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Posted in: Australian economy storms ahead as COVID recovery turns V-shaped See in context

Australia doesn’t have herd immunity because of its stringent lockdowns.

No country yet has herd immunity

Now, the vaccines will get us to herd immunity faster than any other way

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Posted in: Rockets hit air base in Iraq hosting U.S. troops See in context

Rockets hit air base in Iraq hosting U.S. troops

...and now, back to another expansion of military stupidity in the ME. Yep, the US is back.... back to the swamp warmongering of the past. The 4 year break is over.

4-year break? There are constant attacks on US coalition in Iraq. For example:

"Timeline: recent attacks on US forces in Iraq"


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Posted in: Chinese vaccines sweep much of the world, despite concerns See in context

Amid a dearth of public data on China’s vaccines, fears over their efficacy and safety are still pervasive in the countries depending on them

They're so secretive - why are they hiding if it's good

If there's issues with these Chinese vaccines, it'll affect people's confidence on all the vaccines

Worse still, if it turns out not much better than a placebo, "vaccinated" people who think they're already immune, would then unknowingly continue to spread the virus

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Posted in: France reports 22,857 new COVID-19 cases over 24 hours See in context

The French are most skeptical of the Covid vaccines - that's not helping them

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Posted in: Australian economy storms ahead as COVID recovery turns V-shaped See in context

Doing better than countries that didn't take the virus seriously

This virus is a serious matter - take it seriously, you'll come out better

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Posted in: Noose tightens on Hong Kong as China Congress set to open See in context

Beware any government that asks for a loyalty test

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Posted in: Rockets hit air base in Iraq hosting U.S. troops See in context

Tit-tat. They'd hit them with rockets back

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Posted in: 43-year-old female company exec arrested over indecent behavior with 17-year-old boy See in context

Lol, what's the harm? Remember Genji ;-]

I met an older lady who wanted me to be her boy toy. I was about 38 at the time. She was probably 65. She was loaded and wanted to spend it on me, but the thought have having sex with her again...


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Posted in: J&J's COVID-19 shot gets CDC panel backing; vaccine near shipping See in context

The J&J vaccine is Adenovirus-based - the same as Sputnik V (not mRNA-based)

Why aren't you taking Sputnik?

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Posted in: Prince Harry: British press were 'destroying my mental health' See in context

Here's Harry visiting the real Fresh Prince of Bel-Air House and rapping the theme song

"This is a story all about how Prince Harry visited the 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' house"


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Posted in: Myanmar police crack down on protests; at least 5 dead See in context

People have to decide between a Burmese genocidal military dictatorship, or a western-backed Capitalist genocidal government.

They already did

Wasn't there an election? Who won the vote?

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Posted in: New Zealand's largest city Auckland starts 7-day lockdown See in context

4 families, more than a dozen cases, a bunch of rule-breakers - causing the lockdown

"Covid-19: The evolution of the Auckland February cluster"


The Auckland February Cluster so far contains four families, more than a dozen cases

The first cases

At 1.30pm on February 14, Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield and Covid-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins held a press conference, where they announced three community cases in South Auckland. A student at Papatoetoe High School, to be known as Case A, her mother (Case B), and father (Case C).

A second family infected

Two days later, a close contact of Case A, a Year 9 student at Papatoetoe High School, returned a positive test. She’s Case D.

The following day, February 17, the same household produced cases E and F, a Year 12 student (a casual plus contact of Case A) and a woman recorded as being in the 40-49 age group, respectively.

A third household

On February 23, we hear of three new cases, as a third household joins the cluster.

Case J, the student’s older sister, who recently finished school and has been working at Kmart Botany Downs, and Case K, their younger sister, described as an infant.

Despite being told to self-isolate, another sister went to work at KFC Botany Downs on Monday and Tuesday, and tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday. She’s now Case L.

A fourth household and another lockdown

On Saturday, yet another household became involved. A 21-year-old student at Manukau Institute of Technology, who also works at Kerry Logistics (Oceania) Limited part-time, tested positive. He’s Case M.

His mother, who also tested positive, is Case N. Their other family members have tested negative.

Unfortunately, Case M is also a rule breaker. Instead of isolating at home, he went to campus for three days and the gym twice, including once after taking a Covid-19 test.

Cabinet decided that from 6am on Sunday, Auckland would move back up to level 3 and the rest of the country to level 2 for seven days.

