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Posted in: GOP purges Cheney for 'unity,' but Trump bent on retribution See in context

Its funny that they have completely re-organized that party into nothing more than a fealty test for a guy that loses everything from elections to Twitter accounts.

No, wait, funny isn’t the word for it. Sad! Its sad.

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Posted in: Japan to vaccinate Olympic athletes: reports See in context

Japan to vaccinate Olympic athletes: reports

At the pace they are going, I assume this is a reference to participants in the 2024 games.

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Posted in: Japan to establish agency to speed up digitalization See in context

And of course the solution to government agencies being really inefficient is to......create another government agency!!

Hooray Japan!

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Posted in: Porn site operator arrested over female athletes' images on website See in context

In any case, isn’t copyright infringement a civil tort rather than a criminal offence? Or is this instance classed as counterfeiting?

It is both. Japanese law is pretty strict in that regard, in addition to being sued for damages in a civil claim you can be imprisoned for up to 10 years and face a ten million yen fine for copyright infringement, though in practice I don’t think they’ve ever handed out sentences that harsh.

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Posted in: Investors chide Toyota chief for questioning combustion car ban See in context

Could be the problem right there !!

I really did walk right into that one, didn’t I?

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Posted in: Investors chide Toyota chief for questioning combustion car ban See in context

Seems like Tesla's capitalisation may be a bit over stated or poorly managed.

Very possibly. I just offered it up as evidence for why shareholders (like those in the article) are mad with Toyota and not for the wisdom of their valuation per se. They may very well be proven wrong.

Again you build something then say " we will work out how to fix the downsides later" but buy it now!

Yeah but in terms of functionality at least (which is how you were framing your objections earlier) electric vehicles are here and work now, in a few countries (like Scandinavia) they already make up a large proportion of vehicles on the road. Stuff like a lack of charging stations and range concerns are things which they already have solutions to and don't need to rely on future technological breakthroughs to make happen.

Really, what solutions have they found for rare earth minerals and their toxicity, the dangers to the environment, safety in recycling them?

Fair point, I don't know. If you are framing it in terms of its environmental impacts (in contrast to simply the question of whether EV cars work) I agree there are a lot of serious concerns. There is an obvious decision about the environmental trade off that is going to have to be made which weighs the impact of burning fossil fuels and other environmental costs of ICEs on the one hand with the impact of using EVs, which have those waste disposal issues, the impact of mining those minerals they use in the first place, and whatever CO2 emissions are created in their manufacture and in producing the electricity they use.

Both of these options have serious environmental drawbacks, and EVs obviously only make sense from a climate change perspective if their roll out goes hand in hand with decarbonization of the grids where they are used. And yes I agree that some of these issues are that "kick the can down the road for someone else to deal with" type of thing similar to nuclear waste disposal. But given the serious problems associated with business as usual I don't think these concerns justify dropping the technology (if that is your argument, its a bit unclear what your position on EVs is other than general skepticism. Do we abandon them and stick with ICEs and destroy the climate? Or what?).

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Posted in: Investors chide Toyota chief for questioning combustion car ban See in context

There seems to be this silly belief that car companies are so stuck to ICE vehicle that they don't want to change.

That would be a silly belief. But the criticism of Toyota (not car companies generally) is that they've made poor investments relative to their competitors (who are themselves car companies).

These are businesses those running them understand that the first one to come up with a practical and viable environmentally better solution to ICE will make billions.

Yes, this is why shareholders are upset with Toyota.

Tesla market capitalization today: 605 billion US$

Toyota market capitalization today: 216 billion US $

Just a few years back Toyota was the one in the lead (by far).

We keep hearing about Tesla but even they cannot deliver much of what they promised because the technology and resources/need materials in the quality needed are just not available.

Yup, Tesla has over-promised and under-delivered for most of its existence. But it is delivering now and the markets, which value companies mainly based on expected future cash flows and risk, are being heavily convinced that it has something. Investors aren't the best judges of engineering questions to be sure, but other car companies which have loads of engineers are following suit which suggests to me that they believe these things will be available. They have to move huge supply chains to make shifts like this (I don't know what the pluggy thing on the front of cars connects to, but I do know how large corporations are governed) and wouldn't be doing so at this scale if they deemed it impossible.

