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Finally an exciting F1 year! I feel sorry for Leclerc but without his crash he wouldn't have gotten pole. Still Ferrari is on its way back yeah!

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@Little joey

Yes and no regarding cancellation.

The Tokyo government can request and the IOC can refuse.

But the contract it between Tokyo and the IOC not the national government of Japan.

So the national government can go public demand that Tokyo and the IOC cancel the games.

Tokyo may not be legally able to say anything publicly that could "harm" the games, but the national and other prefectures can.

Under that kind of international publicity the IOC would have no choice and Tokyo would be legally safe.

Looked it up and you're right, now the only way the olympics will be cancelled if the IOC decides to cancel it, if Japan cancels it, all cost and losses will be shouldered by the host....

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Actually the Japanese government has no say in it, this is all up to the IOC. Once you sign the contract of hosting the games, there's no way to get out of it, except for a war. It's all up to the IOC if they see the need to cancel the games. In the mean time the Japanese government has no choice to promote it and make the best out of a bad situation.

Personally I don't get what the big "wooha" is about, if all athletes are vaccinated they won't increase the risk of infection, and when you stroll through Tokyo, it's obvious that most people don't take the precautions that seriously. It'll be nice to watch something else on TV than the food programs we get killed with every day.

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Not a good idea to take sides in a conflict like this. The rocket attacks are a case of tit for tat. Years of built up resentment, pain and hate on both sides has to climax someday and no matter which party you talk to, they both make sense in their explanation. This kind of statement is a slap in the face of all those who have suffered in this conflict, and is just a case of supporting a business partner.

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Yes there is, give people the right to choose end their lives on their own terms.

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Lovely passionate folks here, but even the most die hard lh fan must admit that his succes lies for 80 percent in the cars he's driving. He's a great driver, but you can't call someone a goat with this kind of advantage, now can you? But I guess that counts for any sport where the wealthiest teams lead the way.

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Numan you're going overboard here, sure Hamilton is a great driver, but he also has the best car car, backed up by an almost equal team mate. Verstappen had no choice to keep on going on those old tires, a pit inn would have meant losing his place to either Hamilton or Bottas. Such is the power of the Mercedes team. And even though Mercedes is underplaying their power, their cars are obviously more powerful when it matters most, not during the free training, but during the race.

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They forgot to write that the students have to purchase a 20.000 yen dictionary set application. Also all pads are LTE versions as the school's don't have WiFi. This is all the result of good salesmen and an ignorant board of education. My son hasn't used his keyboard in the two years he's been "using" his iPad.

Japan's education's costs are based on relations between great salesmen and ignorant schools. The bags, uniforms, sneakers, hats, pen cases, etc are all to be purchased at the same stores. Little shops who rake in money doing nothing but sell to parents.

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