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Posted in: Porn site operator arrested over female athletes' images on website See in context

So opening your eyes and sharing thoughts is a crime ?

The only illegal thing is he is using photos he has no rights for. Could that be criminal ?

The athletes in sexy position is just click bait, as always.

And yes men love sexy positions, this is nature. How wrong ?

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Posted in: Germany busts international child porn site used by 400,000 See in context

Good job !

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Posted in: Local gov’t employee arrested for vandalizing police car in Ehime Prefecture See in context

How did police identify him as the culprit ? Street cams ?

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Posted in: Nurses say they are needed elsewhere, not at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Idiocracy at its finest.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,050 new coronavirus cases; record-high 1,262 in Osaka See in context

Figures under control. Like a game strategy, you manage resources but you don't reveal what you have of plentiful (buyers to tax) or lacking (vaccines, medical staff) so no one can criticize openly.

I will send proposals to real journalists to investigate for the truth. That could bring gold to the media doing its job.

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Posted in: Mori Building's 3D model of Tokyo gets a revamp See in context

VR makes it standard.

If you have ever tried, this is basic possibilty, with zooming in and out and rolling left or right at your finger tips. No need of this dome outside. For what pirpose by the way. Oyaji's friend paid by gov funds ?

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Posted in: Australia bans arrivals of its citizens from India; says offenders face jail, fines See in context

Totally agree. Stop travel for a few weeks = virus stopped.

That is what I read from experience from past pandemy : better to qurantine everyone for a few weeks than do stop and go or any limited measures.

Proven by current experiments from all countries, with China leading the example to follow (whatever I think of the country itself).

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 698 new coronavirus cases; 1,043 in Osaka See in context


They just forgot to report Tuesday's.

You know it's only about covid, a topic so far from the Olympic games.

So don't worry, be happy.

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Posted in: Panties stolen from man in Nagoya by male/female team of thieves See in context

4500 yens only.

How long did it take them to assess to that special price ?

My dozen knickers are worth way more than that, if washed ;)

Learning thieves for sure.

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Posted in: Lower-tier sumo wrestler dies at 28, one month after bout injury See in context

Was he tested for covid because acute respiratory failure is exactly the first reason you die off from covid19 ?

Apparently no : you normally die of this type of injury if broken vertebrae above C4 because the nervous center dealing with breathing is hit.

RIP, 28 being far too young to die.

I hoope it is not due to the careless move about his neck on the stretcher which was criticized by many.

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Posted in: Gov't advisers warn Japan's birth rate falling at more rapid pace this year See in context

Having and raising children properly shall be rewarded.

Have you felt that ever in Japan ?

Instead you get not only the obligations to spend time for your children, which is normal, but also additional taxes, additional pressure and additional (useless) costs.

But also truth is many bring to themselves that pressure. Nothing is requiring you to follow all the silly rules around you most of the time (going to school as a parent for celebrations, neighbouring tasks, going drinking often after business...). It takes to learn how to get a strong character but my kids deserved that.

Sorry to say that at the same time, in a dense world, nature operates as scheduled with the survival of the fittest.

That's why I live outside Japan. Even if you are a Japanese, nothing forces you to live in your country thanks to freedom.

Japan is a paradise for successful people, persons with inherited ties to politicians or if you live in a sustainable manner in the countryside where you can benefit the rich resources of mother nature.

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Posted in: Suzuki to halt 3 India plants to divert oxygen for COVID-19 patients See in context

India required use of all oxygen to patients, not car company officials.

It is not about urging, asking politely for but demanding.

Suzuki and Honda just complied. Don't make it sound like they were heartily helping locals, that is not true.

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Posted in: Satellites show world's glaciers melting faster than ever See in context

What are the risks ?

Warmer ? Then less people will die of coldness and less gas, charcoal and oil will be burnt for heating.

Even windfarms need energy to be build and maintained.

Population grows more and more on Earth without any rules (outside China before), what do you expect ?

200,000 additional humans per day, on our planet.

Don't ask me who to spare because I prefer believing in progress, not doom.

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Posted in: Spy camera used in women’s toilet in Diet building See in context

Expect a blurred video on the Internet to become a national headline news ?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 925 new coronavirus cases; record-high 1,260 in Osaka See in context

953 serious cases against 53 in Tokyo only, wirh this last number hardly changing (in the 40s for months). No one wonders why such discrepancy between those numbers and spread of cases. It just shows scientifically that cases are underreported in Tokyo area.

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Posted in: Young widow arrested for killing Japanese 'Don Juan' in 2018 See in context

Gold diggers dug.

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Posted in: Vital medical supplies reach India as COVID deaths near 200,000 See in context

By the way, overdose of oxygen (hyperoxy) cause cerebral embolism. Using oxygen unsupervised leads to additional death. Sorry to be pessemistic but I learn a lot when leaders care less.

