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Posted in: 29-year-old Tokyo man arrested after letting schoolgirl live with him See in context


Yikes. I hope they go easy on the guy if he really is taking in the girl in good faith.

Go easy on him for what? Regardless of if he did nothing with the girl, there are a lot of alarming things about his actions. Befriending school aged girls, willing to take in school aged girls, not even trying to notify her parents, and again, why is he online getting so close to a school aged girl?

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Posted in: Alcohol allowed but no condom distribution in Tokyo Olympic village See in context

Some are asking why do they distribute condoms? There are a lot of chemicals running through the human body and they are heightened during times of competition. It has never been a secret that a lot of "fun" occurs during the Olympics. The condoms simply allowed the fun to be safe. To remove condoms won't change what occurs but rather reduce the chances of safety. I don't believe this rule comes from Japan but rather the IOC in hopes that athletes will just stay in their rooms and not mingle. Some of the biggest companies in Japan are condom makers and I am certain they were looking forward to this particular event. It actually further hurts the Japanese economy with this ban.

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Posted in: G7 pledge to share vaccines, make a fairer global economy See in context

The G7 is still one of the biggest waste of time. They are supposed to be the 7 best countries. Laughable. The world's number 2 economy isn't in it. China, India, Brazil, and Russia are more relevant and economically better than 3 of the 7. 3 of the 7 are not even top 10.

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Posted in: Biden sells G7 on global tax, but U.S. Congress is a hurdle See in context

@The Fu

Congress doesn't matter. They have no say in treaties. This would be a treaty.

The Senate matters. That's a problem for President Biden. The Senate has to ratify all treaties.

The Senate is in congress.

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Posted in: Four decades on, where's the HIV vaccine? See in context

Since the late 90's, according to multiple sources such as the NYTimes, AP, Forbes, and other reputable sites, one of the biggest profits on the books for many pharmaceutical companies are AIDS and HIV treatment drugs. That is one of the primary reasons why there isn't that much of a rush to create a vaccine. It would be reducing one of their biggest profit channels.

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Posted in: Japanese parties vie to boost number of female lawmakers ahead of election See in context

What is the point of rushing to place female lawmakers when you undermine them and discard them soon after? Abe tried to add more female lawmakers, then every single one was forced to resign over a scandal, yet somehow male lawmakers stick around after multiple scandals, and these female lawmakers end up having their voices muted. In every campaign since, there hasn't been a push for female lawmakers and the party was elected just fine. I don't want female lawmakers just for your photo op. Actually give them a voice.

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Posted in: Toshiba colluded with ministry to undermine shareholders, probe finds See in context

I am still confused how Suga has not stepped down yet. I feel like every single month, he is involved in a new scandal.

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Posted in: Former illegal manga site operator gets 3 years in jail See in context


comparing apples and oranges 

When it comes to comparing the different cases it is not a comparing two unlike situations. Because what people are comparing are sentencing patterns where the more severe crimes to public saftey are sentenced more on the minimum side and the blue collar crimes are sentenced more on the maximum.

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Posted in: Former illegal manga site operator gets 3 years in jail See in context


Don't these statements contradict each other?

n all fairness, that's because you're comparing apples and oranges between the two crimes which shouldn't be equated in terms of sentence lengths. Unfortunately, the typical not-so-bright posters (not you) have already commented based on these false comparatives showing their lack of critical thinking skills.


The defendant profited massively off of copyrighted materials and transferred huge sums of money out of the country and into an offshore account. This shows clear intent to break the law (profit off of these manga illegally) and then to further evade wrongdoing by transferring the funds out of the country (which can also be an attempt to evade taxes). Look up how Al Capone finally got arrested (it wasn't the killings).

These two cases have nothing in common thus you become guilty of the same thing that you are being critical of other posters of doing.

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Posted in: Former illegal manga site operator gets 3 years in jail See in context

This man gets more time than sex offenders. Pedophiles and sex offenders often receive a slap on the wrist or very little time. This man got three years in jail. Drug offenders also don't get that much time. The priorities of the legal system is disappointing.

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Posted in: NBA stars urged to end China endorsements, warned over forced labor See in context

Really? The US wants to speak on forced labor and cotton when they refuse to even have discussions on their own transgressions. Comical. How about begin by being an example for others to follow.

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Posted in: Are you in favor of vaccination passports for international travel? See in context

While I understand the inherent risks involved of someone not being vaccinated and contracting covid. I still wouldn't want the line crossed of someone's medical history now being subject to view by those that shouldn't have access to it. It might seem like a small compromise, but it can open the door to much larger things.

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of 10-year-old girl 8 years ago See in context

I am a father. Things like this piss me off so much. Especially if its someone you know and welcomed into your home. Someone you and your family should have been able to trust. I would end this man. You just don't touch children... or adults man. But especially leave the children alone to be children and grow. How is she supposed to deal with this trauma? He stripped all of her freedom and even threatened her family. I can't stop getting angry thinking about this story.

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Posted in: Bitcoin down almost 50% from year's high See in context

@Mr Kipling

In 30 years time we will be asking each other..."Do you remember Bitcoin?"

I'm not necessarily a fan of cryptocurrencies but I can't agree with you. The main reason is that countries have long been looking for a way to remove themselves from being tied to the US dollar. Also, people have been searching for ways outside of their country's currencies. The push from the people will ultimately make it stay. Also, once it becomes regulated world wide, it becomes something of a dollar alternative for most countries.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't drops bill to revise immigration law amid opposition See in context

pushing through the amendment of the immigration law, which could worsen conditions for asylum seekers in Japan, could draw public backlash.

The government is comical. They only reason they are putting off an absolutely horrible bill is that they don't want to deal with public backlash during the Olympics.

