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Posted in: Man flashes girl, asks how she rates him on 1-10 scale, then pays her ¥3,000 See in context

No word on whether the girls were able to keep the money.

Heck, anyone can flash me if they pay me 3000-5000 yen.

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Posted in: Guesthouse owner arrested for slashing guest who sprinkled too much pepper on his own food See in context

Pity the people out there that still believe in the outdated notion that Japanese citizens are uber polite and never raise their voice or get angry in public, lest they stand out against the grain. It is no coincidence we read more and more of these types of stories in the news.

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: ‘He gave me money’ See in context

As a Philipine woman coming here with the clear intention to work as a hostess( out of necessity or free will ) i think the woman has been relatively lucky.

Where in the article are you getting that she is from the Philippines? I see no reference to her country of origin.

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Posted in: U.S. to reverse Trump's 'draconian' immigration policies, Biden tells Mexican president See in context

It's almost like waking up from a long, never ending nightmare.

Instead of nonstop Twitter feeds antagonizing imagined enemies, now we real progress being made in reversing four years of damage to Americans.

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Posted in: S Korea seeks 'amicable solution' to comfort women issue with Japan See in context

The Foreign Ministry, in a statement, acknowledged that a 2015 bilateral agreement on settling the comfort women issue was an official one, and thus South Korea "has a policy not to make any additional claims against Japan at the government level."

But it said Seoul has neither the right nor the authority to prevent the victims themselves from raising concerns, adding that "the real problem cannot be solved only by agreements between the governments that do not reflect the intentions of the victims."

What an absolute joke, a farce. If this doesn't convince people of the depths the SK government and their anti-Japan base would sink to in order to continually antagonize and slander Japan, nothing ever will.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach floats possibility of no fans at Tokyo Games See in context

The IOC is sure persistent in ensuring their coffers get filled this year, huh?

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Posted in: Biden pushes to get food, cash to crisis-hit Americans See in context

Wow, what a world of difference it has made in our everyday lives not to have to read another inane Trump tweet or hear about his latest divisive shenanigans.

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Posted in: Biden lays out plans for COVID-19 testing, vaccinations and masks See in context

Finally, this is what true leadership for Americans is like.

No golfing, no inane postings on Twitter, no angry potshots at media.

Let the healing begin.

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Posted in: Japan says no truth to Times report on canceling Tokyo Olympics See in context


Let the corrupt IOC whine about not getting their coffers filled this year.

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Posted in: 'We must end this uncivil war,' Biden says, taking over a U.S. in crisis See in context

Good riddance!

Now let us celebrate President Biden's victory, good over evil, and work towards uniting our country again.

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Posted in: Biden pushes unity two days before taking over; Trump considers 100 pardons See in context

Melania Trump in her farewell speech as First Lady, showed her true shallow colors. Melania broke 100 years of tradition in not welcoming First Lady Jill Biden to the White House. This, despite Michelle Obama graciously doing so four years ago despite the nasty, racist, and baseless birther conspiracy theories perpetuated by Trump and even Melania herself.

And Trump will supposedly fly out of Washington the morning of the official swearing in, a fitting final act by this most ungracious and petty of individuals. That Trump continues to garner such blind and fanatic support from his fan base speaks volumes to that fan base.

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Posted in: New S Korean ambassador eyes political solutions to issues with Japan See in context

If I were a Japanese politician I would be incredibly wary and cautious around these SK politicians, especially ones that come to you with an olive branch and big talks about looking to resolve issues and strengthen ties.

Time after time the world has seen the duplicitous behavior of SK politicians and their rabid anti-Japan base. One day they will shake hands and crow that this is the final resolution to lengthy disputes about past wartime atrocities. Next day they will renege and without warning invalidate such resolutions so that everything is back to square one and Japan has 'never' apologized or compensated for past wartime deeds.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,001 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,133 See in context

Unlike some, I do not gloat in the misery of people especially Japanese in Japan.

However, the government of Japan is reaping what it sowed in its lackluster responses to the coronavirus from the very beginnings of the pandemic to now.

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Posted in: House impeaches Trump after U.S. Capitol siege; his fate in Senate hands See in context


The United States of America will never have to be subject to this man desiring to run for the presidency, ever.

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Posted in: Japan considers various options against S Korea 'comfort women' ruling See in context

What a joke.

Extort money yet again from the Japanese government for an issue that Japan has officially and formally compensated and apologized to the comfort women for before, twice.