My sister has a degree in environmental studies, not technology and trying to explain to her that what she wants and what is technically, laws of physics, and chemistry is like talking to a brick she doesn't get it understand it and just keeps repeating someone should be working on changing things.

I have several degrees which are unrelated to technology, but you still haven't identified anything which fundamentally will prevent EVs from working. You have identified problems with infrastucture, with range and with cold weather, but these all seem to be surmountable problems. Its not the same as nuclear waste where they were just pushing off tough problems for future generations either, these are problems where they have already developed solutions (at least according to the stuff I've read, admittedly by a non-technologically inclined though scientifically literate person).

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Posted in: Investors chide Toyota chief for questioning combustion car ban See in context

You like others that think now is the time to go all electric make a lot of assumptions that somehow solutions will be found by the time things are needed.

Well, give me a problem with them that doesn't have a solution and maybe I'll be persuaded. All of the things you are mentioning seem to have known solutions.

It usually doesn't work that way.

History has plenty of examples the best is nuclear power, it was assumed that eventually a solution from nuclear waste would be found but here we are decades later and the only "solution" is still to bury it in underground storage!

So because some stuff in the past hasn't worked well, we can assume that all new stuff won't work too?

Not sure that I buy that, especially given that we are having this conversation using computers (stuff that works) which send signals via cables (stuff that works) to the internet (stuff that works), etc etc.

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Posted in: Investors chide Toyota chief for questioning combustion car ban See in context

Do/did you think that plug was charging the battery?

I have no idea. I just drove the things, I don't know how they work on the inside.

Search and rescue from Northern Quebec into Nunavut, we had to maintain our own vehicles from Snowmobiles, ATV to boats. ( Flying mechanical left to the real experts).

Very nice. In the army we had mechanics for that.

I'm not sure how this is relevant though, the global automobile fleet does not need to be made to the standards necessary to operate in Northern Canada in January.

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Posted in: Investors chide Toyota chief for questioning combustion car ban See in context

Only about 30% have viable access ( again stats Canada) viable means practical for everyday use and accessibility. In other words the long commuter train that then require a car to get home from the station is not seen a viable daily public transportation.

It is this disconnect from how non central city people live and think that is the problem.

Its the assumption that all these issues which, yes, exist today are an inevitable and insurmountable feature of EVs, which I believe they are not.

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Posted in: Investors chide Toyota chief for questioning combustion car ban See in context

Born and raised in Canada, also did my own mechanical work on my cars.

Obviously you never did any work on a car.

Did you actually think you were plugin in the car battery at night in winter?

No you plug in a block heater ( look it up).

The rest of what you wrote makes about as much sense as thinking you were plugging in your car battery and not a block heater!

Just to help those that did not growup in Canada.

A block heater consists of 2 types, one cheaper simpler type is a heating element inserted that keeps the oil warm, the other circulates and heats the engine coolant.

This makes it easier to start the car on very cold days.

No one keeps their battery on a charger no one plugs in their battery as a plug is 120 Volts AC and a battery is 12 volts DC you need a charger.

And when a battery gets to low because of the cold people use another car or battery with booster cables and jump start their cars.

Any real Canadian should know these Facts.

Cool stuff. In other words, your car has a plug that hangs out the front and you stick it into a socket in the winter, yes?

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Posted in: Investors chide Toyota chief for questioning combustion car ban See in context

Actually no,

Cars were easily proven more powerful, practical than horses.

Its not a question of power per se, its which is the better technology.

The horse breeders resisted but carriage makers converted to making car bodies/frames.


The difference here is that electric vehicles are not more powerful, they cannot trav6the same distances on a single charge as a full tank of gas, they cannot and do not do well in very cold climates, or in very hot climates, etc..

Well one could have framed arguments against automobiles in their state of development in say 1895 (or whenever, I'm not an expert in automobile history) to prove their inferiority to horses to make the point that we should stick with horses, but it would have been an equally misleading comparison. Yes, the technology behind EVs is still being developed and yes, the technology that exists right now isn't ideal and suffers from issues that ICE cars don't.

