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Posted in: Some remain skeptical as Japan set to roll out vaccines on Wednesday See in context

While I hope in the end everyone does take the vaccine, the skepticism is rooted in distrust in the government. And that is completely justified.

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Posted in: Northeastern Japan braces for aftershocks after Saturday's quake See in context

The photo of the family in a shoebox is somehow both frightening and reassuring. Definitely not normal.

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Posted in: Japan enacts laws setting fines for antivirus measure noncompliance See in context

If a bar packed with young unmasked people stays open until late, how will the new rules be enforced? Will enforcing the rules use up resources that would have been better spent on rolling out vaccines?

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Posted in: Japan to study cases of people infected after coronavirus vaccination See in context

Japan is way behind the rest of the world on studying the virus. Let's hope they can contribute something to our understanding of the immune responses.

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Posted in: Japan finds COVID-19 variant in 3 people with no record of travel to UK See in context

Definitely too late to stop the spread of the new variant(s). The only thing we can do is try to slow it down and vaccinate..

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Posted in: Kono to handle coordination of coronavirus vaccinations See in context

Is Suga passing the baton to Kono? It would probably be an improvement.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, some drink on despite gov't request for bars to close at 8 p.m. See in context

 relationships of trust are important

It's about money. Just say it. We are staying open to make money.

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Posted in: Japan to halt entry of all nonresident foreign nationals See in context

What about doctors, nurses and other much-needed specialists?

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Posted in: Suga announces new measures to stem virus surge, including penalties, review of medical system See in context

How many moths before he's gone? I'm leaning toward 2. (And just in case my comment is deemed 'off topic', I mean because of his support for GOTO when he should have been telling people to STAY HOME).

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,494 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 6,081 See in context

If there is any doubt about why you need to shut down the nightlife, just look at who is getting infected. We need more hikikomori and less party party.

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Posted in: Over 1,000 vehicles stranded, train services suspended by heavy snow in parts of Japan See in context

The heavy snowfall in toyama was predicted since around Thursday. I know because a colleague rushed home to be with his family before the storm. I know this doesn't help the people who are stuck now, but it does seem like something that could have been foreseen...

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Posted in: Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo prefectures seek state of emergency See in context

Unfortunately, without a state of emergency, many people will just go out as if they are invulnerable. Numbers of covid19 deaths in Osaka (605) is close to that if tokyo (629). This is not a joke.

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Posted in: As state of emergency looms over virus, some experts say one month won't be long enough See in context

I think the economists should be thinking of taking precautions as the new normal and consider ways to grow the enconomy under such conditions.

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Posted in: Suga considers state of emergency in Tokyo, vicinity; says Japan will start vaccinations in late Feb See in context

Here's an idea Suga-san:

Retire before things get much worse and be satisfied with your 38% approval rating.

Put all the other nonsense like olympics and GOTO aside and focus on vaccinating the population.

Do something about the huge surge of deaths in elderly care facilities. Hint: Those pour souls are no going out to Shibuya and getting infected at drinking parties.

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Posted in: UK hits daily virus record; gov't urged to keep schools closed See in context

The new strain is already in Japan. I agree we should be vaccinating, but this is not an easy decision: whoever makes the call will bear a huge responsibility for any side effects of these relatively untested vaccines.

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Posted in: Scientists trying to understand new virus variant See in context

The variants described by Gupta have mutations in the parts of the spike that form the binding sites of antibodies against the virus (in two separate locations on the spike). Similar patterns in the mutations have arisen independently in different virus strains. The data suggest that these mutations help the virus evade the human immune system. Probably they will have some effect on the efficacy of current vaccines. But this is normal. Vaccines are always a few steps behind virus evolution.

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Posted in: Japan sees 1st jobless rate drop in 5 months amid economic recovery See in context

I believe to count as unemployed you also have to be looking for a job. Those who have simply given up (which is the most dangerous group to be in) are not counted.

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Posted in: Abe says sorry over political funding case See in context

Shinzo Abe: The Survivor

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Posted in: Unplanned pregnancies occurring among teens, young women during pandemic See in context

Teens (who are low covid19 risk) staying home while the adults (who are high risk) go to work is what you get when schools shut down. Same thing happened in the US.

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Posted in: Suga denies need for state of emergency as cumulative infections top 200,000 See in context

The moment Suga decided to promote Go To, while covid numbers were spiking, he signaled that he wasn't a real leader. Time to move to the next candidate.

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Posted in: Japan's disabled suffer as train stations increasingly go unstaffed See in context

I think I could and would help a person in a wheelchair get on a train. Is there not a single passenger who could give a hand? I guess you would need keep the little ramp they use close by or in the train.

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Posted in: Suga tells climate summit Japan will review efforts toward 2030 emissions-cut target See in context

Review efforts

Now that sounds serious

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Posted in: Gov't preparing to exclude Tokyo, Nagoya from Go To Travel campaign See in context

I would think that they would suspend travel subsides from Tokyo and Nagoya.

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Posted in: Japan struggles to cope with surge in virus infections See in context

This mistake could easily be the end of Suga

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Posted in: COVID-19 antibodies remain in human body for 6 months: study See in context

The thing that always needs to be mentioned on this topic is that the cells that make the antibodies (B cells) can be very long-lived (memory B cells). Moreover, it would be weird if you body continued to make antibodies after the infection was resolved.

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Posted in: '3Cs' Japan's top buzzword for 2020 See in context

confined spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings

I thought the "three C's" were "close", "crowded" and "closed space". It's the use of "close" and "closed" that made the whole thing hard to remember!

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Posted in: Russia deploys missiles to Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context

Uyoku are going to be even louder than normal.

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Posted in: Suga under pressure over Abe scandal See in context

The music has started to play. Get ready to move Suga-san.

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Posted in: Hawks beat Giants 5-1 in Japan Series opener See in context

I for one feel a little pang of hope every time the Giants lose

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Posted in: Kagawa Prefecture to cull 850,000 chickens after bird flu outbreak See in context

The people at high risk in Kagawa are the farm worker, not tourists.

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