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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic chief anxious with one month to go until Games open See in context

Can't wait for the COVID games to start! Ganbare athletes.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested over murder of sex worker at hotel also charged with attempted murder See in context

What a sicko, lock him up for a long time. And yes, under 20 is considered a minor in Japan.

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Posted in: Billie Eilish apologises for racial slur in resurfaced video See in context

She apologized, no big deal, let it go.

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Posted in: U.S. gives more asylum-seekers waiting in Mexico another chance See in context

Let them in! They are way more productive than your lazy vagrant who spends all day holding signs begging for money at street intersections.

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Posted in: Japan cash handout discriminated against Korean students: U.N. experts See in context

What? Listen to the U.N. about some zainichi students at a "university" not accredited by Japanese authorities, but just happens to revere and idolize Kim Jong Un? I find that hilarious because the U.N. couldn't find its way out of a wet paper bag. I say ignore their nonsense.

Exactly. I find it hypocritical for the anti-Japan crowd to lecture others on who they should listen to, when they themselves do no research to back up their biased viewpoints. It's obvious none of them put forth any effort to learn about this issue than automatically post the usual "Japanese are xenophobic hate mongers" response.

The fact that this cash handout was open to international students, Koreans included, is proof enough that there was hardly any 'racist' intent (and requiring the handouts go to the top 30% performing international students is perfectly reasonable). This Korean university is not legitimate, nor are the other pro-Pyongyang affiliated schools in Japan.

Imagine a school in your own country that is funded by a government that preaches hatred and destruction of your country from birth, teaching a curriculum that preaches the glory of that state. The anti-Japan crowd here would in that case have none of that and would see how ridiculous it would be to have your government provide support and funding to such a school.

Certainly there exists bigotry against ethnic Koreans in Japan. This is not one of them. And downvoting is not a proper response.

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Posted in: Hashimoto defends decision to allow spectators amid public frustration See in context

Let them watch the olympics. Time for normalcy to come back.

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Posted in: Japan cash handout discriminated against Korean students: U.N. experts See in context

I agree with the school being excluded from the cash handout program. Korea University is directly funded by the North Korean government. As such, why should they benefit from the cash handout program?

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Posted in: Japanese soccer star Kumi Yokoyama comes out as transgender man See in context


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Posted in: Japan, S Korea divided over wartime history, Fukushima water release See in context

Trying to deal with South Korea is trying to deal with a spoiled child who throws a temper tantrum when things don't go their way.

Contrary to those who still falsely accuse the Japanese government of not coming to terms with its past (and showing zero proof of this outside of a few boneheaded statements and acts by individual politicians), the government of Japan has given numerous official apologies to South Korea for its past atrocities. This includes TWO official apology and compensation given to the comfort women, both undermined by ignorant anti-Japan nationalists in South Korea.

As for the Fukushima water issue, it's a total non-issue as even South Korean nuclear experts themselves deemed it an absolute non-issue even if the entire lot were somehow released into the ocean. But, who cares about the facts when it comes to South Korea and Japan, it's always about style over substance, petty emotion over mature decision making.

Boycott Japan again? It's all yours Samit.


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Posted in: Japanese sporting world welcomes having fans at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Ganbare athletes!

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Posted in: New Zealand selects transgender athlete Hubbard for Olympic women's weightlifting team See in context

Laurel has clearly met the standards of eligibility as she had transitioned eight years ago and has a testosterone level within the limits (as per the IWF guidelines as well which is same as the IOC). These rules for transgender athlete eligibility was set in 2003 so it has been in place for quite a while. She ranks only 16th in the world rankings so any advantage she has is negated by the fact that many of the world's elite weightlifters use drugs in some manner (there were 61 doping positives in Olympic weightlifting between the 2008 and 2012, by far the most of any Olympic sport).

Yup a lot of hypocrisy, bigotry, double standards, and ignorance displayed above.

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Posted in: New Zealand selects transgender athlete Hubbard for Olympic women's weightlifting team See in context

Ganbare Laurel!

How hypocritical that the same individuals that consistently criticize Japan for 'being behind the times' when it comes to LGBTQ issues here, are the very same ones now criticizing Laurel and her being picked to represent New Zealand at the Olympic games as a woman. Topics like these show the true underlying character of people.

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Posted in: 29-year-old Tokyo man arrested after letting schoolgirl live with him See in context

Where in the article does it mention stalking?

So a 29-year old man just happens to randomly come across a high school girl's social media page, a girl that is looking for place to runaway to. Yup he's a stalker.

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Posted in: Video shows California deputy kicking suspect in head See in context

Even after huge demonstrations after the George Floyd murder, it is quite clear that police departments across the United States continue to employ unhinged individuals who are in many cases worse than the criminals they apprehend. People continue to be shot, beaten, and killed by police week after week. And to think some of the most ardent supporters of the police force in America see fit to judge and criticize law enforcement in other countries.

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Posted in: 29-year-old Tokyo man arrested after letting schoolgirl live with him See in context

Disgusting predator, he has zero business stalking underage girls. Lock him up.

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Posted in: Criminal complaint filed over Sri Lankan's death at immigration facility See in context

A lot of half-baked truths and assumptions out there.

