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Posted in: Japan to vaccinate Olympic athletes: reports See in context

This is getting old.

I get it, you don't want the Olympics to be hosted, but the decision has been made already. They will host the Olympics.

Same comments on every article on repeat. Get a room already.

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Posted in: Japan gov't debt rises by record ¥101 tril in FY2020 See in context

Plaza Accord 1985.

After Japan signed that disaster, our economy has been stagnet ever since.

Our debt increased trying to figure out a way to counter or stop the affects of the Plaza Accord with Failure after Failure for the past 30 years. Prime Minister after Prime Minister, revolving door, none could counter the affects of the Plaza Accord.

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Posted in: Opposition leader Edano says Olympics cannot be held safely See in context

I'm sure Edano will be the most popular guy on the block. Especially on JT where people feel so much passion on this subject.

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Posted in: Government advisor sparks anger with tweet laughing off calls for Olympic cancelation See in context

Quote: ''Government advisor sparks anger with tweet''.

You can tell how triggered people are when news like this makes headlines because of a government advisor making a tweet. People definitely enjoying hitting the same ball and telling each other how right they are.

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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

Should have waited until 2024. Instead of this mess and frustration.

It will already be the middle of 2021 before the games start. Next year you have the winter Olympics. Too close to each other in my opinion.

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Posted in: Japan's seriously ill COVID-19 patients hit new high of 1,144 See in context

CCP China is responsible for this disaster.

Japan and the world has lost 3 million people and counting.

That doesn't include the high suicide rates of people who lost hope.

Doesn't include the businesses and families affected emotionally and financially.

The Olympics have been affected and delayed, possibly cancelled. It has become a source of anger and debate instead of celebrating the games.

China you shouldn't lecture to Japan. You don't have the right to complain when your directly responsible for one of the worst Human pandemic released in over 100 yrs. They are still trying to hide the truth.

China has done 0 to prevent another Covid in the future from affecting the world. They are rising at 9% economically. Lockdowns are over in China. Nothing will change in the future. China has benefited while the rest of the world is in flames and dying.

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Posted in: China criticizes Japan, U.S. for creating exclusive group on supply chains See in context

Who is to blame for rising tensions?


Everything your seeing from neighboring countries it's a response to Chinese aggression.

Peaceful rise is out the window, reunification by peace with Taiwan is out the window.

Finding out the truth about Covid19 out the window.

No lessons learned from one of the worst pandemics in the past 100 yrs. CCP pointing fingers to other countries instead.

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Posted in: 4 Central Europe countries seek Japan's support for infrastructure plan See in context

If you want to counter China influence this is a good step forward.

Japan has good infrastructure and technology which Europe can definitely benefit.

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Posted in: Nintendo logs record profit but outlook cautious See in context

I'm happy for Nintendo, but one company doing well, doesn't represent the bigger picture. The majority of Japanese companies.

How much is Tesla worth?




Japanese companies are small cakes in comparison.

30 years of stagnation after the Plaza Accord was signed.

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Posted in: Kyoto families angered by new policy forcing high school students to buy tablets at own expense See in context

We have a population decline.

Birth rates down.

Adding more financial burden on families is not a good way to encourage them to have more children.

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Posted in: Inside the cut-throat battle to build K-pop's next superstars See in context


I know you support Korea, but this boy bands are not good. I don't support them in Japan either.

I think both Japan and South Korea should push a more alpha male type of image and energy instead of this feminist version of a man.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea at odds over wartime history, radioactive water See in context

South Korea using Fukushima disaster as another card against Japan to complain and trash the country for the next 40+ years or knowing the Koreas, they will complain forever like with every other Issue they have with Japan! Eternal! Forever!

Japan release of the water will be supervise by IAEA, USA, EU, China was invited to join, South Korea can join too.

Japan is following world order, rules already set on such issues which has happened to other countries before and they did the same.

The Fukushima water release will be the most inspected Water in history of mankind.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan and South Korea eye foreign ministers' meeting in May: report See in context

South Korea is not part of Quad Alliance to balance China.

South Korea wants reunification with North Korea. Constantly giving a pass to anything North Korea does.

South Korea can only be counted on if South Korea itself gets attacked.

Don't expect support or help from S. Korea in a conflict against China. If Japan gets attacked.

Fake meetings with USA and Japan doesn't mean S. Korea is on board, doesn't mean they will move an inch for this countries. Especially for Japan.

