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Posted in: 13 ministry officials wined and dined by Suga's son See in context

Perhaps it would be easier if they focused their investigation on trying to find a top bureaucrat who hasn’t been given gifts by Suga’s son in violation of ethics standards.

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Posted in: Nuclear reactor suspensions produce inexperienced plant workers See in context

This report doesn't make much sense. If there are a lot fewer reactors online since Fukushima, maybe less than half,?, then there should be a surplus of labor, not a shortage.

While there are fewer online, the number of reactors hasn’t gone down. Even when they are shut down nuclear reactors need personnel to operate them (and do the work to meet the newer standards) so the operators didn’t lay off their staff, thus no surplus of labor was created. Rather they’ve just had a decade in which older staff have retired while newer ones have been working on idled reactors.

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Posted in: Dolly Parton asks Tennessee not to put her statue at Capitol See in context

This was a very Dolly Parton way of asking someone to not make a Dolly Parton statue.

Its very hard not to really really really like her.

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Posted in: Canada vows to be next country to go after Facebook to pay for news See in context

Good, Eh.

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Posted in: Home-hunting in Japan changes as people eye new communities in wake of COVID-19 See in context

So in other words lots of people want to live within commuting distance of Tokyo, but a bit in the suburbs because its cheaper than in the city?

Hasn’t it always been like that?

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Posted in: Girl wins suit against Osaka Prefecture over school telling her to dye hair black See in context

One wonders whether the girl tried to arrange some kind of expert examination of her hair for submission to the court, and if not, why.

Let's be fair to the school: Just because she's a plaintiff doesn't mean she can't have overstated her case. It's not impossible that the school is correct that it's black at the roots but she thought she could get away with a "natural brown" color.

Yeah, great idea. Lets force every kid with brown or blonde hair (including, I should add, both of my own children) to subject themselves to some kind of expert examination before a court of law every time they are asked to dye their hair black with the threat of expulsion if they fail to comply.

Perfect way to run an education system.

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Posted in: Facebook unfriends Australia: news sites go dark in content row See in context

Facebook sucks, Australians will be better off without it. As would the rest of us.

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Posted in: Has the coronavirus made you rethink what's important in your life? See in context

Yes. My sister died back home just before this started and my elderly parents have been forced to spend the last year grieving alone since we had to cancel all our planned visits with each other.

So in addition to worrying about them getting Covid (both are old and have pre existing conditions) I've also spent the last 12 months worrying about their emotional state.

Worrying that much about people really drives home how much they mean to you.

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Posted in: Trump-McConnell feud threatens Republicans' path to power See in context

Its kind of nice to see the Q party tearing itself apart like that.

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Posted in: Another LDP lawmaker quits over nightlife visit See in context

LDP = Luxury Dining Party

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Posted in: Calls grow to relocate 2022 Beijing Winter Games over human rights abuses See in context

Given how much of a headache Tokyo 2020 has been for Japan, I'm kind of wondering if the real debate should be about whether we should punish China by making it host more rather than fewer Olympics.

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Posted in: Ex-director sues Amnesty Japan for firing him over Japanese ability See in context

As is their right. The probationary period is also an opportunity for the employer to test the feasibility of the new role they've created, not just the prospective employee. They might find the job description is inadequate, or that it should be split into two separate roles, or combined with another. The probationary period exists to protect the employer from all foreseeable risks of hiring.

While I'm sure a lot of employers like to look at it that way, that is completely unacceptable and not an unfettered right they have.

Once they hire someone they fall under duties both under the terms of their contract and under the Labor Standards Act and other labor legislation. They can't just fire him based on a new condition that wasn't part of their initial contract (rules of employment are considered contractual terms) and which it is impossible for him to comply with (and was known to be impossible at the time he was hired).

If employers had that right, employees would have zero protection from arbitrary dismissal.

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Posted in: Ex-director sues Amnesty Japan for firing him over Japanese ability See in context

ok, so they hired the guy supposed knowing that his japanese ability was merely conversational. but shouldn't he have upped his game by learning japanese more? horrible HR decision, but also his own fault for thinking he could skate by forever.

If he was in his 20s yeah, but the guy is 62 years old. Its not reasonable to expect someone that age to go from basic skills to being able to give presentations on complex topics and learning how to read and write a language with such a complex written form. This should have been obvious to Amnesty from the start.

I mean, I’m 44 and my Japanese game is about as upped as it is going to get, despite it still sucking. At 62....give me a break.

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Posted in: Senate acquits Trump as Republicans save him See in context

57 to 43? Well, at least his streak of losing the popular vote is intact.

Now we can all look forward to his tax fraud trial. And the insurance fraud one. And the one about trying to commit election fraud in Georgia. And the one about mortgage fraud.

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Posted in: Mori resigns over sexist remarks: Hashimoto being considered to replace him See in context

Does he deserve to have his career destroyed. No

Saying women talk to much is like saying men talk too much. Kids talk too much.

Not something you should have your life, career destroyed forever.

