their regular season game, but this time around, they made the necessary adjustments. K.C. probably didn't expect to see so much Cover 2 and 2-man coverage. Credit for that should go to their young secondary who didn't allow Kelce and Hill to go wild, and made Mahomes stay in the pocket longer for the four man rush to apply just enough pressure to get them off their game.

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Posted in: On first day, Biden rolls back Trump policies on border wall, climate, WHO, health, Muslims See in context

Trump agrees with you - he loves employing illegals at his properties - cheaper than hiring Americans...

So true. Also, let's not forget that Trump is notorious for stiffing payment to his workers. His followers should have used their "Stop the Steal" signs for Trump to stop stealing money from them and his workers.

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Posted in: Capitol rioters hold out hope for a Trump pardon See in context

“I feel like I was basically following my president. I was following what we were called to do. He asked us to fly there. He asked us to be there. So I was doing what he asked us to do,”

If Trump does pardon them, then it would be clear admission on his part that he did incite the protesters and caused an insurrection. Even Trump wouldn't be so stupid to do that.

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Posted in: U.S. state capitals on edge for armed protests as Trump presidency nears end See in context

Thanks to Trump, Americans have to be more afraid from their own fellow Americans, than from foreign terrorists. It's not to crazy to think that we will now need walls surrounding all federal buildings, monuments, etc. as well as heightened security at all times.

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Posted in: Visiting Texas to see border wall, Trump takes no responsibility for Capitol riot See in context

I really hope they impeach Trump, even if it has to be after he leaves office for the sole reason of taking away his tax-payer funded benefits he would receive as a former president. He absolutely does not deserve a penny more from hardworking Americans.

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Posted in: 'King Kazu' renews Yokohama FC contract at nearly 54 See in context

Great job, King Kazu! Him not making the 1998 WC squad was a tremendous crime.

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Posted in: Visiting Texas to see border wall, Trump takes no responsibility for Capitol riot See in context

He should be paying for a wall around the Capitol.

At any rate, I'm sure now Mexico is willing to pay for the wall to keep Americans out of Mexico. Heck, I'm pretty sure Canada wants to build a wall to keep crazy right-wing white supremacist lunatics out of their country too.

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Posted in: Justice Department pursuing seditious conspiracy cases in probe of Capitol riot See in context

I'm sure they are also investigating whether or not it was an inside job. It sure looks that way. The Washington D.C. police department even requested that the Department of Defense send in the National Guard, but was totally ignored. It wasn't until Pence called in way later, that the guard and backup was sent. It was a stark contrast to the preparation for the BLM protests. The insurrectionists seemingly had the doors open for them and they knew the layout of the building.

On any normal day, if anyone wants to visit the Capitol, they have to go to strict clearance and checks. Even handicapped people in wheelchairs have to have their wheelchairs thoroughly inspected. Mothers with babies have to have their bags of baby necessities X-rayed and hand-checked. Yet, these armed protesters were allowed to go through the doors unimpeded. Why?

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Posted in: Florida man spotted with Pelosi lectern gets $25,000 bail See in context

What a terrible example to set for his children. I really hope his children don't grow up to be thieves and looters like him. Guys like him don't deserve to have children.

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Posted in: West Virginia lawmaker charged with entering Capitol in riot resigns See in context

As more details come out about this riot, it gets more and more disturbing at how violent it was. Police were not only injured, but some seriously. A lot only saw the outside where protesters were mostly peaceful. However, there were many inside the building armed with guns and knives and zip straps ready to kidnap and possibly torture or kill congress men and women. They looted and destroyed property. You thought the BLM protests were violent? The riots in the Capitol made them look like children's playtime. I really hope they go after and punish all perpetrators hard, so nothing like this can happen again.

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Posted in: Democrats plan impeachment; Twitter deletes Trump's account See in context

Trumpism is an ideology. It has no place in the GOP. In effect, it has been like a cancer spreading in the GOP and causing it to split into to camps. The traditional Republican party, and the party of Trump.

Trump doesn't care one bit for the ideals and traditions of the GOP. In fact, Trump doesn't even care for any of his supporters, contrary to what his supporters may believe. His supporters are so stupid to think that their shyster of a leader actually cares for their needs and wants. All Trump cares about is himself and only himself. Just look at how quick he will throw former friends under the bus. Heck, I'm not sure he even likes his children.

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Trump must be punished. Even though impeachment may take too long with only 12 days left until Biden takes office, he and every senator and protester who took part in this coup must be held accountable and severely punished. If not, make no mistake, it would send a message to future despots and power hungry wannnabe leaders to do this again. Next time, it could be even worse. Instead of impeachment, maybe a lengthy incarceration would be more appropriate. These attacks on America's democracy cannot happen again.

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Posted in: Trump says he will not attend Biden's inauguration See in context

He is being petty as he has always been. He will go down as the biggest sore loser there ever was. To top that off, he has shown to be a liar and coward, as he first said to his followers that he would be right there with them as they marched to the Capitol, but was quickly found hunkering in the WH. Cowards will always lead from behind.

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Posted in: Prosecutor: Sedition charge possible for pro-Trump rioters See in context

Defund the police!

Except the U.S. Capitol police of course.

The Capitol police were so inept. They were taking selfies with the protesters, and basically opened the front door for them. A stark contrast in the way the Black Lives Matters protest in Washington was dealt with. A clear sign that racism exists among the police force.

