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Posted in: Woman who fell to death from 9th floor was thrown by husband, police allege See in context

It's irrelevant, but I would like to know what she said, that he felt not only obliged to strangle her but to throw her off the balcony.

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Posted in: Trump hints he may run again in 2024, proposes new voting limits See in context

Seriously? Is this all we are going to hear for the next 4 years? I'm exhausted of hearing the same storyline over and over.

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Posted in: Workers fear squeeze from green energy transition See in context

The oil companies and controlled media always try to highlight the jobs that people will lose because of the change to green energy. However, they also fail to mention the amount of jobs that will be created as well. Switching to new energy will create more jobs than what is lost. Especially because the institutions are less self-sustaining than our current sources.

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Posted in: Rich nations stockpiling a billion more COVID-19 shots than needed: report See in context

People act like this wasn't expected. It was going to be that way. Pharmaceutical companies are fine with it as long as they get their money.

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Posted in: How a 22-year-old woman helped bring down Mori See in context

Did she really bring down Mori? I thought it was because the same day the story broke, it was covered on world media outlets. CNN, ESPN, BBC, and several key female athletes came out saying they would rather boycott the Japan Olympics rather than attend the event in a country that view women like that.

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Posted in: Japan's stressed power grid faces new test with Arctic blast on way See in context


Not in Tokyo. It's been getting considerably warmer. 17 degrees last weekend, 21 degrees from Sunday! Unheard of for February.

Don't celebrate too quickly. A big winter storm is heading your way. Temperatures are expected to or already have dropped sharply. The usual snow areas will be blanketed with snow.

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Posted in: Man arrested for selling modified Pokemon to Sword and Shield players See in context

I come from the GameShark generation so I can't see how this is illegal. However, maybe its because of the monetary factor of it. Because he did it for a profit, he broke laws.

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Posted in: Koike says Olympics facing 'major issue' after Mori's sexist remarks See in context

Koike is smart. She is trying to put the whole Olympics failure and cancelation on him. She saw an easy out and went for it.

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Posted in: No. of recorded crimes in Japan drops to lowest postwar level in 2020 See in context

Crime statistics are lower across the world. I wonder why. Its as if there is something similarly affecting every country that limited contact between people.

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Posted in: Nonregular workers at big firms left out of virus-related benefits See in context

This situation had largely affected the English teaching world for foreigners as well. Many companies told their employees not to report to work and for some of them, months at a time, and those employees went without pay. Even though virus assistance was available, companies such as interac and Nova refused to use it to pay their teachers.

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Posted in: Japan's probe into alleged Olympic bid bribery flawed: French court See in context


Its only natural. You can't leave the beneficiary to investigate its own crime where it gained from it. That is a huge conflict of interest. Furthermore, even if an outside investigators are used, it would be hard-pressed to gain proper ground within this system. Especially when roads lead to the government.

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Posted in: Only 37% of firms met Japan gov't target of cutting commuters by 70% See in context

There are many things this survey doesn't include. There are companies that are permitting overtime to be teleworking during the pandemic. There are also other companies allowing 1 teleworking day per month. That also complies with the government request.

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Posted in: Man indicted on murder charge served 2nd arrest warrant for sexually assaulting minor See in context


why don't they just gather evidence already and go to trial.

Sometimes a new arrest warrant simply means new charges in Japan. He could already be in police custody and during the course of the original investigation, they find out more which allows them to bring new charges.

The scariest thing about this guy is this.

nursery school teacher

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Posted in: Gov't scraps plan to imprison disobedient virus patients; penalties pared down See in context

Can't imprison people when the Government itself is violating its own rules. They literally went out as groups to host bars during the pandemic and during the state of Emergency. The same types of establishments that they are blaming for the spread of the virus.

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Posted in: Record 16% of male civil service staff took paternity leave in 2019 See in context

So the celebration is that 16% of eligible people took paternity leave? However, almost 70% took less than 1 month. So it can range anything from 1 day to almost a month.

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Posted in: Japan to hold 1st competitive cybersecurity talent search See in context

Japan actually has a pretty solid cyber security setup - it was massively strengthened a few years ago after winning the 2020 bid. The vast majority of issues here are the same human errors (phishing, misplacing physical media) that plague every country.

That is far from the truth. It has more to do with a lack of online services than actual cyber security. Especially when you factor in that you can work up to the head of the government cyber security division without knowing how to use a smartphone or computer. Computer knowledge is a prerequisite for cyber security.

