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Posted in: Japan may approve 2nd COVID-19 vaccine in May: health minister See in context

"There is the possibility of giving pharmaceutical approval as early as May or June," Norihisa Tamura, minister of health, labor and welfare, said on a TV program.

Very representative of Japan. Couldn't do it "as early as next week", right? Months of paperwork and meetings are compulsory for anything, even in the middle of a pandemic.

Japan has signed agreements with the three vaccine makers for a total of 314 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine, enough to inoculate 157 million people. The country's population is around 126 million.

Considering that the vaccine is not going to be compulsory and there's a big adversion to vaccines in Japan (and these are "foreign" vaccines!), more than a half of these vaccines will be wasted.

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Posted in: Japan petitions to add 40 traditional folk dances to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list See in context

Japan is obsessed with the Unesco list, I don't know if it's inferiority complex or delusions of grandeur.

More brown envelopes on its way.

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Posted in: Saitama begins plans to regulate how to use escalators; prohibit walking up and down See in context

The Liberal Democratic Party of the Saitama Prefectural Assembly is preparing a draft ordinance on promoting the safe use of escalators in the prefecture. 

Saitama must be a perfect place to live, if this is the most urgent issue the city Assembly has to address.

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Posted in: Tokyo District Court upholds ban on dual citizenship See in context

Exactly. A man should have one and only one country.

The world would be a better place without narrow minded nationalisms.

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Posted in: Tokyo District Court upholds ban on dual citizenship See in context

The authorities can't strip a Japanese national of a passport for anything less than treason, and they can't force a dual citizen to surrender a passport that's the property of a foreign government. Catch 22. You have defacto dual citizenship, whether the authorities recognize it or not.

This, they need the passport holder to renounce to his Japanese nationality.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes punishment for refusal to comply with COVID-19 measures See in context

This is Number 2 BS! 

Dude, a foreigner resident will be deported and his visa revoked if he refuses to do the same things Suga is proposing!

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Posted in: Universal basic income proposal by Suga adviser may be hard sell in Japan See in context

There's a lot of people in Japan living close to poverty, from kids to elders. A basic rent would definitely help them to eat and get warm in winter. It should be basic human compassion, if anything.

Sure, there would be people that would run with that check to their local pachinko. Maybe some control measures would be in order. Like giving supermarket money, or bills payments, instead of just cash.

The "I work so I eat" mentality is a fallacy, and the most privileged are usually the most vocal about it.

I am not projecting. I have worked all of my adult life and before. That should be the norm but it isn’t. There are a shocking number of able bodied people who are satisfied with a subsistence lifestyle. Work ethic is cultural and learned. Many find excuses for not working. Universal basic income would be one such excuse. 

Just because you were taught to work hard doesn't mean that everyone can/want to do it. Do you stand a higher moral ground because of your work habits? It's quite selfish, similar to what old guys at companies in Japan want to transfer to the next generations, as in "I didn't have any holidays so you should not have them", or "I worked 100 hours a week so you must also do it"

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Posted in: High school students create petition to change the name of FamilyMart’s 'Mom’s Diner' line See in context

Yet the petition is organized by the "Girl Scouts", do they make the gender differentiation with the boys group? Maybe not only in the name but also within their activities.

I'm far from knowing much about that organization, but a mixed "Scouts" group would be an interesting concept for year 2021.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 664 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,827 See in context


There are between 40 to 50 daily reported deaths. Daily.

The figure has been going up for the last month. Still not to the levels of Europe or USA, but it would be important for the TV to report these deaths more clearly. Right now it gives the impression that there are no deaths at all, and most of students and younger salarymen are partying as usual.

I just wonder why oh why the government doesn't approve the start of vaccinations, instead of keep spending the Nation budget on GOto events.

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Posted in: Japanese KitKats are shrinking; Nestlé says previous size may have been too large for customers See in context

It happens on every product, they put less quantity instead of rising the price. Have you seen the 900ml milk, huge potato chips bags with 40 grams, 7 slices cheese packages, 20% empty yogur, half empty konbini sandwiches...

And consumers, for some reason, never complain.

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Posted in: Uber Eats Japan offering strange discount just for people who don’t really need Uber Eats See in context

what’s not to like?

I was told Uber Eats pays workers some 200yen per ride. Enough said.

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Posted in: Japanese sex business operator sues state over virus cash handout snub See in context

She's right. It would be a good time for Japan to clarify its position about the sex industry.

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Posted in: Complaints overwhelm red-tape hotline hours after launch See in context

Kono, an enthusiastic Twitter user 

That's how far their understanding of new technology goes.

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Posted in: Suga aims to get new digital agency running by autumn 2021 See in context

They will buy fax machines with WIFI.

