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Posted in: Toshiba: Japan's troubled megacorp facing buyout drama See in context

I had one of the first Toshiba laptops -- seems so primitive compared to the MacBook Air on which I'm typing this -- but back in the 1980s things like RAM, storage capacity and battery life were only a fraction of what they are today. The company was famous for developing a Japanese-language word processor, back in the days when data entry had to be done by dedicated units instead of PCs running TwinStar or other software. Over the years, I've had other Toshiba appliances, like a refrigerator, electric fan, etc. As in the case of its rival Japanese brands (Mitsubishi, National-Panasonic, Hitachi, NEC, Funai, Sanyo, Sharp, etc.) in the Showa era, they were generally reliable and got the job done. Clearly it does not bode well for Japan's economy to have an enterprise of this scale be broken up and sold off.

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Cockroaches are 10 million years old and can survive an atomic bomb.

More like 350 million, according to the fossil record.

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One of the amazing characteristics of roaches is said to be they can continue living for up to a week without a head. This is only bested by LDP politicians, many of whom are able to conduct a good part of their careers minus a brain.

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[email protected] Iran were as tough as you say, they would have attacked already. The fact is, they weren't even able to defeat Iraq in eight years of warfare. Without air superiority, the Iranians are mainly left with asymmetrical forms of warfare, like medium-range missiles, drones and speedboats. If I were an Iranian military leader I would not feel myself ready to challenge countries armed with state of the art everything.

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Given the complexities of military logistics, China could not possibly mobilize an invasion force without giving away its intentions. So there will be no "sneak attack." The question is, how long could Taiwan hold off a major military offensive? Another question that arises is whether or not China's citizens will feel the cost in money and lives will make taking the island worth it.

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How is a duck with an onion in its mouth an easy mark?

Actually I think the long version goes something like "a duck with an onion on its back has come." Since duck is typically prepared in Japan using leeks, the phrase suggests that the duck is facilitating its own demise.

The short form is "Kamo negi da" -- quite close in meaning to the English idiom "duck soup."

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Posted in: Award-dominating 'Nomadland' wins top Hollywood director prize See in context

 I have been a fan of Frances McDormand ever since I saw 'Fargo'.

Ya, for sure!

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Much has been written about the "homicidal fantasies" that gun owners entertain. On my honeymoon, my wife and I stayed with a friend in rural California. Water beds were a novelty back then, and our host suggested we sleep on his. I noticed that there were not one but two loaded handguns on the nightstand next to the bed, one of them a snub nose revolver and the other resembling something that Dirty Harry carried. I felt disturbed that in a housing tract in a small town outside a military base, someone would think such things necessary. If so, I would not care to live in such a country

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I had to look it up. It's pretty rare. The web says with early treatment there's a 70% chance of survivability beyond five years. He'll need strength, will to live and luck to make it. I have followed his career from the get-go and know him to be one of the good guys. I wish him well.

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There are what, maybe 1,000 Olympic athletes? Vaccinating them won't impact appreciably on the rest of the population. But Japan needs to get the lead out. The way Covid has been spreading these days, I think we're approaching the need for extreme measures.

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[email protected]

LOL. Or to put it another way, it's not the night that's scary, it's what's in the night.

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[email protected]

At least one newspaper is suggesting that the actual number of cases in Tokyo is higher than Osaka

I don't doubt it, but I would like to read the article. Do you have a link?

It is on page 2 of Nikkan Gendai of 4/08.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 555 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,449 See in context

At least one newspaper is suggesting that the actual number of cases in Tokyo is higher than Osaka, news reports notwithstanding. That could very well be the case. Are we headed for a Golden Week Lockdown?

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Posted in: What are the 10 most popular Japanese sake brands? New poll reveals the favorites of sake lovers See in context

I'm surprised Jozen Mizunogotoshi from Niigata wasn't included on the list. It's a wonderfully refreshing drink. I also read recently that No. 1 on the list, Dassai, has obtained kosher certification and can be safely consumed during the Passover holidays.

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Posted in: Egypt seeks settlement out of court with Japanese company for Suez Canal blockage See in context

I'm thinking there ought to be some sort of insurance angle involved. Or, does insurance only cover sinking or damage to the ship, but not cases where the ship causes damage?

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Posted in: China says carrier group drills near Taiwan will become regular See in context

Back in the '70s I had a Taiwanese friend who used to say, in reference to China's threats over forced reunification, "A barking dog never bites." Well, he was right for 40 years, but time passes and things change. Taiwanese see China reneging on its pact with Britain over Hong Kong and surely don't feel reassured. And by the way, Taiwanese made huge contributions and investments toward the modernization of China's industry and trade. Jeez, you'd think they could come to some sort of modus vivendi and learn to coexist. But Big Brother Xi needs to show his countrymen how tough and ruthless he can be. This does not bode well for Taiwan's future.

