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Posted in: Majority of Nagasaki high schools have white-underwear-only rules, study finds See in context

I wouldn't want even female teachers looking at my child's underwear.

If this is junior high, your kid may have to go to the local public one and you have no choice. For senior high though, there are actually some pretty good ones, the super science schools and Kosen technical colleges, and schools that teach the International Baccalaureate, which now includes public system schools and regular private schools where you don't pay fees if you earn under 7.2 million yen. The acadamically top-ranked public system senior highs in my prefecture Nagano also don't have uniforms. So don't assume your kid will have to go to a school where they have to put up with this kind of prehistoric nonsense. Vote with your feet if you can.

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Posted in: Japan plans to cap daily arrivals at 2,000 ahead of Olympics: Nikkei See in context

Hmm, a cap would mean everyone entering Japan for the Olympics is potentially displacing someone who would enter Japan for another reason, a local returning from a business trip, a guest worker, a student, or someone who has been away on urgent family business.

You can argue for or against the Olympics, but it should not be subtracting from other areas of life in Japan. A 2,000 cap and the 70,000 for the Olympics number in the article would mean nobody else for over a month.

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Posted in: Fukushima residents fear crisis has fallen off radar as other issues take spotlight See in context

"Black panels are tightly placed as if those lands should not be idle and must be utilized to create something," she said, adding several mountains have been mined for earth and sand used in reconstruction works and for other purposes.

"Is it all right to destroy mountains and forests for the sake of renewable energy, just so (we won't have to) rely on nuclear power?" 

Farmland that has been covered by a mixture of seawater, sewage, and whatever the tsunami pulled out of factories, gasoline stands, home centers, the local painters, etc., will be heavily contaminated. That's before we even talk about radiation. Setting up solar panels is a way of creating value so that owners can be given some money for their now worthless land. This is exactly the model that was used to create money for moving the community in Higashi-Matsushima.

The mining of mountains for earth and sand has nothing to do with solar panels and should not be juxtaposed with "renewable energy" in the form of solar panels sitting on metals frames in former paddies. After visiting Fukushima so many times, is she suggesting its better to continue to "rely on nuclear power"??

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Posted in: Race, title and anguish: Meghan and Harry explain royal rift See in context

Megan additionally said that she was having suicidal thoughts, and asked about checking herself into a facility, but the palace wouldn’t allow it.

It's the 2020 remix "I wanted to go to Rehab, but they said "No! No! No!"

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Posted in: Race, title and anguish: Meghan and Harry explain royal rift See in context

It's hard to like these two, but even harder to like the other side that harbours someone who had sex with a trafficked under-age girl. With Britain run by the Bullingdon Club from Eton for most of the last decade, privilege is still there front and center in Britain, with the Royal Family at the top of the tree. Any claims that the country is now some kind of overly woke quasi-meritocracy are way off the target.

There is a brilliant story here about how "royal commentators", basically sychophantic rent-a-gobs who appear on the news and tell the British public what to think about the Royal Family, were duped into giving their opinions before they even saw the interview. Needless to say, they were happy to dismiss the couple, especially Meghan, and keep the royal flag flying.


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Posted in: Women speak out about sexual violence after Great East Japan Earthquake See in context

"The survey outlined 82 individual incidents of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and unwanted sexual contact."

In another much larger "survey", a telephone helpline got 100 calls a day for five years relating to sexual violence.

Psychology 101 says rape is mostly about power, not sex, and in a disaster, someone handing out the blankets and onigiri has power. The "head of the evacuation center" will probably be the head of the local ku or kominkan community center, both of which are roles that are passed around in neighbourhood associations. Everyone ends up having to do their turn for a year. In normal times, these are just time-consuming tasks dealing with trivial minutae of neighbourhood life. In a disaster though, the person will become the de facto neighbourhood leader, present in daily briefings with local government and expected to coordinate relief activities. It should go without saying that people picked on a rota may be totally unsuited to this vastly elevated role.

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Posted in: 76-year-old woman arrested for killing husband with saw See in context

It seems bizarre that he didn't wake up. After 10 minutes of sawing wood, I'm usually bored and my hand is starting to hurt. Two hours is very impressive. Most Japanese carpenters I've seen would stop halfway for a cigarette.

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Posted in: Tsunami survivors call lost loved ones on 'phone of the wind' See in context

What a lovely tribute, human-scaled and offering a distinctly personal experience.

I think this is more appropriate than keeping huge wreck of a school building that people drive past every day or possibly even see out of their window.

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Posted in: Women speak out about sexual violence after Great East Japan Earthquake See in context

Yorisoi Hotline was set up in March 2012 as a free 24-hour women’s-only phone consultation service to help locals with any problems following the disaster. Out of over 360,000 calls received from 2013 to 2018, more than half the consultations were found to be related to sexual violence in the three badly affected areas of Fukushima, Iwate, and Miyagi prefectures.

Five years is getting on for 2000 days, so that's around 200 calls a day, with over 100 about sexual violence. Every single day.

Given that women will also be dealing with massive disruption to any children or elderly relatives they care for, to say nothing of any ongoing trauma they have themselves, for over half the calls to be about sexual violence is shocking.