But there are clear solutions to most of those problems and EVs have some massive potential advantages in comparison with ICEs, which is a technology which has limited room for further development (diminishing returns on R&D have long set in).

So telling the car makers to just convert to electric cars is not as simple as creating a new law.


If the makers cars cannot handle winter, long distances without charging stations, high temperatures, etc..

Then it is the makers that have to deal with the problems.

Yup, and they are dealing with it. If they demanded automakers stop producing ICEs today and only sell EVs that would be very bad policy since they aren't ready. But the time frames being discussed (by 2035-ish) seem to give an eminently reasonable amount of time for these issues and infrastructure to be dealt with.

Technology does not suddenly changed because some city dwellers and politicians tell it to.

Correct, it does not.

I have traveled in parts of Canada where to get to these towns you need to carry spare fuel, I have done the same in multiple places in Africa and know the same happens in Australia.

So how does one carry spare fuel for and electric car that usually cannot at present travel the same distance on a single charge as most gasoline cars on a single tank?

Again Tokyo, New York, Paris, London, etc.. are not the world and not how much of the world live like.

I grew up mostly in rural Ontario. In my youth I also spent four years in the Canadian army where a large part of my job consisted of driving military vehicles in the middle of a wilderness that was frozen almost half the year. I have had the pleasure of refilling tanks from jerry cans filled with either diesel or gas (depending on the vehicle) in the middle of nowhere in minus 30 degree weather at 3AM on numerous occasions.

So I'm much more aware than most of all this stuff you are talking about despite the fact that yes, I do live in a city today. Again though, none of these problems you are citing seem insurmountable to me so I don't logically see why everybody in the world needs to keep using ICE vehicles because of them.

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Posted in: Is ramune another COVID-19 casualty? Iconic Japanese soda faces plummeting sales and bleak summer See in context

The lack of festivals probably explains most of the drop last year. But longer term I would think the ever shrinking child population would pose a much bigger threat to ramune makers.

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Posted in: Investors chide Toyota chief for questioning combustion car ban See in context

No one plugs in their ICE car battery unless it needs changing and that you do with a battery charger.

You've never lived in Canada, have you?

Then you obviously do not understand how electric vehicles work, No you cannot Carry spare batteries, these are not the small 12 volt batteries like in an ICE vehicle.

My point isn't that a guy in the Australian outback who needs to drive 700KM every time he needs to buy toilet paper or whatever is literally going to be expected to buy one of today's Teslas and then strap a massive and expensive second Tesla battery to the roof of his car. My point is that by the time ICE cars are out the window like 15-20 years from now the range limitations which affect them now and are an issue for people in rural areas are extremely unlikely to still be a problem.

The newer models even today have way greater range than they did just a few years ago. Maybe the standard city model won't be ideal, but they'll have (and are already developing) models for those who need to make longer drives regularly. Its no different from the fact that a pick up truck today which can carry jerry cans full of gas is way more suitable than a four door sedan for such people.

You do realise that the vast majority of those in cities do not have a parking space of their own 

Yeah, those are the people who don't own cars anyway.

and in Japan rent parking and few if any have electrical outlets Canada or most of North America you would know a lager portion of car owners park on the streets, so again no charging ( thus why everyone I know in Canada has booster cables in their cars.

Yeah, I'm not saying all the infrastructure is just going to magically appear, but equipping parking spaces with electrical outlets is something that is actually do-able.

I'm sure similar arguments were raised against the ICE when it was first introduced ("Hey, where are they going to get the gas for these things, everybody parks their horse carriages in barns that don' t have gas pumps" etc), but all of these things you are citing are problems that have solutions.

But as I can clearly see, only what the city people care, and developed countries say matters to heck with those living in remote area, and less developed countries, at least that is how it sounds.

