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Posted in: U.S. calls on NATO to deepen ties with Japan See in context

NATO is a fascist Neo-Conservative Christian organization that has killed more civilians than we cant count.

NATO is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and it counters repressive entities like USSR, now Russia and its satellite servants. It helps develop freedom in the region and provides support for all members in times of confrontation by hostile countries.

There is no reason why NATO's membership and area of concern can not be expanded as needed. Many nations outside of Europe or North America fought for a free Europe on more than one occasion in recent history. It could be argued that a debt of assistance is owed to those nations by Europe, when it is needed most.

Perhaps an expansion of NATO to include the other Quad members plus New Zealand and South Korea, as a starting point for even greater expansion to like minded freedom loving countries the world over. That would be a positive move for the world and to discourage wars in the future.

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Posted in: Man arrested for ruining fruit at supermarket See in context

KaerimashitaToday 03:41 pm JST

I can understand him savaging kiwi fruit, but a banana????

Kiwifruit (commonly shortened to kiwi in North America) or Chinese gooseberry

Kiwifruit is native to central and eastern China.

A little surprised that China does not plan on reclaiming ownership of it's gooseberry by invading New Zealand. Maybe that is why Ardern is hesitant to rile China?

But seriously, why would anyone want to harm innocent fruit?

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Posted in: Actor Steven Seagal joins pro-Kremlin party; proposes tougher laws See in context

He lost conditioning, lost acting jobs, lost his mind then was invited to take out Russian citizenship. Now he is a Putin minion. Can he possibly go any lower?

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Posted in: U.S., Japan reaffirm alliance amid China territorial claims See in context

China has criticized the group as an exclusionist bloc based on a Cold War-era mindset.

aww sounds like China wants to be part of the Quad.

In reality China is opposed to the group which is anti China in orientation based on the winning cold war strategy used against the USSR.

Sour grapes Winnie the pooh and his minions.

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Posted in: Australian court upholds ban on most international travel See in context

Recently the Melbourne police were arresting people for .....being in a park!

Let me qualify that. People who were breaking the law in a park were arrested.

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Posted in: Sympathy for Osaka in Japan over French Open withdrawal See in context

In the end, any player not able to handle any aspect of today's professional tennis Circuit should stick to the amateur Circuit. Do not put yourself through anguish of any type if your not up to it.

I hope she gets better and finds she can return, but if not then she has had great achievements in her chosen sport and her name will be remembered.

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Posted in: Australian court upholds ban on most international travel See in context

I am one of the "79% of respondents agree the international border should stay shut until the pandemic is under control globally".

Without purpose built quarantine facilities capable of handeling thousands of people at a time in every state, it is impossible to safely admit tens of thousands of people per day from nations that do not have covid under control. The smaller numbers already pose problems in containment at hotel quarantine facilities being used.

People complain they cant leave and would then complain when they cant return when they want to.

Sorry but your right to travel during a pandemic does not trump the right of people to remain safe.

The government is charged with the responsibility to keep the people safe and it is doing so. Those who put their rights above others should be free to renounce their citizenship and emigrate immediately to another nation, with no right of return.

Nations frequently "disrupt" the rights of the individual with military conscription, (not currently occurring in Australia) and especially during war which often ends in that persons death as a result.

Losing some personal rights during a pandemic that is a clear danger to the population should be understood better. Less complaining about the restrictions would make everyone's life a little easier.

I would not want to live anywhere else at this point in time. Australia truly is the lucky country.

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Posted in: Who's an astronaut as private spaceflight picks up speed? See in context

a person engaged in or trained for spaceflight.

A space tourist is not trained to carry out space flight only to be carried by such a flight. They are not engaged in carrying out the flight or trained to do so. Their training is the same as passengers on a ocean liner or plane. Please observe the emergency exits and move to the following positions, obey all crew instructions and hope for the best.

No, they do not fulfill the definition of the word astronaut at all.

