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Posted in: Turkish pilots, official get 4-year jail over Ghosn escape See in context

What is the lesson to be learned after Ghosn?

Be careful who you hire as CEO.

Always monitor what they do.

If you do the crime, you should serve the time.

If you come to Japan follow the rules. Follow the laws.

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Posted in: China says Japan-U.S. security treaty a product of Cold War See in context

Dear CCP,

Look at your actions in the past 10 years. It's not the peaceful rise as you promised.

Killing 20 Hindu soldiers at the boarder with India. That was not peaceful.

Building islands armed with weapons and jet fighters. Not peaceful.

Being more aggressive against Taiwan and next to Senkaku Islands, that's definitely not peaceful.

What's happening in Myanmar is terrible and China is supporting the wrong side. That's not peaceful.

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Posted in: Japan renews claim on South Korea-held island See in context


You expect Japan to be a floormat to America, I DON'T!! When America makes mistakes affecting Japan I'll always point them out! Deal with it!

Japan has supported the USA at every turn, military, economic, the dollar, Quad alliance.

Where is your S. Korea?

Getting close to North Korea and China.

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Posted in: Nissan ex-CEO tells Japanese court Ghosn's pay was too low See in context

Bull argument!

I don't make enough at my job either! I want more! I'll just steal it then!

You don't make enough at work?? Follow Ghosn example and take it! That's what they are defending on here.

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Posted in: Japan renews claim on South Korea-held island See in context

Solutions to get Takeshima back:

America is the key.

Key part in getting Takeshima back.

Key part in removing Comfort Women statues Korean built around the world.

Key part in making sure they don't break the 2015 deal and the 1965 deal.

South Korea needs America... and America needs Japan in East Asia.

Dear Nippon, we have more power over South Korea then you realize. Just like the chemicals the Korean needs to build everything.

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Posted in: 27-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of husband See in context


People already defending the woman.

It's the man's fault as always.

You get stabbed by her, your fault.

She's a bad girlfriend, your fault.

She's a bad wife, does something crazy, your fault.

Bad mother, ignores her children, must be the man's fault.

This male feminist always defending their woman, no matter how bad she is, I'm sure that will make women better in the future, by always giving them a pass on everything they do.

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Posted in: Japan renews claim on South Korea-held island See in context

Korean if you have any legs to stand on let's go to court and find out who's right!

Same for the 1965 deal which the Korean refuses to open up, no other countries can look at or intervene, Korean refuses!

Korean also doesn't want to share the burden in East Asia! They have refused to join Quad Alliance! They are getting close to China instead!

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Posted in: Japan renews claim on South Korea-held island See in context

What S. Korea did is Disgusting!

How did they get Japan's Island? ? ?


Once Japan was defeated by USA.

Our Army and Navy surrendered.

Forced to sign Article 9 renouncing War.

Then.... Then the Half of Korea came. Like a Hyena, like a vulture, Taking Japan's Island without having to Fight, without having to worry about retaliation or a War! Disgusting! We had this country on Friends list for decades! Shame!

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Posted in: France rejoins Japan in N Korea surveillance in East China Sea See in context

Let them come.

Any help we can get to balance North Korea and China is necessary and needed.


Kim was shooting ballistic missiles over Japan not long ago.

N. Korea threaten Japan with Nuclear destruction.

N. Korea kidnap Japanese civilians and never return them back.

The meesage sent to China/N. Korea:

Dont mess with Japan!

America will help.

UK will help.

France will help.

Germany will help.

Quad Alliance will help.

South China Sea countries will help.

Avoid messing with Japan is my advice to South Korea, North Korea, China and Russia.

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Posted in: Myanmar protesters gather again after worst day of violence See in context

Dear India,

We are friends and part of Quad. Myanmar shares a border with you. Can Japan and India do anything together to help?

I think you should definitely say more and do more, Myanmar is key for India national security and safety, look at a map and you'll understand why.

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Posted in: Mother whose daughters died after being left in overheated car gets 6 years in prison See in context

Yeah, ok.

Killed both your children only get 6 yrs. Nice to be a woman in 2021.

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Posted in: Police officer found dead in apparent suicide See in context

Tired of reading stories like this.

Please ask for help. Find someone to spend some time with.

Get a roommate.

Find a bf or gf, significant other. Doesn't have to be a 10/10.

Take a bath, get a massage, do something nice for yourself. Instead of doing something stupid.

Covid will end, light at the end of the tunnel is here. Go take a vacation the first opportunity you have! Ever traveled outside of Japan? Perfect time to mark a check on that list.

You have a pet? Get a pet, doesn't matter what: Cat, Dog, get both!

Please think about positive too, instead of seeing negative, with no way out but this stupid trend.

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Posted in: Girl wins suit against Osaka Prefecture over school telling her to dye hair black See in context

I'm glad she won.

This needs to change, long overdue. We are a better country then this. What message are we sending to our kids, to people coming to Japan, who want to be part of this country.

Please fix this.

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Posted in: S Korean sex slave survivor wants U.N. court judgment See in context


Have you seen the anti-Japan protest in South Korea?

Full of young Koreans, full of energy! Burning Japanese flags, destroying Japanese products. Those are young people!

In fact, if Japanese TV showed the reality of the anti-Japan movement in S. Korea, more Japanese would understand the situation and problem we have with this country.

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Posted in: S Korean sex slave survivor wants U.N. court judgment See in context

P. Smith

With that mind set.

You give South Korean government a full and complete pass. While blaming Japan 100%.

Any politician who visits the Shrine. Deal OFF not sincere.

Any problem that bothers Korea in the future, deal off from 2015. Deal off from 1965.

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Posted in: S Korean sex slave survivor wants U.N. court judgment See in context

P. Smith

With that logic.

