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prefer no spectators

That's my preference, too. It's also a likely and viable scenario, the last defense line into which the IOC/Tokyo would be able to withdraw or compromise in order to keep the Games going.

And further accelerate the rollout. That's what the Japanese government/host Tokyo should do right now for its people.

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I don't understand why they don't put them off until next year.

I assume it has something to do with the condo owners wanting to move into their (Athletes' Village) condos and repeating the same legal nightmare that was involved in postponing the games already. It might also have something to do with 2022 World Championships already scheduled and the Olmpics in Beijing as they don't want to have two Olympics (Summer and Winter) in the same year (although thats what they used to do).

Please don't forget the 2022 FIFA World Cup...

I think it'd be better to hold both Summer and Winter Games in the same year. For the Tokyo Game, a few months pushback is my preference. Japan's hot summer is as deadly as the virus. The 1964 Tokyo was opened on 10th of October. This crazy schedule is fixed as a matter of convenience solely for NBC, an US media giant and one of the biggest sponsors.

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I understand that the Yomiuri poll asked whether people thought the Games would be held and that the NHK one did not propose the postponement option.

True. Yomiuri's survey seemed to ask people about their prediction rather than preference. NHK's is leading and a bit manipulative, without postponement option offered (if it's included, a shift would occur from "cancellation" to "postponement").

On June 5-6th, JNN/TBS also conducted a poll on the Olympics: cancel: 31%, delay: 24%, go open: 44%. I just point out that public sentiments in Japan to date have been more divided and equivocal than predominantly weighed toward the cancelation (as the article describes here). Note that earlier this year approximately 80-90% opted for the full cancelation shown in several polls.

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Public sentiment in Japan has been generally opposed to holding the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, partly based on fears the coronavirus will spike as almost 100,000 people — athletes and others — enter for both events.

The latest polls have revealed equivocal, ambivalent results with increasing supportive replies:

Yomiuri Shimbun (published on June 7th) : 51% for the Games, 48% against.

NHK (conducted on 11-13 of June) : 64% for the Games, 31% against.

The second-largest selling newspaper in Japan, the Asahi Shimbun, has called for the Olympics to be canceled. 

Asahi has since never quit a primary partner for the Olympics. The outlet and its affiliate TV broadcaster are now overtly promoting the upcoming Games stirring public excitement. Shameless and hypocrite!

 How have the International Olympic Committee and the Japanese government of Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga been able to bypass strong opposition?

Tokyo is the host city, not the central government under Suga who has no authority over the IOC decision (the Japanese government is not even a contract party). It's thus irrelevant to demand Suga for cancelation.

However people can request max protection for public health through the speedy rollout and other anti-virus measures.

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Less than 100 cases in Osaka today and falling everywhere.

By the rolling average on key criteria it now looks in good shape.

Its like the polls with 1000 people out of 1750 replying.

really, how many tests?

In Osaka, 95 positive cases over 12,577 (p-rate at 0.8; 1.0% for 7days average). For Tokyo and else, the info is supposed to be published somewhere and even online for free.

大阪府 新型コロナウイルス感染症患者の発生状況について











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Nikkei updates the rollout or "vax-meter" showing inoculation numbers & other key indicators (e.g. side effect cases) for each prefecture across the country.

This infographic site is my favorite, but if there's something better, please share it. "Official" Kantei's HP also publishes the brief version of it.

チャートで見る日本の接種状況 コロナワクチン

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A typical "You Again, China" issue. China is responsible for nearly 30% of the global CO2 emissions while Japan at 3%.

Technically, it's much easier, more cost-efficient, energy-saving and eco-friendly to cut China produced carbons by half or more, rather than to try to squeeze Japan's further from 3 to 2%. Political games make things more complicated to resolve.

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Lai is currently serving a 20-month prison sentence for his role in unauthorized assemblies in 2019, during a period when Hong Kong saw massive anti-government protests.

So is the security law retroactively applied? Not only Hong Kong citizens, foreign residents can be targeted.

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Posted in: Why doesn't Father's Day carry the same importance as Mother's Day? Or does it? See in context

I like the tradition. But in the long run this type of celebration may become obsolete or even "politically incorrect" as more adults are single or childless, and gender and parental roles become diverse and blurred.

BTW, Father's Day is not universal, not necessarily held in mid June; some celebrate it in autumn.

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Of course the Commies opposed the law. They are ruled by the Communist Party of China, who are no doubt eyeing buying up any prime Japanese land and islands they can.

To say fairly, the JCP has been highly critical to the CPP over human rights abuses and territorial disputes while pro-China groups within the ruling LDP and Komeito remain silent, evasive or ignorant.


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The impact of climate change varies among individuals, businesses and states. Carbon-neutral can't be a common and global solution.

Just for example, Russia benefits from the rising temperature as it gets the Arctic Route open. Its economy still depends heavily on fossil fuels and natural gas whose underground reservoirs can be made accessible thanks to the climate change melting the frozen land. Agriculture and agribusiness may be born and prosper in formerly frozen wasteland.

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Existing guidelines allow a maximum of 5,000 people or 50 percent of a venue's capacity, whichever number is greater, until the end of this month.

Do they apply for all types of event gatherings, indoor or outside? Things must be very different.

At some stadiums for UEFA Euro 2020, attendance is controlled not merely by numerical cap but also by health status (negative test proof or vaccination). Should be taken into account.

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The vaccines are provided for free and companies arrange for doctors to administer them.

Plus free of charge for freezers, and the subsidy of 2,070 yen per shot is provided.

Kono acknowledged concerns that younger people are not keen to get the shots.

Contrast to my observation that many younger people are eager to get jabs as soon as possible for way-out and frustrated with the slow and complicated process.

