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Posted in: People weary over latest extension of COVID emergency in Japan See in context

a 47-year-old man who was heading to Osaka Prefecture for work said people around him and he himself no longer feel the "sense of crisis" they used to when it comes to dealing with COVID-19.

This is the problem. People no longer feel there is a crisis and not taking precautions as they did before. I understand the government is reluctant to cause panic in society but they should start showing some photos of work in the ICUs.

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Posted in: Kyoto families angered by new policy forcing high school students to buy tablets at own expense See in context

As with many things in Japan, the bureaucrats have the right idea, (high school students need to develop IT skills on Office 365 tools. HS students in most developed countries even know how to program) However, they leave the IT thinking to corporations who suggest "safe & costly" systems.

Good - high school students need to have a note PC rather than a tablet. They need to know how to touch type. (best skill I learned in high school)

Bad - only one choice for the PC - this is where the parents need to pressure the schools

Juku costs - Many parents have a tough time understanding that IT skills (and English skills) are more important in the workplace to keep Japan competitive in the long run.

PS - Parents need to invest in monthly wifi for their homes. Lower the juku costs.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping boiling water on 1-year-old daughter See in context

I agree with Darius, the system is very much at fault here. There is little training or understanding in society on how to handle frustration with raising children and life. On a positive note, I have seen some very excellent mothers who bend down to the child and spend time to explain the situation to their children and it just warms my heart. Sharing your time with someone is a precious gift.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching passerby who asked him to wear mask See in context

There is a need to wear masks outside until the majority of the people are vaccinated.

The science says completely otherwise. Just check the scientific publications instead of believing nonsense.

Both these statements are not correct according to this video simulation of#covid19 by the @TUeindhoven university of

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Posted in: Japan urged to outlaw LGBT+ discrimination before Olympics See in context

LGBT+ rights were largely swept under the carpet in a culture with strong family-centric attitudes, activists say.

What are "strong family-centric" views? Hasn't the definition of a family is changing in society worldwide, including Japan? The meaning of a family today is not the same as in the 1950's.

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Posted in: Health minister apologizes for late-night party by 23 employees See in context

Health ministers worldwide are working overtime to educate the public on covid preventive measures and lead by example. Does this minister feel he is a good example for kids and the public to follow?

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Posted in: Leonard Nimoy’s family team up with Boston museum to build 'Live Long and Prosper' monument See in context

What a terrific idea!

He lifted our aspirations and hopes 

- Agreed, I loved how Spock could see things differently! Thank you for sharing about Nimoy's values too.

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Posted in: Travelers entering Japan have to install location confirmation app, Skype on smartphones See in context

The government has probably discovered that people do not stay quarantined for 2 weeks in their homes. Still, I feel this app "trust" monitoring is better than being forced to quarantine in a hotel at your expense as with some other countries.

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Posted in: Increasing numbers of people eating and drinking out during daylight hours is a major reason for the slowdown in declining coronavirus infection numbers in and around the Japanese capital, despite the ongoing state of emergency. See in context

Agree, I've seen nomikai parties (without masks) outside stations and people drinking openly on trains. However, who can blame them when these people are asked by the companies to travel on packed trains and offices and the government did not explain why drinking is helping raise the coronovirius rates.

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Posted in: What awaits 2 Americans accused of helping Ghosn flee Japan? See in context

@nandakandamanda. When you get caught in the cogs of the legal system, you get chewed up. The only question is how minimal will be the chewing up.

I agree, it is best to avoid getting caught up in the legal system, but the legal system can also get chewed up.

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Posted in: What awaits 2 Americans accused of helping Ghosn flee Japan? See in context

In opening up the "Taylor" wound, Japan may find itself having to justify the impartiality of its legal system and governance. The question of whether moving Goshn out of Japan is bail jumping and justified in certain situations will surely be a discussion point! ( I know everyone has their emotional viewpoint, but now we are talking from the legal point of view.)

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Posted in: 50 LDP lawmakers urge local members to oppose separate surnames See in context

The lawmakers, in their written request, argue that separate surnames could result in the collapse of the social system.

Agree with the other comments from the posters here. If these 50 lawmakers feel so strongly ~ please show us the evidence, please. Otherwise, it is just being controlling.

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Posted in: Motorcyclist arrested for stopping suddenly in front of truck on expressway See in context

finally rich - I do the same as you ~ slow down very slowly and pump the brakes lightly to get them to pass or back off. I feel there is an underlining attitude to seek revenge or power through road-rage because of the social pressures and lack of mental support in the country.

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Posted in: U.N. urges global COVID vaccine plan; warns of dangerous inequity See in context

Absolutely agree! The world needs to focus on ensuring supplies of the vaccine reach everyone - not just the rich nations. This is another reason the Olympics could be cancelled. There are more important things to focus on.

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Posted in: Another LDP lawmaker quits over nightlife visit See in context

Agree completely, Trevor. Thank you for mentioning the upbringing. Parents, educators and the media are major contributors. Speaking up against these practices is the first step in creating a more inclusive society.