Well, to reverse that why should the vast majority of car drivers in the world today, who do live in cities, be saddled with an inferior and more costly technology just because what is available RIGHT NOW THIS INSTANT isn't so great for people with extremely different driving needs in the countryside who can still buy ICE cars until the technological and infrastructure problems that exist RIGHT NOW are likely to be solved anyway. I wouldn't expect everyone in the Australian outback to just immediately buy a Tesla, it'll obviously take longer for the vehicles and infrastructure to reach the point where it works for them but there aren't any obstacles which make it impossible.

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Posted in: Investors chide Toyota chief for questioning combustion car ban See in context

Sure if you live in a warm climate, a city, gave your own parking with charging station, then they are great.

Well, 91% of Japan's population live in cities, and about the same proportion live in a warm climate.

But live in northern Hokkaido, Canada, the USA, etc.. where heavy winter sets in and the weaknesses of these electric cars quickly become apparent.

In the lower minus temperatures if the vehicle is not constantly plugged and charging the batteries will deplete if left in the cold, leading to suddenly running out of power quickly.

Its the same with conventional engines, whose batteries have to be plugged in during the winter to prevent them from depleting in the cold too, isn't it? I've never owned an EV so I don't know from personal experience, but I have owned an ICE car in a Canadian winter and they just won't start in the morning on really cold days if they haven't been plugged in.

Then we take remote areas like norther Canada many parts of Asi, Africa and the outback of Australia, where drivers need to carry extra fuel tanks in order to travel because not gas stations are available during their run. This will not be possible with electric cars or trucks.

So they can carry extra fuel tanks, but carrying an extra battery is impossible? Seems like this is something which is eminently solve-able.

So as usual something on paper looks great and often done by people living in nice clean cities with plenty of public transportation and rarely travel more than a few hundred Kilometers from home and when they do it is for a vacation.

Well, yeah but that describes the vast majority of the population in the developed world where the vast majority of the cars in the world are driven.

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Posted in: Investors chide Toyota chief for questioning combustion car ban See in context

Not bad for 1910 company. LOL

Yes, I didn't mean that Toyota was literally a horse and buggy company, its clearly doing some research. But the fact is that it has fallen behind its rivals (it doesn't have any Electric vehicles in its lineup and won't for several years) and part of this is because most of its R&D hasn't been in electric but rather hydrogen and hybrids, which are looking like they will lose the race with EVs to become the standard (like Beta losing the race with VHS for those old enough to remember the 80s). This is the sort of thing that is pissing shareholders off. Toyota could have been well poised to dominate the EV market if it had made different decisions 15 years ago, but now its just playing a delaying action to try to squeeze some more life out of its ICE production because it has a competetive advantage in those now, which it will lose when the market shifts to EVs.

In short, the 100s of billions of dollars in market capitalization enjoyed by Tesla now could have been Toyota's, but it isn't.

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Posted in: Investors chide Toyota chief for questioning combustion car ban See in context

The real concern by these shareholders isn't climate change per se but rather the fact that Toyota is just plain falling behind its competitors.

The world is clearly moving towards electric vehicles regardless of what Toyota's current leadership wants. Current estimates are that by the middle of this decade the cost of producing electric cars will be the same as ICE cars, and by the end of the decade they will be cheaper as economies of scale push costs down. Given the other benefits of electric cars (longer lifespans, lower maintenance costs, cheaper energy costs, etc), even without government regulations ICE cars are just not going to be competetive with electric ones in about a decade.

Toyota is like a company in 1910 that is trying to keep its horse drawn carriage division running because it was stupid enough to invest all its R&D into producing a new kind of harness for the horses that was 10% more efficient than older harnesses. Meanwhile its competitors who instead invested in developing the automobile are about to take off and dominate the new market, but because Toyota's CEO has staked his reputation on the future of harness technology he is personally incentivized to fight tooth and nail to keep the market for harnesses alive for as long as he can, regardless of whether it makes sense for the company or not. Its kind of pathetic.

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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say

So you never put the Olympics first but you let the Olympics decide everything???

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Posted in: House GOP leader says he backs ousting Cheney from No. 3 job See in context

House GOP leader says he backs ousting Cheney from No. 3 job

I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that the House GOP leader is also totally OK with the member from Florida who paid underage teens for sex. But yeah, Cheney taking a principled stand on something is too much for him.