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Posted in: U.S. implicates Saudi crown prince in journalist Khashoggi's killing See in context

The report shouldn't had been buried in the first place

The US shouldn't be at the beck & call of the Saudis, especially when the Saudis do something horrendous

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Posted in: New Zealand's virus success unleashes runaway housing prices See in context

Victim of their own success

Watch out for lockdowns - it may be too successful

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Posted in: First vaccines delivered under global Covax scheme; EU program struggles to speed up See in context

In the U.S., the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine is highly effective in preventing severe COVID-19, including newer variants.

The vaccine is likely be authorised on Friday, making it the third available in the country hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic.

With Pfizer and AstraZeneca each aiming to supply 300 million doses (double-dose jabs) by summer, and now Johnson & Johnson aiming to supply another 100 million doses (single-dose jabs) by summer, the US may actually have an over-supply by summer

Then it becomes more an issue how fast to get those doses into people's arms. The US may actually have enough vaccinations to anyone who wants it by the end of the year

Then hopefully they'll send the extra supplies to poorer countries who need it

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Posted in: New coronavirus variant identified in New York See in context

Don't spread the virus - don't give the virus more chances to mutate to something worse

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Posted in: Former aide says Cuomo kissed her, suggested strip poker See in context

Many people in power, including Trump, do the same

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Posted in: Sweden steps up pandemic restrictions in bid to avoid third wave See in context

Even Sweden is waking up to reality. They already tried it their way - it didn't work

Herd immunity is uncontrolled immunization but in this case with more serious consequences (this is not a common cold where we know decades-worth of things about it and its treatment and long-term consequences) - ya don't get to choose who gets it, the time when, the place how, even the dreaded uncertainty of not knowing if ya even have it or not, and whom to pass it to, and most importantly don't actually know what the consequences are

The best bet is still vaccination, which is controlled immunization - ya get to know who gets it, at the time of their convenience, at the place of their own choosing, knowing with full certainty that your body is definitely fighting it, without having to pass it onto others, in a prepared safe environment

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Posted in: Lucky to be alive, Woods faces difficult recovery See in context

Since January last year, there's been over a dozen accidents there, with 4 being serious

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Posted in: Tiger Woods seriously injured in California car crash See in context

It's one thing or another with this guy. If it's not a scorned wife coming at you with a gold club, it's drugs and alcohol. And blondes.

Those are many years apart (2017 and 2009, that's already more than a decade ago), and there was no alcohol involved (and the drugs were medicine). Did ya miss the stuff in the years between? But yes about the blondes

His recovery plus rehab is expected to take a year. So that's another lost year for him (though he's already expected to lose several months this year recovering from another back surgery)

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Posted in: Facebook to restore Australia news pages after deal on media law See in context

Analysts say Facebook got the better of the Australian government in this deal

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Posted in: UK to push at G-7 for global standard on 'vaccine passports' See in context

Just be the yet-unvaccinated people tested prior to travel and, when possible, travel together in their transport

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Posted in: Dutch lockdown eased, but curfew extended See in context

The Dutch's previous laissez-faire attitude towards the virus didn't work, so they had to do this

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Posted in: Myanmar generals under renewed pressure after G7 condemnation, sanctions See in context

The government will simply arrest protestors and charge them with "sedition" and "insurrection"

That seems to be the playbook these days.

The Myanmar protestors haven't ransacked the Parliament, last I checked

Those who clearly filmed themselves ransacking the Parliament for all to see the evidence, do deserve to be charged

There's no mistaking that evidence, not even those who don't believe it

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Posted in: U.N. expert says Iran lied in downing of Ukraine airliner See in context

They're trying to cover it up

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested for calling police station 1,700 times over 8 days See in context

If they haven't already, the police should've visited him from the start in case there's indeed something bad happened

If there's nothing bad happened, then they should warn him that it's a crime what he's doing, and that the next time he does it, he would be arrested

That should've nipped it in the bud, instead of stretching for 8 days and 1,700 calls

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Posted in: Japanese man freed from Chinese prison to return home See in context

It is not known what the man did to be convicted of harming China's national security.

That's why nobody trusts China's judicial system - they don't even say what's violated

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Posted in: Facebook to restore Australia news pages after deal on media law See in context

The digital platforms and news publishers couldn't afford the loss of revenue

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Posted in: Australian MP who promoted pandemic conspiracies quits ruling party See in context

But the other side can’t support its statements with facts too. Did masks, vaccines, PCR testing, lockdowns and all that defeat the virus?

A couple of research papers:

"Evaluating the Effectiveness of Social Distancing Interventions to Delay or Flatten the Epidemic Curve of Coronavirus Disease"


"Social network-based distancing strategies to flatten the COVID-19 curve in a post-lockdown world"


I'd like to read opposing research. Show me the work

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Posted in: New York City movie theaters to reopen in early March See in context

Good job

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