As for why it happens, the victims are human, both good and bad. We should throw away propaganda-driven images that only show them overcoming their situation with dogged perseverance. The story yesterday too mentioned some victims snatching at food relief and pushing children aside. The media failing to show this does not help the victims, it helps the government who gets away with providing insufficient food. Presenting victims as quiet and orderly gets lots of traction because there is a huge ongoing cartoon version of mindo where to be Japanese is to gaman your way through anything that ever happens.

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Posted in: Japan may approve 2nd COVID-19 vaccine in May: health minister See in context

At this rate, we'll still be wearing masks right through next winter too.

If other countries or airlines want vaccine passports, don't expect to travel overseas either.

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Posted in: 163 jockeys, others in horseracing get virus rescue money improperly See in context

Wasn't it a Dentsu subsidiary that handled the distribution of this money? I applied and got the money quickly, much more quickly than the 100,000 yen per resident, so I actually thought it was well handled.

There are thousands of businesses with income volatility, so that basing it on a single month's income was always going to allow lots people of people to qualify. Unless they actually falsified documents, I don't see why self-employed jockeys need to be singled out as un-needy.

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Posted in: Japan's children of the tsunami shaped by tragedy See in context

This is an extremely complicated issue, to balance the needs of recovery and remembrance while still moving on that the people can have a future. I say "the people" and not "the area", because the sea wall story yesterday said there have now been three tsunamis in 120 years. This means the pieces of land the towns happen to lie on, what may be called "the area", may not have much of a future. Lots of money has been spent on Tohoku, and my impression is that more should have been spent on people and less on extremely vulnerable pieces of land. Pieces of land are just material things and people should not be encouraged to project lots of emotions, least of all their identity, onto them. This linking of the self to a furusato strikes me as very restrictive and actually quite unBuddhist.

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Posted in: The towering sea wall legacy of Japan's 2011 tsunami See in context

The town adopted sea walls as early as 1934, after being engulfed by huge tsunamis in 1896 and 1933.

So three times in 120 years. By agreeing to build the walls and paying for them, the government is enabling people to live in danger. The government is then expected to come up with evacuation plans for all the vulnerable people in what are elderly communities. It will have to build evacuation centers above the imagined tsunami water line even if people continue to live below it.

I guess it all comes down to the addiction to concrete due to the corruption and temporary jobs it creates. The walls are not permanent and will need maintenance, which will be impossible in any future carbon-zero society where cement and diesel fuel are not available on tap for printed money. This is ugly and environmentally disastrous, malinvestment on a huge scale.

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Posted in: How to make money from an unwanted inheritance See in context

Was this originally written by the producer of the Space Market application? Because that's how it reads. It only mentions one app, and even has a sly dig at the much bigger market of minpaku to suggest this is somehow better. This is way more hands on, much more dealing with customers and much more cleaning. I'm sure your late granny's neighbours will love you if you bring lots of strangers into the neighbourhood and turn her old house into a love hotel/party zone/BBQ pit.

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Posted in: New Tokyo Olympic president tries to assure Japan on safety See in context

All she is saying is "Trust me", in a polite but passive-aggressive way that suggests the problem lies with the public not trusting her and her organization. They are not announcing or doing anything to create that trust.

It is like a teenager saying "I know" when you ask them to clean their room.

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Posted in: 10 years after Fukushima disaster, Japan's nuclear industry stalled See in context

I think it is fanciful to expect a sudden explosion of funding, competence, and diligence in the nuclear industry in Japan.

New designs for nuclear tech may be brilliant, but I would not trust the same organizations to put them into practice. It will be the same organizations with the same budget constraints and the same level of oversight. Unlike the last time, energy savings and renewables are now also cheaper than new nuclear generation.

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Posted in: Legend of Honda See in context

fwiw, the non-level 3 model of this car is 7.2 million.

I look forward to self-driving cars and every step forward is a good one. If a car drives itself, there is no need to own one if you can summon one whenever you need it. This means no need for car parks everywhere and far less need for filling stations for electricity or hydrogen. Cars involved in fewer collisions can also be made much lighter, meaning a much lower eco footprint for each one.

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Posted in: Tokyo experiences drop in population for 7th consecutive month See in context

Interesting, but the big one in Japan for people moving is March/April. That figure will tell us about a much bigger picture. Twenty odd thousand people moving in or out of Tokyo in January is a very low number.

I'm pretty sure that Osaka flipped to depopulation before Covid, and there is no reason for the same thing to not happen to Tokyo.

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Posted in: Fans from abroad unlikely for postponed Tokyo Olympics See in context

Not allowing foreigners into a venue is something they can handle. I wonder if I (mixed blood) wud get chucked out for not looking Japanese enough lol.

One of them will probably slip in their favourite word and say spectators are limited to kokumin. Which actually includes haafus like my kids, but there you go.

If you strip away all the guff about international exchange which is not going to happen, its just some people no-one has heard of doing rhythmic gymnastics, showjumping, and cycling a bike with no brakes or rowing a non-seaworthy boat. Hardly something worth spending a fortune on.