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Posted in: China, Japan trade acrimonious barbs over Fukushima tweet See in context

So much trash not base on facts!

Do you understand that the Fukushima water will be tested before release??

Do you understand IAEA, USA, China, EU, Korea everyone will be there to test the water and make sure it's good and acceptable.

Dumb arguments going around about the water touching the reactor.... So what???

The water will be tested and if it's not acceptable it won't be released!!

Japan's decision is being based on Facts!

Japan's decision comes after 10+ years of research, it wasn't made in a day!

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Posted in: China, Japan trade acrimonious barbs over Fukushima tweet See in context

Damage done by CCP China:

3 million people dead worldwide and counting from Covid.

Millions lost their jobs. Business.

Tens of thousands committed suicide because of isolation, cirmustances.

Damage done by air pollution from China to Korea and Japan? Tens of thousands affected over decades.

Damage to Ocean pollution, overfishing, building fake islands and destroying natural environments by China? Check.

Olympic games was affected in Japan. We spend billions to host. Now we might have to cancel because of Covid19. Check.

Damage done by Japan Fukushima water release??? 000000 as of 2021.

-Fukushima Water will be the most inspected Water on Earth. Under the most scrutiny and criticism!

IAEA even invited China to join!

Japan following world order, rules already established on such issues. Other countries have done the same. More double standards against Japan on display from China.

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Posted in: NTT, Fujitsu tie up over next-generation networks beyond 5G See in context

Exactly! Wtf are we so behind?

China is working on 6G.

S. Korea already has 5G. They even won contracts overseas when Huawei collapse because of U.S.A pressure.

What the heck is Japan doing anymore?? Sad.

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Posted in: China says it has been invited by IAEA to join group over Fukushima water plan See in context

Chinese CCP garbage!

-Take a look at Nuclear reactors located in China. Water contaminated much worse is being released in large numbers.

-Water from Fukushima will be the most inspected Water on Earth! IAEA, USA, China, the Korea, EU, WHO, their mother, grandparents, great grandparents, they will all inspect this water being released! ! Fukushima water will be the most inspected, analyze water on Planet Earth!

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Posted in: Taiwan envoy hopes Japan will play greater role in regional stability See in context

Taiwan is in serious danger,

You need to support Japan 100٪ in return!

If we can't rely on Taiwan for support on radioactive water filtered by advanced technology, what if is something more serious? Would Taiwan return the favor? So far I'm not happy with them sidding with China and S.Korea against Japan on any issues!! Shame!! You should be on Japan and America side!

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Posted in: Taiwan envoy hopes Japan will play greater role in regional stability See in context


Japan is already part of Quad Alliance to balance China. While S. Korea wants to get closer to CCP China. Your Korea is unwilling to take any action to balance China, nothing on Taiwan from South Korea, but your so worried about Japan's position as always!

To Taiwan,

Support Japan in return!

Your country Taiwan should never be on any list next to CCP China and the hateful Korea to say negative things about Japan when IAEA supports Japan, America supports us, sad to see Taiwan go down this a time when more pressure is being applied on Japan to support Taiwan! Your worried about filtered water when dozens of Chinese planes flying overhead!

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Posted in: S Korea seeks Kerry's support against Japan's Fukushima plans See in context

S. Korea,

How much pollution is coming from China? Have you seen your sky?

That's not coming from Japan, that's coming from your buddy CCP China, same country who helped North Korea.

China gets a complete pass from South Korea.

Nothing on the pollution coming from China. Air or water.

Nothing on the overfishing China is doing.

Nothing on the fake islands their building.

Nothing on Taiwan.

Nothing on Hong Kong.

They have not joined Quad Alliance to balance China.

China has released radioactive water before after it was treated, just like Japan is planning to do!

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Posted in: S Korea seeks Kerry's support against Japan's Fukushima plans See in context

More Korean garbage!

They want to know how ''ALPS'' works too!

Dear Japan, we in S. Korea want to know how your advance technology to filter water radiation works. Korean is skeptical, and wants to know how the technology works.

Can we see the machines Japan?

Can we get some blueprints?

How does this advance technology works? Korean wants to know how it works. Otherwise it's not real and it doesn't work.

We should give the Korean the patents too. Otherwise he doesn't believe it works. It's not sincere, they are still upset.

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Posted in: Beijing warns U.S., Japan against collusion against China See in context

CCP China should be lucky Japan is restricted by Article 9.

No nuclear weapons.

Low military budget.