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Posted in: Japan to extend ban on all trade with N Korea by 2 years See in context

Several decades ago relations between the two countries briefly warmed up and in the King Size corner at my local Daiei I found an XL men's jacket for an amazingly low price, considering the quality. It bore a label that read "Made in DPR Korea." It was warm and comfortable and the stitching never gave out, but the synthetic leather trim got grubby so I eventually discarded it. I suppose with good materials and quality control, the North Koreans could give China's light industry a run for its money, if they wanted to. Apparently they don't.

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Posted in: N Korea says it won't take part in Tokyo Olympics due to COVID-19 concerns See in context

There had been talk about the two Koreas fielding a joint national team, but that's not going to happen, obviously. Some people in South Korea have also been campaigning for a boycott for political reasons, some stemming from complaints about Japan refusing to ban spectators from waving the Rising Sun flag at the Olympic venues.

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It's quite remarkable that Putin has managed to stay in power without resorting to mass purges, mass executions, mass ethnic evacuations, internal exile in the Gulag, etc., that characterized the decades of Stalin's regime. Probably some Russians feel that alone is enough to qualify him as leader for life.

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Posted in: Assemblyman in Mie reveals same-sex couple's address online See in context

Whether gay or straight, that's a hell of a way to treat constituents. Kobayashi should be drummed out of office for being a total jerk.

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Posted in: Man bitten by pet dog in serious condition See in context

My sister-in-law bought a Wheaten Terrier. The dog was lovingly treated as a member of the family, but became aggressive. After it bit her and her daughter, she had to have it put down. She bought a second dog of the same breed, but from a different breeder who explained to her what had probably happened, that the first breeder was irresponsibly running a puppy farm, and many of its dogs had issues. There have been no problems with the new dog.

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Posted in: Quasi-emergency COVID-19 measures begin in Osaka, Hyogo, Miyagi prefectures See in context

Quasi-emergency = half-assed

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Posted in: Jordan's king sends tough message on dissent in royal family See in context

Smuggle two truckloads of AK-47s into a middle eastern country and you've got a springboard to anarchy. Look at Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Gaza, Libya, Sudan, etc. Which country will be next?

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Taiwan has a high-speed shinkansen that runs along its west coast to link Taipei with Kaohsiung, but the train in the accident, like most of the trains in Taiwan's network, is narrow gauge and doesn't go that fast. I've been on the same route to Hualian any number of times. It's comfortable and air conditioned but even the limited expresses don't run at high speed.

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I hope the doctor who died last year of Covid-19, Li Wenliang, is not forgotten. He tried to warn people and was shouted down and threatened by Wuhan authorities. For a brief period he was honored as a martyr, but obviously the CCP is in the process of rewriting history. The worst part is that any Chinese citizens -- if they know what's good for them -- will parrot whatever their government demands they believe. To be a skeptic is dangerously unpatriotic and a tool of the dark foreign forces out to undermine the legitimacy of Big Brother.

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Posted in: Manga artist in limelight for her frightening prophecies See in context

I would assume the number of misses are purposely overlooked, as a way of fortifying her mystique. Friday's writer doesn't seem to have bothered researching anything negative. This sort of position is endemic in local reporting here, and has led to numerous religious scoundrels being treated as modern-day prophets. Unfortunately, there is a tendency in the media to indulge in mumbo-jumbo, so as to appeal to people who enjoy fantasizing about the occult.

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Hey, what's a few more thousand dead citizens, when you've got the opportunity to demonstrate to the rest of the world that Japan's medical profession and government are in perfect accord on what's best for the hoi polloi?

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What the Imperial has going for it most of all is its name value. Something like close to half its revenues come from parties, banquets and package-deal weddings. Thanks to its long history, Teikoku Hoteru is a name that everyone in Japan knows, and still carries a lot of prestige.

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Posted in: Karate world champion Uekusa verbally abused by coach: sources See in context

My coach, a former major-league baseball player, used to refer to us as "meatballs." But I never heard him use a curse word, and he drilled us the importance of fair play.

The Japanese the standard term for a coach or manager in sports who crosses the line into abuse of athletes is 鬼軍曹 oni-gunso, or "devil sergeant."

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Posted in: Korean kids nurtured to remember history with anti-Japanese toys and games See in context

These toys and games don't seem all that different from what Americans of my generation used to play with, like Davy Crockett shooting Mexicans at the Alamo and that kind of stuff.

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