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Posted in: Should you add wasabi to your soy sauce at a sushi restaurant? See in context

Some times the traditional way is the best way. Thats why it became traditional in the first place.

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Posted in: China criticizes Japan, U.S. for creating exclusive group on supply chains See in context

charging fees to transition the South China Sea may be a good resolution. Panama does it, Suezawa does it.

You can not charge fee's for people who transit nations EEZ's. Nor can you charge people for sailing through International waters. I doubt the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia would want to charge others for sailing through their EEZ anyway so your suggestion is a poor one.

Regarding this article though, The CCP has shown it is not a reliable trade partner and will use it as a weapon against those who do not defer to it's will. China has attempted to sabotage Australian trade by ignoring trade agreements and either banning trade or erecting huge tariffs on selected Australian exports to exact a loss on Australia's trade in those items. That being the case it makes perfect sense for all nations to now "insure" themselves against such behavior regarding sensitive materials or products that are mostly supplied by China.

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I am so looking forward to how the cut your self off from the rest of the world policy works out for Aus and NZ.

Trade continues in and out as normal so things are looking very good for Australia and NZ. The only cut off is tourists and we take this opportunity to get to know our own countries better with domestic vacations helping out that sector as we do so. So all in all the "cut your self off from the rest of the world policy'' has worked out brilliantly. We have no reason to doubt it will continue to do so. It will be over in another year or so, and until then we are doing nicely thank you.

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Posted in: Australian regulator moves to block Qantas-JAL deal See in context

Good call made for passengers.

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Posted in: Mystery Sydney COVID case spurs return of masks, travel bans See in context

Well dont Australia

Well done Australia.

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Posted in: Mystery Sydney COVID case spurs return of masks, travel bans See in context

Swift action will again minimize any disruption and get things back to normal lickity split.

Well dont Australia. Keep it up. You are a beacon for the world on how to be effective in both handling covid and keeping your economy strong.

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Posted in: U.S. Space Command tracks Chinese rocket for uncontrolled re-entry from orbit See in context

Remnants of a large Chinese rocket launched last week are expected to plunge back through the atmosphere this weekend in an uncontrolled re-entry

This shows clearly that the Chinese space program is still decades behind both Russia and the US at least on making sure via calculations when and where the rocket will land. Still playing catch up.

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Posted in: Australia's largest state reports first COVID-19 case in more than a month See in context

You don't have all your social freedoms back. Tried leaving the country, or being an Aussie trying to get home from overseas?

Free to leave the country and depending on where you go you can freely re-enter from safe nations of which only New Zealand has been cleared so far. Coming back from any other nation will involve a quarantine period for community safety. Fully endorsed by the vast majority of Australians.

And snap lockdowns can come at any time based on the whim of state premiers.

Incorrect it is based on Covid cases being found in the community and it is fully endorsed by the public.

These short lockdowns in areas of concern only, have helped keep the rest of the nation safe and operating freely. Look for a bad spin on things but we agree with the actions our elected officials have been taking, and continue to take to keep people safe and life and the economy as close to pre covid as anywhere in the world.

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The supply of the equipment, also available for civilian use, is intended to strengthen defense ties with the Philippines as the two countries are faced with China's assertive claims in the East and South China seas.

As the two countries are faced with China's thieving ways trying to steal the territory of other nations in the East and South China seas.

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Corona is here to stay, it is endemic now. To try to eliminate it with police measures is stupid -- unless there is a politcal, rather than a health agenda.

Wrong. Covid is not endemic in Australia or New Zealand where community transmission has been all but eliminated. We plan on keeping it that way.

Spanish flu took six years to disappear so saying covid is here to stay is premature and not based on science or past pandemic outcomes.

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They have a right. One in six humans.

That doesnt give them any rights above others.

Don’t go to wars around the world.

No they keep their wars in their own region and close by.

Great food.

Yes the food is awesome but that give no rights other than participation in cooking contests.

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Didn’t know japan had any enemies since 1945...