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Posted in: Woman killed in siege of U.S. Capitol was veteran who embraced conspiracy theories See in context

"She loved her country and she was doing what she thought was right to support her country, joining up with like-minded people that also love their president and their country," he told Fox 5. "She was voicing her opinion and she got killed for it."

No, she only loved Trump and his right-wind ideals. If she cared about her country, she wouldn't have willfully broken into a government building, destroying property, and threatening bodily harm on government officials.

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Posted in: China's internet erupts in mirth over U.S. Capitol chaos See in context

It's going to take a lot to repair the damage to America's image as a democracy. Trump has caused the U.S. to be the laughingstock of the world.

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Posted in: Somber Senate unites to reject election challenges See in context

The guilty rioters should be arrested and locked up. Unfortunately, because they belong to the right, they will of course get preferential treatment. Unlike protesters in the Black Lives Matters protests who were often times mowed over by cars, arrested without any reason, kidnapped in unmarked vans, etc. It's like night and day how the police treat protesters based on the color of their skin, or their cause.

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Posted in: 4 dead after Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, forcing Senate to evacuate See in context

And to think that Trump was so against NFL players peacefully protesting by taking a knee, but doesn't outright condemn protesting violently. So to him, violent protests are good, but peaceful protests are bad. Wow!

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Posted in: Warnock, Ossoff win in Georgia, handing Senate control to Democrats See in context

Great job in getting the most corrupt senators out of there. Perdue evaded debating against Ossoff, and Loeffler was never voted into her position by the people. Good to see the Senate being cleansed of the slime.

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Posted in: 4 dead after Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, forcing Senate to evacuate See in context

This is what happens when you give the keys to the country to a man-child who only cares about his ego. Trump never cared about Americans. He basically took the "United" from the U.S.A. We should just called it the "States of America" from now on. I'm sure other countries like China are laughing their heads off at the third-world country that America has become. You can thank Trump for that.

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Posted in: 4 dead after Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, forcing Senate to evacuate See in context

What's ironic is that those same Republican senators who backed Trump's calls to overturn the election, are now cowering in fear from the assault that he and they brought upon themselves.

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Posted in: GOP plans to upend Biden win for Trump rips party apart See in context

I'm not so surprised these days that most GOP senators put party before country. What surprises me more is that these senators above, are going one step further and putting Trump ahead of their own party. It's not only selfish, but very disturbing. They would rather let America burn and support a thug like Trump, than stand up to him and help to unite the country.

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Posted in: In recorded call, Trump pressures Georgia official to 'find' votes to overturn election See in context

Extortion is a criminal offense and Trump can be punished just on that alone. I'm sure there are more offenses he has committed though. It's almost a guarantee now that he will go to jail. If he doesn't, then it will leave a big stain on the integrity of the American justice system.

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Posted in: Trump golfs in Florida as COVID relief hangs in the balance See in context

what else can Trump do?

For starters, Trump should start doing his job. Stop playing golf all the time and show up for work at least.

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Posted in: Biden, McConnell talk after top Senate Republican acknowledges his election win See in context

Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh said in a statement that Warnock and Ossoff "represent the left-most fringe" of the Democratic Party and that Biden campaigning for them showed he was under the influence of that wing of the party.

And does he think Perdue and Loeffler are saints? Those two are the most corrupt, egotistical Senators in Congress. Georgians would be shooting themselves in the foot if they elect them again. Perdue dodges debates and Loeffler puts out hate ads using the ton of money she own.

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"While we disagree on a lot of things, there are things we can work together on," Biden told reporters. "We agreed to get together sooner (rather) than later."

And that is why Biden was selected. Even though McConnell pulled all of his shenanigans in denying that the election had been done fairly, Biden was willing to let bygones be bygones. Working for the greater good supersedes ego. Imagine how Trump would've reacted?

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Posted in: Electoral College makes it official: Biden won, Trump lost See in context

Well that confirms it. But unfortunately, Trump and his cult will want to continue to beat the drum that it was all a fraud. Something I don't get though is, that Trump is contesting the states (Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin) that have pretty much always been Democrat blue. In fact, you could make a case that the blip in 2016 could be fishy because of the long Democratic tradition in those states.

Georgia's flip to blue can easily be explained by the efforts made by Stacey Abrams and her crew in getting so many poor and minority voters registered, and trying to stop the tradition of voter suppression in that state.

As for Arizona, Trump only has himself to blame, as he openly disparaged their favorite son in the late John McCain. I really don't think the good people of Arizona would take too kindly to one of their own being insulted.

Also, it's his fault that he saw a sudden surge of Biden votes in those states. If those states had been allowed to count the mail-in ballots before election day as they came in, thus saving time on the results, he would have seen Biden leading from the get-go.

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Posted in: Trump lashes out at Supreme Court, Barr as efforts to overturn election fizzle See in context

So Trump's only way to win this election is to claim fraud was committed by Democrats, while trying to commit fraud himself. That, and trying to bully the Supreme Court to go against everything the Constitution stands for and let him hand select the electors in the states he lost, while claiming that no fraud was committed in the states he won. Wow, it sounds like something a dictator like Putin would do, rather than a leader of a democracy.

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Posted in: Supreme Court rejects Texas lawsuit and Trump bid to overturn election loss See in context

70+ million people are not going to walk off in the sunset and think, oh, well....lol

So you actually think that those people are going to keep acting like petulant whining crybabies until kingdom come? Wow, such little faith in the human race!

I can guarantee that that 70 million will dwindle, the more Trump continues to disregard his duties as POTUS and tarnishes the reputation and standing of all that position stands for.

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