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Posted in: S Korea likely to confirm ex-comfort women's win next week See in context

By the way, whatever happened to the money that was funded by the Japanese government as part of the 2015 landmark funding to compensate comfort women? Besides the tens of thousands of dollars that were illegally skimmed off by a comfort women activist for her own personal use? No one ever knows what happened to that money.

And here the SK government has the audacity to extort more.

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Posted in: S Korea likely to confirm ex-comfort women's win next week See in context

What a farce.

Nullify not one, but TWO official compensation and apology measures from the Japanese government in regards to the comfort women issue, and then pull some random judgement against the Japanese government. Who's to say the SK government won't renege on this one just like they did with the previous two and every other overture Japan has made towards South Korea? For anyone to insinuate that Japan hasn't 'done enough' has absolutely no clue as to what they are talking about.

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Posted in: Democrats prepare 'incitement of insurrection' charge against Trump See in context

Impeach trump!

Let us ensure that he never gets any chance whatsoever of attempting to run for President again in 2024.

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Posted in: S Korea to continue efforts to improve ties with Japan, says Moon See in context

Why would any entity of the Japanese government trust or even care what kind of feel good statements come out of Moon. Time and time and time again, Moon has shown his two faced nature in dealing with Japan. Constantly antagonizing and reneging on past official deals and apologies/compensation offered by the Japanese government.

Have at it Samit.

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Posted in: Trump says he will not attend Biden's inauguration See in context

Good. No one wants that lunatic there anyways. As deranged as his rabid followers who have been harassing and threatening in public people like Romney and McConnell for daring to not blindly follow Trump.

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Posted in: World leaders express shock at storming of U.S. Capitol See in context

World embarrassment. Americans have no basis for criticizing other countries governments.

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Posted in: 4 dead after Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, forcing Senate to evacuate See in context

Many people have rightfully highlighted on social media the double standards between the lack of police presence and force today compared to how they cracked down with extreme force and violence against BLM protesters last year. Talk about privilege.

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Posted in: 4 dead after Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, forcing Senate to evacuate See in context

What a disgrace and embarrassment to the world. It was right wingers that claimed Biden supporters and liberals would riot after the election, yet it is none other than Trump supporting right wingers that have caused violence and mayhem in our nation's capitol. Trump himself exhorted his followers to march and cause havoc an hour before. Now Trump openly tweeted against Pence, a man who was loyal to Trump for four years. Shameful.

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Posted in: N Korean leader Kim tells party congress economic plan failed 'tremendously' See in context

What's amazing is not that Kim admits failure of his government. Nope, what astounds me is that at no point did he blame North Korea's shortcomings on Japan for it.

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Posted in: GOP plans to upend Biden win for Trump rips party apart See in context

The Washington Post released an hour long phone call recording showing Trump trying to repeatedly "persuade" Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to find more votes to overturn Georgia's election results. How is this not criminal behavior?

And just 12 senators and senator-elects want to grandstand to challenge the election results. That shows you how little support Trump and his lunacy has. The sad thing is, majority of the GOP most likely just want to get this over with and accept a Biden nomination, but they have made a conscious decision not to say anything. Being silent is a deliberate strategy to show that you do not agree with overturning the election results, yet you do not want to alienate your voter base and your fellow conservatives. Typical cowardly behavior though.

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Posted in: S Korea expands ban on small gatherings to tackle coronavirus surge See in context

Unfortunately it is far too late to do anything despite what some may say or paint a rosy picture of.

The coronavirus is surging throughout the world, with a vengeance not seen even in the early stages of the pandemic. The U.S. state of California is setting daily records in infections and deaths each and every day. Other countries like Australia are losing control as well.

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Posted in: After pardon, Blackwater guard defiant: ‘I acted correctly’ See in context

Just imagine if the roles were reversed. Iraqi security detail team that recklessly shoots at American civilians, murdering dozens of them including a small child, and then they get a pardon from the Iraqi government. There would be such a humongous outrage and outcry from the same people supporting these guys here.

Disgusting and shameless.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for stealing wallet from sleeping passenger on train See in context

Not the same Japan that I knew and loved a decade ago, where petty criminal acts like these were rare.

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Posted in: Padres acquire Darvish in blockbuster trade with Cubs See in context

His glory years are long behind him. Another in a long line of overhyped Japanese baseball players who never lived up to the hype.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea deadlock to continue despite Biden push to mend ties See in context

Nothing new. South Korean ignorance and hatred will exist long beyond 2021. It is engrained in their culture of perpetual victimhood.

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