You do realize the guy is an 83 year old former prime minster, right? Not really sure how this harms his career prospects going forward.

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Posted in: Osaka drops plan to open casino resort by March 2027 See in context

Finally some good news.

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Posted in: Mori to resign over sexist comments; Kawabuchi, 84, tipped to replace him See in context

former Japan Football Association president and mayor of the Olympics village, Saburo Kawabuchi, 84, would replace Mori.

This is so Japan.

This scandal springs from the problematic gender views of an 83 year old man coupled with a seniority system based on age which ensures that old men like him are always the ones in positions of power.

So what do they do to solve that? Find an even older man to replace him of course.

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Posted in: Dozens of former Republican officials in talks to form anti-Trump third party See in context

Its going to be a hard sell in the US presidential system, which favors a two party structure.

Names under consideration for a new party include the Integrity Party and the Center Right Party.

It also doesn't help if your name sucks.

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Posted in: Mori to resign over sexist comments; Kawabuchi, 84, tipped to replace him See in context

About time.

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Posted in: Australian court rules extremists can be kept in prison after they have served their sentences See in context

Considering he never actually did anything this is hardly justice.

Are you kidding? He and his group were caught in the act of building a large bomb that they were planning to detonate in either a football stadium or train station so as to maximize civilian deaths.

The fact that he was caught before he murdered hundreds of people does NOT mean he "never actually did anything".

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Posted in: Ex-captain of U.S. sub apologizes for Ehime Maru collision on 20th anniversary See in context

Its weird how current this is, given that a Japanese submarine did almost the exact same thing a couple of days ago (thankfully without fatalities) and Mori is still being an idiot in public.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over deaths of two young sons See in context

It really feels that this type of story is happenning way too often. Well, if it even happens once it is too often, but almost every day now there is a story of some kid being murdered by a parent or relative these days. Its heartbreaking and horrifying to read.

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Posted in: Girl sues Tokyo high school that made her drop out for breaking no-dating rule See in context

Stupid rule.

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Posted in: Olympic organizers apologize to volunteers over Mori's remarks See in context

According to his latest comment, he maintains he was right about women talking too much but since he is so busy going to foreign countries he doesn’t have the time to explain how right he was, so he just retracted the comment because that was easier.

Feel sorry for the people having to apologize on behalf of this idiot.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 639 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,279 See in context

Either the virus is very weak or not as contagious as people have predicted.

It’s been a year folks... the vast majority of people are not sick.

You do realize this is the same virus that has killed almost half a million Americans over the past year you are talking about, right?

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Posted in: Fox Business cancels 'Lou Dobbs Tonight' after a decade See in context

Hmmm, thought liberals valued free speech or does that only pertain to liberals? CNN pundits on an hourly basis especially Stelter say and have claimed outrageous things and yet the guy is still on TV. What I am saying is, if you want to silence so called questionable topics then be fair and do it across the political spectrum because when you do it to only conservatives it becomes clear what the overall motive is.

Not sure what you think you are responding to, the above comments are just people expressing satisfaction and a bit of gloating over Dobbs getting canned, nobody is saying anything about silencing discussion on issues. I’m sure if this was an article about some liberal CNN host losing a show right wing commenters, yourself included, would be offering up the same type of comment.

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Posted in: Kirin ends beer alliance with conglomerate linked to Myanmar military See in context

I would commend Kirin, but they should never have invested in that venture in the first place.

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Posted in: Criticism keeps swirling over Tokyo Olympic chief's sexist comments See in context

I've come to believe that Japan as we know it does not actually exist but rather is a simulated reality created by a hyper advanced alien species solely for the purpose of empirically testing the full extent to which it is possible, within the laws of physics that operate in the known universe, to screw up an Olympics.

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Posted in: Yoshiro Mori: Gaffe-prone Tokyo 2020 chief and former Japan PM See in context


I really hate the use of the word "gaffe" to describe the controversial things that he - and many other mostly LDP politicians - says.

"Gaffe" implies that he accidentally said something he didn't really intend to say. This is not the case. In ever bloody one of these comments the words that come out of his mouth are exactly what he intended to say.

The headline should not say that he is "gaffe prone", it should say that he is a sexist old man who says things which accurately reflect the fact that he is a sexist old man.

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Posted in: No. of recorded crimes in Japan drops to lowest postwar level in 2020 See in context

I find the discrepancy between this:

there were 614,303 crime cases in Japan last year

and this:

crime cases hit a peak in 2002 when police recorded 2,853,739 cases.

to be highly suspicious.

This data is telling us that the crime rate in Japan was about 500% higher in 2002 than it is today.

I can appreciate that the crime rate has probably gone down over the past 20 years, but it can't have gone down THAT much.

I lived here in 2002. And in 2020. I don't remember Japan feeling appreciably more dangerous in 2002 than it did last year. Certainly I did not feel that I was at 5 times greater risk of being the victim of a crime back then. This is just anecdotal and my personal experience might not be an accurate reflection of how society as a whole has changed but still, I would think for a change of that magnitude I should have noticed something.

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