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Posted in: Do you think that once the pandemic ends and travel resumes, there will be strong international demand for tourism to Japan? See in context

International travel will depend on how fast Japan catches up internally on the covid pandemic. IF Japan is not up to date travel will be restricted and even afterwards it will take sometime to get all the parties on board to prepare for such a mad rush.

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Posted in: 'Please drink' treated Fukushima water, China asks Aso See in context

WOW China finally said something with "MEANING"!! In the mean time China clean your air, and stop people from pooping on the streets!!

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Posted in: Selena Gomez and J.Lo headline vaccine concert for poor nations See in context

OMG I hope they have auto tune and pitch correction for J-Lo. This over the hill women can not sing one sentence in "TUNE". I went to a J-Lo concert because the tickets were given to me for free. In the middle of the first song I left, I couldn't take it. I called my friend to thank him for the free tickets and he asked if I was still at the concert and I said no I left. He laughed and said thats why I gave them to you because they were given to me and I knew she couldn't sing. The band was good she was terrible. Just a big bootay and a fake Hollywood smile. Selena being young I think will do well never heard her live but I am sure she is better than J-lo even Mariah Carey laughed at J-lo's singing, saying she hurts my ears!!!

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Posted in: Father arrested for abusing one-year-old son See in context

@ James "It amazes me what an angry wife will do. She should be done for reporting a false crime". I agree good twist on the logic if readers would stop believing what they read and think and then post perhaps they can see a different side to the reporting as you did. We the readers do not live with the family we the readers assume the father was guilty, perhaps she could be an angry wife and reported the father. The ONLY reason I could ASSUME the police were talking to the parents is to get both sides of the story. As you "the article doesn't say how the father has plead at all. Innocent till proven guilty?

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for sexually assaulting and robbing woman See in context

@ Ah_sO

I am not quite willing to take you up on this, but am pretty sure they will be prosecuted. Remember, in Japan the police don't arrest people unless they are pretty sure they will charge them. And they don't charge them unless they think they will successfully prosecute them. I disagree I don't think they will be prosecuted so much time has passed since these guys has been arrested held and released. The lady was an acquaintance its not like she didn't know them, they met in a club," Hatakeyama was also quoted as stating, “I was under the impression that she liked me.” So there is a possibility that he can prove she lead him on. As far as taking the money, I would think they met in a club and she had a tab in which she could not pay, hence the reason he said it was a loan. There is more to this, I would also tend to think these were not your everyday guys consider construction workers who normally are employed by the Yaks. If she didn't pay a club debt perhaps they made her work it off by forcing themselves on her.

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Posted in: Koike pledges utmost anti-virus steps to deliver 'wonderful' Tokyo Olympics See in context

**Koike pledges utmost anti-virus steps to deliver 'wonderful' Tokyo Olympics ** OK I get it, the pledge is only for the Olympics and not for the people of Japan. In other words she is working hard to surpress the virus as it pertains to the Olympics. Image is everything, lying is a trying thing!

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Posted in: Roaches thriving amid coronavirus See in context

The U.S. and Europe, Spa! reports, are enduring proliferation not of roaches but of rats. Look on the bright side. Roaches are probably easier to live with. I DON'T LIKE EITHER, THEY ARE FILTHY AND IF I EVER SEE ONE IN MY HOME I'M CALLING THE EXTERMINATOR TO GET RID OF THE FILTH.

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Posted in: Japan, Germany to expand military cooperation See in context

@Desert Tortoise

LOL low observable are ok but its better to have a great navy. Don't under estimate the Japanese navy they have some of the most sophisticated quiet subs. China you can say what they have the question is are they battle tested? I know how long it takes to build and test aircraft, the question is can those chinese aircraft withstand the g-loads going against some of the most sophisticated supersonic aircraft that the US has? Russia LOL is a big dog with their teeth falling out. The name is a threat thats it. Believe it or not China should be wary of Russia quite as it kept. Russia see's China more of a threat than the US. I can say more but lose lips sinks ship!!!

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Posted in: Man arrested over wife’s murder in Kitakyushu City See in context

Everything happens for a reason, and in this case we don't know the reason why, because for one, a dead person can't talk, and the surviving spouse may never tell. There's two sides to a story. *Police said Okamura has admitted to the charge. He was quoted as saying he wanted to kill their two sons, aged 3 and 1, and himself, but couldn’t go through with it. ***Could this have been a planned family suicide on both parents part, and the husband took out the wife, and figured he just couldn't do the kids and himself? We don't know a dead person can't talk. Maybe some day he will.**

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Posted in: Mother given suspended sentence for burying baby’s body outside home See in context

@Ricky Sanchez

What is wrong with these people in charge? Watch the man get sentenced to prison..because he is a man. This is just insane! Whats wrong with these people is the same mentality of people asking the question and answering it. Watch the man get sentenced to prison because he is a man. What a statement, if he gets sentenced it is because he is the one that suggested what the court heard that burying the baby was suggested by Kyoda’s 39-year-old husband, Ryo. Some people read with their eyes and can not comprehend with their brains. The court decided to give her a suspended sentence after she admitted her guilt and expressed remorse.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 591 coronavirus cases; record-high 1,130 for Osaka See in context

2 months ago I posted I saw where people in Osaka not wearing mask, two months later I am reading Osaka Prefecture is leading the way. I WONDER WHY? Wearing is Caring!