Not meeting with Tibet Leader.

Keeping distance from Taiwan.

Quad Alliance can expand with more countries joining and becoming a NATO like alliance with the purpose of China.

My advice:

Don't mess with Japan.

Don't mess with a good relationship and deal your getting from Japan.

You hurt us, we can hurt you.

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Posted in: Suga arrives in Washington for talks with Biden; China topping agenda See in context

Look how far behind Japan is being left.

One of the worst crisis and we need to buy vacinnes from other countries.

China has one and working on more.

Russia has one.

Japan when it comes to vaccines, we are at the level of a 3rd world country. A banana republic country. Waiting for Western countries to send us their vacinnes.

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Posted in: Fukushima plant water release to prolong seafood safety woes See in context


Koreans already ban food from Japan before we even release the water.

This is just another excuse to bash Japan over the head from the long list of complaints you have against Japan.


U.N. Atomic agency, IAEA, the experts and regulators when it comes to nuclear energy are on Japan's side! Not the bias S. Korean which no amount of evidence would ever be good enough.


The amount of pollution and damage coming from China, over fishing, building fake islands, doing damage to marine life, that's perfectly fine. Don't see you Koreans willing to rock the boat or complain.

Japan following world order, same rules other have, Not good enough!

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Posted in: China, S Korea wary of release of Fukushima treated water into sea See in context

USA supports Japans decision. Does that matter? Or only China and S. Korea count?

Japan is following the rules of the world. Same ones that apply to your country.

Nuclear Experts said Japan did a good job and to release water. JT crowd, anti-Japan people, don't agree. No experience, don't understand half of how it works, but they disagree as always.

What's next? Are we going to ask the opinion of North Korea? Call Kim and ask him too.

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Posted in: China, S Korea wary of release of Fukushima treated water into sea See in context

UN nuclear agency supports Japan.

Normal practice to release the water once it was treated/filtered.

Other countries have done the same in the past.... But they did not report it to the world, did not ask the opinion of others.

Japan=already the fool of East Asia. Constantly giving apologies, compensation, Takeshima Island. Now where asking the opinions of Japan haters? Long history of Japan hate from this countries. What do you think they would say? ? ?

Dumb as always while SKorea and China are always winning.

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Posted in: Gov't decides to release water from Fukushima nuclear plant into sea in 2023 See in context

Does facts matter when judging Japan?

UN nuclear agency supports Japan decision to release the WATER. Normal standard practice.

Other countries have done the same. They don't report it, then don't ask the opinion of the world, haters.

Water has been filtired many times, the risk has been lowered to worldwide standards. Does it matter? Not if your bias against Japan.

Been dealing with this issue for over a decade. Running out of space, waste of money, land, energy. We will have to get rid of this water at some point. Even if it's 50 years from now. Should have done it sooner rather then later!

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Posted in: Amazon warehouse workers reject union bid in Alabama See in context

Americans will always vote against their own interest.

The wealth distribution in America is horrible 360:1

The rich run away with all the wealth. The poor are left with nothing. The rich blame Japan and China.

Rich will say to the poor Americans.... ''See those Asian countries??'' It's their fault. It's because of them. It's because of Japan in the 60s,70s,80s. Now it's China turn to be blamed for economic problems in USA.

The typical American narrative. Blame others. Even though their economy it's 5x that of Japan. Americans even if their economy was 100x that of Japan all the wealth will go to Top 5% or top %1.

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Posted in: Police find 424 stolen items at suspected underwear thief’s home See in context

Have you read stories of women doing this? Stealing men underwear for sexual pleasure? No

Do you read stories of women trying to record men in the bathroom for sexual pleasure? No

FanOnly sites, majority women making money off of men customers. Men working 10+ hours, hard work then give money away for some female attention and companionship.

Feminist never talk about the advantages women have over men. Life so unfair for them. Making easy money off of dumb men paying for everything. Dates, gifts, travel, jewelry, treat them like a princess and they still complain=feminist 2021.

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Posted in: Gov't to release Fukushima nuclear plant water into sea despite fishermen's objection See in context

Just do it! ! !

Stop talking about it and asking the opinion of Koreans and Anti-Japan crowd they will always complain and say No!

Quote:''The treated water containing radioactive tritium, a byproduct of nuclear reactors, is said to pose little risk to human health because even if one drinks the water, so long as the tritium concentration is low, the amounts of tritium would not accumulate in the body and would soon be excreted.''

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