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Posted in: Man arrested over wife’s murder in Kitakyushu City See in context

It's often the neck isn't it.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing women’s shoes and replacing them with new ones See in context

This guy could really do me a favour with the amount my missus spends on shoes.

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Posted in: Restaurant, bar owners worry about tighter COVID-19 steps See in context

drluciferApr. 10  05:26 pm JST

The strange thing is that, though they won't admit it, most of the small restaurant owners are happy

None of the bar/restaurant owners I know are happy with the situation, they're in or bordering on dire straights.

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Posted in: Retiring in Japan: What’s the best strategy? See in context

Fresh Prince of JapanApr. 11  07:22 pm JST

The real point is: Who wants to retire in Japan? Seriously, in few decades this island will become a big nursing home full of elderly

Sounds an awesome place to retire then, geriatrics party island!

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Posted in: Vaccine minister Kono warns against wasting COVID-19 doses See in context

Christ on a bike they could literally just open the door and immediately find 5 willing people.

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Posted in: Man who refused to wear mask on plane arrested again after trouble in restaurant See in context

He's done for this time then......which is good.

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Posted in: Japan starts COVID-19 vaccinations for elderly See in context

Many other businesses as well.....

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Posted in: Japan starts COVID-19 vaccinations for elderly See in context

They need to step this up a bit, I don't know how much longer many bars n restaurants can hang on while the government dithers.

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Posted in: Couple arrested over robbery of real estate agent during condo inspection See in context

GarthgoyleToday  11:33 am JST

Is it normal for taxis to do such long drives? They should probably ask for a valid credit card in advanced for such long drives.

Bizarre isn't it, we hear that kind of thing happening time and time again.

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Posted in: Most kids with serious inflammatory illness had mild COVID See in context

> Raw BeerToday  03:08 pm JST

In Japan, nobody below 20 has died from covid. With this kind of stat, why would anyone give an unapproved vaccine to their kid. That would be abuse. Who knows what kind of long term adverse effects they will get.

Where exactly are you gonna get an unapproved vaccine???? What a dumb thing to say, I feel sorry for your kids.

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Posted in: In U.S., conservatives on offense over transgender youths See in context

^^^^ A conservative trying to say they're championing womens rights when all conservatives have been doing for years is trampling all over them. Well, it's a good laugh for a Friday at least!

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend expresses resolve to marry her See in context

She should run off to NYC and marry him if that's what they want to do, sod what everyone else thinks.

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Posted in: 5 students arrested after putting glue on playground equipment See in context

carp_boyaToday  08:00 am JST

The boys told police they did it because they thought it would (be) fun.

They could be out playing sports, looking for girls, singing karaoke... but no, putting glue on playground equipment is more appealing. These boys need to learn how to have fun!

Exactly! I might've done something silly like that when I was 11 or 12 but by 16/17 I was out partying at clubs and raves all night, having the time of my life with cute girls.

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Posted in: How social media turns online arguments between teens into real-world violence See in context

Arguments on social media are futile and a total waste of time. Just turn it off.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 555 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,449 See in context

Yes JGov never mind vaccinating us lot while we have to go to the office each day, make sure the athletes are vaccinated though of course.

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Posted in: Kofu City official gives speech telling new employees to 'play around' to fix birth rate issue See in context

The world has lost its sense of humour.

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Posted in: Female teacher, ex-boyfriend arrested for voyeurism and child pornography See in context

@Kazuaki ShimazakiToday  11:07 am JST

Do you have children? If some sicko had taken a film of your daughter naked that ended up on a child porn site, I highly doubt you'd be saying what you just said. She needs to be locked up and never be able to work with children again. It's a disgusting crime.

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Posted in: Does the arrival of Costa Coffee spell the end for Japan’s independent cafes? See in context

I really don't understand why people spend 300-500 yen for a crap cup of coffee when you can just spend 100yen on a crap cup of coffee if you really want one.....

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Posted in: Female teacher, ex-boyfriend arrested for voyeurism and child pornography See in context

NumanApr. 7  06:46 pm JST

I actually believe the high school teacher. She probably was nagged or bullied into doing it!

So what? It doesn't excuse her actions, she could've reported him if she was truly disgusted.

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Posted in: What’s it like to shop at FamilyMart’s first 'unmanned' convenience store in Japan? See in context

Boycott these kinds of stores or we will just be doing lower income people out of jobs to feed the fat cats even more.

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Posted in: What COVID-19 vaccine side effects might you expect? See in context

My neighbour is a healthcare worker and suffered a fever after her 2nd shot of Pfizer.

Zichi, this thread is about vaccine side effects not covid side effects so your post is potentially misleading.

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Posted in: What COVID-19 vaccine side effects might you expect? See in context

zichiApr. 5  03:22 pm JST

Some hapless victims are suffering from long-term effects like damaged lungs and hearts.

From the vaccine???

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 399 coronavirus cases; record-high 719 in Osaka See in context

So many people out and about in my neighbourhood on Saturday night with nowhere to go. It now just seems to be a big street party in the parks and squares.

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Posted in: Muji wet tissue box perfect for storing disposable masks See in context

What's wrong with the box the masks come in? More Japan using plastic for the sake of using plastic?

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

Wow some people really get their noses out of joint about what other people should think eh. They way I see it is the priority should simply be to ensure children are happy.

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Posted in: China approves radical overhaul of Hong Kong's political system See in context

My only surprise is that China waited this long. I'll be honest in saying I thought their system would be imposed on HK much sooner when I watched the 1997 TV news shots of Chinese tanks pouring in. This was always going to happen.

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Posted in: Police seek 3 men after 18-year-old fatally stabbed on Kamakura street See in context

You can run but you can't hide, they'll find them soon enough.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney parks abandon 'ladies and gentlemen' announcements See in context

Whatever! I never pay much attention to the announcements anyway and I certainly can't be bothered being offended by not being referred to as a gentleman, or lady for that matter! If you are offended by a simple announcement you should keep your fragile little ego at home, shut away from the scary real world.

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Posted in: Myanmar forces fire on funeral; crackdown continues See in context

NOMINATIONToday  09:28 am JST

The same people preaching gun control look at Myanmar and just say "tragic" or "tragedy" as the military executes citizens in the streets.

NRA logic right there. Sure having a load of civilians running around with guns would really reduce the death toll wouldn't it.

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Posted in: Guns are on U.S. Supreme Court's agenda days after mass shootings See in context

Only a bunch of very insecure weirdos feel the need to keep firearms.

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