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Posted in: North Korea accuses U.S. of hostility for S Korean missile decision See in context

South Korea to build more powerful missiles was an example of the U.S.'s hostile policy against the North.

I would say that is a bit rich coming from a Nation always building and designing more powerful missiles themselves.

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Posted in: Who's an astronaut as private spaceflight picks up speed? See in context

A space tourist is not an astronaut. Rich people along for the ride with no duty other than to have fun. The whole flight being for the benefit and pleasure of the space tourist. No, they are not astronaut's by any definition of the word. As they have no function or input for the flight and time in space they are not crew so would be better described as cargo.

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Posted in: Australia's Victoria state reports 5 COVID-19 cases on day 3 of lockdown See in context

Good old Melbourne. Lock us down, and kill hundreds because they can no longer get medical treatment(s) for their treatable diseases.

You can leave home to get or give care. Getting medical treatment has not been stopped or banned.

Keep to the truth please.

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Posted in: Crackdown on illegal maid cafes making maids rarer sight on streets of Akihabara See in context

Anything to stop the exploitation of lonely men by using young attractive girls. The managers get good money and the girls are well paid but the gullible man loses his money and still goes home lonely.

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Posted in: Vaccination demand surges as Australia's Victoria logs 5 local COVID-19 cases See in context

One minute later all these negative 50000 people can get infected somewhere, and walk around positiv and spread the virus.

Which is why there is a lock down, contact tracing and constant testing so that cant happen.

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Posted in: Weary Melbourne residents go into lockdown See in context

Are the people of Melbourne weary, they seem to fully support their government and happy to do these lockdowns eventhough they are the only place in Australia to do them like that, with other states particularly NSW handling it very differently . You get what you vote for.

Like the rest of the world we would much prefer covid to just go away, but it wont. When cases are beginning to be out of control, then measures to regain control are needed. I am living in Melbourne and have lived through all the lock downs. I agree with them all and my neighbors though weary, are also stoic and understand life returns to normal when the lockdown ends.

This pandemic is nobodies choice. How we maintain control over it "is" our choice. We will continue to lock down as needed, until it is not needed. We dont mind others not understanding the logic, because we do. Saving lives is what makes us a civilized people. If we did not value peoples lives like we do, we would be no different to any other species of animal on the planet.

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Posted in: Japan ruling party seeks big defense budget rise amid China threat See in context

China does not want peace, it wants power. The power to manipulate the responses and actions of other nations to benefit China. China has the worlds largest navy and largest military ship building program. China lends money at huge rates that little countries can not repay and then takes control of harbor assets for extended periods of time. Nations that act in their own benefits like Australia calling for an inquiry about Covid, are punished with trade tariffs and bans against trade agreements.

Japan has territory China wants to control and it sails many ships around these islands every week of the year. China wants to control all of the South China sea and has manufactured man made islands to situate military assets and missiles there to ensure control, banning local fishing by the nations who's EEZ they have illegally occupied.

Japan and other have no option but to defend their interests against a nation not looking for anything more than total control of the region and using that to help it control world trade directing everything China needs towards China and ending competition to ensure China remains the center of world trade and power. China will dictate new world policy and international laws will need China's approval.

Japan must defend its interests and freedom of choice and action both now and into the future. As does the entire region.

Decrease trade with China while increasing trade with other trade partners and wean yourselves off China.

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Posted in: Japan ruling party seeks big defense budget rise amid China threat See in context

Smart and prudent move for Japan to maintain its territories and freedoms.

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Posted in: Australia's Victoria state to enter one-week COVID-19 lockdown after fresh outbreak See in context

As a Melbournian living through this I can attest that in general people support the seven day lockdown and if needed an extended one, in order to quickly return to a no covid state where life continues as normal.

It is the best course of action and most people understand that after having had the last five months free of covid restrictions while watching the US grappling, the UK and Europe grappling and India sinking with covid cases. Clearly elimination of covid is the best response to it and lockdowns achieve that.

