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Posted in: Publisher slams gov't handling of virus in 3 newspaper ads See in context

But an addendum to the Olympic host city contract states that the I.O.C. is ultimately responsible for decisions when it comes to making “a significant change in the overall scope of the Games.”

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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

IOC should cancel even if it means they will not get reimbursed by the Insurance. They are waiting fir the host to cancel so they could get Insurance money back. And that means insurers might lose business. I read ghat somewhere

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I think countries from high resources should vaccinate their own athletes prior to attending the Olympics. Their countries should do that so they can enter Japan with ease. This is a pandemic! They should also try to help themselves get vaccinated at this special time from their country.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching passerby who asked him to wear mask See in context

I am quite surprised someone punched back an elderly person at that for simply telling him to wear a mask. You are watching too much US news. Not good to copy that. I do not like all this punching. Lockdowns have made people become more and more weird and aggressive!

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Posted in: Cruise ship returns to Yokohama after one passenger tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

This tells me testing is not 100% proof. You might have been tested before COVID-19 surprised you and missed getting detected.. I would only consider traveling if everyone was vaccinated. I do not trust testing alone.

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With COVID-19 cases soaring worldwide, and much of Japan under a state of emergency due to a third wave of coronavirus infections, the viability of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics has once again been called into question.

If the Games are cancelled as a result of the pandemic, insurers are facing a US$2-3 billion loss, which would be the largest ever claim in the global event cancellation market, according to a Reuters report.

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The Olympic participants MUST BE VACCINATED at least 14 days BEFORE arriving in Japan from their own country with proof. And sign a waiver just like we all do from indemnity- no fault by anyone if they catch COVID attending and participating in the Olympics. It is their willing acceptance of the fact! Just like we all signed a waiver not blaming the vaccine provider.

This is the only fair thing to do.

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Notice the countries who have millions of other violators they admit have less peace within. Too much protesting.

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They look lost

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Pfizer works well with UK variant.

The key finding: The percentage of positive antibodies that neutralized the South African variant was 12.4 fold lower for the Moderna vaccine than against the original coronavirus and 10.3 fold lower for the Pfizer vaccine, the study says.

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

Western Woke!

Do not copy everything going around the world. That is why your world is more peaceful. They are all chaotic and antagonizing each other. So much hate. Keep your culture. I appreciate it and I am not even from there.

There is more respect there than ehat I live with - they are always complaining.

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Posted in: 4 SDF members infected with coronavirus in Africa See in context

Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Protects Against U.K., South Africa Variants, Study Shows

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

You do not start dressing them up the opposite sex and think you can read them the opposite way.

I went to an all girl school and saw some of my classmates as tomboys. We had a uniform. Some have crushes with other girls and nothing was said.

Some remained to be tomboys while others found themselves back to their original sex by birth. No one ever even thought of wearing boys clothes in an all girl school who had tendencies to be boys. But I noticed them wearing boy shoes.

Today, they are back to being a girl and talk about it as a phase of their life.

There was one who after getting married was left by her husband so she fell in love with another girl. Only to find out that the girl also cheated on her. Now she lives by herself and is happy with spending time with her children.

I disagree dressing up kids the opposite sex. Maybe it is better to have a uniform as we did. Then there is no choice for the child but to wear the uniform and maybe boy shoes.

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I wear N95 masks even if I am vaccinated. You’d never know what variant is around. I had Pfizer and supposed to be good for UK and S African virants too. We do not need to wear mask if we eat with friends who have been vaccinated. Takes 2-3 weeks after each shot to work.

It is a must to wear a mask in streets because they could be asymptomatic and give me the virus passing by. Especially if they are talking to someone without a mask.

The vaccine prevents you from dying but you could still get COVID - but most likely mild.

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Highly functioning people become famous.

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People need to eat. I have seen and tried a can of whale - it’s like sardine. I try everything. It was cheap and affordable. Maybe it should have olive oil like bottled tuna.

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Posted in: New recruits mark 1st day at work, with many ceremonies held online See in context

I agree with Tokyo-Engr

Do not emulate - I love the culture!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 376 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,026 See in context

Japan should not let anyone in. Other countries are getting variants and have high cases!

The new variant is highly contagious

New Zealand and Australia borders are closed to most.

I wonder if it is possible to watch the Olympics perform on zoom simultaneously from their own countries instead of traveling? It just has to be a slower process to be able to watch - and then tally their numbers? This way it is less contagious

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Posted in: Japan considering coronavirus variant test for all inbound travelers See in context

In all countries like Europe, they do not allow people from other countries outside the EU to come in except some countries that have low cases but they will always allow their own nationalities in. But they have to quarantine. But they announced in FB they were going around to eat at restaurants because the food was awful when they had to just get food from the grocery store to their room.