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Posted in: Olympic minister Hashimoto reported to be top pick to replace Mori See in context

She would be required to resign from her post as Olympic minister if she decides to head the organizing

I would say she is needed more as an Olympic minister working with the Olympic CEO. I hope she says no.

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Posted in: LDP wants more women at meetings, but only if they don't talk: Nikai See in context

PS Roblib,

We need ideas from everyone ~ especially the other 50% of the population (female)

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Posted in: LDP wants more women at meetings, but only if they don't talk: Nikai See in context


 They all accept their role and do their best to contribute to the greater good of the whole without standing out to say this isn't fair or we need change.

Ah yes, the 'shoganai' (it cannot be helped) attitude. That's the result of the conditioning of the education system, parents, work culture, media and bullying, all directed by the generation Mr. Nakai belongs to. (but not their true thinking)

I see this comment section as a way for me to practice sharing thoughts to better explain to others when the opportunity arises. I look forward to hearing more from you!

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Posted in: LDP wants more women at meetings, but only if they don't talk: Nikai See in context

@Roblib - the majority of comments are from foreigners and we are supposed to believe that this represents the real opinion of what the Japanese are feeling and thinking about the state of affairs??

I agree this comment section is targeted at English-speaking people, but with Google Translate in a home browser can quickly translate all the comments into Japanese within a few seconds. There probably are many non-English speakers taking a look too.

Sharing and actively looking for ideas is the first step to improving inclusiveness in society. I think that is one of the main reasons why we are all here commenting.

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Posted in: LDP wants more women at meetings, but only if they don't talk: Nikai See in context

But it is important for the party's female members to "look" at the party's decision-making process, he said.

"It is important to fully understand what kind of discussions are happening. Take a look, is what it is about," Nikai said at a news conference late on Tuesday.

Eh? This sounds very much like a command a drill sergeant would make when training recruits! Nikai needs to go as well because what he said too is discriminatory and he doesn't know. Accountability, please.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic committee to pick Mori replacement; is a woman likely? See in context

A job description would be nice to see. I imagine the position needs someone with experience running a company or non-profit organization at the CEO or director level, preferably related to sports organizations.

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Posted in: Mori resigns over sexist remarks: Hashimoto being considered to replace him See in context

@Lamilly The problem is Mori was head of an organization that values gender diversity and inclusion throughout the world. As the head he needs to be the prime role model s who shows they support these views. His comments showed his thinking was opposite to the values, so he needs to go.

I look forward to seeing a young non-political female leader. There is a lot around!

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Posted in: Mori to resign over sexist comments; Kawabuchi, 84, tipped to replace him See in context

Other news outlets are reporting that sponsors started speaking up against Mori, so that is a major issue that sealed Mori's fate. Yes, speak up!

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Posted in: Mori to resign over sexist comments; Kawabuchi, 84, tipped to replace him See in context

Mori did not uphold the values of diversity that the Olympic movement. This is a requirement of the leader, so of course, he has to go. Otherwise, he would be booed so loudly wherever he went. Glad reflection from the committee and pressure from the public helped move this fundamental issue—a salute for diversity and inclusion.

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Posted in: BioNTech 'confident' it will meet Japan's COVID-19 vaccine demand See in context

@kurisupisu - That's not how vaccines work. Whatever group you belong to the more people who are vaccinated in the population, the fewer hosts the virus has to use.

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Posted in: Japan's COVID crisis reawakens deflation fears as cash hoarding returns See in context

@Leo You cant win with economists in my opinion. They are afraid of deflation and inflation. No win.

Absolutely correct. Economists are not trying to "win" but keep a stable equilibrium in the middle between deflation and inflation. Economics is not an exact science. Granny always has something different in mind:-)

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Posted in: Senior lawmaker to quit Diet post over hostess bar visit during state of emergency See in context

Drop your other citizenships and live as Japanese regardless of your colors. 

I don't think there is a special rule to "live as a Japanese". Everyone can create their own lives here. Public offices are looked on as role models for government policy so they need to be accountable and be the first to follow policies.

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Posted in: Japan's Olympic sponsors shelve ads as mood sours over Games See in context

I agree, it is going to look very bad if large companies (such as Japan Airlines) are laying off staff and suffering losses, and then spend a lot on Olympic advertising.

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Posted in: Japan set to extend state of emergency for up to another month See in context

Good for TV Tokyo! There is no need to ask the opinion of the viewers. The media are often regarded as role models so another way to show the seriousness of the current state of the world.

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Posted in: ANA posts record net loss of ¥309.58 bil in April-December See in context

Nothing surprising here. Many companies and households are experiencing revenue decreases. It makes sense to a "become leaner" operation, so there is a better balance between revenue and expenses, but there is always a human factor involved.

This is a great time to upskill yourself and enrol in English or technology courses you can use in the future. I hope more companies will think of supporting the retraining efforts of their staff. I've read some news from Australia about how pilots are using their skills to drive large mining trucks in the outback.

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