For those not living through this but criticizing the lockdown I say thank you for your opinion, but we will take a short sharp lockdown to eliminate community transmission's over letting it spread freely, every day of the week. We demand the politicians instigate these measures for our safety.

I am already vaccinated (first dose) but still support these measures to protect those who are not.

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Posted in: From Hokkaido to Kyushu, these bento boxes take you on a flavor journey across Japan See in context

They should figure out how to pack them in dry ice and ship them anywhere in the world in 24 hours.

If people cant come to Japan at least they can buy authentic meals made from Japanese produce, by Japanese experts and feel like they have been there by having these six bento box meals over the course of a couple of days. Put Japanese movies on TV, dress in a laid back yukata that could even be part of the bento box package, kick in some Japanese scented incense and tea and bingo, you have a Japanese weekend at home. Gives Japanese business a boost and show the world how good real Japanese food and goods are. An export bonanza in the waiting.

I will take one with the lot.

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Posted in: Australia reinstates COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne after cluster grows to 9 cases See in context

And immediately if only 4 or 5 cases shows up, your government will restrict your life.

You think that is OK?

It is more than just ok. We demand it!

For how many years more do you agree with your government to pay that price?

For as long as is required in order to keep life normal and covid under control.

I would agree with you if your cases are increasing like crazy, but not for just 5 cases.

These small precautions are to control 4 or 5 cases. We waited once before until we had it "increasing like crazy" and it took over 110 days of one of the strictest lockdowns to defeat it. We do not want to go through that again so these "pauses" in target areas to allow contact tracing to be effective is much preferred.

For the next many many years , always a few cases will show up. Because nothing kills the virus.

Perhaps that may be so and if it is then we will continue to control covid rather than allow covid to control us. Herd immunity may happen with new vaccines or with enough people vaccinated with current available options which may not eliminate people becoming infected but it reduces the numbers getting infected and it so far has stopped those vaccinated from dying from covid or even being hospitalized by covid.

If the vaccine is rolled out everywhere, and the death rates are going down a lot, then probably your government will change its approach.

The government follows advise from medical experts and if it is safe to do so it alters its response appropriately.

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Posted in: Australia reinstates COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne after cluster grows to 9 cases See in context

Well said @Big Yen.

Australians fully support the measures taken by state and federal government officials to keep life as normal as possible in our country. A few isolated areas taking precautions to protect the nation is acceptable and even welcomed.

Life "without' covid is much preferable to life "with" covid. That is what Australia is managing to do that other nations seem reluctant to do. Some wonder why Australia bothers, while the majority of Australians wonder why others don't bother.

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Posted in: Study finds Asians largely 'invisible' in Hollywood's top films See in context

I wonder what the makeup of lead investors of movies are. Normally the leading factor is how much profit will be returned on your investment. If the percentage of movies having an Asian lead investor are small, is it any wonder the projects with Asians as lead are correspondingly small as well? I think the majority of major investors are European, American, Jewish and as such they favor projects with a lead actor or actress that more mirrors themselves, is an established money maker from past projects and is likely to be popular with viewers and fans.

I am not saying this is right but it could be a factor for consideration.

How do you blame a major investor for backing a movie made in America for US audiences with US actors and actresses that are stereo-typically white or black. US history is predominantly white crossing America and settling, fighting with native Indians, Mexicans, British and each other. Add hundreds of years of slavery and you find most stories based on those events will not have Asian leads. As for Sci-Fi, anything can happen and that genre of movies should be all in. It also comes down to the writers. Movies based on books have characters determined by the authors. Change their race at your own risk as doing so puts fans of the book offside in many cases.

There are many factors involved and it is not simply racism.

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Posted in: A pizza recipe with artichoke, mozzarella — and cicadas See in context


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Posted in: The sex scene in movies isn't disappearing – it's shifting from clichéd fantasy to messy reality See in context

Sex is part of everyone's life in reality so not including it in movies or series is just avoiding what is an important factor between couples. For a full story and believably, a story should include as many real facets of life as there actually is. It should not be taboo to talk of or depict reality.