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Posted in: Police officer's loaded gun, handcuffs found in Osaka convenience store See in context

Every time these stories come up, they offer comedic relief during a stressful time. It's just mind boggling.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs bills to penalize people who do not comply with antivirus measures See in context

They want to attack everyone except large corporations? They refuse to pass a bill or enforce companies letting employees work from home or work less, but they want to go after people during their free time after they put in numerous hours of overtime that still has them violating quarantine at work. This makes no sense.

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Posted in: Japan says no truth to Times report on canceling Tokyo Olympics See in context

@Simian Lane

Unsure as to why anyone would gloat at its cancellation though, it’s desperately sad for Japan having planned it for so long

I don't believe anyone is gloating. We all understand the amount of planning and costs that go into the Olympics. But the IOC and Japanese government's refusal to cancel has only multiplied the costs. Countries had already pulled out and the people already no longer wanted it. Instead of canceling and focusing on the future, they kept changing, spending money, and pushing everything back and only to cancel in the end. Everyone knew the Olympics wouldn't happen, but Japan hoping to recoup costs and the IOC refusal to give back money because they are corrupt, has now made the situation worst.

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Posted in: High court denies gov't responsibility for Fukushima nuclear crisis See in context

The Government is just as much to blame. They were inadequate in their inspections and didn't properly enforce their own listed safety standards. Why is it the Government never seems to accept responsibility or their part in problems?

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Posted in: Japan says no truth to Times report on canceling Tokyo Olympics See in context

They keep fighting against it, but the cancelation was inevitable. Many countries are already pulling their athletes out and a lot more countries see 2021 to be the year they focus on recovery. It was always a lost cause especially since the people also didn't want it. The quicker they cancel and cut costs, the easier it is to mitigate the loss.

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Posted in: Tokyo District Court upholds ban on dual citizenship See in context

To be honest, I think this case was only rejected because they sought compensation. While dual citizenship is not permitted in Japan, Japan typically doesn't enforce it at all because they understand the benefits of keeping their citizens.

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Posted in: 'We will be back in some form,' Trump vows at end of tumultuous presidency See in context


Lowest unemployment, great GDP, booming stock market,

I don't think you fully understand economics. These were all trends that appeared and started in the Obama presidency well before he finished his second term. You can't take over an already rising economy and say "I'm the reason its going up," when it started three years before your appointment. Typically a new President's first four years are a result of the prior administration.

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Posted in: 'We will be back in some form,' Trump vows at end of tumultuous presidency See in context


The country does not love you and we do not need you back in any form.

I'm glad to see him out of office. But we can't ignore the fact or forget that over 70 million people voted for him. That is still very worrisome. Sadly, the country isn't going to heal or get better any time soon.

The impeachment could strip him of his post presidential benefits and stop him from holding a federal office again. However, it will still give him a platform and relevancy.

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Posted in: Keidanren sees pay hikes across board as unrealistic amid pandemic See in context

Pay hikes were unrealistic in a good economy. Now they are trying to use the pandemic as an excuse for finding them unrealistic now? They were unrealistic a year ago, two years ago, and even four years ago. There wasn't a pandemic then.

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Posted in: 3 women arrested for operating massage parlor offering sex services See in context

Why is it that these operators are only ever arrested when its a foreign owned business but the hundreds or even thousands of Japanese owned businesses that provide the exact same services go virtually untouched?

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Posted in: Woman arrested after not paying taxi fare from Yokohama to Tottori See in context

Sounds like she was running from something or just escaped

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Posted in: Student not covering nose with mask disqualified from taking university exams See in context

Sounds like a stressed out kid that caved under the pressure.

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Posted in: Saizeriya president calls requests not to eat out for lunch ‘nonsense’ See in context

I'm with you Saizeriya. The entire SOE is nonsense. The only thing affected by it are business that operate between 8PM and 5AM. Nothing else. Still crowd into a cramped train. Still in crowded offices and schools. Nothing changed except avoiding the dinner rush by going to get something to eat around 8pm instead of 6 or 7pm.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec says automaker sought to hide Ghosn's pay See in context

They are telling me that the company has been hiding his pay for decades. Furthermore, a company, that should have an incredible amount of oversight is claiming that they were held hostage by the only two foreigners? Moreover, audits are mandatory and during decades of auditing and countless accountants, not one person stumbled unto this information nor reported it until Ghosn made plans to merge the company more with Renault making it less Japanese owned? The timing of everything doesn't make sense. Nissan always wanted to decrease the French ownership of the company and when Ghosn forced their hands, they sent the law after him.

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