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Posted in: Tokyo reports 573 new coronavirus cases; 668 in Osaka See in context

Considering the incubation period is up to 2 weeks, then this number is meaningless.

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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

BULL. If you really cared then tel the IOC to get lost.

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Posted in: Tokyo’s anti-crowding coronavirus countermeasures backfire on trains See in context

Without having firm restrictions, this half-witted approach to reducing service, operating hours or areas you can access (like in yoyogi) only has negative impact as it doesn’t reduce the foot traffic, merely condenses it.

less operating hours doesn’t mean less customers... if they want to go, they will all go at the same time.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching passerby who asked him to wear mask See in context

There are opposing opinions of the effectiveness of masks outdoors. Ok.

but there are no 100% conclusive studies either way.

so even if one day it is proven that outdoor mask wearing has no effect, what is the issue in using one now until the epidemic is over?

being safe and perhaps even overtly

cautious is a better approach than being careless about other people.

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Posted in: Man arrested for punching passerby who asked him to wear mask See in context

So this appeared to have turned into a personal freedom debate.

why not drink and drive?

why wear clothes?

why not smoke in the restaurant?

over time we all agreed that we should be considerable to others. Hence norms were created to do so.

we have a temporary norm now to wear masks - why are people opposed to this?

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Posted in: Cruise ship returns to Yokohama after one passenger tests positive for COVID-19 See in context

The rules on qualifying for a test are idiotic.

some months ago I had a slight fever for 2 days. I decided to get tested and because of the fever I qualified and was covered for the test under insurance. It cost about 2000 yen. (It was negative).

recently an acquaintance had severe fatigue but no fever and hence didn’t qualify. To get tested they had to pay 16,000JPY out of pocket.

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Posted in: Golden Week travel begins despite pleas from governors to stay home See in context

If predictions are right then around May 14th should see the biggest daily numbers in Tokyo. Let’s see.

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Posted in: Japan to send respirators, oxygen concentrators to India See in context

Let’s hope we don’t need them here...

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Posted in: Young widow arrested for killing Japanese 'Don Juan' in 2018 See in context

I don’t know why people are speaking ill of Nozaki-san. he was a self made man who was up front in his relationships. No one had to take him up on his offers. Perhaps sleazy, but he was murdered!

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Posted in: Man, woman found dead in Tokyo hotel in apparent murder suicide See in context

Yeah cause hotels always frisk their guests and go through their belongings at check in.

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Posted in: Koike says Tokyo Olympics will rekindle hope like 1920 Games after war, Spanish flu See in context

Too bad the olympics will be cancelled.

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Posted in: Large numbers of people out and about despite gov't antivirus pleas See in context

If they actually did proper testing, released actual figures, including from private clinics, the numbers would be much higher. Then the general population would be more cautious.

If you say there are 500 cases in a city of 40M it is nothing.

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Posted in: From April, all price tags in Japan must reflect final cost with sales tax included See in context

It was always like this before the initial tax hike to 8%. The rationale to keep prices without tax added was that there would be another tax hike to 10%.

glad they are finally bringing this system back.

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Posted in: Caution remains on first day after Tokyo region state of emergency lifted See in context

It’s funny when people say that went they went somewhere that they were surprised to see so many people. Every other person there was thinking the same thing, but they are still there...

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Posted in: Man gets 13 years for kidnapping teenage girl for ransom See in context

an appropriate sentence.

usually sentences here are much less than expected. The woman who got two of her kids killed by leaving them in her car whilst getting drunk only got 6 years for that.

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Posted in: Tokyo's 'Kill Bill' restaurant cuts hours to avoid fines over COVID curbs See in context

I drive past there every night and didn’t realize that they were still open.

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Posted in: No shouts of joy among eateries, theaters despite state of emergency lifting See in context

I took a walk through Yoyogi park yesterday and noticed that they fenced off about 50% of the park. This only lowers the amount of space that people can use, not the amount of people in the park... who thought of this ridiculous idea?

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Electric to cut CEO's remuneration over recruit's suicide See in context

Let’s see here. The CEOs pay is 170MJPY a year. I take it that they use the Japanese salary system, meaning divided over 18 months.

50% of his pay was withheld for 2 months, so just under 10MJPY.

cost of doing business, I guess.

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Posted in: 3 men arrested over robbery, assault, kidnapping See in context


How did they know that the mark had all this cash in his house?

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Posted in: Gov't to lift state of emergency for 6 prefectures on Sunday See in context

Everyone knows the numbers are BS.

The fact that clinic testing is not included in the daily figures is ridiculous. Most people that I know that have had covid conducted tests at clinics and hence are excluded from the national figures.

In a dense city like Tokyo having a few 100 to 1500 cases a day is unbelievable. And in fact, if those were the accurate numbers then there would have been no need for any restrictions.

Anyway, enough of that, time for more GO TO TRAVEL!

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Posted in: Rising Sun removed from 'Street Fighter II' background in game’s latest rerelease See in context

The German swastika is banned in Germany.

the German luftwaffe symbol is not.

the rising sun flag is much more like the German luftwaffe symbol and hence is fine to keep.

Thua it’s just a bunch of overly “woke” people that complain about it.

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Posted in: Mother whose daughters died after being left in overheated car gets 6 years in prison See in context

Double manslaughter, parental neglect.

If she has any conscious then the 6 years is a good start.

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Posted in: Oita woman loses lawsuit and pays damages without ever knowing she’d been sued See in context

That is indeed diabolical, but the guy is obviously smart to game the system like that. He could have applied his wits to make a better honest living instead.

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Posted in: By introducing the subject teacher system for fifth and sixth graders, it will be possible to provide students with detailed guidance, and the quality of classes will improve, especially English, science and math. See in context

Wait this is not the case now?

I went to school in 4 different countries and every single one had subject focused teachers.

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Posted in: High school student arrested for sexually assaulting 4-year-old girl in toilet See in context

Agreed with Smith.

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Posted in: Japan to draw up guidelines on how to transport COVID vaccines See in context

You’d think that a roll out plan would have been a priority the moment that the vaccine was developed and secured. Hmmm.

starting to plan it now...

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Posted in: Osaka accidentally mails out funeral service ads to people infected with coronavirus See in context

If you don’t know anyone in Japan that had corona then there are multiple reasons.

people don’t talk about it due to the stigma

information being suppressed

you don’t know many people.

Ive heard of many cases in various companies, schools, nurseries, as well as people taking a sudden two week leave of absence for some reason.

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Posted in: Man flashes girl, asks how she rates him on 1-10 scale, then pays her ¥3,000 See in context

So the payment is based on age? Being around 40 I should then get 10,000JPY. Bring on the evaluation.

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Posted in: Go To Travel push linked to surge in COVID-19 infections: study See in context

Thanks obvious study.

hotels have bars and restaurants, swimming pools and gyms. The very same venues that are being heavily restricted now.

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Posted in: Don't shout, don't cheer: Olympic fans face coronavirus curbs See in context

What’s the point then? Part of the appeal of going is to experience the atmosphere of fierce competition...

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