I have commented on this case previously and I absolutely feel that the those in charge of this detention facility needs to be held accountable for withholding treatment for her grave illness. I have never condoned or excused that.

But outside of that, it was this woman's fault for violating her student visa and hiding from authorities for quite some time. And her request for asylum was based on very shaky evidence, that she would face death if she went back to her home country due to a vengeful former lover. It's nothing at all like some are making it out to be, that the 'xenophobic' Japanese authorities unfairly targeted her and detained her indefinitely and tortured her. As stated many times a detainee can postpone deportation so long as that person continues to file for appeals of denial of asylum. This is why detainees are kept in detention centers, NOT because there's some nefarious conspiracy in Japan to arrest and hold detainees under lock and key forever without due process.

Two completely separate issues here. And downvoting is not a proper response.

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Posted in: Juneteenth, recalling end of slavery, marked across U.S. See in context

Let us all commemorate Juneteenth, an important date in American history. There will be those who will continue to deny that racism exists in America, and will look to discredit this important honor.

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Posted in: Criminal complaint filed over Sri Lankan's death at immigration facility See in context

Her death, while unfortunate, was prolonged by her refusal to comply to being deported back to Japan. Whenever this topic comes up, uninformed individuals continue to make the false assumption that detainees like her are detained indefinitely against their will without due process. In fact, detainees can continue to abuse the system by filing appeal after appeal if their claims for asylum are denied (when a detainee files for asylum or appeals the decision, they cannot be deported). There are multiple things the Japanese immigration and detainee system needs addressing, but that does not mean the system is at fault every time a detainee dies.

Growing criticism over the alleged improper treatment of Wishma led the Japanese government to drop a bill for the revision of rules on how to accommodate foreigners facing deportation.

The irony of this is that the revision was to actually speed up the deportation process, by capping the number of appeals of denial of asylum at two. By dropping this, in fact it continues to allow deportees to abuse the deportation process by delaying deportation indefinitely.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of Osaka karaoke parlor owner See in context

She apparently had problems with this obsessed customer.

Another deranged loved obsessed guy who couldn't let it go. RIP.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 388 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,520 See in context

Time to end all the lockdowns and restrictions, this thing is under control.

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Posted in: Biden announces milestone of 300 mil vaccine shots in 150 days See in context

Biden has more than delivered on many of his promises.

Unlike the former occupant of the White House, who if he had been elected (god) would still be complaining about the China virus and wasting his time on Twitter and golfing.

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Posted in: Drink up, drink fast, drink alone? Tokyo to ease alcohol curbs See in context

Everything needs to be eased. Time for recovery now.

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Posted in: S Korean court rejects appeal from ex-comfort women on Japan assets See in context

Good, let them keep filing these pointless appeals and lawsuits, and let them continue to be rejected.

The South Korean government is the one that is responsible for giving proper financial restitution to the comfort women, NOT the government of Japan. Not only did the 1965 normalization treaty take care of this, but so did TWO official governmental apologies and compensations offered to the comfort women by Japan. The anti-Japan nationalists despicably used these poor comfort women for their own selfish causes, and continue to use them for anti-Japan propaganda (one of these people actually used funds from the second comfort women compensation (2015) for their own personal use).

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Posted in: 'Obamacare' survives: Supreme Court dismisses big challenge See in context

ACA is great.

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Posted in: 1 dead, 3 shot, 9 others injured in Arizona shootings See in context

Another day another shooting in gun crazy America.

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Posted in: Gov't to begin issuing vaccine passports in July See in context

Another example of encroaching on civil liberties, the haves and have nots around the world.

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Posted in: S Korea holds drills around disputed islets amid row over canceled Japan talks See in context

It wouldn't be an ordinary week in this world until South Korea is crying about something Japan did or didn't so. Now it's map and Dokdo. Again.

Grow up!!!

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Posted in: Japan begins anti-dumping probe into Chinese, S Korean iron wire See in context

Boycott Japan again little kids?

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Posted in: 85 plaintiffs appeal S Korean court ruling dismissing wartime labor case See in context

As per usual, these plaintiffs are barking up the wrong tree.

Who they should be bringing a lawsuit against is the South Korean government.

Judge Ho is absolutely on the money when he says these claims should be as individuals per the 1965 normalization treaty. The Japanese government at that time offered to directly compensate the victims of its brutal treatment of Koreans, an offer which the SK government refused. Instead, the SK government used whatever compensation and soft loans the Japanese government gave to fund its own public works projects.

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Posted in: American father and son plead guilty to helping Ghosn flee Japan See in context

Not surprised at all the support the two Americans have on here, and the usual hysteria about how these two were 'tortured' by the biased and xenophobic Japanese justice system to coerce confession.

I mean, I'm pretty sure it was those two caught on camera at the Japanese airport, and I'm pretty sure there's a money trail where the two were compensated handsomely (over $1 million USD). Doesn't take an IQ of 45 to see that they are clearly guilty of what they are accused of.

I absolutely guarantee, were this a case of two Japanese citizens who somehow were able to helping one of their fellow citizens escape the U.S. justice system, the same people here who automatically side with any entity against the Japanese government, would then be angrily calling for the two Japanese citizen's heads, how dare they break the laws in America, extradite them and send them to prison for many years, etc.

Double standards and hypocrisy, always and forever.

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