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Posted in: Gov't to aid virus-hit firms with ¥500 bil from reserve funds See in context

Why the bars and eateries limitation? As if that industry is the only one being hit.

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Posted in: Cruise ship returns to Yokohama after one passenger tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

Truly unbelievable; that people would even want to get an a boat with 700 other unvaccinated people,

that the cruise ship company would put their customers and staff at risk, that he government allowed it. Japan needs to get its priorities straight.

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

Teaching gender issues at nursery schools and kindies? Leave that kind of nonsense to the west, we don't need the radical left agenda here in Japan.

If a boy brings a dress, dresses like a girl or acts like one, of course he will be called out and laughed off, not out of malice but because most young kids are like that.

Why are some people intent on making every issue into radical right and left?

There is nothing radical about it let alone left or right.

The problem is that there is a different uniform for boys and girls in a nursery school or kindergarten. This is totally unnecessary and leads to the problem at hand.

Why even bother getting into such discussions with kids this age? For example, why is pink for girls when I prefer pink and I'm a boy? If they all wore black shorts or slacks the whole issue would be nonexistent at this age.

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

Ditch the planes and dolls, blues and pinks. Make all the kids wear black when they’re taken out for those walks around town in the morning or in those cutesy carts. Erase their thoughts into nothingness, on gender or anything.

Why do boys and girls in preschool need different uniforms? When my son was in nursery school in Japan he really wanted to where the pink shirt. He liked pink and we thought so what and we let him. Nobody seemed to care and this is the way it should be. It wasn't for some time until he 'learned' not to like the pink shirt because he was a boy. A shame really that we can only be so pure for a short time before we are taught such silliness.

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Posted in: Espionage trial starts behind closed doors for 2nd Canadian detained in China See in context

Yes, why is she still in Canada? An extradition hearing should be a relatively simple affair, isn't it up to the Americans to prove her guilt?

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Posted in: An isolated Trump faces looming impeachment threat See in context

Dems playing dirty again. It won’t end well.

After the events of January 6th 2021, it really blows my mind that people can write stuff like this.

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Posted in: Refusing to concede, Trump blocks cooperation on transition See in context

There is no need for a transition team yet. The media doesn't select a President, the people elect a President. The only official announcement about an election result that matters is from the head of GSA, so until the head of GSA makes a determination as to who won an election, nothing changes.

funny, keep on holdin' on man!

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Posted in: Read all about it See in context

it's been even more amusing reading the comments over the last 4 years of bitter Democrat supporters unable to accept that their side lost.

You were saying there was Russian interference - a completely made up conspiracy theory - yet you get upset when Republicans dare to doubt the vote counts this time around. Can't have it both ways, ol' chap!

Interesting how communists and dictators are hesitant to congratulate Biden. Tells you something.

But really, you need to reign in your level of denial. 2016 Russian interference was extensive.

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Posted in: Biden calls for healing in appeal to Trump voters See in context

I wish Canadians would stop hiding their anti-americansim in the guise of “we’re just so happy to see America heal and blah blah” No you’re not. You’re happy a president has been elected that favors NAFTA-like conditions for your country.

Right.. Canadians are such two faced cheats who are conspiring to take over the USA! Seriously, a competent leader will be a breather of fresh air.

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Posted in: Biden calls for healing in appeal to Trump voters See in context

Amazon Google Facebook and Twitter are THRILLED about a Biden win! So is Wall Street! SO is Hollywood and China!

.. and at least 75 million Americans. Wow!!

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Posted in: Biden predicts victory as his lead over Trump grows See in context

Not when he loses AZ and NV.

You do realize Trump only needs the same 3 states, don’t you?

He doesn't have NV yet! And I doubt he's losing AZ anytime soon. I know the math can me overwhelming, but c'mon man.

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Posted in: Biden predicts victory as his lead over Trump grows See in context

Received by 8pm.

so all those would have been all counted well before Biden “took the lead” in the middle of the night days later, No?

Chill dude, you do realize Biden only needs one of NV, PA or GA right? It's done man!

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Posted in: Biden predicts victory as his lead over Trump grows See in context

@ TheLongTermer

What damage are you talking about?

Oh! oh! I can answer that! How about in 1,316 days, President Trump has lied over 22,000 times? I'd imagine got to have some ill effects! LOL!

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Posted in: Biden predicts victory as his lead over Trump grows See in context

It begins:

New US Supreme Court order:

All Pennsylvania ballots received after 8pm on November 3 must be:

(1) segregated and kept separate from other ballots; and

(2) counted separately from timely ballots.

Doesn't mean they won't be counted, that remains to be seen. These legitimate ballots were late due to the USPS delays so there is really no reason they should not be counted.

Even if they are not counted, Trump is done. Congrats to President-elect Biden!

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Posted in: Trump opposes FBI probe of supporters surrounding Biden bus See in context

dumb behavior by these zealots made worse by the approving president. I wonder if those thinking this is ok could try to imagine if they were suddenly surrounded by aggressive supporters from another political party while driving down the highway. Would you still be ok with that?

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Posted in: Obama blasts Trump's tweets, track record in 2020 campaign trail debut See in context

Yes and Pelosi will vote for Trump. Lol

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump is “a race baiting, xenophobic religious bigot,” while Joe Biden is “as good a man as God ever created.”