Well China has no enemies but it's buildup has been phenomenal so Japan is just following China's lead.

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Posted in: Britain, Japan agree to strengthen trade and security partnership See in context

Japan seems to be frantic in seeking " security " alliances from anybody. They do realize one thing perhaps, they're the ones closest to the potential theater of war among the QUAD countries, with the most to lose.

Perhaps your not aware of all the water between China and Japan? Quad member India is on China's border so it is much closer than Japan and it also has just as much if not more to lose.

If anything Japan should be trying to strengthen trade and security with their closest neighbour or at least try to be friendly

Why on earth would you strengthen trade with a belligerent nation trying to steal your territory? Japan already attempts to be friendly with everyone but you dont reward those trying to take your stuff.

Japan extending its hands in friendship and solidarity with far of England is good for both. Safety in numbers and more trade the better for everyone. Seems to be win win at the moment.

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Posted in: New Zealand PM Ardern says differences with China becoming harder to reconcile See in context

New Zealand is clearly no threat to any nation, let alone a superpower. But it still has a voice in the international community and has garnered much respect in the International community in the past decades.

Just disagreeing with China in the public forum can bring penalties and trade bans or tariffs from the CCP.

China expects praise and support or complete silence. The trouble is the West has its own opinions on right and wrong and will voice differences of opinion whenever it see's fit.

NZ is in the process of determining if it can contain its opinions and remain silent to appease China, or stay true to it's western roots and better judgement and speak up on matters of concern. The cost of silence is risk alienating friends and allies, and risk becoming a patsy of China. Doing that will erode its sovereignty and its respect on the world stage by always deferring to China. While speaking up will see a cost in trade with China and perhaps a decrease in living standards until it can replace trade from China to other destinations.

I know which direction I would take.

Boycott China. Done.

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Posted in: Australia bans arrivals of its citizens from India; says offenders face jail, fines See in context

Two totally false claims.

No, they are both accurate.

Both the USA and UK health systems were over run including not enough beds, not enough equipment, freezer trucks in hospital parkings to store the dead.

One or two full hospitals is not a complete breakdown of the health system. Comparing what is happening in India right now to the situation in the UK and the US at any point is wrong. Neither the UK or US had a complete breakdown and shortages of oxygen and beds to the point of people dying in the streets unable to get medical assistance. It just did not happen.

Not sure what news you followed.

BBC, CNN, JT, TASS, China Daily, DW and Local Australian news outlets.

And never did Australia close to returning citizens, it limited the daily number if those arriving.

Limited groups of citizens have been allowed from all over the world and India is the first nation to have that temporarily suspended due to its covid 'apocalypse" as described by on local doctor in a Deli Hospital.

International travel has been banned from all nations since 2020 with the exception of the bubble created to New Zealand. This has not stopped commerce via cargo planes and ships from around the world.

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Posted in: A newspaper columnist in Australia, which has virtually eliminated the coronavirus through lockdowns, says of the lockdown as a weapon in the fight against the virus: If it was a drug, it would never be approved because its side effects include poverty, unemployment, depression, massive social dislocation, a loss of education and a transfer of risk from the old to the young. What do you think of his view? See in context

Australia and New Zealand took actions that saved lives, limited damage to the economy and got peoples lives back to normal as fast as possible. Constant vigilance and cooperation remains a necessary component and Vaccinations continue to roll out.

Last weeks Anzac day football match had a crowd of over 78,000 fans and no covid reported. There are detractors but how many can safely go to a sporting event with so many fans and remain safe anywhere else in the world right now?

We did the hard yards and now we carry on in the new normal, close to the old normal, while we get vaccinated and reach the magical "herd" immunity. Measures will still be needed at the border for people coming into the Country from nations that do not have covid under control. But we are much better placed right now (and hopefully into the future) to keep covid from community spread with the actions we take.

A little uncomfortable it was, but it was required to get to where we are right now. The alternative would have been like America and the UK, who's cultures we are closest to and the results there have been horrendous in lives lost and economic costs.

