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Posted in: Enjoy fresh, nutritious tomato beer from Fukushima prefecture See in context

Uh, no.

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Posted in: Cafe Paulista in Ginza: Japan’s oldest existing 'kissaten' is model for coffee shops across the country See in context

Are they talking the name of the place or the location. That building it is in and the shop were built in 2002.

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Posted in: Do you think hanami (cherry blossom viewing) gatherings in parks should be discouraged in order to lessen the spread of the coronavirus infections? See in context

I am far more afraid of the used masks on the ground everywhere.

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Posted in: Concerns mount over trace app for potential foreign Olympic fans See in context

Foreigners will be tracked but not the natives. TIJ.

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Posted in: COVID vaccine for elderly to be distributed based on population proportion See in context

Missing in this long winded tripe is WHEN it will be introduced.

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Posted in: Rengatei: venerable Ginza eaterie is birthplace of 'yoshoku' classics like 'tonkatsu' and 'omuraisu' See in context

Rengatei DID NOT invent these dishes. Both were introduced by the Portuguese in the 16th century. They are found in the writings of the Kyoto samurai.

The Jesuit missionaries made their fried pork cutlets and since potatoes were scarce here at the time they used rice instead to make their tortilla. A dish made with potatoes and eggs.

The court in Kyoto was served these dishes and their cooks learned the Portuguese techniques to make them.

Rengatei was simply the first Meiji Era restaurant to SERVE the dishes.

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Posted in: Ministry of Justice offering free counseling services to foreigners See in context

100% of the time the foreigner will be told, "See it was just cultural misunderstanding. You do not understand Japan ways. Now we can all Happy Japan."

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Posted in: Japan considers creating waiting lists for COVID-19 vaccine: Kono See in context

"The politicians don't claim they're safe, the boards that clear vaccines in each country do. The politicians follow the scientists lead."

Not in Japan. The Ministry of Health runs the National Committee of Innoculations and Vaccinations. Not a single doctor or scientist on the Committee. All of the members are Diet members. 6 from lower chamber and 6 from upper chamber. Their 2 advisers are the president of Tokyo University Medical College (he has a PhD in Education) and the president of Kyoto University (PhD not in medicine but engineering).

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Posted in: Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo ask gov't to lift state of emergency early See in context

There has been a State of Emergency?

I thought it was still business as usual.

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Posted in: Emperor feels grateful for strength of Japanese people over pandemic See in context

Here is an interesting passage from "The Imperial Dynasty" (1952) by Jacob Winters, I believe it is out of print.

"The title of Emperor owes to the fact that Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa were distinct and separate kingdoms. For example, Kyushu was ruled from Hyuga (modern Miyazaki) and was known as Hayato Daiyo. The archipelago is the empire of the Emperor."

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Posted in: Hashimoto will not give Mori any official Tokyo Olympics role See in context

WOW, first time a Nipponkaigi buddy dumped one of their fellows.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 353 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,302 See in context

84 hospitalized but the hospitals in Tokyo are strained? Something doesn't fit.

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Posted in: Ex-director sues Amnesty Japan for firing him over Japanese ability See in context

When a human rights group goes breaking bad.

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Posted in: Hay fever season arrives in Japan amid coronavirus pandemic See in context

100 years ago...

Hey here's an idea. Let's chop down all our native forestry and replace it with European and North American cedars. What could go wrong?

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Posted in: S Korean sex slave survivor wants U.N. court judgment See in context

If only South Korea had distributed all that phat cash to victims instead of blowing it on the 1988 Olympics preps.

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Posted in: Kono says supply will determine vaccination progress See in context

Supply will determine progress.

What a genius Capt. Obvious is.

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Posted in: What problems do you foresee with the roll-out of the coronavirus vaccine in Japan? See in context

Oh gee I don't know.

Perhaps the sharps shortage. It is being run by bureaucrats and pols and not medical people. Tokyo will get the bulk and leave the rest of the country waiting for months. All the while waiting for the gov't to get its act together, you will need a vac pass to travel out of Japan or enter.

I could go on, but you know it all living here.

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Posted in: New Zealand-Australia row erupts over 'terrorist' dual national See in context

My sack of grapes has a higher IQ than Morrison and Ardern combined.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic committee to pick Mori replacement; is a woman likely? See in context

I nominate Sora Aoi.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 350 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,305 See in context

It's going back up again! Quick! Stop the testing!

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Posted in: Syringe shortage hampers Japan's COVID-19 vaccination roll-out See in context

If this can be reported daily for the last 6 weeks, then why is this still news?

And the gov't keeps saying "Trust us".

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Posted in: Has the coronavirus made you rethink what's important in your life? See in context

My family has always been my center.

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Posted in: People suffering from hay fever may become infected with the coronavirus by using hands that had come in contact with the virus to rub the irritated areas of the eyes and nose, where areas of mucous membranes are located. See in context

As one who suffers from this let me offer the missing solutions.

Invest in a good portable air purifier that has changeable filters. Take it with you when changing rooms.

Wash your hair every day. This cleans away pollen.

If you are a man, shave very day. Facial hair attracts pollen.

Keep bedding clean, as well as clothes, curtains and towels.

Vacuum every day and a good dusting every other day.

If you can, avoid having pets.

That is what my doctors have always suggested.

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Posted in: Toyota president disappointed by Mori's comments See in context

So? And he will do what exactly? Mori is untouchable.

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Posted in: Mori's sexist remarks show slow progress in narrowing Japan gender gap See in context

Dinosaurs gonna dinosaur.

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Posted in: Japan to start COVID vaccinations next week despite syringe shortage See in context

I still feel this all rushed. UK and Australia stopped the Pfizer vaccine because of adverse effects and some deaths.

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Posted in: Man killed after being struck by a whisky bottle, then strangled See in context

Alcohol is a heck of a drug.

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