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Posted in: Man kills 6, then himself, at Colorado birthday party shooting See in context

It was Colorado's worst mass shooting since a gunman killed 10 people at a Boulder supermarket March 22.

This really says a lot about how messed up that country is. Its not even the worst mass shooting in this one state in the past two months.

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman arrested for hitting crying 3-year-old girl at shopping center See in context

And you clearly don't realize there are other ways of raising children - ways that don't involve indulging screaming and other poor behavior.

Oh wow, I’m sorry, could you please point me to where I can learn more about this secret way of parenting children which ensures that three year olds never cry in public? I am simply amazed to learn that such a thing exists and I can assure you that all of us with actual parenting experience are very interested in learning more about this magical new method which only people who don’t have kids seem to know about.

Please tell us more, wise one, that we may mend our ways and ensure that no three year old ever cries in public again despite the fact that until now medical science was of the (obviously mistaken) view that they hadn’t yet developed the cognitive, communicative or emotional skills necessary to regulate their emotional state. Obviously when I am shopping and my 3 year old starts crying because she is tired, or I didn’t buy her what she wanted, or because she fell down and bumped her head this is entirely attributable to my irresponsible indulgence and not because every 3 year old in human history has done that.

You seriously gotta spread the word about this to every mom you see on the street, my man, it’s pure gold.

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman arrested for hitting crying 3-year-old girl at shopping center See in context

I think its weird how parents dont control or discipline their children any more these days , and when some one else does they get offended ..................................wake up you woke idiots.

I think it’s weird how there are still idiots out there who don’t understand that 3 year olds sometimes cry because that is what 3 years do.

If you let your brats scream and have tantrums in public then obviously you havent done your parenting properly at home have you ?

Again, clearly you know nothing about children or parenting, do you?

We have all felt like telling the dopey parents to shut the screaming brat up havent we?

No, because I’m not a self entitled a-hole who thinks the world revolves around me.

But hey, if some one else walked over and slapped my child I'd be surprised as hell.

You don’t have a child.

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman arrested for hitting crying 3-year-old girl at shopping center See in context

That is weird. I think arresting the old lady is pretty severe.

I have a 3 year old daughter myself.

82 year old lady or not, if she ever tried that on mine then the police taking her into custody would be her safest option.

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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

"I think there's a correlation between the numbers who are concerned about their safety with the numbers who have been vaccinated in Japan," he said. "And the numbers (vaccinated) are very small, particularly among the elderly. So as the vaccine is rolled out in Japan, I think that will improve.

I think there’s a correlation between everyone feeling that an important decision about public health is being dictated by the IOC and how much everyone hates these stupid games.

Cancel now.

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Posted in: India's surge hits southern states, prompting more lockdowns See in context

While the US and Japan offer moral support to India, China, India's 'enemy' is airlifting 40,000 oxygen generators into India.

Both the US and Japan are sending actual aid to India right now, its just plain wrong to suggest that all they are offering is moral support.

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Posted in: Over 3-meter-long pet python on loose after escaping in Yokohama See in context

JL, you do realise that dogs as pets create many many many more problems that snakes, bites & deaths caused by dogs is vastly more than all herps combined.

That is because there are WAY more dogs kept as pets than there are snakes. God help us if there were 20 million python owners in this country like there are dog owners.

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Posted in: Over 3-meter-long pet python on loose after escaping in Yokohama See in context

It should be illegal to keep these things as pets in Japan, end of story. This guy should be billed for every Yen of expense the police incurr in dealing with his stupid hobby.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s anti-crowding coronavirus countermeasures backfire on trains See in context

Its kind of shocking how obviously stupid that decision should have been to everyone involved in making it, yet they still went ahead and made it.

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic petition tops 200,000 signatures in just 2 days See in context

a pandemic so deadly that olympics have to be cancelled, but not so deadly that a bunch of senior citizens can't set up a booth to interact with thousands of random strangers to collect signatures

Its an online petition Einstein.

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Posted in: Pfizer and BioNTech to donate vaccines for Olympic athletes See in context

Another big middle finger to the rest of us in Japan who likely won’t even be able to get the vaccine this year.

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