Have any quotes like this by Pelosi I'm not aware of?

So besides promising more lockdowns what and how would Biden fix things? Not one single person said anything on this? Raising taxes? Implementing regulations?

FFS man, not contradicting and belittling the NIAID Director for one thing?

Obama didn’t have the Republican Party or the FBI weaponized against him to try and take him out, that makes a huge difference.

Neither did your dear leader.

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Posted in: In split-screen town halls, Trump and Biden squabble over coronavirus response See in context

Trump won his debate against moderator Savannah Guthrie.

There was ONE question from voters in the first 30 mins of the 1 hour event.

Not sure what you're talking about, I am at 27 minutes and there are already three questions from voters.

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Posted in: Trump holds Florida rally in front of mostly maskless crowd; says he's immune to virus See in context

oh, people who never or rarely wear a mask, you might ask?

Crap like this is why the USA is such a basket case. The CDC recommends masks full stop, so just wear a damn mask.

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Posted in: Harris, Pence clash over Trump's coronavirus record at VP debate See in context

What facts? Being on the defensive doesn't seem like it.

Here's a couple. The fact that they knew how bad the virus was and lied about it. The fact that they don't have a plan even now.

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Posted in: Harris, Pence clash over Trump's coronavirus record at VP debate See in context

Ms. Harris said she believed Biden’s accuser of his sexual abuse. So did she suddenly change her mind or did she decide that sexual abuse isn’t a problem for her.

If you want to get into this sort of thing, we could go on for hours about the things Pence has said that contradict dear leader. And btw, she said she believed them about inappropriate touching, not sexual abuse. These are not exactly the same thing and definitely not in the same league as pu$$y grabbin'

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Posted in: Trump stirs controversy over COVID-19 death toll, halting aid package talks until after election See in context

They have basically given up and decided herd immunity is the way out. Tragic because it means many more deaths are yet to come. Question for those still supporting this guy; How did the richest country on earth, a country that has had a pandemic response plan since 2005, screw this up so badly?

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Posted in: Japan considers making promotion of paternity leave mandatory for companies: Nikkei See in context

The problem is if they do they take the leave, they will be overloaded with work as they return and possibly get bonus cut.

I've had a staff person on leave for months. Impossible to leave the post unoccupied while this person was away. I suspect this is true of most businesses.

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Posted in: Trump encourages supporters to try to vote twice, sparking uproar See in context

 strongly encourage you to test the system just like your president want you to do.

I thought the same thing at first, go ahead try it and see what happens. But imagine if thousands of people did this, it could throw the election off the rails - which is exactly what Trump wants. Remember him saying it could take 'months' or 'years' to know election the results.

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Posted in: Trump encourages supporters to try to vote twice, sparking uproar See in context

Nope! You must have missed this:

You must have missed the quote: "So let them send it in, and let them go vote"

That is encouraging people to vote twice, doesn't matter if the rational is that they are 'testing' the system to ensure the initial sent-in vote was counted. Do you really believe this is something that people should do?

Love that this McEnany is basically an interpreter for his nonsensical rhetoric.

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Posted in: Pence warns U.S. voters: 'You won't be safe' under Joe Biden See in context

it’s ironic that what is happening NOW is what he’s warning “will happen if the democrats take over”

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Posted in: Japan's re-entry ban to contain virus unfair, Western business lobbies say See in context

Have to admit, I'm surprised that some people seem OK with this situation.

Considering that the the spread is through community transmission and contact tracing should be possible at this point, not allowing people who call Japan home to return while at the same time allowing passport holders to come and go as they please is absolutely ridiculous.

Not to mention this looks so bad to anyone thinking about setting up shop in Japan.

I would be writing to my embassy if I still lived in Japan.

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Posted in: Int'l school teachers in Japan exempted from entry ban See in context

Why hasn't anyone started a petition on this?

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Posted in: Int'l school teachers in Japan exempted from entry ban See in context

Yes, you pay taxes etc but by having a different passport you are still a guest, remember permanent residency means you are permanently allowed to live here, it doesnt mean you are guaranteed the right to all benefits given to japanese nationals.

I wonder if other countries did to Japanese nationals what Japan is doing, how fast things would change.

This policy hurts Japan.

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Posted in: Int'l school teachers in Japan exempted from entry ban See in context

I think it will be timely for the residents stuck abroad to sue the Japanese government in a class-action lawsuit when they eventually return and claim for compensation for their financial and other losses.

Surprising that with 80+ comments you were the first to mention a lawsuit.

If I still lived in Japan I would have been be consulting lawyers a while ago.

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Posted in: Trump deploys federal agents to more states under 'law-and-order' push See in context

As I said, these leaders in these States could easily stop this themselves without Trump intervening if they crushed this anarchy mob rule themselves instead of allowing it to fester. The “murder rate” in Chicago alone is up 52% it went from 275 in 2019 up to 414 In 2020. “Shootings“ went up 47% it went from 1110 in 2019 up to 1637 in 2020.

I think you are confusing a minority of protestors with anarchic tendencies with increased violence caused by the current pandemic and it's effects. Also, your stats are not right, a quick Google search turns up Chicago murder rate was 492 in 2019, granted that is pretty sick, it still disproves your first data point.

Here's an answer for you, if your president had even a shred of leadership skills, compassion, and humility, the USA would not be in nearly such bad shape today.

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