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So as. A Japanese citizen what are her quarantine requirements. Will she be confined to a crappy room in the Olympic village bubble with the foreign athletes following the playbook or as Japanese athlete will she be free to go and do whatever she likes like the other Japanese athletes. Of course to do that she should have the 14 day quarantine like other returning Japanese citizens but I can’t see that happening. I guess she gets the best of all worlds, no quarantine, and no lockdown bubble like retuning Japanese politicians, foreign dignitaries, IOC bigwigs etc

Good point. I'm leaning on different and special treatment for her. The virus doesn't care what nationality you are. Then again, it's likely she still has her US citizenship.

As for whether she'll pull out of the Olympics at the last moment, I'll believe it when I see it. Money is very important to her (and probably her grandfather).

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Now is the time of "Staycations". Even Japanese hoteliers have been doing well, too!

A staycation only works if the country has the pandemic under control like NZ. GoToTravel didn't work so well in Japan. It led to another wave.

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Who cares what the other leaders said - they don't have to deal with the mess if everything goes south. They probably won't even let their citizens get on the plane and go home unless they're in the clear first.

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Just drop the voucher requirement. What are they worried about, someone stealing doses?

No. They're just scared that life would be boring without red tape and bureaucracy.

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No mention that these passports will change the reentry requirements back into Japan. What is the point if the testing and quarantine requirements are identical for those unvaccinated and those with these passports!

I wouldn't be surprised if this were only to enable Japanese to travel more easily.

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Well, with Matsuyama, I don't think the media has anything else to focus on except for his golfing skills, whereas with Ishikawa, the media was always obsessed with the color of his pants, his 'cuteness' or something related to the English CD courses that he was promoting.

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Interesting. HK dissenters arrested by police dressed in Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Polo, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, amongst other Occidental brands.

Aren't those the companies which send their non-white employees to work in the store rooms? I hope none of those A&F wearing-HKers are overweight either. I'd rather go for Uniqlo, Giordano or even Bossini. I just learnt something - Giordano was actually founded by Lai Chee-Ying. All these years and I never knew until today.

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Well, at least they're not hitching a ride. If they're not wanted, they'll do it themselves.

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Crazy isnt it? Show Us your papers and documents or you cannot cross these borders .................sounds like something from a movie out of Europe in the early 1940s

Yeah, I know. I also hate using my current passport - why on earth should we need to use them - to collect visa stamps? I should be able to just walk into any country without showing any documentation.

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And can someone tell me how exactly does someone under the age of 65 receive a coupon?

My town is still restricting these coupons to the over 65 until the end of this month. The only young people getting the vaccinations are those who are given them at their companies or universities. An absolute fiasco. The Japanese are their own worst enemy. Have they ever wondered why the centers are still not fully booked? They create barriers just for the sake of it. Many of my younger relatives around the world have already been offered a vaccination, and the kids will get theirs soon too.

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Posted in: Anime voice actor star of 'Cowboy Bebop' marries former idol less than half his age See in context

This brings back memories of Japan's Don Juan.

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A rough calculation - average 25 per people per day have died in Japan from Covid 19 since the start of 2020. The trials caused a delay of perhaps one month. Assuming ultimately 100% of the population is eventually vaccinated (unrealistic, I know), the delay caused perhaps 700 extra deaths...

Nice try, but you're playing around with statistics just like the Japanese government does.

Up to the end of November 2020, there were 'officially' around 2,000 covid-related deaths. From December 2020 to now, there were, 12,000 deaths (and counting). In other words, most of the damage was done THIS YEAR. If the government has done something last year (what the heck have they been doing since the Olympics were cancelled last year???!!!), we may not have seen so many cases and deaths this year.

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The movement in Sweden and France is about short haul travel and mostly domestic travel. Nobody is suggesting you swim from Australia to Japan, although you can try.

The four main islands of Japan are connected by trains. The problem is that the Shinkansen costs an arm and a leg, compared to similar, if not better, trains in neighbouring countries. For example, high speed travel in China is much much cheaper and the network is extensive and still increasing.

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Mr Kipling:

That does seem to be exceedingly expensive!

Yeah, I'd say. You should stick to cakes.

I have no interest in cheese but used to love watching T&J on TV as a kid.

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Forget about Wimbledon for a moment. It's the Olympics I'm thinking of. If she doesn't participate, you just know the Japanese medal counters will be furious with her. I'd say she should skip it if she's not ready.

Her people, she will have a team of assistants and advisors, either advised her badly about the interview issue or she ignored them and handled it badly herself.

They also need to help and advise her on many other things, like how to present herself in public. I don't know whether, as some other poster put it, it's down to lack of formal education and interaction with other kids, but she has to learn to talk properly and open her mouth and not mumble. And she really has to try and improve her Japanese skills. Most players representing non-Anglophone countries are, at the very least, bilingual or can do an interview in a second language. Just saying jiichan is not enough.

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Having photos of obese people stuffing their faces with food and promoting over-eating is not doing anyone any favours.

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Posted in: Paris Jackson says paparazzi caused her long-term trauma See in context

She could choose to live a more private life if she wanted to. Time to do an Osaka?

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Pure PR, at the expense of their own citizens who have seen far more deaths in their own country.

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This is probably the only true thing an LDP politician has said since the pandemic started. A whole bloody year wasted, with people twiddling their thumbs and sucking through their teeth as others died. Not to mention the fact that they tried to depend on the emergence of a locally developed vaccine by a local pharmo company - in the end nothing came of it, and so more time and lives wasted. With the Olympics being held here, you'd have thought Japan would be the first country to get vaccinations organized. But no, total logic and common sense flies out the window.

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Remember the buzz word from the 2001 World Cup Soccer? “Hooligans!”

I certainly do, even though it was 2002. The 'hooligans' turned out to be locals!!!!!

I bet whoever wrote this rulebook really enjoyed writing it. I remember the old days when the only rules were not to not blow your nose in public and change slippers when using the toilet.

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All we need now is Madonna and Sean Penn.

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Very tasteless to do a film so soon after. A documentary, I can understand.

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I guess he gets a quarantine pass. But I can't? Odd.

Because he's entitled.

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Enjoy your 2 weeks at Toyoko Inn!

At least Toyoko Inn doesn't have ultra rightwing "literature" in its rooms, unlike APA.

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I don't find Federer to be the GOAT as of a large chunk of his wins were before the other two matured, and he faced little opposition then.

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Gambare Nippon:

Japan will be able to take strong action and stop these drills. Make no mistake.

And you'll be on the front line, volunteering, right?

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If you are a foreigner living in Japan, you should at least be able to speak Japanese at a minimum.

And how about those who have only been in Japan for a year or two? Do you honestly think that everyone can learn that fast? There are many here who have spent six years learning English at school and still can't understand one spoken word.

As for helping foreigners, that's great but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Whenever that is.

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Instead of boasting about mass centers, they should be setting up much smaller but more numerous centers scattered throughout the country. You want people to travel as little as possible and then you expect everyone to gravitate towards this one spot in Tokyo.

I believe they offer free vaccinations to ANYONE turning up at San Francisco Airport - just an example. I've followed the news in other places, like US, UK, HK, you name it, and they all offer vaccinations and testing everywhere. Japan is in this mess because people are so apathetic.

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Posted in: Message for Olympic visitors See in context

Assuming there will be fans.

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