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Posted in: Aging low-ranking employees fear they can't survive restructuring See in context

I think its probably worse than the story suggests. Despite mentioning a survey of "3,000 corporate employees aged 40-59", the ones it talks to are 46, 43, and 39. Workers in their fifties are likely to have kids in college, when the cost of raising children really ramps up.

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Posted in: Woman dies from brain hemorrhage days after receiving coronavirus vaccine, but link uncertain See in context

brain hemorrhage

Otherwise known as the most common form of "stroke" in Japan. In the West, strokes due to blood clots are more common.

"It may be a coincidental case, but there is a need to gather more information and make an assessment in upcoming working groups."

I agree with the Minister.

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Posted in: Website maps complaints of neighborhoods with noisy children See in context

As antiquesaving says, most actual complaints on the site are not even about "noisy children". That's just an easy clickbait title that feeds into everyone's preconceptions.

I think it is also overstated that the lack of childcare in Japan is down to old people complaining about noise from children. This may happen in the odd location, but will not be applicable in every case as the media have been suggesting. A major reason is local authorities cannot afford to pay the large subsidies required to provide more places than they do already. Cost cutting is why lots of preschool teachers in Japan are non-regular employees on pitiful wages like 150,000 a month for a 50-hour week. With wages this low, a further problem for hoikuen expansion is a lack of teachers....

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Posted in: 2 high school students sent to prosecutors for shoving shopping carts down mall escalator See in context

It's mentioned in passing, but this sounds like a prank performed with the express purpose of sharing on social media. It's one thing for kids to do daft things because they are young and another thing altogther for kids or adults to film planned stunts for kudos or possible commercial gain on Tiktok etc.

The authorities should get the word out that anything filmed, bullying included, will be treated far far more severely. If a camera is out, it is not a rush of blood or the spur of the moment.

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Posted in: Website maps complaints of neighborhoods with noisy children See in context

The answer: because their mothers told them to go down the street because they are to noisy.

Yep, it's sad, but there are plenty of selfish people out there.

The park story is completely believable and again, the thing that stands out is the loudspeakers. The expression "noise pollution" exists for a reason. My kid's school is 2km away but if I am outside, I can hear the chimes. There is no reason for them to be that loud. It is not a sign of the school being "genki" and if anything just reinforces the idea of the school as a boot camp or prison.

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Posted in: Website maps complaints of neighborhoods with noisy children See in context

The noisiest stuff at schools and daycares is what comes out of the loudspeakers, not the kids.

Wanderlust got in first, but the loudest thing of all is politicians at election time. You could colour in pretty much every road on the whole map in with them.

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Posted in: Japan asks China to stop anal COVID-19 tests on Japanese citizens See in context

Haha, great story.

Since this is a "request", and not the Japanese government's famed "urging", I wouldn't get your hopes up about any change to this policy.

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Posted in: Pandemic widens divide between winners and losers in apparel business See in context

If you can fit in Japanese sizes, Workman's great. Loads of cheap and well made outdoor gear for camping, hiking, cycle commuting etc.

They make grid fleeces that rival Patagonia etc. for about 1000 yen. The sleeves are designed long with thumb loops, thereby avoiding the biggest problem with Uniqlo, the sleeves being too short.

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Posted in: Cafe Paulista in Ginza: Japan’s oldest existing 'kissaten' is model for coffee shops across the country See in context

This place has always called itself a "cafe" and, in its current incarnation, looks and sounds like a very modern one with that entrance and bossa nova music on the speakers.

Kissatens are much more Showa in their look. I would expect dingey, tired and old fashioned with a tiled entrance and vinyl seats, and a big ashtray on every table. The cafe in the story may have inspired kissatens, but is now nothing like one. If you want to know about kissatens, don't go here. I recommend going to a jazz kissaten or a one that does a Nagoya "morning" in katakana, coffee that comes with free toast, eggs, fruit etc. as a cheap breakfast. These places will show you kissaten bunka in Japan.

Doutor mentioned in the story is not a kissaten either, it is a chain of what are clearly cafes serving cafe food. Doutor always allowed smoking though, which as noted above made it far easier for Starbucks to be successful in Japan.

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Posted in: Which prefectures take top spots in ‘problem-free’ survey? See in context

Being in your 20s is a stressful time for any young adult

For most people, that's probably untrue. This Covid blip aside, in recent years there have been plenty of jobs for graduates in Japan. At that age, you have your own money for the first time, no more study pressure, and lots of nightlife to explore. Going to the provinces to avoid stress (and get some space for your family) is something you should do in your mid thirties or forties. Compared to trying to paying for kids and saving for retirement, your 20s are carefree times.

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Posted in: Do you think hanami (cherry blossom viewing) gatherings in parks should be discouraged in order to lessen the spread of the coronavirus infections? See in context

I voted yes to discouraging, but only because there will be people who insist on large mixed groups in very crowded parks.

If the place is not crowded and visitors stick to meeting people they are already in contact with, it should be fine. There is nothing stopping the same people meeting in a restaurant where transmission would be much more likely due to poor ventilation.

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