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Posted in: Oil industry placing risky bet on plastics: report See in context

Oil megacorps investing in the future degradation of Earth by investing in the growth of the plastic market, just out of greed. Pure heartless capitalism at its best.

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Posted in: Book Off running low on books; begs customers to sell them books See in context

The average youngster in Japan spends an average 3-8 hours of their daily life connected to their smartphones. They don't have time to do anything else, let alone to focus on reading an actual book (not manga), so they don't buy books at all.

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Posted in: Abenomics failed to deliver as Japan braces for post-Abe era See in context

Can anyone say ONE good thing of his 8 years tenure?

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Posted in: Democrats nominate Biden to take on Trump; John McCain's widow praises him See in context

I’m not American, nor into America’s politics either, but Biden looks quite old to actually offer anything new. Isn’t he going to be in his 80s during his mandate if he wins?

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Posted in: Japan to pitch Osaka, Fukuoka as int'l financial hubs after pandemic See in context

Just another empty gesture from Aso, who knows well the overprotectionist culture of Japan.

Overseas companies are not welcome, not even remotely so. There are multiple barriers to international business that want to set up an office in Japan, becoming more difficult when we are talking of big corporations that may compete with Japan Inc. How many banks have stopped attempting to come to Japan, the third economy of the world, because they just cannot operate here?

Why would any company want to come here anyway? What are the incentives apart from afterwork leisure?

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Posted in: Plastic bag usage at Japanese stores down by 50%, but plastic bags sales through the roof See in context

Same dilemma, I used supermarket plastic bags for garbage disposal, but I have to buy these bags now.

The use of plastic bags is still is still mandatory for garbage. Heck, my city changed the rule for recycled paper a few years ago, and it has to be disposed of in a big plastic bag.

Meanwhile, companies have not changed their convoluted plastic wrap scheme, because environmental rules never apply to them.

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Posted in: Gov't under fire over huge COVID-19 aid contract for ad giant Dentsu See in context

Talking about Dear Leader, has anyone seen him lately? Seems to be hiding.

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Posted in: Husbands happy, wives stressed over parenting during stay-home spell See in context

Before: Daily shopping/yoga/coffeeshop morning amenities. No husband around.

Lockdown: Daily mom duties with kids and a husband they barely care about.

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Posted in: Go To fiasco may see gov't paying Tokyoites' cancellation fees See in context

Abe team should be requested to pay these refunds with their own money.

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Posted in: Supreme Court rejects appeal by 'vagina kayak' artist over obscenity See in context

But male genitalia seems to be fine at the かなまら祭り.

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Posted in: Japanese hospitals cut staff bonuses as coronavirus drives them into the red See in context

Is it hospitals what we are talking about? Or also the small medial clinics that are everywhere?

Anyway, they both always loooked like a profitable business to me, charging exhorbitant prices for everything.

What are the operating costs of these places that they cannot stay in business after a couple of months of crisis?

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Posted in: Japan's retail sales fall 12.3% in May from a year earlier See in context

the increased health insurance, residence tax, and other payment forms

They did rise all the taxes I’m paying this year, quite a bit. I was not sure if it was only me or a general thing.

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Posted in: Coronavirus crisis sparks calls for revamping Japan's school year See in context

It's a crazy.

A European kid born in 2014 will start school this September. If this change succeeds, a Japanese kid born in 2014 would start school next year, effectively 7 years old already. That's loosing a whole year for Japan.

No politician seems to comment on that detail.

Anyway, In a country that cannot adopt the daylight saving time because it's "difficult and confusing" I cannot imagine it changing the whole education system.

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Posted in: Cars with out-of-prefecture license plates targeted amid pandemic See in context

These are the same locals that will beg for tourists from Osaka or Tokyo to come visit..

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Posted in: Japan's child population falls for 39th straight year to record low See in context

There are economic reasons, for sure. But there are also socio-cultural reasons. Most couples don't want to have more than two kids, it's considered kind of the "good" number.

Mosts salarymen families, with a stable economic situation, won't like to have 3-4 kids. If you ask students at the uni, they all have this idea in their mind already: smaller family = less compromises and an easier to manage life.

Not to count the many people that don't want to have kids, or the odd ones that cannot find a couple to live with. Not the best country in the world for interpersonal relationships.

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Posted in: Japan's top business lobby calls for review of uniform base pay rise system See in context

That would be an open door to unfair discrimitation, and an overall 0 yen rise for 90% of the workers. It would also give such a dangerous power to all these incompetent middle managers.

-"You asked for a week off this year, no rise for you"

-"I don't like your attitude, no rise for you"

You get the idea.

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