Call it what ever you like but Aussies and kiwi's call it brilliant, warranted and very effective.

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Posted in: Australia bans arrivals of its citizens from India; says offenders face jail, fines See in context

Ok you can go back and forth with jpn_guy if you want but you still haven't said why this same policy was not put in place when the virus was out of control in the USA or UK.

All Australia did then was control the number of daily returning citizens.

So explain why now a total ban and not a similar action like before?

The variant lose in India seems more virulent and is reportedly effecting younger people as well as elderly.

The health system in both the UK and US were not over run and collapsing as the Indian system is.

Australia was one of the first nations to close its borders including to the US and UK.

But if making these acusations of racisim against Australia make you feel good about yourself, that is more about you than Australia. Also assuming there are only brown Australians trying to get home from India is also pretty racist on your part.

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Posted in: Afghan retreat: U.S. formally begins withdrawing from its longest war See in context

The Afghan War is only part of a greater war the U.S. has continued to engage in, spanning from the 20th century to the 21st. Will future historians call it America's "Hundred Years' War"?

No. This is just another rubbish, fake comment brought to you by anti US propaganda.

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Posted in: Afghan retreat: U.S. formally begins withdrawing from its longest war See in context

Pakistan is a very good player and has played its cards very well between the east and the west. Japan should learn.

Pakistan has had coup's and unstable governments with little progress for decades. If that is what you get from "playing your cards well" between East and West then Japan is better off where it is.

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Posted in: Australia bans arrivals of its citizens from India; says offenders face jail, fines See in context


Good National Geographic documentary for you, mate. Time to open your eyes.

Already well aware of the history and continuing issues mate.

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Posted in: Australia bans arrivals of its citizens from India; says offenders face jail, fines See in context

jpn_guyToday 01:57 pm JST

White Australia Policy alive and well.

No that policy is long gone, and good riddance.

Does anyone believe the Australia government would to this to the US or the UK even if their situations were as awful as the situation in India?


Individual Australian people seem so warm and friendly, always there to help you out.

Yes, that's what we do.

Why though, as a nation, does do Australians continue to elect the current mob of human rights violators?

Both main parties are more similar than you think. Neither really deserves to run Australia but when you only have two poor options, one must be chosen.

Most Australians understand keeping your country and your family in it safe is the main priority in a pandemic. Australian's from around the world are trying to get home still, and the quarantine facilities are limited and not really fit for purpose. Taking more chances is not an option given the problems already experienced with returning people. Make no mistake, if Australia was properly set up to take in hundreds of thousands into purpose built quarantine facilities it would not hesitate to do so as soon as possible. No nation was prepared for this. No nation has sufficient purpose built quarantine facilities for the numbers needing them.

I feel for those caught over seas but for many they no longer resided in Australia but are duel citizens wanting to get to a safer place. I cant fault that desire but if doing so puts 26 million people in danger of what is happening in India or Brazil right now then I am sorry. A handful of people would be brought in but we cant safely deal with the multiple tens of thousands who want to come immediately. If that seems harsh it is because it is. But the pandemic is even harsher and does not discriminate.

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Posted in: Afghan retreat: U.S. formally begins withdrawing from its longest war See in context

Should keep a carrier strike force close enough to provide air cover for the afghan Government forces and maybe have them contribute to the cost of that. It could be the difference between Taliban taking the whole country and having a free Afghan nation. The carrier force could include European nations in the rotation as France, England, Italy and even Spain can take a turn with a carrier on station.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan and South Korea eye foreign ministers' meeting in May: report See in context

I am a little confused. Many posters on JT assure us that SK is in China's corner and should be classed as an enemy. Yet here they are with the US and Japan discussing regional issues and "the China problem" amongst other things. Could it be that for all the two way acrimony between South Korea and Japan, both remain in the US corner and for all intense and purposes they are concerned with the military rise of China and their continued territorial expansion?

While not exactly friendly at times, both SK and Japan know who the bad guys are and will work with the US to keep the danger at bay. China can build its economy and develop all it likes but stealing territory is the red line.