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“While speaking of the need to tighten border controls on an NHK television program, Tamura also said the government is considering contracting private security companies to monitor those who should be self-quarantining at their accommodation to make sure they adhere to the rules.”

I like that! People who arrive in the US sneak out. I do not think some adhere to the rules. I know a couple who did not.

it is costly to hire private security but should they catch a few and broadcast the consequences - maybe people will soon adhere without being watched. Spot check may be possible later.

For the safety of the people.

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Posted in: Travelers entering Japan have to install location confirmation app, Skype on smartphones See in context

“Enacted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the regulation affects all classes of inbound travelers (Japanese citizens, foreign residents of Japan, and temporary business/tourism travelers).”

I like this policy and wish my country would do the same so the spread of Coronavirus will be at bay. To control the spread one must implement a good anti-spreader plan.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics hit by yet another scandal over demeaning comments See in context

I wonder if he meant that the Olympics is like pigs eating up the money. Not the singer. And everyone else thinks he is referring to the singer? And it has been left as such and quit so nothing else can be discussed and leave us thinking deeper as to what he meant??

Just thinking.

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No one has a crystal ball. I am vaccinated - but who knows what variant will come by July. Safest for Japan not to let anyone without proof of vaccination inside for Japan’s safety.

What if a new variant comes? Attendees from abroad should sign a paper that they made their decision to enter and only they are responsible if they catch a new variant. And to get travel insurance for hospitalization.

When will vaccines roll out for Japan to protect themselves from everyone coming in?

Tampa Florida just held their Super Bowl - not to full capacity. It’s been over a month and we have not heard of a surge. So maybe in the summer because of open air the capacity should only be 30% in stadiums.

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I had tickets and hotels all lined up to watch the Olympics. Hotels were all refunded including my airline tickets. 2022 sounds more possibility. It’s ok if the athletes get older by a year. Just do not include any political demos at the event. We all want to put aside all political agendas of anyone and concentrate on the Olympics - or I definitely will not go.

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Posted in: Woman dies from brain hemorrhage days after receiving coronavirus vaccine, but link uncertain See in context

Hank Aaron:

The Fulton County Medical Examiner's office on Monday confirmed Hank Aaron died of natural causes.

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I had my 2nd and last jab of Pfizer 15 days ago. I am good to go. Like any flu shot, you get sore on the arm you had the jab but move your arms like nothing happened and it goes away in 2 days after. The second jab made me tired the next day. I slept at 5PM and had dinner at 10PM. Went back to bed at 1AM after reading and woke up at 8AM the next day. I have been great since. I keep my proof of vaccination because they say it may be proof to enter theaters and restaurants and travel. They also suggest to eat with people with vaccines. The vaccine is for us not to die. It prevents us from dying. So if we catch COVID, it won't need hospitalization. But you must follow the rules: wear a mask, practice social distancing and wash your hands.

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I have had my Pfizer vaccine. I also know people 80 years ok’d and above who have gotten the vaccine and are currently fine. Shots are scheduled 2-3 weeks apart for the 2nd shot. You cannot get COVID from the shot said the nurse that gave it to me because the shot does not have live COVID.

If a person gets COVID after it’s because the vaccine has NOT taken effect until at least 2 weeks after. Vaccines are nit instantaneous.

And in the future after the vaccine they say you MIGHT get COVID but you won’t die of it. The vaccine prevents you from death from it or very serious version.

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Posted in: Nikkei ends above 30,000 mark for 1st time in over 30 years See in context

The exchange now is ¥105 to $1

The ¥ has gone back up since 30 years ago

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Posted in: Cartoon dog pitches COVID vaccines to skeptical Japanese public See in context

The best out there are Pfizer and Moderna both 95% in efficacy. I just finished the 2 shots by Pfizer this week. The second shot made me very tired I decided to sleep by 5PM - woke up at 10PM and ate my dinner and drank a lot of water as advised. Went to bed at 1AM and woke up at 8AM like a mew person. I guess the vaccine was taking effect.

Pfizer also works against the UK variant.

I suggest you call your doctor if you are alright to take the vaccine. I personally did since I had some issues like allergies - but it depends what kind. This way you feel

safe taking the vaccine. Talk to your doctor to make sure you do not have issues.

If you ever catch COVID in spite of the vaccine they said it may be so light you would not have to be hospitalized. They are studying if it is also good against the South African variant.

Do not go to websites that seem real but really fake. I am alive and kicking for my age after taking both jabs.

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Posted in: Mori resigns over sexist remarks: Hashimoto being considered to replace him See in context

The powerful internet has propagated the new norm. Mori said sorry and he should have just finished his job here. He must have accomplished a lot in the past. And to misstep once for saying what he did could cause him his job? That’s more cruel and hard hearted than what he said.

Remeber no one is perfect. He has been humiliated. Isn’t that enough?!

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