Some anti-vax activists have threatened local administrations to stop the rollout to schoolkids. They are radical and exceptional, far from representing the public view.

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Japan's chief cabinet secretary Katsunobu Kato on Monday denied the Yonhap report, saying it was "one-sided" and the talks did not come off due to scheduling difficulties.

Most likely. A sideline Japan-Korea meet to the Summit wasn't even planned from the beginning, and the Korea side is full of lies. The whole schedule was pretty tight for Suga while South Korea is the secondary to the least important in Japan's diplomatic agendas.

Anything coming from Korean media outlets, Don't rush to trust. Always seek several sources for cross-checking their stories.

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Posted in: Japan eyes vaccinating people under 65 at state-run mass centers from Thursday See in context

It's more important not to stop the rollout, give jabs to as many people as possible, regardless of age or other priorities.

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Posted in: British medical journal calls for global conversation on Tokyo Olympics See in context

If they are really to hold the Games as scheduled, all visiting official and media delegates should be fully vaccinated for entry, which should also be announced very soon. That's still a minimal requirement.

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Riiiight, anyone who dies of Covid in a non Covid designated hospital is listed simply as dying of “unknown causes.” That’s how the Japanese are hiding 100s of thousands of Covid deaths.

Fake to be flagged. Almost all patients are tested before admission to avoid a spike. Japan's excess death has shown negative figures; last year declined by about 30,000. Crematoriums must report, be accountable to authorities. Or please discover mass graves hiding 30,000 bodies.

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Posted in: China cautions G7 that 'small' groups don't rule the world See in context

china + india + indonesia + nigeria = half of population on planet Earth

so in the end they are right, countries from G7 don't even reach 1 billion people and they pretend to rule the world...

Note that a "giant" India alongside Australia, South Korea and South Africa have been invited to join the Summit in Cornwall. The EU has long been a regular Summit member. Both the sum of their population and GDP together makes China smaller... Oh, is that why Beijing is trying to stress "equality" regardless of size? :D

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Government figures reported Saturday showed 7,738 new daily cases, slightly down from the previous day's 8,125, which was the highest one-day figure since Feb. 26.

What are the recent death toll and hospitalized patients number? More infectious, less fatal may not be so bad unless it overwhelms local healthcare services. Vaccines also help protect positive people from worsening.

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The Korean Court should order the Blue House to arrange compensations to the plaintiffs. The problem arose when the Korean state officials breached the 1965 pact and embezzled the fund aimed for former labors. It's now only Korea's domestic issue, none of business to Japan.

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How about no Olympics at all.

Please appeal to the IOC. The host Tokyo/Japan has no authority over it. Seems, it has already passed no point of return...

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Posted in: Tokyo to vaccinate 18,000 Olympics workers, volunteers See in context

Foreign delegates and media officials should also get vaccinated. Bubble strategy won't be sufficient. Forget omotenashi.

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Beijing shouldn't be misled by or obsessed with frenzy nationalist-chauvinism. An independent Taiwan will benefit not only the western democracies including the neighbor Japan but also the mainland China. Taiwan never denies sinic cultural influences on the island alongside its legacy under Dutch and Japanese rules.

The Nationalist Kuomintang is ready to renounce its territorial claims across the Strait. The Republic of China is also ready to drop its China to become the Republic of Formosa :) That will also support "On(c)e China" policy. After normalizing the diplomatic relations the ROF will welcome the RPC to open its embassy in Taipei. All will be done peacefully and a win-win for almost all sides.

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The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 51, down four two from Thursday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 942, down 73 from Thursday.

I'm paying a special attention to it, and a bit relieved that a three digit number has come for nationwide.

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But, the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan has opposed the bill, citing the need to restrict TV, radio and online commercials, as voting would be influenced by campaigners' funds.

The opposition camp should have initiated constitutional amendment. Some "liberal" agendas such as same sex marriage or devolution of state powers and finances remain unconstitutional. Wild text interpretations are limited in effect.

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Taiwan still operates a network of trade offices around the world that act as de-facto embassies, including in the United States, Japan and most other major nations.

True. The Taiwanese citizens can also freely travel without visas in more countries than the PRC citizens can. Taiwan is freely and more frequently referred to among other countries in many official data whose amount is growing.

Beijing and "little pick" chauvinists' global nitpicking operations will end up failing.

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There are 2 Chinas. One a communist dictatorship and the other a democracy.

The official line for Taiwan under Tsai is to reject "One China". But it's time to revise the concept and even accept it partly. There shall be only One China; Taiwan shall not be China.

President Tsai better seriously consider normalizing diplomatic relations with the PRC, let them open an embassy in Taipei.

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Beijing is nitpicking a figure of speech. In English the word country also refers to "districts and small settlements outside large urban areas or the capital"... so do they now feel happy? :) In the same vein the Japanese also use 国 flexibly suggesting a region or a birthplace (sounds more romantic :))

Not only Suga, the opposition leader Edano also called Taiwan a country a few times.

台湾を「国」「島国」 立憲・枝野代表が繰り返し言及

Not to mention, there are some states recognizing Taiwan as a country/sovereign. Things are relative, not black or white.

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The PRC under the communist party turns out to be a hijack regime holding its populace hostage. Don't pretend to represent China or Chinese tradition. For decades since its foundation, the CPP has been destroying it, most notably during the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution.

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Posted in: Nationwide bookings eyed for mass vaccination sites in Tokyo, Osaka See in context

For the societal and public health level, what matters is quantity. The more inoculated people get, the more likely protected even non-vaccinated neighbors around and the whole community get.

Abrupt cancellation cases have appeared. Yet the rollout shouldn't be stopped to wait for target/priority groups to come over. "First-comes first-served" rule should be applied for anyone willing to take a jab.

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