People deserve better during those times, especially Indians right now because country is the epicenter for medecine production and the rest of the world may suffer too as a consequence.

No country to be really spared.

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Posted in: Vital medical supplies reach India as COVID deaths near 200,000 See in context

USA lost to this day more than 1/2 million, no worry.

India lost over 200,000 and makes national news.

Promiscuity in India is cultural and they won't change. What did you expect ?

Same for Japan by the way, if trains full at peak times.

Morubito is right. Understand context.

More than 47000 births per day in India !

Please change your leader if you wish other outcome.

I pray for those who suffers from that sitiation and have not asked for it.

And those medicine (remdevisir, molnupivarir...), they are no cure, so useless to save lives. Go for any steroids to help breath. Cheap znd saving lives.

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Posted in: Olympic host towns pull out over pandemic See in context

Spending tax money is easy if in the name of the olympic games.

What sane mayor shall spend 500 million for a sport team from citizen's pockets, even outside Japan ?

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Posted in: Warp drives: Physicists give chances of faster-than-light space travel a boost See in context

Sorry that I tried to be realistic.

It is good to dream but what they forgot to mention is that if it was even done, the watchers of the travellers would age many many many times faster than them.

No way time and space can be separated for the rules. It may change some day but that it dreaming, which I am not against.

I love sci-Fi with Clarke, Herbert, Asimov, Barjavel...

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Posted in: Lawmaker's secretary arrested for attempted murder of friend in Osaka See in context

Please if you are politician or part of a team of politicians, go out to get drunk in a party at night during a state of emergency issued by your own political party against a pandemy.

It seems all ok in Japan. Nothing to worry about.

Don't forget to read the most important crime of the day about the choux cream on the Bentley.

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Posted in: Warp drives: Physicists give chances of faster-than-light space travel a boost See in context

Please target speed of light first.

Distance depends on speed of ligth by definition that is not supposed to be changing sooner or later.

Maths and physics are two different things. First one is a tool used for the latter.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 635 coronavirus cases; 1,050 in Osaka See in context

I hope for Japan no natural catastrophe to happen as for now, you know like earthquakes.

Please stay safe.

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Posted in: Asthma drug budesonide speeds recovery for at-home COVID-19 patients See in context

And by the way, not yet peer reviewed. So results not yet scientificallly confirmed.

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Posted in: Asthma drug budesonide speeds recovery for at-home COVID-19 patients See in context

Budesonide is not a treatment of covid19 in itself. It counters only the symptoms.

It helps you to breath so the day you feel without oxygen, you don't need to go to hospital.

In fact, covid kills either by cytokine storm (lungs no longer functional because filled because of innate immunitary response) or pneumonia (infection, due to exhaustion, in fact especially for old people and people with comorbidities).

That treatment helps for the latter case but in fact for all illnesses you feel in need for better breathing. Because no breathing, shutdowwn of organs.

I read a scientific study where people with asthma tended to be less affected by covid19 symptoms (sorry can't find back the source), which is counterintuitive. Just because they used Budesonide like medicine. Not because they were with specific genetics.

In my opinion, they shall distribute Salbutamol, very cheap if no oxygen available...(case of India currently)

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Posted in: Japan's restaurant alcohol ban sets new COVID-19 emergency apart See in context

Prohibition back again, other side of ocean.

Only respect of hygiene rukes , distance and mask is needed. If eating and drinking, additional space needed. Not rocket science.

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Posted in: Man arrested for defrauding his 35 girlfriends See in context

I disrespect totally this behaviour but it remains totally legal to lure people in believing what they want. There is no contract, end of business.

I stand my ground : If I was one the women, I would be ashamed to call police about your own foolishness.

I complete with If I were that man, I would feel a moron and a total looser (because real men respect women even more than the opposite).

Ladies, don't believe a man before his actions correspond to his assertions.

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Posted in: Man arrested for defrauding his 35 girlfriends See in context

Money or whatever given is not stolen.

Or did they pay to get an expected physical service ?

If I were one of the woman, I would be ashsamed.

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Posted in: High school kendo coach caught forcing students to pay birthday-tribute money See in context

If I had been a student with him and had been "fired" out of competitions, it would have made me use my stick but outside the club to recover that money.

Herd mentality is a strength collectively, not at individual level which kendo should teach.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 861 coronavirus cases; 1,167 in Osaka See in context

People are dying at homes.

See the link of Vinke to a Japan Times articles explaining that. And tip of iceberg because you cannot see what you won't find.

Don't you know about the ultimate shame of losing face for Japanese by catching covid19 and being considered the spreader in your neighbourhood ?

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