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Posted in: Japan must radically speed defense build-up: Kishi See in context

With the range restriction lifted, ROK's ground launched ballistic missiles can hit Tokyo directly from mainland Korea now.

Handy to help Japan defend against invading Chinese forces.

South Korea and Japan are linked by dependence on America and as long as that is so they can argue but can not go to war with each other. They know who the real enemies are and it is not each other.

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Posted in: Ground Self Defense Forces conduct live fire drill near Mt Fuji See in context

a wide array of aircraft, artillery, tanks and helicopters fired on targets. The ScanEagle, a small, long-endurance, low-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle, was used for the first time.

Cooperation between elements of the defense force is an essential requirement for any effective defense force and utilizing new equipment at such a time helps all see and understand its potential.

These types of exercises are replicated in all modern defense forces and they keep the pointy end sharp for if it becomes needed.

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Posted in: Australia urges over-50s to get jabbed as vaccine hesitancy grows See in context

Why take the risk

It is a much bigger risk to not take it.

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Posted in: Japan must radically speed defense build-up: Kishi See in context

The worst is that other Superpowers' militaries are at China's doorstep doing all manners of war games leaving no doubt of their intentions, but, at the same time accuse China of belligerance.

The US holding drills with Japan in Japanese territory is to be expected. Japan takes part in RIMPAC exercises in US territory (even China has attended RIMPAC in the past). Why should Japan not host drills? Who is China to object to Japan hosting other nations in it's territories?

Just what intentions do you thing they have other than defense? Nobody intends on attacking china. Nobody has intended on attacking China for the past 75 years. China sets up military bases in the EEZ of Vietnam and the Philippines and wonders why others see it as belligerent? China continues to object to ships sailing through International waters in the region and you wonder why everyone says China is belligerent?

Some can close their eyes to what is happening and can only see the point of view of the CCP. Little wonder nobody can take those comments seriously.

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Posted in: Australia urges over-50s to get jabbed as vaccine hesitancy grows See in context

The chance of serious side effect from AstraZeneca is so much less than getting a long term effect from covid or death from covid. Your taking a chance either way so at least make the odds in your favor and get vaccinated.

The more people who contract covid the greater the chance of varients being created and the greater the chance one of those variants will increase mortality rates.

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Posted in: Japan must radically speed defense build-up: Kishi See in context

Japans current spending on defense is low. NATO nations are expected to spend a minimum of 2% although many fall below that level currently. The US spends over 4%. Australia is around 2% and it really needs to speed up procurement like Japan and needs to spend 3-4% for the next decade at least.

With China continuing its massive naval buildup even after becoming the number one nation by ship numbers, and without a reason necessitating such frantic building, others must keep pace or be swamped when China decides to wield its military might.

By using alliances the individual military spending can be kept to a minimum by nations in such alliances. Japan would need to ditch article 9 to enable it to enter such alliances for reciprocal military assistance.

Basically this is all driven by China's manic buildup of its military as it attempts to surpass Russia and America in military strength.

Designing and manufacturing domestically ensures a boost to the economy and hiring more defense personnel reduces the unemployment in nations that need boosts to that area.

Much better if nobody was doing a huge buildup of military forces but if one nation does it and they have delusions of empire then those around must follow suit or be swallowed by the Chinese monster.

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Posted in: Australian doctors warn vaccine hesitancy makes citizens 'sitting ducks' See in context

Australians have traditionally been big on vaccines from childhood onward's.

They need to have mobile vaccine dispensers going to individual business's to provide it to workers who dont want to take a few hours off work (lose more income) to get it. Some may require a day off work after getting vaccinated due to the body learning to fight the virus and giving body aches and headaches etc.

They used to vaccinate school children at school all in one go. They need to replicate this for businesses with more than five staff.

I am over 50 and have had my first shot, waiting for my second.

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