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Posted in: Fukushima plant water release to prolong seafood safety woes See in context

@Mr Kipling


Panic! Panic!

They are going to release water that is so contaminated with Tritium that if they added six times as much the WHO says it would be a safe level for drinking water! Just let that sink in. If the contamination was 6X worse it would be under the safety level for DRINKING water! This is then going to be diluted in the PACIFIC

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Posted in: Chinese vaccines 'don’t have very high protection rates,' says official See in context

Not a surprise!! They just package liquid and call it a vaccine. I wouldn't trust anything coming from China. The only thing they care about is money, not human lives.

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Posted in: Torch relay in Nara See in context

Personally, I think people will attend the Olympics. The reason why people are tired of being locked up. I see it here in the states as soon as the restriction was lifted there were more people out and about on a normal day. The stores were crowded the restaurants too. I think the people will attend just to get out and enjoy life and not being locked up.

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Posted in: Will the Oscars be a 'who cares' moment as ratings dive? See in context

TV is so boring now, who cares but the people who will attend to get an Oscar.

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Posted in: Man arrested for keeping body of 86-year-old father at home See in context

**Unemployed man on suspicion of keeping the body of his 86-year-old father at the house where they both lived. **Perhaps this guy honestly didn't know what to do. The right thing would have been to call the police to get something done. He may have lost a mom and perhaps to be alone in a world with no other income he just decided to do the unjust thing and continue living with his father to keep the pension money coming in because he knew he could not go find a job at 61.

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Posted in: Man who refused to wear mask on plane arrested again after trouble in restaurant See in context

I think the guy wants publicity more than anything. We will read about him again.

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Posted in: Couple arrested over robbery of real estate agent during condo inspection See in context

*Kazuko only 1,000 yen on them on the day of the first robbery and that they were** desperate for money. *WOW desperate, an unemployed, and he things the smart thing to do is to go rob someone because of his misfortunes. His adoptive mother went along for the ride and he robs for her, if anything she could made money the "Old Fashion Way" and it would have saved both of them from going to jail. Why pick on working people they need money also.

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Posted in: 42-year-old man arrested over mother’s murder See in context

@Yukijin, I agree but how would you not know or how would you know that perhaps his mother didn't allow him to grow up. Perhaps he wanted to move out and she didn't want him to. Perhaps she did everything for him making himself less dependent and more dependent on him. How do you not know she was a controlling mom from birth to present and he just had enough. Perhaps??

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Posted in: Osaka declares COVID medical emergency with 878 new cases See in context

2 months ago I posted I saw where people in Osaka not wearing mask, two months later I am reading Osaka Prefecture on Wednesday decided to declare a medical state of emergency due to the increased strain on its health care system, after a record 878 additional corona virus cases were reported. I WONDER WHY? Wearing is Caring!

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Posted in: U.S. Olympic athletes detail anti-Asian racism See in context

Everyone has a story to tell, racism comes in many forms.

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Posted in: Police report record number of cannabis offenders in 2020 See in context

If the numbers of arrest are increasing that means the country is sleeping and their is a demand for it. Japan its time to LIGHT IT UP! The world is changing I see more drunks in Japan puking their guts out and falling out on fridays than I see bud heads on Fridays in the states. I have heard of people dying of alcohol positioning sclerosis of the liver, I have yet to hear or read of someone dying because they smoke bud!!

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Posted in: Man arrested after spitting on store manager who asked him to wear mask See in context

Wearing a mask is better than wearing nothing at all. There are many critics that say wearing a mask is ineffective against the virus. If that is the case why wear a mask for the common cold. WEARING IS CARING!!

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Posted in: 21 Japan infection research center officials hold party See in context

Oh well if your work is to fight against infections all day why not wind down and show a little party affection. These people have to be burnt out just as everyone else.

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Posted in: Japan strengthens anti-virus measures in Tokyo, Kyoto, Okinawa See in context

DID I READ THIS RIGHT? So, the alert is being raised only because of the summer Olympics? Why not raise the alert not just because of the olympics but because of health concerns period!!

Japan announced Friday that it will raise the coronavirus alert level in Tokyo to allow tougher measures to curb the rapid spread of a more contagious variant ahead of the Summer Olympics.

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Posted in: Suga to designate Tokyo for stronger anti-virus steps as infections spike See in context

And just think numbers increase and no mentioning of cancelling the Olympics

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Posted in: U.S. weighs Beijing Olympics boycott with partners, allies See in context

Matters over money or Money over matters. Only time will tell which will decide this potential boycott

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Posted in: Female teacher, ex-boyfriend arrested for voyeurism and child pornography See in context

*The arrest warrant was issued for an incident on Aug 13, 2016. Hamasaki used her cell phone camera to secretly take images in the female dressing room of a hot spring facility in Amakusa City. *WOW this is the year of 2021 and a warrant was issued for an incident in 2016 and this lady was allowed to continue teaching? My question is why was she allowed to continue working around kids?

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Posted in: Ex-post office chief in Nagasaki may have swindled ¥1 bil See in context

Is this fraud or pure theft?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 555 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,449 See in context

Not good for the upcoming Olympics with the numbers going up.

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