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Posted in: Suga says SDF facing challenging security environment See in context

"Unprecedented challenges and threats may emerge and new missions may be assigned to the SDF,"

Again, he's just pointing out the obvious. Does he think this is the job of a leader?

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Posted in: Park place See in context

However, large companies, thru the use of apps and smart phones are displacing local bike rental shops. 

So for the sake of “local” shops, we forgo of progress?

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Posted in: Suga on tightrope as COVID-19 resurgence could risk 2nd term as PM See in context

Replace him. He’s a clown and a cheer leader at best.

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Posted in: Tech firm says musicians lose billions to illegal business streaming See in context

They’re not losing anything. You can’t lose something you never had.

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Posted in: Travelers entering Japan have to install location confirmation app, Skype on smartphones See in context

Leave your phone in the hotel? Lucky if you have two.

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Posted in: Suga thanks public for coping with virus restrictions; asks for continuing cooperation See in context

It is my responsibility to protect the lives and health of the people

Saying this doesn't fulfill anything. Jeez, this old dude has some people-pleasing problem.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic creative chief quits over derogatory remark about Naomi Watanabe See in context

Creative chief is not creative at all. All dinosaurs must disappear.

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Posted in: Japanese startup, university develop 2-minute COVID-19 test See in context

Would be nice if the tests are easily accessible to anyone. In other countries, tests are free. In Japan, it's either you pay 20,000yen or be almost dying before you can get tested.

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Posted in: Driver who killed pedestrian during police chase gets 5 years in prison See in context

The police is to blame, too. The car chase quadrupled the dangers of her in the wheels.

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Posted in: Vaccinations for elderly to begin in populous areas in limited supply See in context

To finish the 4.8M HW in a month's time, Japan has to 8x their effort. Good luck with that.

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Posted in: COVID-19 numbers in Tokyo area creeping up, health minister says See in context

hampered by a lack of supply.

That last sentence is not factual. There are way more supplies that aren’t being used yet. Stop blaming other countries for Japan’s slowness.

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Posted in: Japan decides not to procure insulin syringes for COVID-19 vaccinations See in context

If we procure these syringes, then we can no longer explain why the vaccination is going very very slow. At least now we can always claim that it’s because of syringe shortage...

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Posted in: 25 health care workers in Japan suffer anaphylaxis after vaccination See in context

Get ready for lots of propaganda about the “safe japanese made vaccines” in a few months time.

But Japan is not making any covid vaccine. They will manufacture from a foreign designed one, though. That doesn't count as "made in Japan".

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Posted in: 25 health care workers in Japan suffer anaphylaxis after vaccination See in context

People with known allergies should be careful in taking any vaccine. It's true even for yearly flu vaccine. This shouldn't be a deterrent for others to take the covid one, especially if they have no allergies (like me).

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Posted in: Lobbyist to be paid $2 mil to 'explain' Myanmar's coup on behalf of junta See in context

You killed civilians. You have no explaining to do.

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Posted in: Babysitting sites to face stricter guidelines for gov't listing See in context

So the stricter guidelines is just adding more paperwork. Typical.

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Posted in: It’s too hard to sell Japanese people on romance dramas nowadays, says broadcasting president See in context

Blaming the audience for crap Japanese drama? Does he ever wonder why Korean romance/dramas are a hit in Japan? Seriously?

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Posted in: Japan to allow use of insulin syringes for COVID-19 vaccines See in context

Blaming EU for the slow roll out? Last time I check there are almost 2M doses in Japan already and less than 50,000 used. Still Pfizer’s fault?

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Posted in: Vaccination of 14,000 SDF medical staff begins See in context

I would clap but this is just ridiculously slow.

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Posted in: Japanese media urged to address male dominance following Mori uproar See in context

Variety shows and news programs have the same structure in which a young woman listens to what a middle-aged man says.

And they are required to react as if the man had said something so "profound".

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Posted in: Japan may approve 2nd COVID-19 vaccine in May: health minister See in context

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has repeatedly said vaccinations are a decisive step to bring the pandemic under control as early as possible.

This is all he can do as a leader? State the obvious?

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Posted in: No. of people out and about in Tokyo up despite extended virus emergency See in context

But everyone else, As long as you take precautions & use common sense, get out & live your lives !

The only reason you get to get out alive is because of the people who chose to stay home.

Do you really think you can "physically distance" if everyone is out and about?

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Posted in: Japan embarks on random and targeted COVID-19 testing, but some experts call for more See in context

One year later, Japan is testing. Why? Because now they know how and they had one year to devise a perfect plan.

The lack of urgency is appalling.

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Posted in: What awaits 2 Americans accused of helping Ghosn flee Japan? See in context

I'll bet the Prosecutors will divide the charges to ridiculously lengthen the detention. 23 days, smuggling Ghosn from his apartment to a hotel. +23days, smuggling Ghosn from the hotel to the train station. +23days, smuggling Ghosn from train station A to train station B. +23 days, smuggling Ghosn from train station B to the airport. etc. etc.

Japan Prosecutors are a nasty bunch, but they sure are resourceful.

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Posted in: 2 men found guilty over maglev train project bid-rigging See in context

Let's be real here. Judges in Japan don't make decisions and that's the truth.

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Posted in: 2 Americans wanted in Ghosn's escape now in Japanese custody See in context

Japanese prosecutors itching to take revenge is just pathetic. I'll bet they will be detained for hundreds of days for the irrational fear of incompetent Prosecutors of "destroying evidence". It's sad to be a lawyer in Japan. People look at them like a joke.

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Posted in: Freezer firm to investigate after vaccines wasted See in context

Why can't they just use the vaccine as soon as it arrives. This endless planning is criminal.

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Posted in: LA police probe fire, vandalism at Japanese Buddhist temple See in context

If this is hate crime because of the coronavirus, it's also evidence of the sad state of American education. They can't even tell the difference between China and Japan.

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Posted in: Veteran 'anison' band get over rut, ready to keep rolling See in context

Yes. Only here do old people think they have monopoly of good ideas.

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Posted in: Nissan ex-CEO tells Japanese court Ghosn's pay was too low See in context

Now it seems that the law - reporting future compensations - is stupid. Whoever thought of that is a genius, not.

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