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Posted in: Japan's coronavirus vaccine booking system crashes after Salesforce outage See in context

a low spec server

That's funny. A guy in a box connecting wires?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 969 new coronavirus cases; record high 529 in Hokkaido See in context

This is very troubling because Hokkaido is at all time highs and I think they are being truthful with the figures so the virus is gaining traction. We know for certain that Tokyo numbers are bs, so I wonder how bad it really is in Tokyo. There is a facebook group called Return to Japan Support Group with advice for foreigners who need to go to their home country and return during the pandemic, and they have lots of advice regarding travel insurance, etc. When I went back I had to read the fine print very carefully because a lot of travel health insurance has buried fine print excluding coronavirus hospitalization and treatment.

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Posted in: Japan's coronavirus vaccine booking system crashes after Salesforce outage See in context

It seems convenient that they can blame a foreign company. Just put a doctor and a nurse in a van and drive around the ward and vaccinate people at home or at local schoolyards.

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Posted in: Biden expected to nominate Rahm Emanuel as ambassador to Japan See in context

The next ambassador to Japan - Beetlejuice! I wish him the best. No seriously. His experience running the hood in Chicago will be useful here.

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Posted in: Biden expected to nominate Rahm Emanuel as ambassador to Japan See in context


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Posted in: Publisher slams gov't handling of virus in 3 newspaper ads See in context

The nail that sticks up...

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Posted in: Cryptocurrency ethereum hits new record high again; dogecoin slumps See in context

I think you should sell everything and go all in on these virtual currencies and also use all the margins and loans you can!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 925 new coronavirus cases; record 578 in Aichi See in context

The majority of voters are loyal to the their politicians and political familes, not to the country.

The majority of eligible voters don't vote. I think I can say with honesty that the system is rigged and the voters know that. There are various laws about how to run for office and they are likely selectively enforced to keep out trouble-makers/innovators. I think the numbers in Tokyo are vastly understated but thankfully the death rate is still not as bad as many other countries. I just spoke to my brother in the States, and he is vaccinated, same as most other family members there. In Japan I have yet to get information on when I can get vaccinated.

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Posted in: Deaths at home in Osaka Prefecture surge amid COVID wave See in context

Sad. I think death from a respiratory disease is particularly terrifying as you slowly cannot breathe.

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Posted in: Japan gov't debt rises by record ¥101 tril in FY2020 See in context

I think the negative effects of high government spending are gradual such that we cannot really change course like a frog in slowly boiling water. For example, even though the bond market may not collapse, we see a long term trend of Japan's productivity falling behind peer countries and now even below that of South Korea, we also all know that wages in Japan are stagnant and much lower than the US or EU, and finally we all see at the store stealth inflation with portions getting smaller at the same price such as ridiculously small kit-kats in multiple wrappers.

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Posted in: Tokyo cheerleader cafe adds male cheerleader service See in context

I do need a new job...

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Posted in: Japan gov't debt rises by record ¥101 tril in FY2020 See in context

I wonder if there will ever be a breaking point? I really hope they don't raise the sales tax again.

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Posted in: 1.4 bil but no more? China's population growth closer to zero See in context

I think as people in my generation get older we are just gonna have to work until death. A good point about Japan is that cheap housing seems to be abundant outside the major cities, so once you leave your day job you might move to the countryside and farm and hunt with a small business like a coffee shop or English school to make ends meet. It won't be a bad life if you are with the right person.

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Posted in: 48-year-old man arrested for stabbing younger brother after fight over video games See in context

Just two young kids horseplaying.

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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

He repeated that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has the final say on the fate of the Games and that the government's role is to take steps so they can be held safely.

I am surprised he said this. Now I am starting to think that the Olympics will actually be canceled and not delayed again.

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Posted in: What are some practical ways that the Japanese government could speed up the coronavirus vaccination process? See in context

They seemed to get the influenza shots out every year over a few months so do the same thing. I am not optimistic and the Indian variant is now spreading.

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Posted in: With 8 mil Americans out of work, why are more companies not filling jobs? See in context

employers say they cannot fill their yawning need for labor.

Then they give an example of a restaurant job which of course most people don't aspire to. I am glad President Biden will keep the federal unemployment benefits until September or longer. In the past 50 years workers have been shafted and it doesn't bother me one bit if some of them get a bit of a relief with higher unemployment for a few months.

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Posted in: Some people took up two or more jobs because their incomes fell; others started them to improve their skills after remote work set them physically and mentally apart from their firms, and got them to take a fresh look at their careers. See in context

I fear there is another lost generation of recent grads who will have a hard time getting back on track. At my company, as you might expect, the old timers are holding on to their positions like an Alabama tick.

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Posted in: Sturgeon: Scotland independence vote matter of when, not if See in context

So leave one union to join another bigger union?

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Posted in: Osaka man finds stranger eating in his kitchen at night; intruder dies shortly after See in context

That is sad to die at such a young age. Maybe he was homeless and having tough times during coronavirus.

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Posted in: New cases appear to be ebbing now but that is because fewer people got themselves tested for the virus during the Golden Week holidays. See in context

He has obviously never tried as a citizen to actually get tested, you have to be on deaths door to get a test.

This may be true and I had a diagnostic test unrelated to coronavirus scheduled last week. I had my temperature tested upon entry to the hospital and it was normal, and tested again in the specific ward and they said it was high so they canceled my diagnostic test, asked me if I wanted a coronavirus test asap in the hospital. I declined and went home immediately and checked my temperature and it was normal. This is a hospital in Tokyo and I think they are extremely worried about developing a cluster.

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Posted in: As pandemic ebbs, an old fear is new again: mass shootings See in context

The US should learn from Canada. You walk across the border and suddenly no mass shootings, healthcare for all, etc. It is a shame.

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Posted in: Japan's seriously ill COVID-19 patients hit new high of 1,144 See in context

I went to a local mall today in Kawasaki for lunch. Business as usual. Trains were somewhat less crowded. You really just have to accept that if you live in or near Tokyo that you will probably get the virus and you probably won't get the vaccine. Enjoy.

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Posted in: Vaccine deserts: Some countries have no COVID-19 jabs at all See in context

And on the other hand, some unnamed countries buy up tens of millions of vaccines and keep them in cold storage. It is kind of evil.

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Posted in: 82-year-old woman arrested for hitting crying 3-year-old girl at shopping center See in context

That is weird. I think arresting the old lady is pretty severe.

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Posted in: Rebound in global corporate travel business expected by year-end See in context


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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic head says Bach visit to Japan now unlikely See in context

I am very interested in chapter 2 after August when this spotlight shines brilliantly on China and its soon to be Olympics! Can't wait to see how they handle it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,121 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally tops 7,000 See in context

here we have, Japan, sitting on millions of them

Tens of millions, and tens of millions more delivered soon. Obscene.

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