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Posted in: British warships, military aircraft to set sail for Asia next month See in context

What the Canberra's are missing for the F-35B is not the flight deck. What it is missing will be all the equipment necessary to accomplish mission planning for the airplane and for it's several precision guided weapons. It's not just kick the tires and light the fires any more.

What was modified on the Canberra class ships was internal spaces to maximize light and heavy vehicle storage and numbers of troop berths. There are no radar systems for fixed wing aircraft, no internal storage for fuel and munitions for the ordinance required for sustained flight operations and without significant modifications of the vehicle decks no room for more than a handful of F-35B's. The deck was not coated in the material to absorb the heat from the F-35B's during construction. The actual strenght of the flight deck was not reduced. Many issues need to be resolved to make one of these ships capable of acting as a dedicated fixed wing aircraft carrier.

Dont get me wrong, I firmly believe Australia should have one or two light carriers for fixed wing missions to project a little power and provide protection for Australian forces without going cap in hand to allies looking for what we need. But these ships were designed to be amphibious warships for helicopters and troops and land vehicles including Abrams tanks. The storage deck was split into two levels for tanks on one level and jeeps and smaller vehicles on the other. F-35B height is not catered for anywhere but where the Helicopters are now stored, reducing their number to carry fixed wing craft.

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Posted in: China launches main part of its 1st permanent space station See in context

To any extraterrestrial life we are all one species from one planet. Pity we cant act as one.

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Posted in: Next Meat plant-based beef bowls and yakiniku go on sale in Japan See in context

Plant based meats. Only they are not meat. Why try to co-opt the term meat? More additives and more salt make them a less healthy alternative to actual meat.

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Posted in: China launches main part of its 1st permanent space station See in context

Big Brother will be watching from space. Be good and mind what you say. Plenty more room in the "camps".

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Posted in: British warships, military aircraft to set sail for Asia next month See in context

That is not true. The Juan Carlos Class is designed for use with the F-35B. Both Spain and Turkey planned to operate F-35Bs off their Juan Carlos class ships. Spain has put off buying F-35Bs for the time being and is flying AV-8Bs off the Juan Carlos. Turkey was booted from the F-35 program so it cannot buy them. Australia's ships are quite capable of flying F-35Bs and you will almost certainly see the US Marines doing so from both.

The design was based on the Juan Carlos but was heavily modify to encompass the desired uses as a Helicopter carrier and amphibious transport.

Brabin-Smith and Schreer estimated in 2014 that it would cost $500 million to convert one LHD, including adapting the deck to handle the heat generated by the F-35B’s engine.

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Posted in: Japan emphasizes concerns over China's military in diplomacy report See in context

Confronted by an increasingly antagonistic America, it is only natural that China would strive to increase its defence capabilities,

Except that America is NOT confronting China, a country that has only been "targeted" by US investments and companies aka Apple and Tesla just to name two. The last time China was actually threatened it was America that rescued it. America is defending everyone's freedoms from those who would steal territories not theirs to take.

its defence budget still remains less than half that of the US.

And yet for the money it gets many times more than America for every dollar spent.

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Posted in: British warships, military aircraft to set sail for Asia next month See in context

Not true. HMAS Canberra and HMAS Sydney are both larger than the old Melbourne and are designed to carry 12 F-35Bs should the Australians ever decide to buy them

While both HMAS Canberra and HMAS Adelaide are larger ships than HMAS Melbourne they are not equipped nor set up internally for fixed wing operations and the flight deck is not able to withstand the landing of F-35B jets as the deck currently in place would melt. They could possibly use the Harrier Mk2 like the original ship of class the Canberra is based on, but without a long and very costly refit these ships will never be anything other than Helicopter landing docks, LHD.

HMAS Melbourne was a Majestic-class light aircraft carrier.

Australia needs to acquire one or two (perhaps design and build domestically) Light Aircraft Carriers that are purpose built for sustained fixed wing operations.

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