Any deal we sign with the Korean is OFF if the Korean says so.

Any politician who visit the Shrine deal off.

Any important person in Japan visit shrine Deal off.

Anything that bothers Half of S. Korea Deal OFF Japan! We are offended, We are bothered!

Yeah, don't think so P.

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Posted in: S Korean sex slave survivor wants U.N. court judgment See in context

The investigation is proving uncomfortable for South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in, after claims emerged that the council’s former head Yoon Mee-hyang, who represents Moon’s party, embezzled some of the funds to buy property and to pay for her daughter’s education in the US.

Thats what happened to the comfort women funds! Used by the greedy Korean government!

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Posted in: S Korean sex slave survivor wants U.N. court judgment See in context

Quote: Prosecutors are now investigating allegations that the Korean Council for Justice and Remembrance for the Issues of Military Sexual Slavery by Japan failed to help the victims and used the funds instead for private gain.

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Posted in: S Korean sex slave survivor wants U.N. court judgment See in context


If you care about the victims sincerely you would advise them to complain towards the Moon administration to receive the compensation paid multiple times by Japan!

The only country who doesn't care about comfort women is South Korea! The Moon administration!

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Posted in: S Korean sex slave survivor wants U.N. court judgment See in context

Dear Ms. Lee Yong-soo,

Your frustration is pointed at the wrong country.

In Japan we want you to be paid, to receive the compensation your own S. Korean government should have paid in 1965. We gave your government the funds/compensation, 3 Billion in today's money, they said we will pay the victims ourselves. They never did!

In 1995 Japan tried again to pay comfort women, make up for past mistakes.

In 2015 Japan and S. Korea signed Comfort Woman Deal as Final and Irreversible! Millions paid in compensation, over 70% of Comfort women supported the Deal! Only a few, in the minority of comfort women said No!

In a democracy, if 70% of comfort women voted for a deal, that would be the end of that. They did in 2015. Korean doesn't want to stop this issue!

We tried compensation and we tried apologies over 50 so far. Japanese prime Minister after prime Minister have apologies for the past. The Emperor himself has apologies, several times. Never enough.

Ms Lee Yong-soo, if you care about future Japan-S. Korea relations stop letting your government use you as an anti-Japan tool.

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Posted in: Should I stay or should I go? Here are the relationship factors people ponder when deciding whether to break up See in context

Word of advice:

Make it work.

Stop looking for better.

Did you learn anything in the past year of Covid19 lockdown? Being alone is terrible! Suicide rates are up, being single and alone you're more likely to do something stupid.

You think your grandparents didn't have challenges? Arguments? Temptations?

They made it work. Still together. That's how it was for a long time before the internet, before modern people with their unrealistic expectations in life and from others around them.

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Posted in: Putin indicates Russia will not negotiate territorial dispute with Japan See in context

Quote:Russia, the largest "country" in the world, is big, very big, comprising roughly 1/6th of the world's land mass!

-How much land do you Russians need?with a similar population to Japan. Apparently Everything and more!

-Russia also wants the Artic. I guess we give them that too. They said it's theirs.

-Russian wants the planet Venus, they landed there first, send the most probes. Guess it belongs to Russia too.

Fun fact:

Whatever this disgusting oversize, cancer like shape and form. Should be counter, stopped, land taken back. In East Asia and in Europe.

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Posted in: Japan growth slows in Q4 as economy shrinks 4.8% over year See in context

I would try to act like it's a surprise, but it's not.

Even before Covid hit, Japan was in a stagnation with high debt. I hope this will be the wake up call necessary to get the economy back on track.

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Posted in: Gov't reveals the five prefectures with highest divorce rates See in context

More help should be provided by the government to married couples, those trying to have children.

Do you like going to the dentist?

Do you like having a surgery?

My answer would be No.

But I would still do them because it's necessary. Because it's never easy. But others did it for you.

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Posted in: Taiwan leader pledges support for Japan after quake See in context

Thank you Taiwan. Your friendship and help is always appreciated. We will remember who is there for Japan in time of need.


At least Taiwan is trying: instead of fake S. Korea actions and gestures, breaking agreements, bashing Japan every opportunity.

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Posted in: Thousands march in Tokyo to protest Myanmar military coup See in context

Myanmar doesn't deserve this. I'm also not happy with the idea of China having more influence in that country.

Having ports in Myanmar would give China a huge advantage.

I think India should speak up more and get involved more. You share a border with Myanmar, it's in your interest to counter China's influence.

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Posted in: China fires back at U.S. allegations of lack of transparency over WHO virus probe See in context

I agree. The CCP should take responsibility and tell us what happened. The damage done, financial and human is insane, and it's not even over yet.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't to give smartphones to senior citizens, pay for their calling and data plans See in context

Good news. Glad to hear the government is doing more.

Help for younger Japanese struggling, would also be appreciated.

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Posted in: Netflix offering full Tokyo anime school scholarships with living expense support, open to foreigners See in context

Since many foreigners got introduced to Japan by Anime, I'm glad to see more participate and be part of the next generation of anime. Thank you Netflix. I support this idea.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court allows extradition to Japan of Ghosn escape aides See in context

Ghosn made millions working for Nissan, living in Japan, a good life." Nissan was resurrected by him, made billions under his command while due to the Japanese remuneration practices he was the lowest paid auto industry helmsman during his tenure. Like in the communist countries where the politicians got paid symbolic wages and only way to get something form their work they had to resort to corruption Ghosn was making up for his losses by manipulating his income but not in a criminal way and not in a excessive way. If they paid him same money as other car tsars were paid he would not have to dance around accounting and tax laws. Any business person will understand that. He built a paradise for those that forced him out.

That's your comeback and defense for Ghosn? Have fun winning with that argument in court.

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