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Posted in: Publisher slams gov't handling of virus in 3 newspaper ads See in context

I get the meaning but think it is in poor taste. These poor young women were forced to train with their lives on the line. Remember that the next time the question of the atomic bomb arises.

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Posted in: Long jump See in context

THIS is why I want the Olympics. Fans are not a matter. It is the performance.

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Posted in: 5 injured in stabbing rampage at New Zealand market See in context

No dozens dead by bullets. Hmm.

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Posted in: Medical staff on standby See in context

Well, one never knows during the 100M dash when he/she could come down with cordova.

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Posted in: Trouble mars skateboarding's rising popularity in Japan See in context

Shirpwrecker: Tons of thumbs up for that. Build it, and they'll gather. Don't, and they'll gather elsewhere.

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Posted in: 'No doubt' U.S. has undercounted COVID deaths: Fauci See in context

Don't worry. Trump promised that it will have gone away by last summer.

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Posted in: Trouble mars skateboarding's rising popularity in Japan See in context

Well, I'm no grom - my knees restrict me to my longboard with really soft wheels - but ya gotta let the kids have fun, and if you don't make space for that, they'll make it themselves. Shouldn't be too difficult. Actually, should be healthy. As a parent, the biggest question is, in the evening, where are my kids?

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Posted in: Micronesians feel hatred in Hawaii; decry police shooting See in context

Hawaii is a VERY tight place. Even within their communities, hierarchies are very strict. Haoles are welcome if they bring tourist dollars, but don't think you'll ever fit in.

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Posted in: House GOP leader says he backs ousting Cheney from No. 3 job See in context

“We want to be united in moving forward, and I think that is what will take place,”

Ha ha! "United"- the GOP is eating its own. Ever looked into Stefanik? - she'll have a target on her back the minute she's put in place. The only reason she's being considered is the GOP wants to replace Cheney with another female, and their numbers within the party are thin.

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Posted in: Trouble mars skateboarding's rising popularity in Japan See in context

Skateboarding is a great sport. The problem is lack of space to practice it. I'd suggest setting up a few small skateboarding areas in local parks - they'd act like a magnet.

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Posted in: Man kills 6, then himself, at Colorado birthday party shooting See in context


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Posted in: Kyoto families angered by new policy forcing high school students to buy tablets at own expense See in context

I taught my wife's second-year JHS student today. She had to write some example sentences on a tablet. The tablet didn't function well, it took her forever to type, and it deprived her of a chance to practice penmanship - clearly, I don't like them. Fortunately, at least for her, her school provides them to students free of charge. Others are not so lucky, as in this Kyoto school district.

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Posted in: Japanese company releases bamboo toothbrushes in campaign against plastic waste See in context

715 yen is a very attractive price.

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Posted in: Marian Anderson sings for the Empress of Japan in 1953 See in context

I absolutely love this series and look forward to each new installment.

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Posted in: Buddha-inspired socks from Bosatsu Brand mix buddhism and fashion together See in context

Well, some wear their religion on their sleeve....

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Posted in: India's official count of coronavirus cases passes 20 million See in context

There must be a better way to dispose of the dead than funeral pyres. India already suffers from severe deforestation.

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Posted in: How to live like you're earning ¥10 million a year on an income of ¥3 million See in context

Cleo, I completely agree. I almost killed myself to put my two kids through private school and college. Now that they're independent, I've cut back on work drastically. Funny enough, I never had much personal money when I was working so hard and still don't - but I do have time.

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Posted in: North Korea says Biden has a hostile policy; warns of response See in context

Their "response" will be to continue requiring their citizens to eat roadside grass to survive. This is a criminal regime. China is really the actor who should do something about it.

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Posted in: Afghan retreat: U.S. formally begins withdrawing from its longest war See in context

A relic of the Cold War. The US should never have been there to begin with. "Afghan" itself is a nebulous concept. Let them sort it out themselves.

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Posted in: Olympic diving test event begins in Tokyo; torch relay detour on Okinawa See in context

All of this Olympic sideshow stuff annoys me. Let the athletes compete, whether with an audience or not. The vast majority of us will watch it on TV, and it's only the competition that we're interested in.

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Posted in: Olympic surfing venue refuses to cooperate with athlete testing See in context

No idea why surfing is an Olympic sport. But as a surfer myself, I know our stubborn nature. Sadly, there are no good waves in Japan.

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Posted in: Russia blacklists 8 EU officials in retaliatory action See in context

Being blacklisted by Russia is a badge of honor.

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Posted in: Japan to introduce 'vaccine passports' for international travel See in context

My daughter, a dual US/Japanese citizen, is due to arrive from the US in Tokyo and then travel to Kumamoto tomorrow. We'll see how this works.

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Posted in: China launches main part of its 1st permanent space station See in context

Don't care whether it was stolen or copied - early America was notorious for this practice - the only point is that it succeeded. Two thumbs up for human kind.

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Posted in: China launches main part of its 1st permanent space station See in context

Wonderful achievement! There's politics and then there's science. Let's not let the former get in the way of the latter.

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Posted in: Young widow arrested for killing Japanese 'Don Juan' in 2018 See in context

Whatever became of his dog?

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Posted in: Japanese survey ranks which prefectures people want to move back to the most See in context

My kids, both Kumamoto natives, left to live in large cities, which I totally support: experiencing a cosmopolitan life when young is crucial. But I counsel them to return to Kumamoto (or a similar mid-sized town) when they marry: there is no better place to raise a family.

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Posted in: Lawmaker's secretary arrested for attempted murder of friend in Osaka See in context

The friend initially called police to report he had been in a traffic accident but told police officers who came to the scene he had gotten into a small fight. He later told police Narimatsu had hit him with a car, the police said.

That must have been some intense questioning.

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Posted in: From haute cuisine to hot dogs: How dining out has evolved over 200 years See in context

Once a year, my mother would pick me up during elementary school lunch hour and take me out to Bob's Big Boy. It was a great treat. I worked at several restaurants to put myself through college and learned to love the culture. But I never eat out: home-cooked food is best.

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