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Posted in: Japan's Jan-March GDP shrinks 1.3%, hit by virus restrictions See in context

I wouldn't blame this on virus restrictions. I would blame it more on governmental idiocrasy than anything else. The government has been abysmal in their response since Suga took over. I can't believe I am saying this, but I miss the Abe days.

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Posted in: ‘So I raped you.’ Facebook message renews fight for justice See in context


Keeler learned last year from a new detective that her rape kit had been destroyed after the case was initially closed. 

Law enforcement are idiots. That's the problem.

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Posted in: Women-oriented 'fuzoku' - women 'buying men' as never before See in context


The empty lives of Japanese Women. I dont even feel sympathy for these shallow women. In the end, it comes to the values that country instills in their women people. They dont know meaning of true relations friends, family, or coworkers. People that rarely sees beyond their nose.

This is a joke right? So men here have been selfishly doing this to women for generations. They get them pregnant, leave them home to take care of the children, and go out and enjoy themselves with prostitutes. But it is seen as okay. Men at work take group trips to places like this all the time. But if a woman does it, they are shallow? They don't know the meaning of family, friends, and coworkers? This is laughable.

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Posted in: 60% feel it is hard to raise children in Japan: gov't survey See in context

After living in Japan and trying to be a parent in Japan, I can understand why so many feel it is difficult to have and raise children in Japan. The biggest issue is the work culture. Not just the long hours, but the incredible difficulty in taking time off for family related incidents. You can't really take sick days and while the government does mandate leave for child related purposes such as child being sick, it is still seldom used because of workplace repercussions. When you have to decide between career, salary, and having to take care of your children, it can be very difficult. Taking a sick day for a child makes your work place view you in a bad way.

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Posted in: Osaka’s remote-learning policy strains teachers; forces students to go to school for lunch See in context

One thing that I find incredibly strange about Japan is that many people don't learn to use a computer until University. It is slowly changing these days, but it is still a surprise that many schools from Elementary to High School don't have computer classes. Many students don't have computers at home. One of the first classes that students take at the University level is typing classes in order to learn how to type on a computer.

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Posted in: Japan prepares to inoculate adolescents aged 12-15 against COVID See in context

Suga just says something random like "vaccinate 1 million people per day" and Japan just runs with it having no idea what to do. They haven't finished vaccinating priority workers yet and they have barely begun vaccinating the elderly, yet they are already trying to jump straight to teenagers.

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Posted in: NBC drops next year's Golden Globes over diversity row See in context


Affirmative Action'... coming to a theater near you...

Would you like some interesting information about affirmative action? By far, the largest and most common beneficiaries of affirmative action are white women in America. The have and still gain way more from affirmative action than any other group. So using affirmative action as an excuse for BIPOC is not a weighted argument when the data on it exists since its inception.

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Posted in: Porn site operator arrested over female athletes' images on website See in context

It is difficult to take legal action since there is no law against nonconsensual filming or photographing in Japan, 

So in essence, the only thing they will do is catch, take a few photo opportunities to show they are doing something, and then release?

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Posted in: NBC drops next year's Golden Globes over diversity row See in context

This is so fake. The real reason they dropped the golden globes is because ratings continue to fall drastically. To be honest, in terms of diversity, there isn't a real difference between the Golden Globes and Diversity. NBC simply saw a product they couldn't capitalize from no longer and dropped it. The diversity angle is just an excuse. NBC can put up a show that easily tops 7 million views in their sleep. An event that long that takes up so much air time could barely top 6 million views.

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Posted in: 1.4 bil but no more? China's population growth closer to zero See in context


Until when, though? When the current workforce isn't replenished in the coming generations, who will man them? It would be good if they'd allow foreign workers to fill those in.

I understand what you are saying. But what I see as the bigger problem with Japan even trying to attempt to switch towards a more technological approach is the fact that they don't teach, develop, or invest in their employees acquiring skills. As the world shifts towards technology, skills become more important and Japanese companies don't like to create skilled workers because they assume it would cause their skilled workers to seek better working conditions elsewhere as skilled workers are a premium.

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Posted in: 48-year-old man arrested for stabbing younger brother after fight over video games See in context

a 48-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of attempted murder after he stabbed his 35-year-old brother in the chest for playing his video games too loudly.

Tell me the 4 and 3 in 48 and 35 are mistyped numbers. Tell me that this article really says 8 and 5.

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Posted in: Japan's seriously ill COVID-19 patients hit new high of 1,144 See in context

Yet, they want to redirect hundreds of Healthcare workers from the general population and make them focus on the Olympics attendants.

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Posted in: Wages in Japan see 1st rise in 13 months due to less part-timers See in context

You've got to be kidding me. They are celebrating a rise in wages due to part time workers being laid off so full time worker salaries dragged the numbers up. Wages haven't grown at all. It simply means more people are unemployed.

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Posted in: Asian American health workers fight virus and racist attacks See in context

This is just ridiculous. Over 30% of our medical staff are Asian. 43% of specialty doctors in the US are Asian. Why would you want to mess with someone that may be instrumental in saving your life and/or your general care?

can and have saved lives under stressful conditions

Why would you want to add stress, fear, and possible intimidation to someone that may be trying to save your life?

I don't see people out there blaming Europeans for the Spanish Flu that killed over 500 Million people. Lastly, even with the pandemic, there were far more idiots that ignored the warnings or the simple rules that were laid out in order to help limit the spread.

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Posted in: Girl's death in Hokkaido prompts probe into alleged bullying See in context

This case is one of the rare times where teenagers should be tried as adults. The full story of what they did was atrocious. Not just the photos, but how they cornered her, assaulted her, victimized her, and preyed on this girl. Those monsters all belong in prison. Only one of the bullies' mother sided with the victims mother but the school and BOE wanted to protect their reputation.

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